Monday, February 23, 2009

happy happy monday!

well - it's the last week of February! WOW that flew by didn't it!??!

so - our first pj crop was a success!! there were a total of TEN of us that made it the WHOLE 12 hours!! :) LOTs of laughs - LOTs of movies, and some scrapbookin'!!! Thank you so much to the ladies that made it out!! The next one is scheduled for NEXT saturday (not THIS saturday!) - the 7th of March!! There are only a few spots open for that one!! I'm going to be working on the april date - so be watching for that! seems that this was a pretty good idea, so hopefully we'll be able to hold one each month!!!

the new stuff is gonna start rollin' in this week!! we are so excited!! we took some EXTRA time this show to place our orders - wanted to really make sure that we made the RIGHT orders - with the RIGHT companies and the BEST VALUE!! so - hang onto your hats - i think this might be a great CHA decision!!!

the Making Memories Flower Patch line is here - the ENTIRE line - just in time for spring and easter layouts!! i love it - it's perfect!! FINALLY a line that doesn't SCREAM easter bunnies!!!

Kristy had her LAST tiny wonders class saturday - we'll miss the class, but hope that she gets more time this summer to devote to a class!! she is soooo talented!!

Jana's new class begins in MARCH!!! i am SUPER excited about this class, and anxious to see the response!!! This class - titled "What Would U Do" (WWUD) - is the "personal trainer" for scrapbooking that so many of us are looking for!!! Think of it that way!!

Here's the class description (written by renee!): Have U ever looked at a class sample, and thought, that is TOO simple, or I would have used a different paper, or i'd change the font or title on that page?? well, we may have a solutions for U. Join Jana each month for What Would U Do??! each class, jana will provide 4 pages worth of new sketches for U to run with!! During class time (2 hours) jana will be available to assist and answer questions! Helping U to make the layout YOURS!! the attic will provide U with cardstock and tools to get U started!!

So many times we get asked about sketches - how to start with a sketch, or where to go from the sketch - this is the perfect class for this!! This class will allow you to think OUTSIDE the actual "theme" of the class!! Jana will start you with an original sketch, and then help to guide you in the direction that you'd like the layout to go!! For example - this month - (not gonna show you the layout!!!) but her actual layout is done using "owls" - well - there are some out there that aren't that "into" the owl "thang"!!.....she will help you figure out if you'd rather go with butterflies, balloons, sports, baby - stars, etc. - you get the idea!! Then you create your own title - using our tools (cricut if desired) or thickers, stickers, chipboard - whatever!! I am super excited to see all the different outcomes from ONE main sketch!!! Now - this is definitely a class that you have to attend, you can't pick up the kit - b/c you have to pick out your paper yourself!!! Anyway - i will HOPEFULLY have a date for you this week for the march class!! Give it some thought!!!!

what else........oh - if you ordered appareal at ganza - i have it!!! i'm hoping to get everyone contacted today!!

Get Scrappy!! The event is nearly 3 weeks away.......this is a great opportunity to support a really good cause. Let's really hop on board and get signed up for this crop!!!