Friday, February 6, 2009


Well - friday has ARRIVED!!! : } We are HERE and we are ALMOST ready!! a HUGE thanks to Krusty, Snella, Renee, Lauren, Smyers, Chase, Rock, Nick and mom for ALL their help last night!!! We got almost ALL of the prep work done in RECORD time!!!!

So - last minute reminders - make sure you come in through the hotel.....and we CANNOT control the temperature - so dress in layers!!! it's better to be cold and layer up then to be hot and have no layers to remove!! :) DON'T FORGET YOUR LIGHTS!!! Don't forget your Sweet MOOLA - we've got some FABULOUS vendors!! Christies shirts are AWESOME!! we are already wearing them!!!

The cupcake shirts are ADORABLE and the pants are SUPER cute too!!!! Oh - if you have a cupholder - bring it too - we have some in our booth - and i think the divas sell them too!!!!!

Okay -that's it for now - the balloons are STILL floating thats always a good sign and it's not raining!!!! As a matter of fact its supposed to be so warm - we should of had TANK TOPS!! (emily - you were right after all!).......see in a few hours!!!