Thursday, August 26, 2010

C*A*G February 2010 Revisited!!!

Are you as pumped as we are????  It's almost here...time to start packing and planning pages.  I know my group is SUPER excited to be cropping together again at the BEST event of the year (and we are sooo fortunate that it happens twice a year!)

Steff and I thought it would be a GREAT time to re-post the videos from CAG!  For you loyal Ganza goers we hope this gets you AMPED up to crop and relax with friends.  And for all of you NEWBIES out there (and Steff says we have quite a few this time) these videos are a GREAT way to get a tiny taste of what is in store for ya!!

Remember the videos are PRETTY all over the place (our first time behind the camera) so forgive that...and know that and I WILL be back again this year for more, new, and improved videos!!  So get excited!!

Now about the videos....  do you REALIZE how lucky we are???  I hear all of the time from comments on my YouTube videos from women who say the wish they had a place like Scrapfunattic to shop and an event like CAG to attend!  I have 112 subscribers to my YouTube page and almost 10,000 views of our little videos!!  Just since January!!  It is exciting!  Our little Attic family is growing online and we love that!  The link to all of the videos (which there aren't any that haven't been posted here on the bog--just click "Videos" on the side bar to view them all) is my YouTube homepage:

please disregard the Spanish stuff (my "day" job) and my kiddos stuff.  My plan is to get a separate Attic YouTube page in the future.
Let me know if you think of any videos or ganza posts you want to see now and at ganza and I will see if I can't make that happen!! besosbesos, dc