Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, it's true - THREE WHOLE DAYS UNTIL THE BIG DAY!!! Are you getting excited!?!? I am SO thrilled to hear how much ya'll love the ticker!! I think it's a great way for YOU and for US to gauge how close we're getting!! I hope that you're all packed and ready to go - HOWEVER if you ANYTHING like most of us - you're waiting until THURSDAY to do so!! :) So - this is your WAKE UP CALL!! Get prepared!! The more prepared you are - the MORE you're going to accomplish!!!

Okay - so - i promised you a post about one or two of our vendors!! This vendor ( i haven't personally met YET ~ so i had her send us a "blurb" of what she has and how it came about!) i think you're going to really enjoy her!! ...... jana - for SOME reason when she sent me THIS picture i immediately thought of you!!!

Mattie-Jules (profile)
First the name. My son Bryan - 12 at the time - came up with the name. My daughter is Madison (tho' we call her Mattie, after my grandmother) and my brothers and close friends call me Jules. So started the Mattie-Jules era.... sounds pretty catchy being jewels and all, eh?
I've always loved to work with my hands... knitting, cross-stitch, gardening, etc. So when I started making jewelry over 5 years ago, it was 'my' time. The kids (and hubby) could hang out with me (tho' I wasn't the best company I imagine), but it was my time to decompress after work and just let my mind go somewhere else... maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for 2 hours.
Eventually my jewelry gifts to friends and family created more requests to make jewelry and especially rings.....lots and lots of rings ! So I created Mattie-Jules.
While I still dabble in the core jewelry - bracelets, necklaces and earrings - my love now is button rings.
Whether using modern, funky, traditional or nostalgic vintage buttons (I'm so hooked !), each ring is different.. and most are one-of-a-kind !
One of my favorite stories.... one gal cut the buttons off her husband's navy uniform and wears the button ring and the button pendant I made for her nearly every day. So he's always close to her. (Sigh)

This is how it works....
I do have rings that are pre-made (some people just like to choose from finished items - and that's cool).

Otherwise, you can choose from a huge selection of buttons (new and old) - use one, or maybe two stacked up, add a charm, it's whatever you like - and I make it for you on the spot just to your size.

If you're not a 'ring' person, buttons make great pendants and pins too.... some of the larger vintage buttons are just so perfect for that. And I'm so in love with vintage ! Did I say that already?

You can use one of your own special buttons too ... like one from Grandma's coat, or from your favorite Aunts jar of buttons. You may think they look run-of-the-mill, but they work up into a beautiful memory that you can wear !!

I'm hoping to have more about our vendors on here as we go through the week - as they send me sneaks and peeks - i'll letcha know!! :)

We still have seats available ..... so if you're considering - do it NOW!!!

You're going to notice some changes this time around......let us know what you think!! Hopefully we're making things better, easier and more cost effective each time around!!! If you didn't get our newsletter with the LIST of all that you need to remember - click here to view it!!! I'm working on putting it in an excel file for you to CHECK off and print out!! Ummm, that might have to happen NEXT ganza!!!

Don't forget ~ ~ ~ you're on your own for meals this time!!! So - plan accordingly - i know of ONE CERTAIN group of gals that are bringing HOMEMADE enchiladas for their group!! LUCKY LADIES!! You will receive a list of local restaurants in the area - inside your goodie bag....and you can have pizza delivered if you're like ME and don't like to LEAVE your crop table!!!

OKAY - NEW at the store - we got a TON of NEW Prima Flowers in!!! They are GORGEOUS!! I can see some of them already on my Halloween layouts, Winter layouts and they'd be GORGEOUS on a wedding layout too!!! .... expecting an ENORMOUS order this week and HOPEFULLY the new stuff will FINALLY ARRIVE THIS WEEK!! Thank God for MOM to be able to process those orders while i'm losing my mind over ganza!!!

okay - on to some SERIOUS stuff here.....potty training your dog....HELP!! my little oliver is re-gressing!!! what do i do!??! IVEY!!?! i've been crate training him for the last two days - but it makes him and I sad that he has to be in his crate for so long!! :( any help anyone has - let me know at ganza!!! These photos were taken of him by Renee on the 4th of July - but oh so cute!! He actually kind of enjoys swimming with us now - in SHORT spurts!! (don't laugh at my hat!! renee made them for all of us at last ganza....i personally LOVE it!!)

Enough for now - i'll be back tomorrow!! (gotta get back to GANZA-VILLE!)