Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #22

Happy Happy Wednesday!!  I have to tell ya......i am enjoying "prepping" for these challenges!!  It gets my mind racing, ideas flowin', gets me all giddy for scrappin'!!  I only wish that i would TAKE THE TIME TO follow THRU and DO THEM!!  Does this sound like you!?!?  aahhh-huh!!!  im a MIND READER! :)    

I know, I know - i'm JUST as bad as ya'll are out there......the MORE you TELL yourself you don't have time.....the LESS TIME YOU HAVE!!!  I have found that "crafting" (in general) - for me anyway - is a lot like exercise.......i'm a LOT less stressed, my mind is more clear and i'm not "AS" high strung, if i can release some creative JUICES!!!  Soooo, here's your'll make you feel LOADS better...i PROMISE! :)

Okay - here's your challenge!! Remember, if you're just "tuning in"....all of the PAST Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenges (AWSC) are listed on the FAR RIGHT HAND COLUMN...waaaay down on the bottom of the page!!  You can catch up or start now - no RULES....all the details are listed there.  I try not to REPEAT them every time, for those that do follow regularly...but don't want anyone to feel left out! :)    We also post these on our FaceBook Fan Page as well....we'd LOVE to have you join us!!  Prizes are awarded WEEKLY!!!
This sketch is from a NEW "blog" that was recommended to me by a good friend/scrappin' buddy!!! ;) Jana Eubank  ( I really do like her style too!!  When i first saw this sketch, i thought of all those little wallets that you have left over from the school picture packets!!!  Anyway - make it your own - and ENJOY!!!

The quote/title/saying/word/etc.etc!! for this week comes from  

Be yourself; everyone else is taken!