Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey everyone.....just a quick note.....a VERY GOOD FRIEND of ours (and yours probably!!) Melissa Kelly......needs your prayers! Not to give too much of her personal life away....she's having some medical issues right now and has been in the hospital. Just add her to your daily prayer list if you would please!!! If you've ever met Melissa, you're a friend for life!! She's just THAT kind of person!!! We're thinking of you Melissa!!! Get well and call if you need us!!! Love ya!!

PS - our commercial should start airing today (friday!) on channel 3 - watch for it!!

Okay - so it's Thursday.......and I haven't blogged in almost a week!! I get to goin' really good, then LIFE happens and things tend to take a back seat - like the blog!!! But, I have been thinking about blogging - does THAT count?!?! ha ha!! :) So, Crop Camp is over - boooohoooo!! We had a BLAST!!! I personally completed (minus the computer journaling) 18 pages!!! That is HUGE for me!! Renee was at 19 on Saturday night - so I don't even want to GUESSTIMATE how many she completed total!! Sarah finished a few different projects too!! We had so much fun!!! It's just like being 13 again, and hanging out at a slumber party with your girlfriends!!
I love this photo of my sista - we all three had our headphones on - but still socializin'!!! But, she's also wearing the new shirts from Scrappin' Boot Camp!! They are PINK AND BROWN!! We have them in the store now, but let me tell ya - they run SMALL!!!! But, they're so cute!!!This is so RENEE!!! She is a HOOT!! We had SO much fun laughing with her!! I strongly believe that if you have someone in your friendship circle that you can laugh with and at - then it's "all good"!!! This weekend was VERY therapuetic (is that spelled right?!) Renee bought the three of us all these little "tiaras"!! We wore them all weekend!!! Like I said - just like being 13 again!!!
Here's a one page LO that I did - I know it's very simple - but it's the fastest page I've EVER done and HAD to get a picture of it!!
And this photo is of the MOST DIVINE chocolate cake I've EVER had!! That is probably one of my most favorite things about Crop Camp!! They have "Maggie"!! She cooks for us ALL WEEKEND LONG!! I mean COOKS!! We had homemade chicken noodles - she MADE the noodles!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It's SOOOOO delicious!!!

But, the reason for today's blog is to thank someone special!! I have been SO blessed to have had Alicia Day enter my life. Not just for "Scrap*Funattic", but for me, personally!!! Alicia is KNOWN for being just a LITTLE over the top - OCD!!! SERIOUSLY!! She is SO organized that it's crazy!!! But she came to me about 7 months ago with this great idea to teach an organizational class. I thought it sounded great - I could REALLY use the instruction and direction myself!!! So, we kicked off our first organizational class, and for 8 weeks she came and taught us what worked for HER, as well as what she'd researched other Scrappers were doing. I was VERY skeptical about "her" way - didn't think she knew what she was talkin' about (ha ha!) know - just didn't think it would work for MY style. BUT, I gave her way a try!!! Alicia has totally changed my opinion and outlook on Scrapbooking. Once I followed how she organizes her photos, learned about sketches, and organized my materials - I made page turns out that the entire VAN LOAD that I took to Crop Camp was not necessary. I could NOT have completed as many layouts as I did if I hadn't been so organized and ready for this crop!!! I know that I am just rambling here - and probably not making much sense to anyone but myself and Alicia - but Alicia, I want to sincerely thank you for working with me and helping to get me organized so that I can ENJOY scrapbooking again and not feel as though it's a "chore" that I just HAVE to complete!! I love ya man!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

FINALLY!! The Crop*A*Ganza photos are on the photosite gallery!! They aren't PERFECT so to speak - I was trying to crop, enlarge and soften up some of them, but my computer is having a little bit of an "attitude" problem today - so it's not cooperating with me - so if you're interested, you can download them from your computer and edit them that way!!! Sorry for the long wait!!! But hey - I can now cross that off my list of things to do BEFORE Crop Camp!! YEAH!!! This time tomorrow - we will be CROPPIN CROPPIN and doin some more CROPPIN!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! It's 11:45 PM and my car is filled with gas and ALL my croppin junk!!! Just have to finish some laundry, pack my energy drinks (MONSTER!!) and my peanut M&M's and I am GOOD to go!!! Got all 15 hours of music, and I'm ready to ROLL!!! Hope ya'll have a good weekend!!!

here's the link if you wanna check the photosite gallery!!



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It is FINISHED!!! ALL of our NEW Heidi Swapp "stuff" is here and OUT for YOU to enjoy!!! FINALLY!!! It seems like we've been WAITING on her stuff for the longest time!!! But, I stayed late tonight and FINISHED it!! I must say - it FINALLY looks perfect!!! Everything fit perfectly - with room to spare!! And that's great because there were a few items that were backordered - so they'll have a "home" waiting for them when they arrive!!!!
I can't decide WHICH new product is my favorite....the CROWN bling or the HEART bling??!!? Oh, what about the new "Writers Blocks"?!?!'s the new GIANT Playing Cards!!! Those look so FUN!!! Naaaaaa, I'm REALLY DIGGING the XL photo Corners!!!! But the XL Ghost Shapes are pretty neat too!!! And Alicia - you're going to LOVE the Clock Overlays!!!
Yes, these ARE the rolled stickers......I have to take back what I said about a month ago.......I said that I would NEVER have rolled stickers!!! BUT, Heidi is trying to make them a "come back"........we'll see how they "fly"!!?!?!?
Oh - the Clip It Ups are in!!! BUT, once again - we're ALMOST sold out of them!!! I KNOW!! They are SUCH a GREAT solution for organization!! I'm anxious to use mine this weekend at crop camp.....(2 days away!)
Okay - well, that's all for now......ohhhh, wait - just an FYI.....we REshooting our commercial on Monday!!! We shot it two weeks ago and it wasn't what we had hoped for the first take - so we're going to give it another "go"!!! If you'd like to be in the store to support us - that would be awesome!!! Even if it's just to shop - we'd love to have your support - the more the merrier!!!! We'll start around 9:30 - and it usually takes about 1/2 an hour!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Can you HEAR me screaming?!?! HHHHHHAAAAAAAA YEAH!!! I just got home from taking the kids to Build-A-Bear (which by the way - they have a Scrapbook "Smock" like outfit for your favorite "animal"!!!)......came in the door - checked the front porch (as usual!) for any SPECIAL deliveries from my FAVORITE visitor....UPS or FedEx or DHL!!! And wouldn't you know - there was a package!!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!


I KNOW!! You're dying for me aren't you!! I took a picture of it for you!! It's from her Year to Remember online class through "Big Picture Scrapbook"!!! I feel kinda guilty cuz I'm a little behind, but that will all change AFTER Crop Camp!!! THREE DAYS AWAY!!!

We received some more boxes of NEW STUFF today,,,,,but I SWORE to Renee that I wouldn't tell you all till tomorrow!! So, I must wait!!

Oh, I also went by Hen Feathers today!!! They have ALL of the new My Minds Eye collection in - YUMMY!!~ I LOVE their paper!! You have to check it out!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, March 19, 2007

FOUR DAYS!!! I'm almost ready to start counting down the MINUTES!!! TILL CROP CAMP!!! I'm downloading some of my NEW favorite music to my IPOD for my trip!! I love music - everything from PINK to Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale!!! (moms of "tweenies" - you know who she is!!! They're from Disney Channel!!! I KNOW!! whoda thunk it?!?! Sale stuff in the store.......GOING fast!!! I added some more stuff this evening after closing - we're closing out the Worldwin Doublemates cardstock.....LOVE their cardstock - but REALLY love Bazzill!! AND, since we've got the new BLING, Medium Scallop, and 1/2 scallop in today - AND the new smoothies coming soon - we gotta have the room!!!! So, ALL Doublemates are 3 for $1.00!!! Come in and get them while you can!! Got some other "stuff" in today - but I can't divuldge ALL of our secrets, then you won't have any reason to come in and see US!!!! But I will say - I got some HEIDI SWAPP shirts in today!!!! ONLY a limited number - like I'm talking UNDER TEN shirts!! If you're interested - you better get em while you can!!! Oh - and we got some really cool NEW die cuts - I'll have more on that coming next entry!!!

But, I do just want to take a minute to BRAG on our instructors!! We are SO very lucky to have such an awesome group of ladies teaching for us!!! They are ON THE BALL, ON THE EDGE, and AWESOME!!! I've seen the upcoming classes - through JUNE (!!!) can you BELIEVE that they are THAT far ahead of the game?!?! And you are going to be SO pleased!!! If you want to stay on the edge with us - then you need to be signing up for some classes with these ladies!!! Patient, trendy, knowledgeable, sweet and most importantly - looking out for YOU!!!! We've got some GREAT and exciting things coming up and I'm SO excited for Scrap*Funattic - and for you!!!! Just in case you didn't know.....ALL of our classes are UNIQUE!!! There is no "handbook" - no "class kits" that are sent from our Vendors.....NOPE!! These ladies come up with this stuff month after month after month!!!!! So, next time you're in the store - take a minute to flip through our class book, and sign up for a class or two!!! I can't tell you HOW many friends that I, personally, have made by taking a class!! I promise you WILL not be disappointed.....and if you are - I want to know!!!!

Also - just a question for many of you out there have tried Digital Scrapbooking???? LMK!!! ~ have a great week!!! peaceout :)~

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cross your fingers that this blog ACTUALLY gets published!! I have tried twice this weekend, for long periods of time - typing lots and lots - only to have it VANISH in front of my face!!! AHHHH technology!!! So, I'm trying this once again!!! What a weekend we have had!! We (Rocky and I) got the boys two turtles, upon returning from New Mexico about three weeks ago.......Thomas is Haydens turtle and "Filter Boy" W A S Kords turtle :( ......yep - we had our first official turtle funeral today. SAD!! We're not sure exactly WHAT happened - but we're down to only one turtle - and he's not doing real hot either! So, now I'm faced with the challenging decision - do I still scrap the turtles in their albums'?!!! Hmmm, have to think about that for awhile!!

Okay - on to "store" stuff, which is REALLY why ya'll read this!! :) I have been VERY busy over the last four days - reorganizing and displaying the store!!! I've added some more stuff to the clearance section - which is GROWING every day!! Our baby section is now something to be PROUD of!! It's gorgeous - the new lines from Deja Views and Cloud 9!! Heidi Grace will be here this week - and it's simply breathtaking!!! The spring line from Cloud 9 is pretty as well!! I LOVE SPRING!!! (except for the allergies!!!) Daisy D's......can I just say - this is my VERY FAVORITE line from them thus far!! It's just SO VIBRANT and GORGEOUS!! You have to SEEEeeeeee it and FFEEEEEeeeeelll it to REALLY appreciate it!!! It's called "Beacon Hill" and it's got some GREAT rub on's - featuring "Mommisms" they're hilarious - come in and check them out!! I got to really look at the Cosmo Cricket Lines finally today - we've had them for about a month, but I was gone when they came in - they're really nice as well!!!

BUT, what I'm MOST excited about are the new 12x12 doodling stencils from Crafters Workshop that we just got in!!! AND the new "Oodles of Doodles" book!!! We also have the ever famous "WHITE" Signo Pen!!! Can't wait to try those babies out!! Which I will be doing THIS weekend, FIVE days and counting till CROP CAMP!!! Look out ladies - I'm heading to Ooookklllahhhoommmmaaaa to CROP TILL I DROP!!! I am soooo very excited to be going AS A CROPPER!! Not a vendor, assistant, entertainer, observer, friend, companion, side kick - NO NO NO!! I am CROPPING!! Scrapbooking - my FIRST love!!! (just kidding honey!) But, seriously - I spent an entire week getting all of my "junk" organized - and two clip it up's later - I am READY to go!!! MMMMMM, I'm READY!!!

Okay - well, gotta run - but hey - come in to the store this week - we're having a SALE in our crop shop - 40% off!!! Paper is 5 for $1.00 and we're closing out ALL of our See D's stamp sets!!!! They're 40% off as well!! I'll keep you all posted this week, for the new stuff that comes in!!! Have a great Spring Break - get out doors!!! ~ peaceout!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ok ! Enough talk about "MOM" behind her back ! I don't think I actually "Freaked out" about the PINK FRIDGE ! I just thought for a brief moment that the Pepto Bismol Man had barfed in our office !!! This has to be the ugliest !!!!!! refrigerator I have ever seen !! oh my.................

LOOK at what Rocky and Renee did Monday!!! My loving husband and Renee took my fridge "out back" and gave her a WHOLE NEW MAKE OVER!!! "HS style!" You know you have a good husband when he spray paints your mini fridge HOT PINK!!! Renee added the HS flower masks - REALLY making it PERFECT!!! Of course mom about FREAKED out when she saw it, but "it's all good now"!!! Renee and I have been wanting to do that every since we saw that Heidi got a pink one from Pottery Barn for Christmas, but it was too expensive to buy one - so we thought - HELLO, let's just do it up "Heidi Style"!! And "WALAH!!" Doesn't pink just make you HAPPY!! It sure does me!!! ahhhhhhh...........

Oh, the new stuff is RUSHING in!!! And I mean RUSHING in !!!! We have the ENTIRE new Daisy D's "Beacon Hill" line, it's gorgeous!!! Here's a preview for ya.....their rub on's are THE BEST - TO DIE FOR!! VERY EASY and HARDY!!!

Oh, and the new......(maybe I shouldn't even be telling you this, this is kind of mean:::)!!!! ) We got the new AMM handbags in - YUUUMMMMYYYY!!! You should have seen all of us when we opened the boxes - Y Y U U M M M M Y Y !!! They are BEAUTIFUL!! But, we only have like 2 left!!!! But, I've ordered more and they will be here next week, so you can still see what's coming!!!

They each come in black or raspberry!!! The new Totes will be in next week as well!!! I cannot wait!!

Oh, the Clip It Up's - we are SOLD out of the base unit and the clips!!!! I KNOW!! We haven't even put them out on the floor yet!! You guys ROCK!! BUT, I have spoke with "Simply Renee" and they are shipping more out to me THIS WEEK!! So, don't worry - there's more on the way!! But we do still have a few of the upper tier left, so if you only purchased the base unit and need the upper tier - we have 'em!!!

What else came in today.............oH!!.....I think I'm gonna wait and do the rest tomorrow - I'll just leave you with a sneak peak!!! ;)

Have a good night!!! I'll "blog" more tomorrow!!!!! peace out!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What a day!!!

WOW!! What a great day we had today!!! We shot our VERY FIRST commercial!!! It was NOTHING like what I thought it would be like - so I'm anxious to see what it actually comes out to be!!! There was NOTHING "fake", or "staged" (so to speak, wink wink!!) !! But I do want to thank my "Peeps"!! You all know WHO you are - for coming out today and supporting us!! We are SO very thankful to all of you!! I'll let you know more when we get to proof the first draft!! I'm including a picture of the kids playing, while Myron filmed!! They are **STARS**!!

So, what do you think of this new blog?!?! I've been playing around with the idea of creating a real "BLOG", that can archive and save time and space, and look PRETTY - for awhile, so we'll try this out and see what ya'll think!!! Plus - I think you can "subscribe" to get notices when I update this blog - I'm not sure of that yet - but I know that there are some of ya'll out there that get tired of checking to see if I've updated the maybe that would help you out a little!! I'm all about helpin' ya'll out!!!

We got the CLIP IT UP's today!! hooorrayyy!! Alicia is a HAPPY GIRL, I know!!! We only have like 6 of them left - so I'm tellin' ya - you'd better get 'em while ya can!!! You will LOVE it!!! Speaking of Alicia - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY *3*0*th BIRTHDAY to you!!!! And ditto to Kristy on Tuesday!!! It only gets better from here ladies!!!!