Thursday, August 26, 2010

C*A*G February 2010 Revisited!!!

Are you as pumped as we are????  It's almost here...time to start packing and planning pages.  I know my group is SUPER excited to be cropping together again at the BEST event of the year (and we are sooo fortunate that it happens twice a year!)

Steff and I thought it would be a GREAT time to re-post the videos from CAG!  For you loyal Ganza goers we hope this gets you AMPED up to crop and relax with friends.  And for all of you NEWBIES out there (and Steff says we have quite a few this time) these videos are a GREAT way to get a tiny taste of what is in store for ya!!

Remember the videos are PRETTY all over the place (our first time behind the camera) so forgive that...and know that and I WILL be back again this year for more, new, and improved videos!!  So get excited!!

Now about the videos....  do you REALIZE how lucky we are???  I hear all of the time from comments on my YouTube videos from women who say the wish they had a place like Scrapfunattic to shop and an event like CAG to attend!  I have 112 subscribers to my YouTube page and almost 10,000 views of our little videos!!  Just since January!!  It is exciting!  Our little Attic family is growing online and we love that!  The link to all of the videos (which there aren't any that haven't been posted here on the bog--just click "Videos" on the side bar to view them all) is my YouTube homepage:

please disregard the Spanish stuff (my "day" job) and my kiddos stuff.  My plan is to get a separate Attic YouTube page in the future.
Let me know if you think of any videos or ganza posts you want to see now and at ganza and I will see if I can't make that happen!! besosbesos, dc

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Organizing My Albums

I had NEVER liked the way my albums were organized.  No labels, not always in order, not complete.  So I was constantly looking and thinking about ways to solve that problem.  I was creating TONS of beautiful pages and then waiting weeks or months to get them into my books and onto the shelves.  Problem #2 was that with the 4 girl's, family, Christmas, and vacation albums, I had SOME idea of which was which but often we found ourselves pulling out albums at random...sort of potluck!!!  So last summer I had seen Steff's take on album labeling and I thought it was FANTASTIC and super adorable!!  She had tied a piece of ribbon around the spine and attached a card stock label to it with the name of her son and the year of that album!  So I decided right then it was something I wanted to do.  For our next crop at the attic, I took NO crop stuff...okay well I took some cause I of course thought I could tackle this project in no time and have TONS of extra time to get like 50 pages done!!  heehee!!  Little did I know that this project would take me ALL day but the results would be wonderful. 

For my labels I chose basic white cardstock and a 2 inch circle punch.  I wrote the name or theme of the album on it along with the year.  You could also use a label maker or computer for this.  I then punched two SMALL holes in the circle at the top and bottom.  I used a 1/8th inch circle punch for this (think MINI hole puncher).  You could use a regular whole punch or Crop-A-Dile as well.  I really wanted to keep those holes on the small side.  I then took a yard of ribbon or tulle or BOTH in a pattern that matched the album, theme, or taste of the person, threaded it through my label and tied it around the spine of that album.  Some times making big fluffy bows, simple knots, or I hid the knots on the inside of the album.  It just depended on how it looked with the type of ribbon I used.   I even dangled charms from some of the bows!!

The pictures don't do this a ton of justice but TRUST me they look really CUTE!!!  You can see the big tulle bow but also look at the green album.  Its a family one...a very simple line, knot tied to the inside with that awesome chenille ribbon.  Since I have four girls it's usually the bigger the bow the better!!!

and here is a close up of the labels...

I of course baby Paisley got paisley ribbon and tulle on her book!!!

AND I decided to rotate an album on display.  I need to get a stand to put it on!  It is funny...I don't know why it took me so long to set one of the albums out.  Probably because of the little hands, but now that I have found a fairly safe spot it is getting looked at so much!!
What are your tips for labeling or organizing albums?  Are the out on a shelf or in your crop room???  Do you keep up with putting away your pages?

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #23

Heeerrrrreeeessss your WEDNESDAY challenge!!!

It's a DOUBLE pagER!!  From PageMaps!!!  I love using LARGE photos...and to be able to pull a double page layout together makes it SUPER fun!!!

Enjoy Life - This is not a rehearsal!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Good Morning everyone!! Hey we're asking for your help!!! You may recall a month or so ago, i MENTIONED that there would be MORE information to come, but that we were teaming up with the Love Chloe Foundation to bring a FABULOUS Crop Event to the Wichita Area in November!!.......I don't have more information to share with you on that event, just yet - however the Love Chloe Foundation is competing in a Pepsi Refresh ...and they could use EVERY SINGLE VOTE that you have time submit!!!

Here's the information as well as the can vote UP TO 3 times a day!!! Lets help them out!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your continued support has put us up in the rankings!

Voting will end next Tuesday so this is the last week!

Pay it forward by asking at least one other person to vote today! We can start a chain reaction and before you know it we will have hundreds more votes!!!

Vote by texting 100226 to PEPSI (73774)
standard text messaging rates apply!

Vote on the Pepsi Refresh site for Monkey In My Chair and the entire Kids to Win team by

This is our last chance to get this $25,000 grant and we really need to recruit as many new daily voters as we can. So please, please, please forward this information and post the link on your facebook and twitter!!!

We appreciate all the support!
Love, Chloe Foundation
716 Banner Circle
Salina, Kansas 67401

And i PROMISE that I'll be back REAL soon with MORE details on the crop event - i can tell you the dates!!! November 5th & 6th!!! AND the location......The Home Wood Suites at the Waterfront (13th & Webb)!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attic Tour!!!

Hey it's me DC!!! I have missed you guys and I am ready to get back to bloggin and scrappin with ya!! I have posted some videos I have been meaning to film for quite some time. We pj cropped this past Saturday and FINALLY had a moment to show you the AWESOME new store!! I hope you find some things you can't live without!! and REMEMBER that if you are going to GANZA and don't have time to get to the store before hand....just call the girls with product requests and they will have it at CAG for you!! The Attic gals have customer service that can't be beat!! Love that! besosbesos, dc

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #22

Happy Happy Wednesday!!  I have to tell ya......i am enjoying "prepping" for these challenges!!  It gets my mind racing, ideas flowin', gets me all giddy for scrappin'!!  I only wish that i would TAKE THE TIME TO follow THRU and DO THEM!!  Does this sound like you!?!?  aahhh-huh!!!  im a MIND READER! :)    

I know, I know - i'm JUST as bad as ya'll are out there......the MORE you TELL yourself you don't have time.....the LESS TIME YOU HAVE!!!  I have found that "crafting" (in general) - for me anyway - is a lot like exercise.......i'm a LOT less stressed, my mind is more clear and i'm not "AS" high strung, if i can release some creative JUICES!!!  Soooo, here's your'll make you feel LOADS better...i PROMISE! :)

Okay - here's your challenge!! Remember, if you're just "tuning in"....all of the PAST Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenges (AWSC) are listed on the FAR RIGHT HAND COLUMN...waaaay down on the bottom of the page!!  You can catch up or start now - no RULES....all the details are listed there.  I try not to REPEAT them every time, for those that do follow regularly...but don't want anyone to feel left out! :)    We also post these on our FaceBook Fan Page as well....we'd LOVE to have you join us!!  Prizes are awarded WEEKLY!!!
This sketch is from a NEW "blog" that was recommended to me by a good friend/scrappin' buddy!!! ;) Jana Eubank  ( I really do like her style too!!  When i first saw this sketch, i thought of all those little wallets that you have left over from the school picture packets!!!  Anyway - make it your own - and ENJOY!!!

The quote/title/saying/word/etc.etc!! for this week comes from  

Be yourself; everyone else is taken!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Arrivals!!

WOW!!  where has the summer gone?!?! FAST it went and how HOT it's been, right?!?!  UGH!!  With all the "indoor" time that's been going on, we have actually had the chance to scrapbook MUCH more this summer, than in summers past!!!  With that - comes some FANTASTIC new kit wall kits that the girls have designed!!!  AND, our newest "trial" idea.....CARD kits!!  Laura has decided to give this a "whirl"!!  She's designed four cards and we're selling them in one kit!! Check that out next time you're in!!  They are SUPER cute, if i do say so!!  Here are some "sneaks" of the kits that we have now!!

The girls (kristy, renee and laura!) have pulled out all the stops (i've always wanted to say that....sounds kinda like a used car commercial doesn't it!!) with these kits!!  They're using FABRIC paper, PUFFY thickers, some FABULOUS new SATIN PLEATED ribbon, FLOCKED transparency overlays!!  I'm tellin''re gonna WANNA stop and take a GANDER!!  **alright - i know - i'm gettin' a LITTLE loopy!! 

okay - now before we continue....excuse the QUICK non-edited pictures taken with my iphone!! short one time, learning (one day at a time!) NOT to sweat the small details....YOU'RE happier if i update the blog, NOT that the pictures look FABULOUS...RIGHT?!?!  RIGHT?!?! ; ) 

BACK to SCHOOL....we're READY!!!   We have some FANTASTIC new die cuts AND CUSTOM school paper for ya!!
ANNNNDDD, TRINITY is baaaackkkkk!!!  I hope we have some HAPPY Trinity Academy scrappin' moms out there! :) 

The VERY popular new SPORTS "Ball" themed BORDER die cuts are back!!  And a HUGE hit over the weekend, as we're ALMOST out of some ...AGAIN!!!
FABULOUS new die cuts from Scrapbooks, Etc. in Topeka!!!  NEW school Titles!!!  (apologies if some of these are repeats from before...!)


A few more fabulous new die cuts that would make those "school" layouts COMPLETE!!!!! :    

Vacation pictures to crop!?!?  Check out these FUN, FESTIVE, SUMMER themed die cuts!!!



And these are just a few of the newER die cuts we've added, for your viewing pleasure! :) :) 


We have some fabulous "locker" decor as well!!!
Also, have the Scor Buddy in!!  CUTE!!!  

SCRAPPY Glue is BACK in 'da house! :) :)   had a shortage of it for a month or two - but no worries - we're back in business!!!!  And speaking of GLUE....did you see Glue Dots now has MICRO dots?!!?  LOVE these!!! 
The wonderful Fabric Jelly Rolls are back in stock!Buttons...CLEAR buttons!!!

NEW Websters Pages KITS!!  
We are "testing" these.....we'd like to eventually carry Websters Pages Open Stock....
Graphic 45 HALLOWEEN!!!

I know it's a WEEE bit early to be thinking of Christmas...but if you do, just for a minute it KINDA feels a little bit COOLER dontcha think!?! :)  The new Jolee's Christmas dimensionals are beautiful!! The detail is amazing!! and OH SO pretty!!!

 Look at how PRETTY all these BoBunny Double Dot Colors look!!  ahhhh, just take a moment..........breathe it in! :) 
 for those that were RAVING 
over our JULY Chicks in the ATTIC kits...the paper is NOW available for sale!!

Check out some of the FUN, NEW layouts on display in the store!!

VERY proud to show off the TIM HOLTZ section!! (FINALLY) well stocked! :)   
  Have you seen the new CATS EYE Archival Inks?!?!   OR the new SMOOCH colors?!?!

Teresa Collins Class Kits to take home and assemble!!
Check out the NEWEST Xyron "X" sticker maker!!! Limited Supplies on this one!!!

Fabulous CHALK Mist from Tattered Angels....mmmmmm!!!!

Just a little teaser full of punches!!!

The latest WRMK (Exclusive Retailer) line is here!!  Heebie Jeebies

Maple Grove will be here w/i the next week or so!!!

WHEW...THAT didn't take me ALL DAY LONG!! :)   Hope you enjoyed it!!!  I've been mia for the past couple weeks, here there and everywhere it seems..... so we just got "caught up" together!!!  Hope to see more of YOU around here very soon!! :)