Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little inspiration for your day!

oooohhhh we all love goodies from the Attic!!!  And if you aren't lucky enough to get to the store as much as you would like...we are here to deliver another edition of "ATTIC EYE CANDY" to your inbox!!  Have a wonderful warm day (get out and take some pictures!!!) and don't forget to keep emailing me photos of your crop space (however big or small) to  I have more rooms to share with you tomorrow and I will be drawing more prizes for your submissions soon!!  besosbesos, dc


Sure Cuts A Lot!

Everyone likes a discount, right??  Well, the good people over at The Craft Edge, have extended a discount coupon to Scrap*Funattic Customers!!!

Here's the code: 8774959
(click on the SCAL icon on the sidebar to the right, and it should take you to their site!)

Discount is not valid for version 2 upgrades.

Discount is for 10% off and will expire on 4/12/2010 11:59PM PST

"Sure Cuts A Lot" is an extremely easy program to allow you to cut your True Type fonts and various shapes on your CricutTM Machine. With the combination of using your Fonts. importing custom artwork and drawing your own shapes, the possibilities are endless!

Click here to read more about it!!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Klothes Kloset

This is a public service announcement I said I would pass along.....if there's anyone out there that's got a bag of clothes in their trunk, basement, garage, etc. just waiting to drop off at the Goodwill.....this would be a great place to donate this time, instead......

The United Methodist Open Door’s clothing ministry, the Klothes Kloset, located in Wichita, has virtually ran out of clothes. There are people waiting in line to select clothing, and the only items are what are left on the racks. There’s nothing in the sorting room waiting to go out. The rooms where they store the extra clothing are empty. We need YOUR help! Please pass the word that the Klothes Kloset desperately needs clothing- infants, children’s, women’s, men’s- and bedding, too. Clean, gently used or new clothing donations are accepted.

You can drop off donations at the following locations:
Student Union BOA & BOE
Hubbard Center BOE
Secretarial Center BOE
Educare BOE

This clothing drive is sponsored by the Butler Community College Grizzly Ambassadors. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lacey Harbutz at 316-708-5452 or Katie Naccarato at 316-993-2104.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ooooo Laaa Laaa Maaa Maaa!!!

Ohhhh ladies do I have a TREAT for you today...not one but TWO more Attic fans have submitted pictures of their crop spaces to inspire us.  And if you were asking yourself..."I wonder how dc's room is coming along" well... as you all know, "Life Happens" and as much as I would LOVE to spend my days organizing away, I have had to put my crop room makeover on hold for the last few weeks.  Soo since school is out for us on Good Friday, I hope to make some headway so stay tuned for that!!!  To TIDE you OV-AH here are some other rooms for you to gather ideas from...

First:  Jana.....

Next is Sandy Keathly....

Wow!!  Thanks ladies for sharing your SPACES with us!!  Soo great!  The two of you are now entered into next Friday's random drawing for your submissions!!  If you would like to be entered for a  FAN-TAB-U-LOUS prize from the Attic (and trust me ladies we don't just give away random stuff-these are gooood prizes!!) email me your photo(s) of your space...
  •  no matter the size
  • no matter the condition!!!
We want to see it ALL!!!  BIG....   small....  neat....  MeSsY!!!
AND....If you have any questions about the rooms (or particular items) you see in this post...leave a comment for Jana and Sandy!!!  Have a croppy day ladies!!! besos.besos.d.c. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crop*A*Ganza Comments PLEASE!

Ganza Registration opens THIS SATURDAY morning - APRIL 3-2010 - at 9:00AM sharp!!!  We are working on getting everything ready......we would LOVE it if you would leave a comment HERE.....or on our Facebook FAN PAGE...or even EMAIL them ( to us, for those that have never been to see what Ganza is all about!!  We would be OH SO appreciative of anything you would like to share!!!

Can't wait - hope to see YOU this weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Challenge!

here it is!  Your weekly Wednesday Challenge!!  Tune into our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE to check out last weeks entries (in the gallery!)  as well as the WINNER!!  Congrats KAYLA!!!

Good luck to all - have FUN - and remember - NO RULES!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bring it!!!!

WooooWeeee I have already got crop space pictures to share...  these come from the home of Rylee's Momma aka Loni Heinen.  Thanks Loni for being on the BALL and being the first to share.  That deserves a prize for sure!!!  Next time you are in the store the ladies will have something for you at the counter!!  Now to the rest of you... Let's SeE ThOse SPaCes!!!  I want to have a posting frenzy this week to make up for my absence over Spring Break!!!

Here I Am!!!

Ohhh I have missed you guys soo much!!  I am sooo sorry I have been MIA this past week (you would think with Spring Break I would have TONS of time to post, huh?!?!).  I was MONDO busy taking care of my little girlies and dealing with a few EXTENDED family things---and the next thing I knew it was byebye Spring Break and HEEELLLOOO get our booties back to school time!  Cropping unfortunately took a HUGE backseat this week to mommyhood, boohoo!  Well, I am back...ready for SPRING and ready for some reorganization and rejuvination!!! 

I am guessing you all saw the BEFORE video of my new little craft room.  Well, the process has been slow going and I haven't made much headway YET so I will be sure to be back with some footage as soon as there is some noteable progress!  Hey, do me a you have a crop space or closet?!?!  No matter what the condition:  nice and neat, messy, or a work in progress...send me a photo(s) @ and I will post them on the blog!  You have seen Alicia's, Kathy's, and my space and now it is your turn!!!  Let's see where you work and OF COURSE we will do a drawing or two from any photo's submitted...a new little SOMETHIN for your crop space!!  Oooh that reminds me...I am working on a CITA blinkie for the blog so get your Attic blinkies/buttons put on your personal blogs cause I will be doing some drawing at the end of the week.  I will share the links with the proud blog supporters that I have gotten so far...THANKS LADIES, we truly appreciate your support.  Your love and loyality to Scrap*Funattic help to make us the BEST scrapbook store in the around!!! :)

I did go through my photos/videos this weekend and realized I hadn't posted this little clip from Krusty's bday/pj crop. 

It was a great time had by all--that is for sure!  If you haven't been to a pj crop you are missing out!!  12 hours of cropping 5pm to 5am for only $10!  Now I know some of you are saying 5AM!??!?!  But don't worry---you can leave whenever you get tired...we are all so different schedule wise (some of us need our beauty rest and others can't make it til the kiddos are in bed and go all night!!  It is NOTHING for Kate to roll in around midnight ready to get her crop on--true story!!!)  So get a few girlfriends rounded up and make it a date (for the 1st Saturday night of every month!!)  Hope to see you in a couple of weeks at our next all nighter!!!  besosbesos, dc 

Anyone ELSE miss our DC?!?!

Okay - in case you didn't know - Danelle is ALSO a full time TEACHER (of SPANISH!)....but that means she ALSO gets SPRING BREAK and CHRISTMAS and SUMMER vacations!!!.....Well - as a mom of FOUR - i'm SURE she had a HUGE list of TO DO's for herself, her kiddos and for POOR heath!!.....WELL - I FOR ONE MISS MY DC posts!! 

AND - I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting to see the blog video of the transformation that's taking place in DC's room with ALICIA the GREAT!!

So ladies - SERIOUSLY - you need to get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.....BLOG BLOG BLOG!!  (come on blog stalkers, chant with you miss our FUN, ENTERTAINING, and EDUCATING blog posts !!??) BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!

you know i love you!  just missin' ya!  can't wait for this summer so you and LFOX can come and hang out with us each week!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SOOOOO Excited!! Frozen in Time - A Scrapbooking Boutique!

We are SOOOOOOO happy to let all of you know of ANOTHER fantastic Scrapbooking Store opening up in the Wichita Area!!!  Our great friends Joni and Wendy have taken the plunge and have a great store to offer you!!  Here's the information, let's get out there and support them, and welcome them into this GREAT world of Scrapbooking!!!!  We wish you the best of luck girls!!  You know we're here to TEAM up with ya and make this the BEST SISTERHOOD EVA!!!!

Get Ready for the GRAND OPENING of FROZEN IN TIME, A Scrapbook Boutique.
Saturday March 20, 2010 at 10 AM, 21st and Maize near Logan's Roadhouse.
Hope to see lots of people there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Challenge!! :)

Happpppy Wednesday to everyone and a VERY HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL!!  (st. patty's day is JUST about as exciting to my kiddos as is CHRISTMAS!!!....we'll try to catch our LeRoy the Leprechaun ONCE AGAIN tonight!!...we're giving it our 8th TRY this year.....MAN my kids have come up with some FABULOUS tRaPs over the years!!.....maybe they'll be SUPER lucky!?!  Not sure WHAT we'll do IF we EVER catch LEROY!!???  Maybe he could be a live in nanny?!?! hmmmmm,. that's not such a bad idea now that i think about it!!)... 
Okay - so two weeks ago I posted a challenge on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE...FAN PAGE......and had a great response....then it just so happened that I posted ANOTHER challenge on the FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY!!  (which for me to be ROUTINE with anything is HUGE!!....!!) So, i thought ya know what - this JUST might work!!!  So - for those of you that need HOMEWORK assignments to get you in the mood for scrappin' this is for you!!  For those of you that are in a RUT and need some MOJO - i hope these wednesday challenges inspire  you!!  There will always be a winner!!  And it is determined on a RANDOM drawing!!!  The prizes will vary by what we have in our PRIZE VAULT! (HA HA!) - if you're feelin in the mood for a little challenge - head on over to the facebook fan page and check it out!!!  I can't promise to always post it on the blog (it's SO SUPER easy to post it on fb right now from my iphone!) but i will DEFINITELY try!!  You can submit your layouts directly to our fan page wall, you can link it FROM YOUR WALL on facebook - or if you just don't "get" how to do that (and that's a LOT of us out there!!!) - just email it to me!!  Just a picture of your completed layout!!!  Please note - i will post them to our Wednesday Challenge Album Gallery ON FACEBOOK - so it will be viewed by LOADS of fellow scrap*funattic Scrappin' Friends!!! Not sure WHERE to go on Facebook to become our fan?!?!  Not sure WHAT facebook is all about - JOIN!  It's SO fun, and EASY to stay in touch with all your friends!!! 
Attic FAN PAGE!!
ANNNND, you don't have to live LOCAL!!  We'd LOVE to have your layouts submitted! The more the MERRIER!! We'll even SHIP your prize to you if you're a winner winner chicken dinner!!!
 I VOW to continue to give you a wednesday challenge until the interest subsides!!  So it's for to YOU decide when Wednesday Challenge has had it's TIME in the lime light!!!!   So - here's the Challenge for this week.....It's a 2 pager - but there are NO RULES in the Wednesday Challenges!!  We ask that you BEGIN with the sketches - but where you end up is TOTALLY your journey!!!!.....You don't HAVE to do a 2 pager - you could just take an element or two from the sketch and turn it into a 1 pager!!!  I need your layouts submitted to me by SUNDAY evening!!!  ENJOY!!!  (PS, i am using random scrapblogging sites to get my sketch challenges....i'll try and post where it comes from each week - this one is from one of my favorite sites....Pencil Lines!)

Oh - and here are the images that for SOME unknown reason didn't come through on our last blog about the Basic Grey Class - there is only ONE spot remaining in our class of 24 scrapper's!!  FIRST CLASS IS THIS SATURDAY 10:00am- Noon!!!  Here is the layout we're doing for MARCH......I'm not going to post the layouts that Renee has created with the scraps.....that's for YOUR EYES ONLY if you're in the class!!  Plus i want this to be a SURPRISE!!  (and YES janine - we DO have the layouts completed ha ha!!!!)  AND - just so ya know - you still have OOOODDDDLES of leftovers left even after Renee's examples!!! 
 AND here's the FREE album that you receive at the end of the 12 month class!!!  EXCLUSIVE for BGPoTM subscribers!!!Have a GREAT day everyone!!!  Have a green Beer FOR LeRoy AND me!! ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Basic Grey Page of the Month Class!

Goooooood Happy Monday to everyone!!  For those of us with kiddos in school - HAPPY SPRING BREAK WEEK!!  (also referred to the "I'm borrrrrrred week"!)  We hope that the weather gets super nice and sunny so that we can send them OUTSIDE to have Mother Nature entertain them for an hour or two!!!!

I wanted to hop on here and visit with everyone about the Basic Grey Page of the Month Class.  We've had some great feedback and response to this class and are SO SUPER happy that Basic Grey has offered this great idea to independent retailers!  I'm going to break down the items that you receive in your KIT, and then tell you what you get from US with your $25.00 monthly class fee!! 

Each monthly kit contains various contents of varies with each layout - but THIS month for example, you get:
*10 sheets of Basic Grey Double Sided paper from their Origins line
*an entire pkg of Origins Paper Clips
*Pkg of Origins Monograms (stickers)
*Pkg of chip "pieces" (diecut shapes)
+++PLUS!!  If you complete all 12 classes (or kits!) you receive the Exclusive FREE album from Basic Grey upon completion of the class!! That's a REALLY nice BONUS, I think!!

Scrap*Funattic is going to offer THIS to our Basic Grey Page of the Month students:
*We are going to teach the layout AS A CLASS!!  We've already done the instructor kit that they send, we've learned what works and what doesn't - so we've taken the hard part out for you and we're going to do the layout WITH you in class!!!  (no worries, you can still have the BG instructions if you miss a class!)

*You have a LOT of scraps left over!!  A LOT!  So, we've created 2 additional layouts ON TOP of the layout that BG has created!!!  We're going to give you COLOR COPIES of these layouts as WELL as complete these layouts with you IF time allows!!!!  (and this includes the cardstock that we use for them as well!)

*You will receive a 10% discount on ANYTHING that you purchase in the store on the day of the class!!

*You can pay for the BG class on a month to month basis, there is no "downpayment" to insure your album in the end!  If you pay for all 12 classes throughout the year, you receive the free album at the end! Simple as that!!!

We started out with the inital order of class kits (which is 12)...we filled those spots rather quickly, and have since ordered an additional 12 kits for this class!!  We only have TWO SPOTS OPEN FOR THIS CLASS!!!  (at the time of this post!)  If you are considering taking this class (or just reserving a kit!), you need to act SUPER LIGHTNING SPEEDY FAST!!  The class will be held the THIRD SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH from 10:00-NOON!!!  This way you can pencil the class in for each month!!!

We hope this clears up any confusion, and also helps to show you how we have teamed up WITH Basic Grey, but have put our own little "Attic Love" into it!!!!

Have a great Monday!!  And hey - did you check out our BUTTON on the sidebar AND our BLINKIE?!!?  (i'll have the code for the blinkie for you soon!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organizing with Alicia "LIVE from dc's House!!!"

HEEELLLOOOOO ladies!!  How is your weekend going?  So far so good here and I just got an energizing BOOST cause Alicia just came by to lend me her EXPERTISE!  I feel pumped and ready to get started!!  Her are a couple of short clips to give you an idea of what Alicia does when she comes to consult on a space.  Keep in mind this is just STEP ONE of the process that will take several days to complete because my space is a "clean slate" at this point. 

Okay so there you have space at it's finest---now you can see why Alicia's help was IMPERATIVE!!  She has given me homework and I am going to jump on it over the course of the next day or two and we will be back soon with the next phase of our process.  I can't WAIT to make the most of my new space!
Thanks A.DAY!!  You ROCK girl!!  besos besos d.c.

Chicks In The Attic April

Oooh what FUN did we have today!!!  I got to hang out with my girls...renee,, and steff all the while working on layouts for the CITA April kit.  We had a Blast hanging out and even got a visit from our friend BEYONCE!! a sweet treat from the ML!!  Here is a tiny peek at what we were "workin hard for the money" on (to quote Babs Brown!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

3/50 Project

Have you seen this?  Are you a supporter?  I know I am!!  Take a HERE and read all about this WONDERFUL project!  I don't know about you, but this DEF makes me stop and these TOUGH economic times... where does my hard earned $$$ go?   What businesses are HURTING because of our economy???  what businesses would I be HEART SICK without???  (and just so you know...this is just ME dc... here with this, saying that we need to SUPPORT the Attic and other small businesses out there right now!)  It takes ALL of us to do our part to not let our LSS and others fall through the cracks (don't stress...the Attic is FINE, again it is just me DC wanting you to be aware and THINK about where your dollars go...the big box stores or our BELOVED Attic and others?!!?)  I don't want to be a Debbie Downer...we just HAVE to all pull together and get through this roughness.  I am doing my part, ARE YOU??  besosbesos, dc

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A WORLD of Ideas...

My scrapbooking friends are always asking me...where did you get that idea? or how did you learn how to do that? and I tell them...I am a SPONGE when it comes to learning about things I am interested in.  It may even teeter on the edge of obession!!  I am CONSTANTLY, I am serious, like EVERY single day reading SOMETHING about my beloved hobby.  I LOVE to keep up on the latest and greatest techniques and find constant inspiration in my daily findings.  I feel that THIS is how I stay motivated to be creative because even though I would LOVE to go to every weekend to crops or spend my all of my afternoons cropping away at the Attic, my schedule and family just don't allow me that luxury at this point in my life.  I think a lot of you can relate to in an attempt to FUEL my need for creativity, I read, research, and HOARD information for future scrapbooking adventures.  It's like I store it away somewhere and pull it out when I am creating!  Most of the time at crops I can be found "scraplifting" from a book or magazine while incorporating an idea I picked up here or there or using the latest tool to do a cool new technique (I am not the "tech-tastik" girl for nothin'!).  so I thought you might like to check out some of the places I am currently getting my information on what is happening in the crop world.

#1 Books:
Tim Holz' book A Compendium of Curiosities is hitting shelves this week (call the Attic to reserve yours NOW cause they WILL sell out fast---I PROMISE YOU that!!!  Tim is REALLY into giving every project that "distressed" or aged look.  Now, you may be saying "that is not really my STYLE" and I am there with you for the most part, but what I do like is the fact that Tim is ALL technique!!!  He is an innovator in the field and his products are WONDERFUL!  (if you don't believe me ask his #1 fan Angie Lentz!!)  I haven't even SEEN the inside of this book and I have a copy coming.  I KNOW it will be filled with new techniques to get my wheels turning and I can't wait to get it into my hands!!

I recently picked up this AMAZING book at the Attic (they sold out the first time they were in and have ordered a 2nd shipment--so AGAIN call the store NOW and reserve this one too!).  Elizabeth Kartchner is a fresh and fun scrapbooker (we are going to be carrying her new line soon and watch for hard to get pieces from her collection in upcoming CITA kits!!!).  "52 Challenges" is just that...52 ideas to try in your layouts and coordinating examples her team has created.

#2 Magazines

My magazine pick:
Scrapbook Trends is the BEST magazine in my opinion...I also suscribe to Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks, Etc. which I also REALLY enjoy!  But Steff got me hooked on Scrapbook trends (by way of a hand me down magazine) and I just can't get enough.  This magazine is the MOST current of any I have found and has NO ADS (so it costs a little more $9.99--which has come down from its original price of $14.99) so it it CRAM PACKED with layout ideas and I think it is like getting a new idea book every month.

#3 Websites:
  • 2 Peas in a Bucket is a FAVE of mine.  I don't go to the gallery so much for ideas but I do like to read the message boards both Scrapbooking and Non Scrapbooking related!! 
  • Etsy  All things handmade!
#4 and Perhaps my personal FAVORITE:  BLOGS, duh!!
  • the Attic Blog!!  our goal, dream, vision for this baby is that it is a go-to place for you to find updates, the latest information, COOL Stuff, and inspiration.  We need you all to make this possible so check back often, pass the link to your friends, and know that we do this all for YOU our readers and loyal customers!!  thanks and love ya muches!!!
  • I do have a long list of other blogs i "follow" or suscribe to (so I get updates when new posts are made-- that way I am not just checking and checking).  Here are just a FEW that you might like:

...check them out!  Enjoy! and let me know dear readers, where do YOU go for inspiration???  besosbesos, dc

Monday, March 8, 2010

Attic Button

Do you SEE it?!?!  I have been wanting one for a while now so, once again I hit up our good friend Laura at Elephant Juice Designs and she agreed to help us out.  Isn't it LOVELY?!?!  In case you're wondering, the purpose of a "button" is to show your ATTIC LOVE!  If you have a blog of your own you can copy the html code below the "button" and paste it into your own blog.  This will give your readers and yourself an EASY way to "Stay in the KNOW" when it comes to the happenings around the Attic.  And if you don't have a is time for you to start one by golly!!  As you have probably figured I am IN LOVE with this electronic, and FREE way to document the day to day goings on my hectic life without feeling the pressure to scrap 'every breath they take' like I used to.  This way it is ALL documented forever and a it is a great way for friends and family to keep up, especially if you have loved ones that live far away!  So think about it...and if you are already onboard the Blogger train grab a button and show your Attic support!  In fact leave questions if you have any trouble with the directions below and once you get it figured out leave a comment to let me know that your Attic button is good to go (ka-kaw, ka-kaw!!!) and I will give away some prizes for those with THE button.  So leave your blog addy in the comments once your button is up and I will be announcing winners randomly!  Thanks in advance for SHOWING THE ATTIC LOVE!

Steps to installing your Attic Button in Blogger:

  1. Right click and copy the entire html code below the Attic button on our sidebar.
  2. Go to your Blog's Dashboard
  3. Go to Layout
  4. Page Elements
  5. on your right hand sidebar click "Add a Gadget" HTML/Java Script- click the "plus sign"
  6. Title "Attic Button" (or anything along those lines-your choice!)
  7. Under "Content":  right click and paste the html code
  8. Click "save" then view blog
and WAH-LA!  You should have your VERY own Attic button on your blog and to quote my, "that will make you official."

besosbesos, dc

PJ Crop Pictures!!!

This past Saturday was SUPER SCRAPPIN SATURDAY at the Attic.  If you aren't familiar, that means make-n-takes, layout of the month, discounts, and our FAVE-O-RITE... the pj crop!!  I am a night owl so this is something that we came up with a little over a year ago as a way to get some more cropping done.  I don't know about you but I am getting pretty darn SPOILED when it comes to my croppin time.  If I can't scrapbook for 6 hours plus (or so) I almost don't feel like hauling all of my stuff out of the house.  Now don't get me wrong I will play in my scraproom all of the time when I have a hour or so to kill... we're talking getting out of the house, kid free, to crop. 

This month was SUPER spesh cause is was our attic girl Krusty Mullin's 23rd birfday!!! ;) {that is a big WINK symbol--just sayin!!}  Woohoo!!  We had some singing, cupcakes, croppin, gifts, and of course LOTS of laughs!! 

Krusty's scrubby Dennis (who I just met for the first time that night!! hahaha!) took their 3 girlies shopping and brought momma's present to the store so she could open it there.  She was so THRILLED when this beautifully striped bag was handed to her. 

This is her "surprised" face.  "No way you guys!!!" 

Look how CAAAUUUTE and excited her girls were to watch her open it...what ever could it be???

Jumping up and down (notice the bluuuurrrr!) at the first glimpse of her new Coach purse!!!

Admiring, loving, and touching it for the rest of the night.  See guys "it's like vinyl and you can just wipe it off!!"  SWEET!!!
Whew now that was fun and I do have a little bitty video to go with that I will post soon.  Are you giving up on me with the video posting yet???  I know I owe you TWO so far and I PROMISE i have them and I will spare you the excuses and just say that I will let you know as soon as they are posted!!!  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend and got some cropping/crafting in!  I think I have recovered after sleeping most of the day yesterday (sorry Kelli!!).  I made it til about 2:30am before heading home (40 minute drive) and getting to bed about 4am!!  WOWZARS!!  I was a HURTING unit Sunday morning--especially when the girls woke me up arguing at 8:30am!  OUCH!  It was well worth it though and I got 6 pages done that I can post if you girls want to see them!!!  LMK!

Just a FEW of the things you might have heard if you were at the pj crop:
  • "you GUUUUYS!!!!"
  • I am going to title this layout "Divorce Party!"
  • that smell you like... marigold, I mean mongolia. (it was MAGNOLIA!)
  • So you're saying Steff smells like "Ghengis Kahn???"
Any others you girls can think of?!?!?!  Put them in the comments and I'll add them to "le list!!"

besosbesos, dc


HAAPPPPPPPPYYYYY BIIIIRRTTTHHHDAAYYYYYY to our Organizational "GuRu" and BLOG video-ER-IE (is that a word?!!).......

We hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

happy birthday to krusty mullins today!!!

we hope you have a great day!!

we'll be croppin the night away tonight from 5:00pm-5:00am ALL THE WHILE celebrating her birthday!!  come join us if you don't have any plans!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teresa Collins Friendship Album Class!

We still have a COUPLE of spots left in this class!!! This is a FABULOUS deal!! For only $30.00 - you're going to be making this ADORABLE 7x13 album!! Using the Zutter Bind it all, the FANTASTIC talent of the one and only Renee Brown and the BEAUTIFUL Teresa Collins Product, this class is a STEAL of a deal!!!

 NEXT saturday - the 13th of March - from 2:00-5:00 - $30.00!! Call to reserve your spot!  733-0029

These are just a few of the pages....there are quite a lot more that you'll complete in the class!

Guess what we did today!??!?......

What a GREAT day!!  Today....we had our FAVORITE Sales Rep here ALLL the way from UTAH....PAUL!!!  He's with American Crafts (has been for 8 years!!)...:)    It was SO nice to sit and visit with him and pick his brain, and hear his great stories from all the "scrapbooking celebs" that he comes in contact with!!!

Our most RECENT scrapbook celeb that we (attic chicks) are just IN LOVE with is Elizabeth Kartchner!!!  We LOVE her new book "52 MORE scrapbook challenges"!!  (sold out - have more on the way no worries!)...they went SUPA FAST!!....and we just LOVE her FRESH FUN style!!  We love how she scrapbooks!!!  Plus we "HEAR" she's a super sweet heart too!  so that's always nice!!....but - (sorry getting a little sidetracked here)!.......we KNEW that we wanted to get the ENTIRE "dear Lizzy" line from American Crafts.....but after we saw it in PERSON - TOUCHING, LOVING, FEELING, SMELLING....ohhhh lemme tell ya!!  We just KNOW you're gonna love love it too!! :)  Sooooo, here are a few pics for your enjoyment !!  I knew you'd want to feel as though you were RIGHT here with us!!.....

We ordered the ENTIRE dear Lizzy Line!!  CAN'T wait for it to get here (late NEXT WEEK!!!)......

Also - don't you LOVE the pics of allllll the product!!  YES, there are a NICE assortment of NEW thickers coming out too - no worries got it aLlllllLLL coming too! (and some of them are a SMALLER font, so that's nice!)'s the new FUN, SUMMER line that we'll be getting too "Heat Wave"'s REFRESHING and FUN as well!!  AND, Renee's BIGGEST thrill of the day....LOOK at the back of these papers........coordinating SOLIDS on ONE side and this ADORABLE coordinating strip on the bottom!!  These are SO FUN!!

One of Elizabeth's "original" layouts!!  mmmmm Love it!!  (oh we also ordered the NEW albums - mmmm!)

We've got some fun new ideas for the store coming up that we visited with Paul about - so i can't wait to share those with you as well!!!!

Here are the girls and Paul!!  LOVE MY GIRLS!!  (can you just SEE little bubble quotes above their heads!!)

ANNNNNND, guess what else will be here next week!?!?!

ANNND, a little sneak for our "Attic Kit Club Members"!!!!  THIS is a lil "dear lizzy" love for you!!!  we gotcha covered!!! ;)

AND, coming up VERY sooooon, our good friend Kendra stopped by today with this ADORABLE projects she just made for her laundry room.....(my laundry room has NOTHING hand made in it, just sayin!).....isn't this ADORABLE!!  AND SUPER easy (so she says..!) looking for this coming up soon, either make n take, class or SOMETHING!!  I'm making these as my teacher appreciation gifts this year!!! 

LASTLY - the FREE make n take this saturday.....(please, i'm beggin you - show up!!.....this is my FIRST make n take to host!!....)
Renee designed it, i'm gonna ATTEMPT to show you how to create it...we'll see!!?!?!  Might be like a train reck...might wanna come check it out!!  you never know around here!!

can't BELIEVE i almost left this PRIZE of a picture out of the BLOG library of photos!!  ENJOY!!