Monday, March 22, 2010

Anyone ELSE miss our DC?!?!

Okay - in case you didn't know - Danelle is ALSO a full time TEACHER (of SPANISH!)....but that means she ALSO gets SPRING BREAK and CHRISTMAS and SUMMER vacations!!!.....Well - as a mom of FOUR - i'm SURE she had a HUGE list of TO DO's for herself, her kiddos and for POOR heath!!.....WELL - I FOR ONE MISS MY DC posts!! 

AND - I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting to see the blog video of the transformation that's taking place in DC's room with ALICIA the GREAT!!

So ladies - SERIOUSLY - you need to get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.....BLOG BLOG BLOG!!  (come on blog stalkers, chant with you miss our FUN, ENTERTAINING, and EDUCATING blog posts !!??) BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!

you know i love you!  just missin' ya!  can't wait for this summer so you and LFOX can come and hang out with us each week!!