Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney class!

Happy Happy MONDAY!!! Ahhhh, where else can you have a BLIZZARD, get up to 5 inches of snow, and the next day the sun's shining and the snow's practically melted away!?!? ONLY IN KANSAS!! gotta love it!!! So - with that - here's a pic. to get you excited for SPRING!! Went to Old Navy this last week, and purchased my summer supply of FLIP FLOPS!! They even have some fun new colors and STYLES!!!

Crop Camp is coming up - got all packed for it this weekend, (what else was there to do!) over 20 page kits made.....(hoping to at least get through 10).

We're expecting a few shipments this week with some fun new stuff - i'm not tellin ya WHAT yet - in case they don't show up on time!!!.....the Simply Swank order FINALLY arrived!! So - we have soldering guns BACK IN STOCK!!! Which reminds me - the next soldering 101 class is sunday May 3rd!! Get signed up for that and learn to make some fabulous charm bracelets and necklaces!!!

Scrapbook 101 - have a date for that class as well!! Tuesday April 21st - 6:30-8:30 - $35.00 - learn how to scrapbook - learn some fun new trends, definitions to products, try different adhesives, learn about the different albums that are out, and much more!!! (includes a copy of encyclopedia of scrapbooking,and 1 12x12 layout!)

AND - our next PJ crop is April 18th........i know the May PJ CROP is 1/2 full - but we have no one signed up for april.....soooo, i've decided if we don't have anyone signed up by April 11th,, then we'll probably cancel it - so if you're thinkin about it - just know that!! :)

Oh - and i can't remember if i mentioned this over the weekend, but the Class Act class that was scheduled for this PAST Saturday, has been rescheduled for April 19th!! So - there's still time to sign up if you thought you missed it!

AND - when i mentioned that we had DEW DROPS back in stock - holy moly guacamole - there are a TON of them - and we still haven't received all of them yet?!?!

Ganza registration opens SATURDAY as well as the LOTM is available!!!

With the SOLD out DISNEY class this Saturday from 1:00pm-5:oopm, we thought those of you coming, might wanna know the class supply list......remember, you don't HAVE to have these items, however it WILL make the class a little smoother and quicker!!

These are items you may want to bring to the Disney Album in a Day class along with your paper trimmer and scissors and basic glue, if you have them available at home. This way you don’t have to wait as everyone in class shares the class supply.
Paper piercer
Small Mickey Mouse Head Punch
Large Mickey Mouse Head Punch by Paper Shapers
Distressed Blue Stickles
Champagne Stickles
Purple Stickles
Red Stickles
Icicle Stickles
Brown Chalk
Purple glitter
Vellum Spray Adhesive
Butterfly Punch about ½- ¾ inch
Black Cats eye ink for edges
Curvy Cutter for circles
Black Pen
Adhesive you should bring, along with standard adhesive
Zip Dry liquid glue
Foam tape

And, as i've been promising (and actually forgot about!) here are a few of the layouts that i did while at Get Scrappy a few weeks ago!! Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Unfortunately we are NOT going to be open today!! :(
I tried to get out this morning to open the store - couldn't get my garage door to open....then couldn't get rocky's OR jenny's cars to OPEN! they were frozen shut!!
Now - YES, i COULD HAVE WALKED TO THE STORE (as my mother suggested we do.....) BUT UHHHH NOPE!!!
So - please know that while we'd love to be open and see ya'll today, we suggest you STAY INDOORS!!! Build a fire, roast marshmallows, read a book, play games with your kids.....DUH - SCRAPBOOK!!!!
See you tomorrow, WE HOPE!

Friday, March 27, 2009

let it march......ahhh spring?!?!

so - it's officially 10:45 am on friday morning and there's no snow YET!! i dunno what to think of it all......who knows?!?! If it DOES snow - that's good news for those of us that haven't scrapbooked a winter outing yet!!!! (there's ALWAYS a way to make a photo-op out of a bad situation!)

so - due to arrive today...BOBUNNY!!!! I'm SUPER excited about the birthday line......

Pet Shop

It's My Party (my fav!)
U Bug Me
Dew Drops are BACK in da HOUSE!
Oh - and i've ordered some 7 Gypsies Schtuff - for the artist trading card carousel and the revolving photo carousel!!!
Crop Camp is less than a week away - since they are starting on THURSDAY this year - SUPA excited about that!!!
Which also means - Saturday the 4th (NEXT saturday) is a big day, Crop Camp, Ganza Registration starts AND the April LOTM is available too - whew what an exciting day THAT will be!!!
Okay, that's it for now - i'm off to take all SIX kids to Monsters Vs. Aliens...been COUNTING down the days till this day!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FINALLY Edward is HOME where he belongs!

Happy Wednesday!! FINALLY - MY Edward is back home where he belongs!!! I'm not going to tell you YET WHO took him - however i am going to see if you can guess!!!! These layouts were DIGITALLY created for me - showing all the different places that Edward had been on his hiatus.....OMG they are hilarious!!!! Can you figure out who took him!?!? DUH!!!? I've left edward IN the store, ON the floor - with these layouts around his neck, so next time you're in - check them out!! THEY ARE HILARIOUS!!! oh, and Danielle (V.) you're going DOWN for your "part" of the DORK-NAPPING!!! Those of you that are attending Crop Camp NEXT weekend (9 days, thank you donna!) - Shandra and I have a lil somethin somethin for your entertainment on Saturday night!!!!

Okay - well - you have to forgive me, i have no "scrapbookin" news for you today - i'm "out" for the rest of the week, as MY JENNY is in town and we're spending the rest of the week together - however I'm certain that mom will update the blog when the NEW STUFF arrives!!!

ps - there is only ONE spot open for the SECOND Disney album in a day class left!!!!...there's still room for you to sign up for the Senior Class Album in a Day class this weekend!!! And don't forget the Cricut Expression 101 class on SUNDAY!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

BIG HUGE LABS!!! We had a customer tell us about this site - check it out!! You can upload your photos and it will match the best color of cardstock for your layouts!!! Cool huh!! Thanks to Nancy for that!! I haven't tried it - but read some blog posts about it HERE and HERE it sounds REALLY COOL!!!
Okay - that's all i have for now - i'll try and get back witchya'll later!! :)

OMG!! I forgot to let you all know who won the gift certificates from this weekend's sale!!!
1 $50.00 gift certificate went to CHRISTIE WELCH!!!!
1 $50.00 gift certificate went to Brittani McLean!!!!
Congratulations ladies!!!! You can come in and SPEND it whenever your heart desires!!!

Happy Monday Monday!

How was YOUR weekend?!?! The weather was pretty nice - a little windy......enough talk of the weather!!

okay - so we have the new 12x12 Heidi Swapp Masks in....(whats left of them!)....and i've promised to post this link to those that purchased them so you can see the possibilities with these!! I'm SOOOO super excited to use these!!! will need to scroll down about 3/4 of the way to see it.

Garage Sale - we are starting to really get a lot of's not too late - get your stuff together and price it......

Crop Camp is less than 2 weeks away!! Getting excited about that - need to get more page kits and i will be sleeping AT the camp this time - we don't usually do that - i'm a little anxious, but sure things will be fine - i'm SPOILED when it comes to sleeping arrangements....fortunately - danelle will be there with us....maybe she'll sleep on the top bunk!!?!

Ganza Registration is also less than 2 weeks away - I've been working on getting the shirts finished...hopefully we'll be sportin' them on registration day!! YES - if you're attending Crop Camp - you can register there!! We'll be having TWO registration locations this time.....:)

Renee's Graduation class is this weekend as's not too late to sign up for that class - whether you have a senior graduating this year or two years from now - get it done and over with!! No need to stress!! This price is FABULOUS - you and i both know how much a typical page costs - this class averages out to less than 3.00 per page!! WOW!!!

Senior boards - Renee is working on those as well.....bring in your photos of your senior and visit with her and she'll put the perfect board together!!!!

Cricut Expression 101 is Sunday - if you're wanting to learn how to use your Cricut this is the class for you - this is a BEGINNER class - NOT an advanced class!! If you purchased your machine with us - it's free - otherwise $20.00 gets you signed up!!!

Oh - one more thing - CONGRATULATIONS KU!! (i watched the game this weekend, and actually enjoyed it!!)

ok - more later!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FUN!! :)

OMG - the crop last night was a BLAST!! My sides are STILL aching from all the laughing......thank you ladies for making it a FABULOUS night!!!
Okay - so we've CLEARED out the clearance area (most of it!).....we've got a table FULL of SCHTUFF that's $1.00 or LESS!!! Think SPRAY PAINT cans - $1.00 - Wooden letters .10 - Making Memories and Rusty Pickle Alpha's......15 cents!!! And more!!! Come on in and STOCK UP!!! :) (smile momma!!!)
Hope to see you sometime today!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


okay - i know - i'm sorry - i'm sorry - but if you could only IMAGINE the day i've had!! :)

So - here's the's away and Sarah and I are LARGE and IN CHARGE!! HA!

First of all - this sale will be on SATURDAY only - not sunday - JUST saturday!!!! so we gotta see ya on SATURDAY!! :)

** For every $25.00 you spend - your name will go into a drawing for one of TWO $50.00 Gift Certificates!!!!
** Pick ONE item of your total purchase for 25% off!!! (usual exclusions DO apply.....exclusions: cricut products, wishblade products, pazzle products, slice products and epson products!!)
** Buy TEN sheets of BAZZILL cardstock (including swiss dot!) and receive FIVE free!!!
** GLIMMER MIST - buy one - get one 1/2 price!!
** Tim Holtz Paint Dabbers - buy one - get one 1/2 price!!!

PLUS i might just have some more stuff up my sleeve for in store knowledge only!?!? waaa haaa....haaaa!!!

*****edward update.......he was spotted at Target AND Starbucks....on his way OUT OF TOWN to mcpherson....hmmmm i wonder who HAS him!?!?!! I'll get you!! !:)

i promise to add photos of the layouts later on - duty calls!!!

yet ANOTHER great crop for a great cause!!

On Saturday, March 28 from 3:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m., Early Childhood
Ministries will be hosting its first annual Scrapbooking Party in Meredith Hall. Whether you’re a scrapbook junkie or just a beginner we have a table for you! It is an opportunity to join in fellowship while at the same time preserving your fond memories in creative ways. Dinner will be provided and there will be drawings held at various times during the event for a wide variety of gifts. Cost is $25.00 for a half table and $45.00 for a whole table. Seating is
limited, so reserve your spot today! Registration forms can be picked up at the Childcare Office or at the Information Desk. Come join in the fun! All proceeds to benefit Early Childhood Ministry programs. Questions? Please contact Bri Vogt at 267-6244 ext. 213.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

another fabulous crop for a great cause!!

Can we EVER have enough local crops?!?! I don't think so!! :) here's another one!!

Also - got a new date for the Go Manual class in MAY!! May 16th - 9:30am-1:30pm $40.00!! if you'd asked to be called when we had a date, i tried to make contact with all of you today!!!! Give us a call to sign up!! Remember, this class must have a min. of 5 signed up!!!

AND we have a Soldering 101 class scheduled for May as well!! Sunday May 3rd!! 2:00-4:00pm $35.00 - get signed up today!

you never know.....

okay - another quick note - i'm not one to believe a lot of the emails and threats that are floating around the internet - but you never know these days.....just heard on msnbc that there are going to be 3 women shot at walmart tonight. I would HATE to hear that were true - but don't want to ignore it if it isn't. Just something to ponder......

Spring is ALMOST here!!

It's "almost" official - tomorrow is the first day of spring - although here in kansas it FEELS like spring!! Ahhhhhhh, allergies, tulips, green grass, flowers blooming, longer evenings, allergies.....gotta love spring!!! So - since we don't really "do" anything on Spring Break I try and have one day of "FUN" for the boys. (although my jenny is coming next week!) So we hit All Star Sports for Mini golf (2 rounds of 18holes!) and bumper cars.....Chuckee Cheese (what FUN outing would be complete with out good ol' CEC!?!?) lunch at Freddy's and a fabulous QUITE trip to our new library!!! Today - i wanted to get a pedicure.....hayden has been BEGGING me to let him get a pedicure...he wants BLUE TOE - before you go judgin' and shakin' your heads, i think it's only fair to let him to let him experience some of the things he's curious about - NOOOOO, i wouldn't let him take a drag of a cig if he was curious, but this is harmless!! So - we went next door and had pedi's today!!!! He picked the color (renee, i know you're jealous of our SMURF toes!) So - what do you think!! (btw he loved it!! i doubt he'll wanna do it again tho - it was kinda painful during the "cleaning" of the nails!) (not the best pic, my battery on my canon is dead! :( )

Okay - now for some scrapbookin schtuff!! Here are some pic's of some of the new stuff to arrive this week, while i was out!
We have ALL of the EDGY BOBUNNY albums in!! :)

Karen Foster.....BOYS!! We've been on the look out for more "themed" boy stuff for ya!! Here are some trucks for ya - cute cute cute! (theres paper to match!)If someone asked me what one of the top sellers (in regards to THEMES) for us it would be "western, cowboy/girl" theme!!! SERIOUSLY!! So - here's some new equestrian stuff, the bellies that match this are CUTE too!All you band lovers out there, here's some fun new stuff too!:
And mom posted the Fancy Pants on Tuesday - CUTE!! There's more stuff coming - so stay tuned!!

Okay - on to the next topic....CROP CAMP is coming UP!!! TWO weeks from TOMORROW!! Are you ready!?!? This is a fabulous crop if you've never been, you should check into it!! So - alicia is teaching a class this time on PAGE KITS. (i think this is all, i think she did organization last time...if i'm wrong - email me!)......okay - now before i give you the details of that, i have to chime in with my 2 cents...(really!?!?) So - almost 3 years ago we went to crop camp. Cropped with Alicia....she was SO organized it was crazy. SO - i asked her to come teach her "way"!!! She taught me how to crop like i'd never cropped before. It has changed the way i PACK for a crop, the way i crop while i'm there and my expectations of myself at each crop. For example, this last crop i went to, get scrappy, i only took my rolling station and my box of THICKERS (don't go ANYWHERE without those puppies!)....each crop i get better and better, and more and more productive!!! So - if you're coming to crop camp and would like to spend an hour or two learning this WAY...THE WAY.....get signed up via their website. It's $10.00, and includes enough product to get you started!!!! You won't be sorry!!!

Okay - i have spent THREE hours posting this....interruptions - so i'm not going to post my layouts today - that'll give you something to look forward to tomorrow!!! As well as the "411" on the SALE shhhh this weekend!!! See ya later gators! oh ps - vendors - be lookin' for your registrations today in your inbox!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ahhhhh SPRING!

OMG - how long has it been since any of you out there have had strep throat!??! i forgot just how DOWN it takes you - i was in a coma for two solid days - SLEEPING SLEEPING and more SLEEPING!! it was NICE - and painful at the same time - but i'm alive and well now!!!

obviously the store and the blog will go on without me, that's always nice to know!! And the UPS man comes even when I'm NOT there.....he knows better than that!!??! So - i got to sneak into the store today (with a mask on my face to protect the maple memories girls from the germs) and take a peak at the Fancy Pants - OMG - it might just be my favorite line YET - the kraft kuts are A D O R A B L E !!!! no worries - we've already re-ordered it and it's on it's way!! so - deep breaths!!!

i'm not sure what else new came in - i'll let you know when i'm allowed back in the building tomorrow!!! with mom, renee and kristy getting ready for maple memories - i'm hoping to sneak in some FAB sales this - mom leaves friday morn so check back on here then for the update!! gotta keep it on the DL (down low - debbie largen DL!) ohh!! :) i crack myself up!!

so - what else is happenin' let's see - the garage sale is coming up in about a month - if you wanna sign up - come in or call and we'll mail it to you......but it's $15.00 for your registration and price labels....bring your stuff in - we get it out and merchandise it for you - and you get 100% store credit!! doesn't get much sweeter than this!! And to be quite honest, with the negative talk of all the economy (i don't think it's as bad here YET as other parts of the US, but that's another post).....garage sale is the way to go!! this gives you a future "safety net" should you need it!!! I think the hardest part when money gets tight is to justify your "scrapbookingi've been there (and am still there at times!).....your husband loses his job, or gets are you going to continue your scrapbooking...your hobby, your "outlet", your stress reliever, your THING?!?!? how can you justify spending $20.00 on paper and stickers when you need to feed your family???? If you can sell some of your stuff that you haven't used in a while, or know you won't use - then you can have some extra $$$$ put away to continue your "thing" while you're getting by.....make sense?!?! Give it some thought - we have peeps that keep a box under their scrap table and they just throw stuff in there as the year goes by and then they just price it and bring it in!!!

okay - wow that ended up being a lot longer post than i thought??!

So - we went to Get Scrappy, had a blast!! i've always wondered what'd be like to crop "alone" antisocial - but we have people sign up alone at ganza and i wonder - hmmmmmmi'm a cropper/talker - i can't talk and crop......i can either talk or crop!?!? anyone else out there like that?!?! so - sarah and i had to split the day on saturday so i went out for the afternoon with my ipod and cropped for 6 hours - ALONE!! OMG!! it was really nice!! DON'T GET ME WRONG..........i love my friends and croppin buddies (mom!!) but i got SO much done!! I will post the photos tomorrow of the layouts i got done!!!

alrighty - i think i've rambled long enough.....i'll be back tomorrow with more substantial scrapbookin' info!! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


OMG!! Can you believe this weather? I could take this all year round ! (this is MOM btw, Steff is down for the count with Strep !!) I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all that the new FANCY PANTS IS IN THE HOUSE !!!

I think they have outdone themselves this time.....this is sooooo cute !!!

Ok, gotta get back to work......more orders were just delivered by our friend Brian the UPS man!! (Karen Foster for one !)

Friday, March 13, 2009

HI friends!! Sarah and I are heading out to Get Scrappy tonight - hope to see some of you out there!!! Hey - i got the ganza-ville registration form on the blog and the website!! you can download that and get 'er ready for registration!! WE MUST HAVE A REGISTRATION FORM FOR EVERYONE THAT ATTENDS GANZA!!! Registration opens April 4th - Saturday!!! (The same day that the April LOTM goes on sale!!)

Okay - have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Scrappy!!

ONE day until Get Scrappy!!! ................. and I'm not ready!! I need to get some page kits made so that i'm not sitting there twiddling my fingers......uggh WHY do i put everything off until the last minute?!?! Anyway - there's still time to join us!! You can register at the door!!! It's for a wonderful cause and a great crop!! Hope to see some familiar faces there!!! (you can click on the link on the sidebar to get to the registration site!)

Okay - so i was asked if in the last post, the boxes....was it fancy pants?!?! NO!! :( HOWEVER, it has shipped....and will be here MONDAY!! (minus the bellies, just the paper...but hey - we'll take it!) What was in the box was the new ADORABLE and FUN Creative Imaginations paper!! I am IN LOVE with this line!!! FINALLY a cute boy line......and YES, i will use this for my boys, even if they are older!!!
And this new "Public Service" line - i am really liking this too - it's nice to have a change from toy fire trucks.......
oh, and a lil funny...we got some googly eyes in - for real!!! for your paper paper piecing.....or if you're like my youngest son he likes to put EXTRA googly eyes on his stickers!!!

Finally some new basketball paper...out of all the sports out there - we can't keep basketball paper on the shelves!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Complaining Day!!

That's right!!! Today is "No Complaining Day"!! We decided that today!! Try it - see if you can do it!! It'll make you think before you speak thats for sure!! Just seems with the "Changes" that are happening in our country, we are realizing just how lucky we are to have what we have!! So - try it out - no complaining!!

okay - so AS promised - here's the photos of Jana's layouts from remember, she creates the's up to YOU to take it from there. Jana makes examples for you to SEE the possibilities.....What Would U Do???

Okay - this one has TWO examples from the sketch.......2nd Sketch
Last sketch
okay - now here are a few pictures from the classes' take on the sketches......

Okay - Get Scrappy is THIS WEEKEND!! Are you goin!?!? Linda and Mary wanted me to let you all know that you can come and register at the door - you don't have to pre-register!! (you just won't be guaranteed a lunch) if you find out at the last minute you're able to come - that's fabulous!!! Okay - i gotta run.....THIS is waiting for me!!! :)))))