Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay - just a SHORT post - i PROMISE a longer one will come SOON!!! we have received a plethora of new stuff this week!! yes, i know it's only tuesday - but 20 boxes yesterday makes for a plethora - and more expected today!! so - come in!! i promise to post pictures, and information VERY SOON!! my hope is sometime today - but i'm no longer saying that - and then not following thru!! :)

SO - stay tuned for that - on another CRUCIAL and CRITICAL note......a tragedy has occurred!!

I had the ENTIRE weekend off!! (thanks to smyers and krusty for that!!) - anyway - while i was HOME spring cleaning and DE=CLUTTERING myself - SOMEONE broke into OUR office and stole something VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!!! Brace yourself for what i'm about to tell you.......SOMEONE took MY EDWARD!!! yes, it's true!!! Edward Cullen has been taken from me!!! If you see a 7 foot Edward Cullen Cardboard MAN lurking around somewhere, HE BELONGS TO ME!!! BRING HIM TO ME - i canNOT make it through another day without my EDWARD CULLEN!!

until later........................