Friday, March 27, 2009

let it march......ahhh spring?!?!

so - it's officially 10:45 am on friday morning and there's no snow YET!! i dunno what to think of it all......who knows?!?! If it DOES snow - that's good news for those of us that haven't scrapbooked a winter outing yet!!!! (there's ALWAYS a way to make a photo-op out of a bad situation!)

so - due to arrive today...BOBUNNY!!!! I'm SUPER excited about the birthday line......

Pet Shop

It's My Party (my fav!)
U Bug Me
Dew Drops are BACK in da HOUSE!
Oh - and i've ordered some 7 Gypsies Schtuff - for the artist trading card carousel and the revolving photo carousel!!!
Crop Camp is less than a week away - since they are starting on THURSDAY this year - SUPA excited about that!!!
Which also means - Saturday the 4th (NEXT saturday) is a big day, Crop Camp, Ganza Registration starts AND the April LOTM is available too - whew what an exciting day THAT will be!!!
Okay, that's it for now - i'm off to take all SIX kids to Monsters Vs. Aliens...been COUNTING down the days till this day!!!