Monday, September 29, 2008



well - today is the FIRST day of my lil' brothers New Music Monday - free music here to see what i'm talkin' yes, he's my brother, yes he's family, yes i AM a little biased - but we went to his concert last night and it was AMAZING!!! he's such a talented lil guy!!! (i can say that - he's my LITTLE BROTHER!) is sooooo completely awesome to see him (or anyone you care about for that matter) following his dreams - breaking all the rules - going against the "norm" and GOING FOR IT!! Doing what he is PASSIONATE for - always has been - seeing him living his dream!!! (i'm tearing up as i post this) i'm just so incredibly proud of him, AND HIS FAMILY!! How many WIVES do you know that would support something like this!?! And their daughter, Sydney - they all are just absolutely amazing and even if this doesn't go in the direction that they're hoping for - THEY DID IT!! THATS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!!! And think of what their daughter is learning from this....determination, drive, passion, dreams, perseverance......LOVE, I just love you guys so much and SOOOOOO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF ALL THREE OF YOU!!!!

Something else that was really COOL about this concert (and his music) is that we (sarah and I) took OUR KIDS to this concert.....they were dancing in the aisles and singing along - how many other concerts can you do that!?!?! It's so cool for MY SONS to see this - see this in it's baby steps...from the beginning - so totally cool!! I'm hoping to get some pics from the concert uploaded this week so you can see them!!!

Thank you for reading the personal for the SCRAPBOOKIN' stuff!!!

check out these adorable pails that renee has been working on - they are for sale!! (i took a FEW pictures of them, so you could see them from EVERY angle!!) you can purchase one - fill it with candy or whatnot - and give it to your kids teachers' for an october birthday (mine!) a pail and put a gift card in it!!! CUTE!! LOVE THEM!!! What else.....OH - MY MINDS EYE IS IN THE HOUSE!!! alll of it is finalllly here!! These are pictures taken on friday - all the paper spread out....LOVE it!!! New Bazzill - chip board AND new colors of cardstock - textured dot paper (kristy - it's really cool!) ......... the kit wall is bursting at the and the girls have been working their tails off!!! new family paper.......Got a BUTTLOAD (pardon my french here -but you really need to understand what i'm saying!) .... of thickers!! We ARE your thickers HEADQUARTERS!!! american crafts albums.........BUTTONS - TONS OF BUTTONS!!.....Scrap*Pink layout - now it doesn't HAVE TO BE Scrap*Pink - renee did this on purpose........It's ADORABLE - and only $8.99 (we only have a limited number of these!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


ONE more day until Scrap*Pink begins!!! I picked up these cute lil tins at TARGET' Boutique yesterday and had Renee "doll" em up for "you"!!! hmmmm, i wonder whose THIS is!?!? (get it .... DOLL!!?) :)
not sure WHAT we're gonna fill em with yet - but i'm SURE it'll be YUMMY!!

If you're still interested in attending our Scrap*Pink Weekend - we still have seats available!! It begins at noon tomorrow and you can crop till midnight friday - then 9:00am - midnight on Saturday!! You can get LOADS done!!! It's only $30.00 - you receive a special Scrap*Pink gift, as well as a few giveaways and your specialized tin!!! We are also throwing in cold beverages and snacks too!!!

I wish Renee hadn't taken home the ADORABLE tin she was working on yesterday - i HOPE to post pictures of it tomorrow - but we are working on making halloween and christmas tins for you to purchase - ALREADY DECORATED!!! ..... so i'll hopefully be able to post that tomorrow!!!

Storiesbyeveryone......have you had a chance to check out their website!?!? i've been working on a book for Kord @ Eight......i am IN LOVE!!! It's SUPER easy and very user friendly - i'm planning to make some christmas gifts as well!!! lmk what you think if you've had a chance to try them out! are a couple of the pages that i'm working on in the book......

Andddd, i shouldn't be posting this - DL is gonna kill me....she hasn't even had a chance to receive it yet - but SOMETHING WONDERFUL CAME TODAY!! IT WILL BE READY TOMORROW!! i'll tell you then!!!

And, on a personal note - have to give a shout out to my baby brother!! As some of you may know - he is/was in a band called Moving Rushmore.....he's since moved to KC, MO to work on his music now he's working with Tim and they have started a "side project" of Moving Rushmore ..... their new name is "Sidetrack Monday" ..... they are going to start having FREE music downloads on their websites every monday - beginning September 29th.....check it out!! My favorite song is "Freakin' Me Out" i hope he posts that one FIRST!!! YEAH BROTHER - so proud of you!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

NEW BOOKS - designed by YOU!

We've partnered up with Scrapbooks, etc. to bring you your very own books!!!
We Are Family Retail Exclusive Book with **FREE SHIPPING**

What’s in a name? Define what family means to you in the We Are Family photo book – a scrapbook Retailer Exclusive offering.
When you order this limited time title and have it shipped back to our store for pick up Scrapbooks, etc. will pay for shipping.
So order now, and come in for your book and all your scrapbooking needs.

To get started simply follow these 5 easy steps:
1) Click on the Stories By Everyone logo
2) Create an account
3) Go to the Retailer Exclusive book
4) Enter in our store code 2U3S5PT64P
5) Enjoy!
we have a sample book on display in the store as well as coupons for you to pick up! I'm working on an album for my son's 8th birthday as well as a family vacation be looking for those as well in the store - these books make EXCELLENT gift ideas for the upcoming holidays and are VERY GOOD QUALITY!!


how was your weekend?!?!

We've got lots going on here that we're trying to prepare are some dates/events you're gonna want to remember:

SCRAP*PINK weekend!!! This is the weekend crop that we have here at the store.....from NOON to midnight on Friday the 26th, and from 9:00am - midnight on Saturday the 27th. You can crop till you drop - plus have the store at your disposal!!! We are going to be including a snack bucket for your enjoyment AND soda's!!! I've already received your Scrap*Pink Gift that we are giving you for signing up AND a portion of the proceeds collected from the crop will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation!!!! It's a great cause, you'll get some great time to scrap and meet some new friends!! We still have a few seats open - so if you're interested please give us a call this week!!!!

Secondly - the Garage Sale is coming up NEXT WEEKEND!!! The 4th of October is the FIRST day!! IF you're participating in the garage sale - we need to have your form filled out and PAID by the 1st of October!!!! It's $15.00 to participate, AND you receive 100% store credit for everything you sell!!.... for more information - call and visit with one of us!! 316-733-0029 ....... if you have already signed up - you should have received your "labels" in the mail by now......make sure you price EACH item that you are selling. You can start dropping your items off on Wednesday of NEXT WEEK - that is the 1st of October!!!! We have quite a few people signed up and some NEWBIES as well as some SEASONED sellers!!!

Photo 101 is coming up on the 11th of October.....this is THE class for you to learn how to better utilize the manual features on your camera....this is a SIX week class, including a field trip or two(every saturday beginning 10/11) from 10:00am - noon......$120.00 and you will NOT regret it!! Our first photo 101 class has started a PHOTO CLUB that meets once a month, keeping their skills fresh and useful!!! If you're curious if this class is RIGHT for you - call and chat with one of us!!

I don't have any fun pictures for this post - bummer!!! i will work on that this week!! OH - if you left a CASE at Crop*A*Ganza full of chipboard shapes and letters - and you were sitting on the stage - call me - i have it!! AND - we also picked up a TRASH BUCKET at Julie's jewelry booth.....whose that belong to!?!?!?

Dancing with the Stars starts TONIGHT!! I'm SOOOO SupA excited!!! As well as all the NEW SHOWS begin this week - i need to get my dvr cleared out and ready to go!!! Oh- and CSI...i wonder if Horatio is REALLY DEAD?!?! kelli - what do you think!?!?

Wanna give a HUGE shout out to our girl RENEE - she ran a HALF MARATHON ON SUNDAY!! SHE REALLY DID IT!! YOU GO GIRL - WE ARE SOOO PROUD OF YOU!! :)

Alsoooooooooooooooooooooooooo, we have TWO openings for Maple Memories weekend on October 17,18 and 19th......if you interested in going EMAIL ME!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crop*A*Ganza..................................WOW!! What a weekend!! I must say - THIS Ganza HAD to be the BEST yet!! :) I don't know WHAT it was - but it was SMOOTH as can be!! No DRAMA!!! No Shut the "F" up guys........none of that!! I think overall - everyone had a great time.......not as MUCH croppin' done as we'd like - but do you EVER get as much done as you'd like?!?! REALLLY!?!? There were new friends made, old friends reunited and so many laughs and memories!!! This ganza was so much more relaxed, that i had time to get a chair massage, mingle with ALMOST all of the croppers at one time or another and i took LOADS of photos!!! The Saturday night party wasn't AS ON as in the past - but i think that was okay too!!! There was NO LOCOMOTION (my bad!), but never fear - we'll have it in February as well as the BUNNY HOP!! :) Here are just a SAMPLING of the photos i took!! I hope that it's alright that i'm posting these - i'm sure that everyone is alright with me sharing the fun that was had by all!!! Some of ou are gonna be a little TICKLED with me - but i can handle it!! :)

Here's a little peek into a smidge of the festivities that took place this weekend!!! We started on Friday night with RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN!!! Here's Oliver in his RAIN COAT!! Isn't it CUTE!! (thanks to my MIL for this purchase!) What would Crop*A*Ganza be without KATE!?!? Seriously, this woman can entertain!! I love that i can just "turn it over" to Kate!! She comes up with the greatest games and can get EVERYONE involved!!! When i get on the mic. my voice just gets lost in the room - but when Kate talks - people listen!! THANK YOU CRAZY KATIE THE SCRAPBOOK LADY!! :) we love you!!!Sooooooooooooo, Kate comes up with Musical Chairs for Scrapbookers!!........ She would tell all of them to get a particular item, anything from a STAR punch out, polka dot brad to UN-DU.........They could get as much help from other croppers as they needed.....and other croppers were VERY helpful!! It was VERY exciting and all of us got into it!!! Some of us were VERY COMPETITIVE!!While they were running around looking for these items.....she would take away a chair!!! Then the participants would RUN back to their seats - some made it - some wouldn't! (becky was FINE!! no one was harmed!)These photos of Becky Eck are hilarious!! She was SO passionate about winning!! I love her excitement in her face!Go Becky GO!!
Danielle's "SPIRIT" was contagious!!!! :) Randa was another one that surprised me!! Her competitiveness was CRAZY!! :) And then there were TWO!! .......................
Jana ran a few errands and came back with a lil' something for me!!! I love red wine.....this was "Mad Housewife"!! Pretty good.....:)!! After the musical chairs, we had a visitor or FOUR!! :)
Don't worry - B happy!! :) The girls had smiley face cookies for everyone!! :) they were YUMMY!! And as always, it was SUPA nice to have the "visitors" at ganza - AGAIN!! :) We love their creativity ganza after ganza!!! Thank you girls!!! Aren't these boxers HILARIOUS!! They make you just wanna SMILE! :)
Another one of Kates games!!! STICKLE SCRABBLE!! (i don't know if thats the name of it or not - but it sounds good!) She had stickle bottles and the participants had to put the colors in order - by color!! The labels were COVERED!! So they had to know the names!! It was a great game....did you know that there are people out there that don't KNOW what STICKLES are!?!? :) I KNOW!!! J.J. looks VERY engrossed in her thoughts...i wonder if Kathy has it all figured out!!?!?
This was WONDERFUL!! Where else can you see friends supporting each other like this?!?! :)
So - to keep things interesting - Renee and Kristy decide to have a "FRIENDLY" game of STICKLE SCRABBLE!! Who is your money on!?! Renee is SERIOUS and all business! BUT - still has a smile on her face! Kristy....hows it goin!?!? you need some help!? after all - you ARE the stickle queen!! :)And - our winner is.........................RENEE!! Two out of three!! And kristy is a little teeny bit of a sore loser!
Ahhhh, friends forever!!!

Rita, tuckered out on the hospitality room couch!!
She's gonna kill me - but i love this photo of SMELLI!! :)

okay - wow - what a load of photos and that's not all!! We really did have a great time and i feel very rested and ready to take on the next one!!! Thank you so much to all of you that have called and sent us emails about your weekend!! We welcome ANY AND ALL feedback that you have!! This is all about YOU enjoying YOUR weekend away - so tell us if you had a good time or not!!!
I would like to take a minute and thank MY HUSBAND for ALLLLL of his hard work!! He really did do A LOT for us this time!! We are MORE short handed than ever before and he worked REALLY hard to make sure all of the croppers had power at their tables, ice was always in the cooler and he packed and hauled all of the junk in and out!!! Thank you to My Dad.....for all his help with laying the extension chords and unloading the trailer!! Thank you to NICK and SARAH!! For your help setting up on Thursday....Sarah we missed you this time and appreciate alllll of your help - both AT THE STORE for the weekend, and for the advice and guidance you gave to me in planning for this one!!! Mom - for holding down the fort this weekend AND for bringing supplies out to the croppers in the evening!!! The girls - Renee, Kate and Kristy - wonderful work as usual!! We couldn't make this a success without you!! :) AND - to all of your families for "doing without you" this weekend!!
If you haven't noticed by the ticker for February...our next ganza event is the first weekend in February - and is going to be CUPCAKES!! :) I've already started working on the plans for the next one....and hope to keep you updated very soon!! We are (once again) gonna be changing things up a bit!! For the better!!! :)
But for now - we have to focus on TWO things.....Scrap*Pink is coming up next week and we have SEVERAL openings still for the weekend crop!! Get signed up today - i'll post some sneeks for that this week!! AND - our Garage Sale is coming up!! The first weekend in October....we've got quite a few people signed up for it already - so get er done if you're considering it!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've got a HUGE blog post in my MIND - just takin me a little while to get it on here!!

BUT - while you wait....some NEW stuff arrived over the weekend!!!

BUTTONS, BUTTONS, and MORE BUTTONS!!! (even brown ones Heather - wish you were here!!)

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and oh my goodness - just when you think they CANNOT do ANY BETTER!! These lines are GORGEOUS!!!

AND - My Little Yellow Bicycle - HALLOWEEN is here - AWESOME!!!

I will be back with a recap of ganza....and some other stuff later on tonight or tomorrow!! we had a blast and i took LOADS of pictures this time!!! Some of them are HILARIOUS (smelli!) hee hee!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I just sent out a newsletter to ya'll about ganza - if you don't subscribe to it - click here to read it!!

Those of you that have sent emails with special requests - i haven't had time to reply but rest assured if we have it - i'm bringing it and kristy will have it at the booth when you arrive!!!

make sure you read the newsletter - so you don't get "left out in the rain"!!!

i gotta run - i'm at the store after dropping the kids off at school and have to get BACK out the BW before our vendors arrive!!

see you all soooon!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

OMG!! the shirts have arrived and i MUST say these MIGHT just be my favorite shirt design YET!! I had mom take several different angles of it - isn't it SO COOL!! i really like how the smiley swirls carry over onto the side and in the back!! i love the colors.....mmmmm so glad i got one of those!! :)
as promised from yesterday - here are the pictures from yesterdays post!! the table tents!!
here are a few of the RAFFLES we'll be having!! (renee's working on a special charm to raffle off as well!!) I don't know if i mentioned this in one of the posts previously - but a portion of the proceeds will go to !! Thanks to Theresa Hobson for selecting that organization! And as usual a portion will also go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society!

Okay - gotta get off here and get ready to load up IN THE RAIN and head out to the big ol B.W.!! See you soon!!