Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Bazzill!

Okay - so this is the newest Bazzill products!!
FINALLY - swiss dots in PINK!! :)New stitchez - love the boy!!

New Just the Edge cardstock edges!!! THESE are FUN FUN FUN - the colors are AWESOME!!

New mini splat mat junior!!

New flowers - in FUN and COOL summer colors!!!

Bazzill has BLING!!! i love all the new bling thats coming!!And the 12x12 clear acrylic pages are here too!

And - we have the February Carolee's Adornit Kit of the month - this kit is awesome!! It's a mini album - this kit is LOADED with stuff - 22 sheets of paper, ribbon, rub ons, chipboard album and MORE!!! Retails for only $22.99!! That's a bargain!!!

We got some CUTE new stickers in too (for those of you that love stickers!! - PUFFY is back!!) i'll post some of my favs tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


okay - so JANA has picked a date for her WWUD class!! Saturday March 7th- 2:00-4:00 - come join us for her first class - let's kick this off with a bang!! Come in, get the sketch and make it your own!! :) the class is $12.00, and includes cardstock to begin your 4 12x12 pages, as well as 2 hours of JANA at your beck and call - cutting your personal titles, and helping with color choices or embellishment ideas!!!

Calling all HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS!! (and their moms!) - Renee has come to the rescue!! She is going to offer an "album in a day" class. "Class Act" - Saturday March 28th from 10:00am - 3:00pm - (including a lunch break) - you will complete 24 pages of your high schoolers senior year!!! This will be perfect for those that are graduating this year or next year - whether you've started your album or are dreading it - come on in and spend the afternoon with renee and get er' done!! :)

also - check out our class calendar via our website - i've added a sunday crop in march!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

happy happy monday!

well - it's the last week of February! WOW that flew by didn't it!??!

so - our first pj crop was a success!! there were a total of TEN of us that made it the WHOLE 12 hours!! :) LOTs of laughs - LOTs of movies, and some scrapbookin'!!! Thank you so much to the ladies that made it out!! The next one is scheduled for NEXT saturday (not THIS saturday!) - the 7th of March!! There are only a few spots open for that one!! I'm going to be working on the april date - so be watching for that! seems that this was a pretty good idea, so hopefully we'll be able to hold one each month!!!

the new stuff is gonna start rollin' in this week!! we are so excited!! we took some EXTRA time this show to place our orders - wanted to really make sure that we made the RIGHT orders - with the RIGHT companies and the BEST VALUE!! so - hang onto your hats - i think this might be a great CHA decision!!!

the Making Memories Flower Patch line is here - the ENTIRE line - just in time for spring and easter layouts!! i love it - it's perfect!! FINALLY a line that doesn't SCREAM easter bunnies!!!

Kristy had her LAST tiny wonders class saturday - we'll miss the class, but hope that she gets more time this summer to devote to a class!! she is soooo talented!!

Jana's new class begins in MARCH!!! i am SUPER excited about this class, and anxious to see the response!!! This class - titled "What Would U Do" (WWUD) - is the "personal trainer" for scrapbooking that so many of us are looking for!!! Think of it that way!!

Here's the class description (written by renee!): Have U ever looked at a class sample, and thought, that is TOO simple, or I would have used a different paper, or i'd change the font or title on that page?? well, we may have a solutions for U. Join Jana each month for What Would U Do??! each class, jana will provide 4 pages worth of new sketches for U to run with!! During class time (2 hours) jana will be available to assist and answer questions! Helping U to make the layout YOURS!! the attic will provide U with cardstock and tools to get U started!!

So many times we get asked about sketches - how to start with a sketch, or where to go from the sketch - this is the perfect class for this!! This class will allow you to think OUTSIDE the actual "theme" of the class!! Jana will start you with an original sketch, and then help to guide you in the direction that you'd like the layout to go!! For example - this month - (not gonna show you the layout!!!) but her actual layout is done using "owls" - well - there are some out there that aren't that "into" the owl "thang"!!.....she will help you figure out if you'd rather go with butterflies, balloons, sports, baby - stars, etc. - you get the idea!! Then you create your own title - using our tools (cricut if desired) or thickers, stickers, chipboard - whatever!! I am super excited to see all the different outcomes from ONE main sketch!!! Now - this is definitely a class that you have to attend, you can't pick up the kit - b/c you have to pick out your paper yourself!!! Anyway - i will HOPEFULLY have a date for you this week for the march class!! Give it some thought!!!!

what else........oh - if you ordered appareal at ganza - i have it!!! i'm hoping to get everyone contacted today!!

Get Scrappy!! The event is nearly 3 weeks away.......this is a great opportunity to support a really good cause. Let's really hop on board and get signed up for this crop!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Good mornin'!!! How are ya today!!?

So - a couple of updates - we still have two spots open for saturday nights PJ CROP!! this is gonna be SO much fun!!! (we had some cancellations last minute - so those of you that wanted in early on - you can still get in!) There's also a crop tomorrow night - 5:00-midnight!!!

The disney album in a day class is FULL - HOWEVER monica has graciously agreed to teach a second one - so i'll letcha know the date on that as soon as i do!!!

Ganza - i STILL wanna upload some more pictures that i've been sent - trying to decide if i should just set them up in shutterfly and let you all look there - or load them one by one here - dunno?!?! There are some GOOD ONES!!!

New stuff - it's gonna start arriving MONDAY!! :) i'm SO super excited!! I'm not tellin ya what we're ordering - cuz i want it to be a surprise, and unfortunately in this industry - they SAY they'll ship in two weeks - and that COULD turn into two months - so NOT UNTIL IT ARRIVES!! However - i will stay this to you........i was born on an OCTOBER AFTERNOON!!! (i really was!)

OMG - Andover now has a SCOOTERS coffee shop!!! I am SO EXCITED!! This is great news since i just was delivered the very BAD news that we won't be getting a starbux in our new dillons - TRAGIC - however i do like Scooters - so i'm excited!!! It's in our new library down on central - and we're supposed to get ANOTHER one later this year with a drive thru!! :) (it's the little things....and coffee that excite me!)

Jill Chittum sent us the nicest note today - thanking us for passing the donation jar around for her at ganza - she raised nearly $150.00!! ! JILL - just so you know - we sent our donation to the Leukemia/Lymphoma society in your name!! :) CONGRATS - and WAY TO GO!!!

I'm getting super excited about the PJ CROP - taking a nap on Saturday so i can make it all night!!! We are gonna have a blast!!!! Feel free to bring snacks and beverages!!! I'm HOPING rocky can get our dvds to play - he is gonna work on that tomorrow (he doesn't know that yet!). I'm getting our GIVEAWAYS in order - and KRUSTY - you'd better be ready to CROP ALL NIGHT WITH ME - and dana - you back out - your a GONNER!! :) ha ha!!!

Oh - GARAGE SALE!!! We're accepting sign ups now for that!! The APRIL Garage sale will be April 25th-30th!!! If you're interested - give us a call and we'll explain it all to you!!! I'll also post more details on here soon!!! OKay - that's it for now - (epson ink is back in stock!) - peace out! have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay - crop update - only 3 spots open for the DISNEY ALBUM IN A DAY class - i'm gonna see if monica would be willing to teach it twice?!?! (if it fills!) - and there are only 6 spots remaining for the march PJ crop. AND there are STILL 2 spots open for the PJ Crop this weekend......just another important update from your friendly friends at the attic!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


okay - so apparently at ganza - there were some apparel orders taken!!?! however, i don't know who they were!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if you ordered a shirt AT ganza or didn't receive your correct shirt and haven't heard from me yet - CALL ME at the store or email me!!


this just in......we have TWO openings for the PJ CROP THIS SATURDAY!!!!

call and sign up!!!

a side note!

okay - a lil side note to my earlier post - actually nothing related to the post - but wanted to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to my dad - he FIXED THE BATHROOM DOOR!! (if you've been to the bathroom at the store - you'll know what i'm talkin about!!!)

thanks dad!!!

Happy PRESIDENTS day!!

okay - this is my LAST attempt to get this slide show on here....i've tried SEVERAL different routes with this - and this is IT!! i've gone through every single photo and captioned them - if it doesn't show up - owell.....ahhhhhhh!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

still no slide show! but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

okay - so still working on the slide show - HARD to believe that one week ago now - we were FULL at it at crop*A*ganza!!! WOW - time flies!

okay - so YESTERDAY a friend/customer came in to the store picking up some supplies - she was working on a valentines day gift for her husband......."52 reasons i love you" - with a deck of cards!! She'd seen it online and thought she'd try it!! Soooo, i thought - hmmm, that's a great idea - maybe i'll do that NEXT YEAR!!! NOPE - not me - i HAVE to do it NOW!! so at 2:00 today i began!!! good news is that i had WAY more than 52 reasons!! (thats a good sign!) ..... and now it's 8:15 and the gift is WRAPPED and ready to go!! WOW!! It was fun and really a great idea to remember and put things into perspective about your significant other....okay - enough mushy stuff - here it is!!

i PROMISE a blog update before sunday - i'm just really struggling with this slideshow - music and captions....the OCD side of me won't let me just "post it" - YET!!

small lil valentine update!

Happy Valentines Day!!

So - my oldest (8yrs) wanted to MAKE his own Valentines!!! Now - as a MOM who scrapbooks...i was THRILLED - however - he is a boy - and with that comes the stigma that "HES A BOY"!!!! so - i was a little curious as to what he had in mind!!! He does scrapbook his sports pictures - so he kinda knows what he's doing!!! So - he comes into the store - and ALL ON HIS OWN (with a teenie weenie bit of help from his mamaw!) here's what he came up with !!! I MUST say that i am VERY impressed!!!

So - a few days ago - Monica comes in with the cutest little sugar cookies on a stick!!! I totally stole the idea and went right out and bought my own's the finished product!! These are just a lil something for the boys teachers'......

now - i'm still working on the slide show - but it has to be PERFECT!!! it's worth the wait!! so far it's like 10 minutes long!!!! I'm heading to the school now - for the first of two valentines parties today - so hang in there - it's on the list of things to do today!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

okay - so the slide show didn't turn out like i wanted - so i'm working on something else! bare with me!!! omg - we had SO much fun!!

anywho - i'm also hoping to give you a blog update of scrapbooking schtuff too!! thanks for not giving up on me!!!! :)

working on valentines with the kiddos and gifts for the - until the parties are over - i'll be back!!!

STOP - click on "single ladies" in the play list above while you read this post!!!


i figured if i came right out here and just said it - then i would put pressure on myself to get an update for you!!

i know those of you that attended ganza, and those that did not - are DYING for a re-cap!!! no worries - ALL was a success and (i think) everyone had a great time!!

i'm working on downloading and editing the photos!! MAN we took a lot!! SO - if you have some fun ones to share- get them to me ASAP!!!

I'm gonna leave you with THIS!!!! :)

I'll be BACK!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well - friday has ARRIVED!!! : } We are HERE and we are ALMOST ready!! a HUGE thanks to Krusty, Snella, Renee, Lauren, Smyers, Chase, Rock, Nick and mom for ALL their help last night!!! We got almost ALL of the prep work done in RECORD time!!!!

So - last minute reminders - make sure you come in through the hotel.....and we CANNOT control the temperature - so dress in layers!!! it's better to be cold and layer up then to be hot and have no layers to remove!! :) DON'T FORGET YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don't forget your Sweet MOOLA - we've got some FABULOUS vendors!! Christies shirts are AWESOME!! we are already wearing them!!!

The cupcake shirts are ADORABLE and the pants are SUPER cute too!!!! Oh - if you have a cupholder - bring it too - we have some in our booth - and i think the divas sell them too!!!!!

Okay -that's it for now - the balloons are STILL floating thats always a good sign and it's not raining!!!! As a matter of fact its supposed to be so warm - we should of had TANK TOPS!! (emily - you were right after all!).......see in a few hours!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i woke up this morning to an email from a certain SOMEONE!....(i get email updates from my facebook account on my blackberry) at 5:30 AM....that's IN THE MORNING!!! saying how she couldn't sleep she was so excited about ganza....i sat STRAIGHT up in bed and was panicked - thinking it was FRIDAY!! Why was i home in my own bed? why don't i remember setting up ANY of the crop room - why does it NOT feel like friday......then reality set in and i realized it WAS in fact thursday - man, i've really got myself psyched up for this one for some reason!! i just pray that everything goes off with minimal hiccups!!! (hell - we're all women - there are GONNA be some hiccups!!)

Anyway - as i type this post - i'm also baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for you ganza go-ers when you check in!!

Renee spent some of the day yesterday making our posters for "sweet escape"
- brace yourself - this is her SERIOUS face.....

ohhh - good times!! :) anyway - so last night Krusty and her girls came up to pack us up for the booth - good times again!!! they really were a big help!!! it'll be interesting to see what all we brought......:) here's the youngest PINK POWER-RANGER "snella" helping to pack the flowers, bling and buttons!!!And what would an "attic" family event be without the DOGS!! :)

okay - so yesterday sarah and i purchased ALL the snacks and sodie pops for the shindig......WOW!! that's quite a job!! in the past, we've had rocky or dad to help - but nope - we're "big girls" now - we can do this alllll by ourselves!! HA! you shoulda seen the van truckin down the highway.....sing it with me .... L O W R I D E R!!!! ha!! :) (i think i've gone nutty!) anyway - since SARAH had a hand in picking out the snacks this time - NUTTERBUTTERS ARE BACK!! and lemme tell ya - she SNUCK THOSE BAD BOYS IN THE CART!!!!! arrghhh!!! but no worries, all my healthy friends out there - pretzels, baked chips - ummmmmmm gardettos - mini candy bars....:) oh hell - it's the WEEKEND!!!! So, it's good to have all that it's just BOOKWORK and last minute itty bitty details - then we're off at noon to the big BW to get prepared!! Rocky's on NIGHTS again - so he's gotta get to work tonight - so we gotta utilize his SKILLS as much as possible!!!

I'm going to get the newsletter finalized and sent out in the next hour or so.....between be looking for that.......and FINALLY - here's the post you've been waiting for!!! For all of you MAPLE MEMORIES FANS out there.....Shannon is going to be AT GANZA!! so - here's what she's offering for all GANZA GO-ERS!!! (this offer is ONLY good thru this weekend) i'm posting it here hoping to give you a jump on your weekend for planning purposes!!! If you've never been to MM - this is the time to try it out - it is absolutely WONDERFUL!! totally different from a crop weekend like ganza.....quite - relaxed - peaceful - ahhhhh just wonderful!!! NOT THAT WE DON'T ENJOY AND DESERVE THE CRAZY GANZA WEEKENDS!!!

Maple Memories has a GANZA SPECIAL!!!! It's ONLY being offered to those attending Crop-a-Ganza!!!! Are you ready to plan your next scrapbooking weekend getaway!? Start calling your friends NOW because this is a ONE TIME ONLY special that you don't want to miss out on!! Book a weekend at Maple Memories and get a FREE NIGHT added on (Thurs or Sun)!! Just think...24 more hours of scrapbooking for FREE!!! With 12 people, that's 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS for $100 a person!!! So talk to your friends, pick a date, and contact Shannon (620-480-1357) sometime over the Ganza weekend (Feb 6th - 8th) to get in on this offer. When the weekend is over, so is the offer. Check out available weekends at ...this offer is NOT valid on already booked weekends...and you can meet up with shannon at ganza if you'd rather!!!

give it some time - think about it and get your weekend booked SOMETIME THIS YEAR!!! this is a great offer and we are SO thankful to her for passing it on to us GANZA-GOERS!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wanna take a class at GANZA?!?!

YEP!! you read that right......for the FIRST time evA - we are gonna have some classes!!! nooooooo WE aren't but HEATHER SCOTT is!!! our TAC vendor is going to offer classes in (or near!) her booth. Here's the "411" for those of you that are going!!! If you are interested in taking one of her classes - PLEASE email HER and let her know so she can KINDA get an idea of the interest level!!! (

Willoughby Photo frame

Friday at 8PM, Sat 11AM or 3PM

Instructor: Heather Scott – The Angel Company™

Description: This is not just any photo holder! It is a quick SPECTACULAR way to display your photos as art!! This class is going to use our FANTASTICICAL Willoughby collection and is SURE to tempt your taste buds!! These frames will make the perfect gift for anyone but, you might not want to give it away when you are done!

Supply Fee: $6

Please bring: Scissors and adhesive

Felt Flip Album

Friday at 10PM, Sat 1PM or 7PM

Instructor: Heather Scott – The Angel Company™ Manhattan, KS

Description: Felt Flip book can be fun or fancy; sassy or classy. This DARLING project is as versatile as your photos and will make ANY recipient "flip" with joy! PLUS, you will take home a bottle of Zip Dry adhesive to use on all your papercrafting projects!!

Supply Fee: $15.00

Please Bring: paper trimmer, adhesive, scissors,

Also stop by for my FREE Make and Take! Times will be announced at the crop!

have a specTACular day!

Heather Scott - for project ideas, samples and specials! - for online shopping with The Angel Company and Me!

on a side note: is there anyone that is needing a hotel room for JUST friday night???? if you are - email or call me at the store - i have a "situation" that might help you out!


oh yes, smelli - i DID put this on here!!

okay - i KNOW that there is more than 1 day and 12 hours until ganza - but with all the excitement - it FEELS as though there are only 1 day and 12 hours until ganza!! ha ha!!!

soooo - the program is FINALLY completed!! 12 hours....yes - you read that right - i spent 6 hours the FIRST time (before my MAC DADDY froze up and lost everything) - then 6 hours again....i must say i like the final outcome better than the previous draft!! YOU ALL had BEST be likin it!! ( i meant to talk like that!!!!) i tried a lil something different with our program this time!!!! it's not ELABORATE - but it was a new program that i hadn't used before on my make....iwork - jana have you downloaded this yet?!?!?! i love it!!!! anyway - as i'm typing this to you and my head is spinning in 12 other directions - i realized that i forgot to list the local restaurants.....DARN!! gonna have to figure something out!!! anyway - the photos above are a lil PREVIEW of who and WHAT is on the program!! i had SO much fun doing these!!!!! hope you enjoy them as well!!!!

okay - so sarah and i are out to sams, party city and other locations for our SHOPPING day!!! wish us luck, and hoping that the car doesn't drag the ground as we load up the water, soda and snacks!!!!

i've received several emails about timing, what to bring, other questions and so forth - i AM going to send out ONE LAST email newsletter tonight - HOPEFULLY answering all of your questions - I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE NEWSLETTER ON HERE IN CASE YOU DON'T RECEIVE IT FOR SOME REASON!!!!

Another one of our fabulous vendors - DIVA DESIGNS has some great things planned for you guys this weekend!!!

Easels, regular price of $16, at Ganza only $12

Easel kits, regular price of $5, at Ganza only $2.50

Mirror boards will be 25% off while supplies last.

We will also be doing a make and take of pebble magnets at our booth at various times during the crop.

You can be CERTAIN of some LATE NIGHT craziness and specials for you night owls!!! :)

Just to clear up some confusion (this will also be in the newsletter) - check in for CROPPERS is NOON! Vendors - i am sending you an updated email!!!


okay - i'll be back with more later! with some MORE exciting news for ganz-goers from MAPLE MEMORIES!!! you'll wanna hear this!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Impressions!

Here is a message from another one of our vendors!!! (Becky & Carolyn have been to every ganza we've had!!!) - i love their service, it's unique, personal and VERY AFFORDABLE!!! I'm bringing my WeR albums to see if they can put the boys' names on the front for their school albums!!!!

Hello Sweet Escapee's!!

First I want you to imagine all the "sweet" albums you have created for your family. All the hard work you have put into each page. All the sweet smiles you get from family and friends as they look through them. Now imagine how much SWEETER it would be to see your baby girls name on the cover of her baby album, or your family name on the spine of your family photos, or your son's cub scout troop number on that scouting album. That is why Creative Impressions will be at the Cropaganza Sweet Escape 2009, to personalize your albums and make them just a little bit sweeter!! Come by our booth and see what we can do. I know that many ganza goers have already had their albums personalized and LOVE IT!

Creative Impressions uses a heated foil imprinting service that is compatible with most types of albums (just bring yours up and we can tell you for sure!) The basic cost is $8 per line with discounts for duplicate lines (see order form for details). We can also add die shapes to the cover, making it so sweet it could cause decay!!! Imagine a set of baby feet on that baby album or a Christmas tree on your holiday album. We have many dies to choose from, you'll just have to check it out! So, don't forget to pack your spines, covers or the whole album as you get ready to head out to the Sweet Escape!!! Take advantage of our SWEET deal for the weekend! You'll find a coupon at your seat!!

Carolyn McGowen and Becky Eck
620-244-5501 316-524-6727

hopefully i'll be back LATER today with some more "411" for ya!! :) - OH - don't forget your playlists!!! if you have an ipod that you listen to - don't forget to upload your favorite tunes and CHARGE your battery!!!! I'm working on some GREAT "mojo" music for ya this weekend and some PART-AY music for saturday LATE night!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY!!! :) (sorry krusty - he saw his shadow :( ) i almost didn't make this post today!!! i'm still on my daily streak-how long can i keep this goin?

i love ground hogs day - and i love winter so
i'm really excited that we're gonna have MORE winter!! I KNOW!! so many of you LOVE spring - so do i - but i also love to build a fire and snuggle on the couch with coffee and a good book!! Awwww, who am i foolin?!?!

anyway - the REAL reason you're reading this blog......
ganza stuff!! So - the first vendor that we're going to "feature" is 2chicks designs!! I'm SOOOOO excited for them - they're going through some great changes - with both their company, designs and logo!!! Check out their website on the sidebar in your spare time!!! Anywho - here are some sneeks for ya!! I'm SOOOO super stoked about these!!!

Kristy - these shirts are similar to the ones we love from the BOA!! :)

Shandra - this one reminds me of YOU!! :)
So - whatdoya think!??! are you JUST as excited!??! Okay - so the seating chart is done, check - apparel order turned in, check - annnnnnd that's alllll i have to show for my productive day!!! I am hoping to finish up the program for CAG, i'm really having fun playing around with my mac for some of this stuff! it's really pretty easy!! - KINDA!!!

I will be sending out ONE LAST REMINDER
GANZA EMAIL - most of it is just repeats from the blog posts and any late news that might be needed, so be looking for that! also - i'm HOPING to feature some more information from our vendors.........The Angel Company is *maybe* gonna be having classes this time......Sassy Bags just got back from market and has some AWESOME new handbags!!!! Scentsy has some GReAT scents and warmers for you! Julie will be there with her wonderful button rings and pendants.......creative impressions will be there to emboss your albums.......creative memories of course with all of your CM needs!! The DIVA's are coming - and i'm SURE they've got some great alterable kits for you!!! So- stay tuned!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

guess what it is?!?! everyone that is registered for ganza will receive ONE OF THESE in their crop seat with their name on it!! A beautiful STICKLED name tag made EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU by the one and only SMYERS and me!! :) waaaa haaaa haaaa!!!!

you'd better LOVE it - I PERSONALLY LOVE THEM!! so if you're not TOTALLY THRILLED - give yours to me!! :)

hope you all had a great weekend, got all your SCHTUFF packed and ready to go!!! if you're coming from out of town - don't forget you can give us a call and request merchandise for us to bring for you!!

i'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peak from our FIRST vendor....2 chicks designs.....(vendors - I NEED YOUR INFO!!!)