Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hello everyone!! I SWEAR I had a blog posted - with pictures and all - and it DID NOT SAVE!! I was SOOOO mad - anyone else had that happen, ESPECIALLY when you're uploading pictures on a WIRELESS network - it takes FOREVER!!! So, I had to WALK away from the laptop for awhile and take a deep breath - and start ALL over!!!

So, hows your week?

Okay - so this summer, my personal goal was to GROW our classes. Grow them in size - but also grow them in variety!! And, by doing this - I have tried to work with some of our instructors more personally!! I started this with Summer Crook!! She is our NEWEST instructor!! She hasn't taught her FIRST class yet - but she will on September 1st!!! Summer is going to be teaching an ongoing, monthly "all about me" class - it is titled "aweso[ME]".....(get it awesome - ME?!?!.....YOU ---- all about YOU (me) - YOU are AWESOME!??!) okay !!! We are SUPA excited about this class - she already has the ENTIRE year planned out - from techniques to layouts to topics - you are DEFINITELY going to want to be involved in this from the beginning!! We have gone ahead and set up our September calendar, both online and in the store calendar - so you can start to make plans ahead of time!!!

Renee's Fabulous Finds, is another New addition - coming to you in August........Renee, also known as ("my renee" - I call her that when I'm needing some assistance!) is going to set up a class for you each month - bringing you the very LATEST and GREATEST, HOTTEST trends out there. Very first is the Alpha Waterfall book, the KORD book that I made last post!! This class is 1/2 full - so HOP on board!!! September is going to be fun too!!!

We're also working on an ongoing monthly class for those of you who have - "soon to be seniors" - to prepare you for their graduation album!! Bonnie is going to be heading that up, so be looking for more information to follow!!!

Jodi has completed an adorable "Back to school" tin for you to stay organized all year long. (i'm sorry I don't have a photo to post at this time!) And, hold on to your hats - we're celebrating World Card Making day in October!! Stay tuned for more details on that as well, the closer we get to the date!!!!

Okay - so, I'm testing this blog out - I've been trying to promote it as much as possible - to get our customers to read the blog OFTEN, to find out the latest "scoop" at the store- new products, classes....kind of get YOU in the habit of checking in at YOUR convenience, instead of US invading YOUR inbox - this gives YOU more information on a more regular basis - how do you like it?!? Is there ANYONE out there reading it?!? I'd like to maybe look into posting layouts on here - having YOU post your layouts on here, some sort of interactive gallery so to speak......I'm really just rambling my thoughts at the moment!! But, hopefully I'm rambling to SOMEONE!! So, here's your test!! Thursday - August 2nd - the FIRST person to COME INTO the store and tell me the name of our NEWEST instructor to the Scrap*Funattic family, will get a special surprise!!! You have to tell us the NAME!! You can't CALL - or email - you have to come in to the store!! Don't worry - those of you that can't COME IN to the store will get your chances later on!! I'm testing out our blog - seeing if you all are really paying attention!!! So, we'll see!!!


3divasmommie said...

I am sooo excited about Summer's class!! The layout I just turned in for the store was the very 1st layout I ever did of just ME!! (besides giving birth, but that does not count!!) I found it to be very hard but fun at the same time. My girls can have a little history of me!!

Summer said...

Hey there Steff I am almost finished with the new layout for the first class! There is a sneak peek on my blog! It has been soo much fun getting these layouts together~~ So excited to share them with everyone!!! Summer Oh btw love the idea of the gallery on your blog!!!!

Liz S said...

Hi Steff,

I'M READING!!!!! Just a little behind this week.