Thursday, May 10, 2007

The photosite gallery has been updated a bit more!! You can check out our layouts/projects from our classes and in store displays...there!!!

Also, we have the new line from Cloud9 - Brittneys Castle!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!
We also got some NEW scents in our famous Salt City Candles!! They are wonderful!! PERFECT for Mothers Day!!!

Happy Thursday!! How are you??!?! We have a few new items that I wanted to share with you!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Watch out... Sarah's Blogging!

Howdy all... Its Sarah! Surprised?! I never blog.... so hold on to your hats! I feel like I need to tell you all how sad I am that I missed the NSD crop here at the store. I have struggled with a sore throat for approx. 3 weeks now. First I thought it was Strep Throat (only because Steffanie had it... so why wouldn't I) Nope! Next maybe just a cold... still no. A visit to the Dr. office convinced me that it was just allergies. Ok, I can live with that... hello it's Kansas! But NOOOO.... I worked at the store late Friday night to get ready for the big National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. AND Low and Behold... I woke up Saturday thinking I was on my death bed!! I managed to make it to the store by 7:00 am, but in misery!!! I was not able to swallow, couldn't open my mouth, and my head was about to explode, not to mention the other nasty events that come with having drainage in your tummy :( So, my mom took me to the ER, and drum roll please.... It was NOT allergies!!! I have a viral infection that just so happened to get BAD!!! I was put on Claritan D and Lortabs for the pain! Yes, folks it was so bad I needed Lortabs! Today, I am much better, and feeling a bit depressed that I missed all the fun on Saturday! I hope everyone had fun, and enjoyed the work we put into it... Like Steffanie said, we try to go above and beyond what you expect! I hope we do, and continue to do just that....

On another note, I would like to thank so many people that have come into my life in the last year!! I have been battling some personal/life adjustments in the past few months! Its one day at a time, and because of the wonderful friendships I have made through the store, I have gotten through it. As my favorite qoute goes, "If God brings you to it, He'll get you through it!!!" So, thank you to everyone who has been encouraging, helpful, and kept me in your prayers!! You ladies ROCK!!!!

On to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Oh... do we have some fun stuff in store for you! Keep checking out the website and our blog for more information!!!!!!

And... I can't forget!!! Moving Rushmore - Thats all I gotta say!

For Now - Peace Out.... Sarah B.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Today was our Mom & Me Mothers day Heart Album was so sweet!! Here are the photos from todays class!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! That was ME taking a DEEP BREATH!!! This weekend was SO much fun, but I must say - I'm GLAD IT'S OVER!!! I hate that about this job!!! There is SO much planning, organizing, buying, planning, working, planning, praying, and more organizing that goes into big events like National Scrapbook Day!!! I know it seems like.......JUST another holiday - but we want SO badly to go above and beyond YOUR expectations, so it's just exhausting.....but exhilerating at the same time!!! So, it was GREAT fun, I think (HOPE!) that everyone had a great time, and it was a success!!! So, now we're gettin' busy planning our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Just breathing again!!!

We started promptly at 7:00AM!!! I (steff) overslept!! AHHHGGHHH!!! Sarah and ROCKY were SUPPOSED to call and check on when my alarm went off at 5:00AM, I thought to myself I'll snooze until they call!!! NOT!!! So, I was LATE!!! But, not too bad!!! BUT, Sarah was sick!! SICK!!! I mean, ER sick!!! So, she spent the day in bed - Viral (is it viral or virul?) infection. But, the girls all did a great job!!! Our make N takes were AWESOME!!! HUGE SUCCESSES!!! We're considering doing them every Saturday!?!?! But, from our shirts to our sales to our give aways - EVERYTHING was fun and wonderful!!! Our NSD croppers had a great time and LOTS of scrapbookin' was being done!!! We even had TWO NEWBIES at an ALL day crop!! Here are some photos from this weekend for ya......on my to do list this week, is upload "updated" pictures onto our photosite gallery, so the rest will be there!!! These photos are in no certain order, but just an FYI - Renee has an obsession for Llamas!! So, there are photos of Renee listening to a Llama video!! CUTE! Did I mention we had a chocolate fountain as well!?!?! You can tell how much the KIDDOS loved it!!!

If you were lucky enough to attend our 17 hour crop this weekend, we want you to take a minute or two and thank your families!!! We all know how difficult it CAN be to make arrangements to attend a crop, so we'd also like to thank your families/loved ones that are understanding and supportive of YOUR hobby and passion!!! This is a wonderful "community" of women to be involved with, the friendships that you/we have made our so blessed!!! Thank you!!!

We had a live remote on Channel 3 - KSNW - last Monday - that was "fun" - a little nerve racking, but fun!!! Started a new diet last week - didn't like it - so, I'm going to try a new "lifestyle change" this and dad have been very successful over the past six weeks on theirs, so we'll see!! cross your fingers for me!!

We hope you all survived the weather this weekend, our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to those that were affected by the tornadoes and storms.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Okay - I'm having one of those weeks where, I'm SO tired and drained, yet have SO much to do - but NO ENERGY!!!! I'm SO behind with SO many areas of my life right now - so I'm playing catch up......hence the reason for no blog for a week!!! But I do have lots to talk about - so I will blog more later - but Renee sent this to us...and IT BRIGHTENED MY DAY!!! Take a minute to check out this Scrapbooking video from UTUBE!!!! It's hilarious!!!!