Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Escape Shirts!

Sooooo here's a picture of the Sweet Escape Crop*A*Ganza apparel that we're going to have!!! The very last day to order is Saturday January 31st!!!! The pants are in the store if you'd like to come and check them out!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

Also - guess what came in YESTERDAY!?!?! BITTERSWEET by BASIC GREY!!! :) (krusty is soooo happy she was here to roll in it!!) :}

We will be open tomorrow 10:00am - 2:00pm and CLOSED on New Years Day!!! Check back for a lil' something that I've been working on for you blog readers!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


HOW can it be only THIRTY EIGHT days until GANZA?!?!? HOLY *******!!!!! I thought i still had like 60 days to work with!! ahhhhh.....okay - so i jumped on here to just give a quick post......

we are looking for a new person to join our ATTIC FAMILY!!!

we need someone who can work WEEKENDS!!!!! ONLY WEEKENDS!! how cool is that!??! How cool would it be to work somewhere where you're surrounded by SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES, the BEST customers around and FOUR PINK WALLS!!! :)

Seriously - if you're interested - please contact Debbie at the store!! We are looking to hire someone ASAP!!!

I'm working on the newsletter for the store AND for GANZA - so be looking for that - updated calendar for classes and crops too!! :) talk more soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008


ALSO we're trying out the COPIC markers!! We've had a few requests for these, so we're gonna see how they "fly"!?!?! We have Brown, Blue, Pink and Black in!! Come check these out!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

pictures - if ya care?!?!

FINALLY - here are just a few of the pictures that i wanted to follow up with from previous posts'. just a little recap from the weekend!!

we have been wanting to get a family photo taken of ALL OF US together - but getting all of us organized, matching - in the same place - WITH a photographer and everyone happy and in harmony.....that's not so easy!! SOOOOO, my sister in law and i just said - to heck with it - lets just get together - hang out - and take a picture!!! SO - we did!! We all got together for lunch after church last sunday and set up the camera(S) - set up the SHOP lights from dads garage, and set the timer and had a BLAST!! We spent only like 20 minutes - and got some FABULOUS pictures!!! Here is one of the best ones!! Not to shabby for a self timer, huh!?!! (BIG thanks to my lil brother for setting all of the "stuff" up!)

Last week we went and picked up our very first REAL christmas tree - rocky was VERY content cutting down a LITTLE tree.....for the kiddos - OUR big tree was a LOT bigger!!!

okay - so we had our attic xmas party - kristy drew mom's name....here's what she did for her!! right above her desk - this is what it says! ahhhhhh so sweet!! :)

okay - so we still have some of the gift card tins that we've pre-made for sale at the store - you can pick those up next time you're in!! makes it SUPA easy for gift giving in a rush!!!

also - sale items - i've been wrapping again!! :) if you're wanting to pick up a gift it's already wrapped up for you!! I LOVE TO WRAP!! let me wrap your STUFF next time you're in!! :)
Album in a day!! coming up in January - monica's gonna help you create an entire christmas album!! 16 pages!!! using My Minds Eye - here are just a couple of the two page layouts that you'll complete!! there are only FOUR spots available for this class - so call and sign up for it today!! $45.00!!!

OKay - so our PHOTO 101 class is complete and they are looking to you to help pick a WINNER!! there are four photo boards back in our crop shop on the kit wall - if you would vote on one of them next time you're in - that would be AWESOME!! come look at how awesome their pictures are!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


okay - so it seems that there is a HUGE vacuum sucking all of MY time out of my day!! anyone else experiencing this?!?! I have a TON of photos that i wanna share with you guys - but time is NOT on my side lately!!! Between getting teacher gifts made and ready, family gifts, holiday gatherings, cooking, merchandising the store for the holidays, planning store sales, family photo shoots, and getting the kiddos to and from wrestling practice......whew - i just don't have much time left - but ENOUGH with the excuses - I WILL GET TO THE PHOTOS TOMORROW!!!! AFTER i get the 19 kids in Kords class stocking stuffers made!!! :)
But, in the meantime, for those of you that read the blog - here's the SALE that we're going to run from wednesday through Christmas Eve. Hopefully there's something you're wanting under your tree on this list!!!
ALL Xyron products (excluding the xyron 150 "the X") are 40% off!!! This includes the MACHINES as well as the adhesive refills!!!
Cricut Expression Machine $299.99 (limited to qty on hand)
Cricut Machine $199.99 (limited to qty on hand)
ALL Organizational Products 25% off - Everything from Paper Files to Rolling Totes!
ALL Albums 10% off
ALL Clip It Up Products 15% off
ALL Calendars 10% off (this includes the 12x12 hanging calendars, desk calendars as well as the Advent Karen Foster Calendars)!
The SLICE!! ALL accessories and Disc's for this wonderful new die cut machine from Making Memories are 10% off!!!
****now - if you're sending in your hubby - let him know that he can call ahead and prepay for what's on your list and we'll have it ready, wrapped and even deliver it to his car for him!! We're all about making it EASY on the MEN in our lives!!!****
We will be OPEN on Christmas Eve from 10:00AM - 2:00PM!!!
I will be back on here again tomorrow - gotta go and read to the kiddos before bed!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!???? Why is it that the OLDER "WE" get - the FASTER time goes!?!? Remember when you (maybe you weren't QUITE AS excited as my brother, sister and I were....) were younger how LONG it took for the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER to END!! :) It seemed that Christmas would NEVER EVER get here!!! Now - no matter HOW much planning and PATIENCE you seem to have - it's approaching at LIGHTNING speed!!!

This year we (my family) purchased our FIRST EVER REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! My mom says I used to have one all the time (for 3 years) before my little brother was born...(he was allergic, so it was FAKE from that point on!)....well - we (I!) decided this year that I would like to EXPERIENCE a real tree at LEAST one time in my children's' HOME lives!!! We headed out on Tuesday of last week....remember last tuesday!?!? SNOW!!! WIND!! COLD!!!! :) Yeah, Rocky was THRILLED to say the least!! BUT - he drove us out there (at 30 miles an hour!)......walked around the tree farm (for 20 minutes!) and cut down not ONE - but TWO trees for us!!! So far - I LOVE IT!!! It smells wonderful - and is VERY forgiving when it comes to LIGHTS!!! I like a LOT of lights on my tree and have been known to spend up to 4 hours on JUST THE LIGHTS!! But with a real tree - you don't have to HIDE the odd colored strands!!! The kids have their own miniature tree in their room too and so far - we've kept it watered and it's looking really nice!! I haven't noticed any needles falling off,,,,,,,,but i'm told to wait for the DISPOSAL of the tree to be sold on the the whole experience?!?! We'll see!!!!

So - all of the presents (for the most part) are purchased, wrapped and under the tree.......now it's time to tackle the HAND MADE gifts that I plan to make!! Each year - i wait until the week BEFORE christmas to tackle these, and then i end up resenting the actual gift because i'm so tired, and stressed and MAXED out!!!! Hopefully that won't be the case since everything else is done this year!!! But i am working on a few projects, and if i remember before i wrap them up - i'll take pictures of them for you to see!!!!

How are your holiday plans coming along!??!! I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves this holiday season!!! We had our "attic holiday christmas get together" on friday last week - we cropped until 2 AM - it reminded me of the "old" days when we all used to get together more regularly and hang out and crop - it was alot of fun!! Sarah was able to join us and we got a lot done!! We watched the Griswolds Christmas Vacation!!! Thanks to Renee - i hadn't ever seen it before and apparently it's a MUST SEE every christmas!! And now - it will be for our family!!! It's HILARIOUS!!!! Of course - NO ATTIC celebration would be complete without a trip to the ER!!! Poor Krusty was trying to UNCLOG her Stickles and STABBED herself in the index finger....no stitches were needed - but a TETANUS shot was in order!! ahhhhh, gotta love her!!! To know Krusty - is to LOVE krusty!! :)

Okay - now on to STORE stuff!!! I know you don't read this blog JUST to hear about PErSONal goings on around here!! :)

The Glue Glider Pro's are selling like HOT CAKES!! I purchased one at the crop and must say that i think i just might be sold!!! I think it holds JUST AS well as ZIP DRY but without the mess!!! :) So - if you're shopping for a new adhesive - this just might be the ONE!!!

The SLICE!! OMG!! One of my goals is for us to be able to KNOW all there is to know about this machine and teach YOU before you purchase it!! Renee is in love with it, and has it on her christmas list!!! We received the desktop storage system for it this week and it matches the desktop carousel that Making Memories makes, so thats always nice when things match!!! :)

Okay- so i had some great friends in the store last month asking me about "skittles" or "dew drops"!!! THIS is how we find out about some of the great products on the market - YOU!!! So - we did a little research and have found them!! We ordered just a small sampling of them and got them in last week and have already sold out of more than 1/2 of what came in!! So - i'm thinking these might be a hot item right now!!! Check those out next time you're in!!!.....we are sold out of them now - but have ordered more!! :)

Soldering!! We have expanded our section!!! We've got some DO IT YOURSELF charms for those of you that enjoy the craft - and then we have the "ALREADY ASSEMBLED" charms - so you can just slide your photo right in!!! Check those out as well!!!

The distress stickles have really taken off and we finally got ALL of the colors in stock!!

The rolling work stations are HOT this year!!! We only have TWO LEFT in the store until after Christmas - so if that's on your list - you'd better get in while you can!!!!

I went NUTTY on the flowers again - i've ordered more prima flowers - so those are RESTOCKED!!!

KAISER - the altered BEYOND THE PAGE items are back in - however we've had so many special orders on those - i'm not sure HOW many of those actually made it to the floor!!!!

Our ROCK BOTTOM CRICUT PRICE section is slowly dwindling away!! We've lowered all of our INSTOCK cricut cartridge prices to $39.99!!! There are a few left!

Calendars - we've replenished that section - wow - calendars are STILL a hot christmas item!! (wink wink renee!)

SALE!!! We're kicking off our FINAL sale before Christmas!!! You're hearing it HERE on the blog first!!!.......i'm working on some great sales for you coming up this week/weekend - so be watching the blog for more information on that!!!

okay - i was hoping to add some pictures to this post - but they are all at the store and i'm at home!!! :( soooooo.......if you're back on here tomorrow - i'm gonna upload them!! there are some good ones!! hope you're all having a merry holiday season!! thanks for staying connected with us!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


OMG!! I have SERIOUSLY missed blogging!! Never thought i'd say THAT!! But, i had "kinda" gotten on a roll over the last month and have been missin' updating everyone....even though this is kind of a ONE WAY conversation, i still missed it!! ;0

Soooo - how was your Thanksgiving?!?! mine was SPECTACULAR!! I mean it!! We had SO much fun in Austin!! I LOVE AUSTIN!! I do NOT like to travel!! YEP - i said it - don't like it! (hubby LOVES to travel!! :( ) Sooooo, i was NOT anticipating enjoying myself so much - but besides that TRAFFIC and gettin' around - LOVED AUSTIN!!! It did help that Rocky's aunt was SUPER hospitable, and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! (the 5 pound weight GAIN can prove that!!) the ONLY sad part of it all was that i did NOT get to go to IKEA....(and see my wonderful pregnant with twins cousin Ticey) ..... but i WILL go to IKEA someday and I WILL see Ticey this weekend!! So - all is well! !:)
I hope everyone had a very THANKFUL Thanksgiving.....and that you all got some FAHHHBULOUS Black Friday sales!!! We did - we were out there at 3:45 AM - KOHL'S!! Rocky even went with Janna and I!!! He did very well!! PLUS it was nice to have someone there to hold your spot in line!! :)

So - here are a few pics from the trip - not too many to bore ya - after all this IS a Scrapbooking BLOG!!! But - just a few of my fav's!!! Two of my "BOYZ"!

Aunt "Bossy" made Turkey Cupcakes with all the kiddos!!! (Gus, is our nickname for Hayden!)

Hayden peelin' "tators" with Ruru!!

And where else can you play PING PONG OUTSIDE on Thanksgiving day!??!


Okay - down to business!!! Here's a picture of TOMORROW's LAYOUT OF THE MONTH!! Only limited supplies of these - and they USUALLY sell out QUICKLY!!!! $12.00 - everything you need to complete the kit - EXCEPT for the stickles...

New Stuff.....let's see.....the GLUE PRO is in........My Minds Eye....Quite Smitten!!! KITS of the Laundry Line and Simply Irresistible........Creative Imaginations FUN Birthday line...Candles & Cake!! I think this might be MORE fun that the KI Pop Culture line!!! :) ..... Simply Swank is FULLY COMPLETELY RESTOCKED!!! Renee picked out some pretty spacers for you to use on your charms as well!!! The Creative Imaginations Holly Berry line - LOVE THIS - might be my ALL TIME FAVORITE LINE!12x12 WHITE and Barn wood Frames are back JUST in time for the holidays!!! These make PERFECT gifts for you to showcase your layouts in for friends and families!!! Clearance Area has been re-organized and marked down a little further on SOME items, plus i added a few more items today!! Ohhhh, all of our IN STOCK Cricut Cartridges are marked down PERMANENTLY!!!!

My brain is fried - i had SO much more i wanted to share - but it's not coming to me!! Maybe i'll hop back on here soon and update ya some more!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok, you all know that Steff is out of town, soooooo......I am doing something very "out of character" for me (hehe)(she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does!).......I AM CONTINUING THE "BLACK FRIDAY SALE" THRU THE WEEKEND!! The following items will be on sale until we close on Sunday.

Cricut Cartridges in stock $44.99

Clip it Up Bundle $89.99 (all three pieces at this price !!)

Xyron machines and refills 50% off !! (excludes the X machine and refills)

All Shaped Cardstock 50% off

All KI Lace Cardstock 50% off

Glimmer Mist Buy 2 get 1 FREE

CropADiles - 25% off (includes the Big Bite)

Cuttlebug Machine and Folders 25% off

All Tool Totes and Rolling Totes - 25% off
(no SF punches on these sale items-Garage Sale credit and full punch cards not valid on these sale items)

Gift Certificates - Buy a $50.00 GC for $45.00 !!

I also want to remind you that we will be closed on Monday, December 1st for our annual Inventory!!!! (fun fun !)

Come see us !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's HERE!! The Chord less Digital Die Cut Machine from Making Memories!! THE SLICE!!! I can't tell you much about it YET!! :) We (renee) are gonna give it a "run around the block" and hopefully learn this little machine!! HOPEFULLY we'll be able to have a make n take with it soon!!!

Got TONS of albums restocked and NEW in!! The K&CO. photo scrap albums, that are pre-made - they are all back in stock - including some new ones!!!

For those of you soldering for the holidays....we have the BLACK NYLON RIBBON coming in again!! And Renee found some really pretty spacers for us as well!! :)

AND, my NEW FAVORITE PENS ARE HERE!!! They are Micron pens!! If you haven't used these before - you HAVE to try them!! I ordered them in single packs as well as SETS!!! I love these pens......they write very smoothly and boldly - and if you scrapbook with me - i'm very picky about my pens - cuz I LOVE TO JOURNAL!! (duh! got LOTS to say!) So - check those out next time you're in!!!

Got some new Thickers in yesterday - for the HOLODAYS!! (i spelled that wrong on purpose!)

We leave tonight for Austin....so i won't be here tomorrow to tell ya whats coming in then...so i'll tell you what i'm EXPECTING! We have ordered quite a few of the rolling stations!! So - if you're hoping to pick one of those up on Friday at 25% off....there are sure to be enough to go around!! I've also ordered some new rolling totes........the BoBunny Clearly Mixed up Albums will be here tomorrow..........the cricuts arrived yesterday - so it's good to have THOSE in stock for Friday!!! Bazzill STITCHES and FLOWERS have all been restocked!!

OH!! The Distress Stickles....we've been playing with those this week...for those of you with BOYS in your scrapbooks....and you've SHYED away from stickles because of the BLING factor...these are YOUR WAY of incorporating STICKLES onto your pages!! They aren't "shiny" or "glittery" - they are DISTRESSED shimmer-ey!!! :) I LOVE THEM!! Renee's made a cute little sign so you can see the difference next time you're in the store!!!

The CLIP IT UP pricing for BLACK FRIDAY!!.....here's the "411" on that!!
We are offering a "bundle" which includes the base unit ($59.99 reg) upper tier ($34.99reg) and the cover ($24.49 reg).......Total regular price $ 114.47...............for.............$89.99 !!!!!
This price is good for the bundle only.

Don't forget about the "CODE WORD" for my loyal blog followers out there......"I made the Green Bean Casserole"!! it's true - SEVERAL calls yesterday asking if we were serious!! HA HA!! If it makes you laugh - then it's a GOOD THING!! (think Martha Stewart!) Come in on Friday - at ANY TIME and say that and you will get $5.00 off any purchase of $20.00 or more!! That's even BETTER than a coupon cuz you don't have to remember to print it and then remember to USE it!!!

I heard on the news this morning that the AVERAGE person consumes 619 MORE calories each day from now until Christmas than their normal caloric intake....WTH!?!?! HULLO!?!? Keep that in mind when you're filling your plate this week.....let's try and NOT be average!!....that's your HEALTH tip of the day!!! :)

okay - i'm out!! i will check in with everyone soon! have a great Thanksgiving!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

i made the green bean casserole!! :)

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD mornin' LOYAL blog FOLLOWERS!! (notice i'm not callin' ya stalkers anymore?!?!....turnin' over a new leaf....being a little more sweet!?!? NOT!) HA HA!! - yep - i'm in ONE OF THOSE MOODS!!! look out!!!
***i'm toooo busy to upload photos today...suri cruise!!! :(

UPS just dropped off SEVERAL boxes - and there are 15 more coming tomorrow.......here's what i KNOW is coming today and/or tomorrow........THE SLICE!!!!! Karen Foster Coutdown Calendars........some GREAT new pens that my friend Danelle Curtis turned me on to!!! ......... American Crafts $1.00 ribbons.........we got the new BOBUNNY "love birds" line - CAUUUTEE!!! love the bright colors and the birds are irresistible!! Some American Crafts Christmas paper....BASIC GREY.......My Little Yellow Bicycle restocked, BoBunny Winter Whisper Line ........ DISTRESS STICKLES ARE HERE!!!!!!....Fairest of them all restocked.

Okay - so i've been working on the BLACK FRIDAY NEWSLETTER ALL MORNING LONG.......wanted to hop on here BEFORE we send it out - so YOU GUYS can see it FIRSTHAND!! I know how you LOVE getting the FIRST LOOK at all the behind the scenes schtuff!!!

So - here's the 411:

Here are the sales that we're going to run in honor of BLACK FRIDAY!!!

**10:00-Noon - EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WILL BE 20% off!!!! (excluding Cricut, Epson and Wishblade products!)

**CRICUT EXPRESSION. This machine is the "mother load" from Provo Craft!! The Expression normally retails for $499.99. FOR THIS ONE DAY ONLY - we are selling the Expression for $289.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!! Supplies ARE limited. We do not honor the Scrap*Funattic punch cards OR Garage Sale Credit toward the purchase of the machine.

**Cricut Personal Cutting System. This machine normally retails for $299.99.......FOR THIS ONE DAY ONLY - we are selling the Cricut Personal Cutting System for only $199.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supplies are limited. We do not honor the Scrap*Funattic punch cards OR Garage Sale Credit toward the purchase of the machine.

**ALL IN STOCK CRICUT CARTRIDGES - $44.99**please note we will not be honoring Scrap*Funattic punch cards OR Garage Sale Credit toward the purchase.

**ALL XYRON Adhesive Machines and Refills (excluding the "X" sticker maker) - are marked down 50% - ONE DAY ONLY!!! **please note we will not be honoring Scrap*Funattic punch cards OR Garage Sale Credit toward the purchase.

**ALL Bazzill Shaped Cardstock - 1/2 price!!!

**ALL KI Laced Cardstock - 1/2 price!!!

**ALL Glimmer Mist - buy TWO - get ONE FREE!

**CLIP IT UP!!! We have special IN STORE pricing on these wonderful Organizational items!!!

**BIG BITE - The Big Bite Retails for $39.99 - FOR ONE DAY ONLY - we're offering it for 25% off!!!

**CROP*A*DILE The Crop*A*Dile Retails for $29.99....we are offering ALL of our Crop*A*Diles at 25% off!! This includes the purple, green and pink one!!!

**CUTTLEBUG .... ALL Cuttlebug products IN STOCK will be 25% off!! This includes the actual CUTTLEBUG MACHINE!!!

**TOOL TOTES - ALL IN STOCK Tool Totes and Caddies are marked down 25% off - ONE DAY ONLY!....this includes the ROLLING totes as well as the ROLLING WORK STATION that everyone has been coveting when we roll up at crops!! :)

**Gift Certificates - Purchase a $50.00 Gift Certificate for $45.00!!!!

****just to clarify the fine print for Black Friday Sales - we do not punch or accept full punch cards on ANY Ciruct Products, Xyron products, Epson Products or Wishblade Products. Existing garage sale credit can not be used on any BLACK FRIDAY SALES!! We WILL punch your Scrap*Funattic Punchcard for your purchase of the remaining sale items.

Also - for YOU LOYAL BLOG FOLLOWERS.......JUST FOR YOU!! Renee thought it'd be funny to have everyone come in dressed like pilgrims!!!! NOPE - not gonna make you do that!! When you come in on FRIDAY (only FRIDAY!), you have to tell us "I MADE THE GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE" (we're speaking in code !!!!!) Say this to one of the girls - debbie, renee or kristy - and YOU my friends, will receive $5.00 OFF your purchase of $20.00 or more!!! FIVE DOLLARS!! I KNOW - THAT'S AWESOME!!!! We just want you to know how much we GREATLY appreciate your time and support!! I know that i don't update this as OFTEN as some of you would like for me to - but i REALLY do LOVE to hear that you're reading it - for whatever reasons you do!!! :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving......i'm a little sad, gonna be away from my mom, sis, dad, nephew.....blah blah blah...i know - but i will have a great time ONCE we're there.....DRIVING to AUSTIN, Texas with two boys, in laws (whom i love dearly!! really do!!! love em lots and lots) and their dog........i'm ready to just BE THERE!!! But - i will miss BLACK FRIDAY...not only being out and shopping with my friends/mom - but also being HERE at the store to see everyone, and witness all the fun we usually have!! So - be safe and eat LOTS AND LOTS!!! :)

***this is not my last post for the week - so check back again!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


"IT" arrived yesterday!!!!

Mom was ROLLING around on the floor all over the paper!!.... NOT!! Although we ALL would have paid GOOD money to see THAT happen!! (you know right now you're giggling to yourself with that thought in your head!!)

Today we are working on Christmas decor at the store.....AND finalizing our BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL SALES!! Soooo - if the day goes as planned (does it ever!?) then I'll be sending out a newsletter to ya'll tomorrow!! :)
ALLLLSSOOOOO: i am HOPING to have a plethora of 12x12 WOOD frames for the holidays too!! If my good friend TRACY FOUST could give me a ring a ling on the tellie we could talk!! ;)
A couple of things: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TO JANINE!! :) We hope you ate ALL the cake your heart desired!!!
And, if you all would please keep Missy in your prayers. Her father passed away this week, and she is going to need all the prayers and help getting through this tough time. We are thinking of you Missy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm moving to FORKS!!!

Okay - so NON scrapbooking related news....TWILIGHT opens in TWO DAYS!! (if you don't count today!) ..... we are going on Saturday, cuz rocky's got a company dinner that we have to go to... :( BUT - renee and i spent yesterday having FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!!!

I was JUST going to make these for Danelle, Lexi and MEEEE, however i was wearing one yesterday in the store and had two highschool girls come in beggggging for one - so now renee is making them one!! Soooooo, she is making a FEW extra today if you're interested!!! Here's just a RAW photo of a few of them - there is a front and a back to them!!! I LOVE EDWARD!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's beginning to SOUND a LOT like Christmas!

Yep - that's a true story....whether you LIKE Christmas music or not (roeder ahhhem!) it's ON!!! I hate to admit this i am NOT ready and NOT happy about the christmas music already playing!??! I'm not all bahumbug about it - but REALLY!?!?! Sooooo, i'll be getting all the Christmas DECOR out this week and weekend (for the store, let's not go overboard - DANA!!) ...... because whether we like it or not - it's COMING!!! I think the reason i'm NOT ready this time, it just seems that it's coming REALLY FAST and with the economy so SHAKEY we're really having to scale back this year, as i'm sure so many of you out there are!!! Soooooo, with all that being said - WE (Scrap*FUNATTIC) are going to TRY REALLY hard to give you some STEALS of DEALS on BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Be watching for THAT information coming out VERY SOON!!!! AND - once again - BLOG READERS will have a SPECIAL SALE ALL THEIR OWN!!!! (i'm terrible at keeping secrets,,,,,so all i can say is that we are having some of the BEST sales we've EVER HAD!!!...kinda makes me sad i won't be here to share the excitement with everyone!)

okay - now - on to other things!!! (meaning photos and recaps!)

Our Customer Appreciation (CSI) event was an ENORMOUS success!! It was CRAZY all the people that we were able to PLEASE this weekend!!! EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER WALKED AWAY WITH SOMETHING FREE!!! A big thanks to EKsuccess, K&Co., Inkadinkado for all the great donations and the great make n takes!!! We had a FULL table ALLLL Day long at the make n take station.....kinda makes me re-consider doing monthly make n take promotions!??!!! A HUGE thank you to Kristy for handling that task ALLL DAY LONG!!!! :) The best (and sometimes sad) moment of the day was when we'd give a customer a FREE appreciation gift and they'd look at you like they were offended, confused, concerned, didn't believe you were giving them something for free.......i know how ODD it is for someone to be giving AWAY things at this time in our economy - but YOU deserve it!! We have the BEST customers, HANDS DOWN!! and we owe ALL of our success to YOU!! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!! :)

And, if you came in on Saturday, you know that we were also giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to the store......the winner is JENNIFER SNODGRASS!!!! I hate that she's having to find out this way - i tried to call her personally and congratulate her - but the line kept going dead....so - AMY - if you happen to talk to her before she reads this - please let her know!!! JENNIFER - you can come in and spend it ANYTIME,,,,it does NOT expire!!! :) CONGRATS!!!

As I type this - renee is opening the shipment that came today....we are starting to receive the SLICE paraphenalia....not the slice yet - but we ARE expecting them soon!!!! We got the CUP HOLDERS back in stock too!!!!

Okay - so some of the things that are/have been happenin' around here....first - get THIS song in your head.....*I'm bringin' SEXY back......them other boys don't know how to act* - think JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE>>>..are you there!??!?! Now - look at THIS picture!!!

YEAH!! MOM especially is THRILLED!!! It's on it's way!!! you will now be able to purchase all of your favorite lines from Basic Grey at Scrap*Funattic AGAIN!!! I know, I know - it's been gone WAY to long - but i had my reasons, and well, things (just like life) have changed - so i can "roll wit it" just as well as the next guy - so we will ANNOUNCE it's arrival when IT arrives!! :)

Jana just NEVER seems to STOP!!! She dropped of her FAMOUS Coffee Koozies last week, as well as some "Eye Pillows" - well ALL the pillows are gone and we sold a LOT of koozies this weekend.....i love these things - they are DEFINITELY going in stockings this year - and they'd make a GREAT teacher gift....wrap it around one of the band aid tins with a gift card inside and walah - you have yourself a cute UNIQUE gift!!!! For ONLY $8.00!!! Can't BEAT THAT!!!

Speaking of Christmas gifts......be thinking about ideas to give your hubby's, friends and parents this year - send them OUR way and we'll help YOU out!!! THESE tool caddies are PERFECT!! Don't know WHAT you'd use it for!?!?! Wellll - do you have a CUP HOLDER!?!?! NO - then you need to ask for one!! The PERFECT gift for a scrapper that "has it all" would be a cup holder with one of these AWESOME tool caddies........PERFECTION!!!!

as you MAY or MAY NOT know - our good friends at BAZZILL BASICS have decided to discontinue a GOOD CHUNK of their brads....now - for the most part - their brads are the ONLY selection you get to choose from when you come in to Scrap*Funattic - mainly b/c of the HUGE color selection that they have......so with some research and persuasion from my girls (aka renee and kristy) we have decided to carry the DOODLEBUG brads!!! Soooo - when you visit our "BRAD CENTRAL"

you will now find THESE as well!!!

OMG - our Sports section was HURTIN'......it was almost - no it WAS embarrassing.....FINALLY we ordered the BoBunny Sports Line....and i must say it's pretty nice!!!! very "grunge-y"!! :) I might have already told you this - but owell - we have the shoulder totes to match the new Amy Butler totes - GORGEOUS!! AND affordable too - i was surprised!!!

SOLDERING ORNAMENT CLASS......get signed up for this class...this is your LAST chance to learn how to make this gorgeous ornament - which essentially is THREE charms!!! You don't HAVE to tie them together - you can leave them separate - you can insert pictures on each side, or your favorite Christmas paper - ANYTHING you'd like!!! Think OUTSIDE the box.....hurry hurry - this class will NOT be offered again THIS YEAR!!!!

ANOTHER OMG.....last week - we received a WONDERFUL gift from someone VERY SPECIAL!!! Thank you SOOOOO much Tara - Rocky is coming here TOMORROW (he doesn't know that yet..shhh!!) to hang it PROPERLY for us!!! We are so grateful for your friendship and will think of YOU every time we look at it!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :)

Okay - on a semi personal note - i'm going out of town for Thanksgiving.....the VERY FIRST Thanksgiving away from MY FAMILY!! Thanksgiving to my mom's family is a pretty big deal - i know, i know - you marry and you leave and cleave.....but my husbands uncle is ill - so we're heading out to Texas to be with their family!!! i am kind of excited to see them and be on "vaca" sort of - but also sad to be away from mom and sis......Soooooo,in preparation of me being gone for FIVE FREAKIN DAYS, i have been doing some house cleaning around the store - making room for all the new stuff i've ordered and for the Christmas decor AS WELL as Black Friday - so with that comes CLEARANCE items......i get bored easily - (part of the a.d.d!!) ...... so things don't have a very long "shelf life" around here....that's good for you!!! Today - renee and i are adding MORE stuff to the clearance section and lowering the already 40% off price on SOME items...so check that out when you're in next!!!

If you were at Crop Camp with me - and had made a special request for something to be ordered (you know who you are!) - i've ordered it....keep watching HERE to know when it comes in!

Ohhh, and the Stories By Everyone class is Tomorrow night - FREE CLASS!!! Just an informative walk through the site to help teach you how to create your own digital book!!!! Call for more details!!

If you're still needing some ME time to get those last minute gifts completed - we are having ONE Friday night crop in December - Friday December 19th......heck - i might even make it an all day - all night crop - when you call to sign up - ask about that!!!! $5.00

AND - we're having an ALL DAY crop on Saturday December 13th - 9:00am - 6:00pm - $5.00 - this is YOUR CHANCE!!!

Please also note that we are going to be CLOSED ON MONDAY DECEMBER THE FIRST.....FOR INVENTORY!!! If you have nothing else to do and wanna come help us COUNT OUR BRAINS OUT - come on over!! :) (dana...if you wanna cook for us again, that'd be AWESOME!! just jokin!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crop Scene Investigation!!!!!

Good Morning!! How was your weekend!?!? How was your HALLOWEEN!?!?

Here are just a few "pics" from ours....i was NOT very good this year with the camera......and i'm a little disappointed with myself because of it!! i wanted to ENJOY the moment!!! And now i am NOT enjoying what i'm left with to scrapbook!?! :(

Oliver was a "Hot Dog"!!! Do you think he enjoyed his costume?!? Ummm, NO!!! but he was a good sport and laid in front of the door and greeted all the customers!! :) i think the mustard MAKES the costume!!
And our little "Ralph" (renee's daughter, Laruen!) was a beautiful Butterfly!! If you asked her what she was though, she'd tell you a GIRAFFE!! (cuz that's what SHE wanted to be!!)
And sweet baby Chase was Buzz Lightyear, but if you asked HIM what he was - he'd tell you "Buzz lightyearBatmanRacecardriver"!!!! (he had a really hard time deciding!)

I know you're thinking to yourself...well - what were YOUR boys for Halloween!?!? Here they are - the sad picture that it is!!! I warned you that I didn't take very many pictures this year and i WAS not focused on making them look GOOD!! :( bad mom!! Kord was an Army Recon-dude....and Hayden was Bumblebee from Transformers!!

Over all - we had a great Halloween! And there's, naturally, TONS of candy left over!!! Somehow they will PROBABLY find their way back to my hips!!

Mom and I had the BEST time EVER at Crop Camp this weekend!! Thanks so much to Alicia, Kathy and Shandra....this was their SIXTH year!! And they know how to put on a great crop!! The food was yummy (although maggie will ALWAYS be missed at Fall Crop Camp!)...the company was EXCEPTIONAL!! "T to the 3rd Power" - you all know who you are - THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR WEEKEND SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Mom was really happy with the experience and can't wait to go again!! (no worries Kristy - you're good to go for the next one!...YOU were missed too!)

Once again - i know this photo isn't the BEST - but each year i tell myself i'm going to take a picture of the sunset - it's just soooo beautiful and peaceful out there, this year i did - barely - and although it doesn't come CLOSE to what it really looks like - it gives you an IDEA of how wonderful it is out there!!! The weather was PERFECT (although we could've done WITHOUT the wind on Friday!)!!! I completed THIRTEEN pages (which is pretty good for a weekend of WORK!!) We're looking forward to the Spring Crop Camp in April - and have already cleared out calendar!!!

Soooo, now for some upcoming events at the store......this weekend we are participating in the EK SUCCESS Crop Scene Investigation.....aka: Customer Appreciation!!! We're going to be having FREE MAKE N TAKES throughout the ENTIRE day!!! Soooo - come out and make some!! We have PLENTY to go around for the entire day!! As well as WONDERFUL GIVE AWAYS!!! And some special SALES on SATURDAY ONLY!!! This Saturday - one lucky SHOPPER will win a $50.00 Gift Certificate!! We will draw from our entries at the end of the day and announce it via the blog that evening!!! ALL IN STOCK SELECT EK SUCCESS PUNCHES will be 1/2 price!!!!! ALL JOLEE'S STICKERS WILL BE 40% off as well!!! PLUS - all Clearance merchandise is an ADDITIONAL 20% off - that makes it 60% off!!!

I will post a photo of all the WONDERFUL goodies that we'll be RANDOMLY giving away throughout the day!!!! There are SOME AWESOME FINDS in there!!! You won't wanna miss out!

This is for SATURDAY ONLY.....so come on out!!!!

This Friday night - is Crop NIGHT!!! Get signed up today!! And, don't forget - NEXT TUESDAY i'm teaching a FREE tutorial on the Stories by Everyone digital BOOKS!! So - call and reserve your FREE spot!!
okay - now - what i've been DYING to talk about....TWILIGHT!! I FINISHED "Eclipse" this morning on my TEN MILE bike ride at the gym........i was SWEATING!! It was AWESOME!! I immediately went and bought the LAST COPY of "Breaking Dawn" at Target!! I have ONLY been ALLOWING myself to read ONE chapter a night!! I KNOW that the end is near (with only one book left) and i want it to last FOREVER!!! (kidd kraddick in the morning is going to have an interview with "edward" tomorrow morning!!!)


Have a great day!!!!