Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crop*A*Ganza..................................WOW!! What a weekend!! I must say - THIS Ganza HAD to be the BEST yet!! :) I don't know WHAT it was - but it was SMOOTH as can be!! No DRAMA!!! No Shut the "F" up guys........none of that!! I think overall - everyone had a great time.......not as MUCH croppin' done as we'd like - but do you EVER get as much done as you'd like?!?! REALLLY!?!? There were new friends made, old friends reunited and so many laughs and memories!!! This ganza was so much more relaxed, that i had time to get a chair massage, mingle with ALMOST all of the croppers at one time or another and i took LOADS of photos!!! The Saturday night party wasn't AS ON as in the past - but i think that was okay too!!! There was NO LOCOMOTION (my bad!), but never fear - we'll have it in February as well as the BUNNY HOP!! :) Here are just a SAMPLING of the photos i took!! I hope that it's alright that i'm posting these - i'm sure that everyone is alright with me sharing the fun that was had by all!!! Some of ou are gonna be a little TICKLED with me - but i can handle it!! :)

Here's a little peek into a smidge of the festivities that took place this weekend!!! We started on Friday night with RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN!!! Here's Oliver in his RAIN COAT!! Isn't it CUTE!! (thanks to my MIL for this purchase!) What would Crop*A*Ganza be without KATE!?!? Seriously, this woman can entertain!! I love that i can just "turn it over" to Kate!! She comes up with the greatest games and can get EVERYONE involved!!! When i get on the mic. my voice just gets lost in the room - but when Kate talks - people listen!! THANK YOU CRAZY KATIE THE SCRAPBOOK LADY!! :) we love you!!!Sooooooooooooo, Kate comes up with Musical Chairs for Scrapbookers!!........ She would tell all of them to get a particular item, anything from a STAR punch out, polka dot brad to UN-DU.........They could get as much help from other croppers as they needed.....and other croppers were VERY helpful!! It was VERY exciting and all of us got into it!!! Some of us were VERY COMPETITIVE!!While they were running around looking for these items.....she would take away a chair!!! Then the participants would RUN back to their seats - some made it - some wouldn't! (becky was FINE!! no one was harmed!)These photos of Becky Eck are hilarious!! She was SO passionate about winning!! I love her excitement in her face!Go Becky GO!!
Danielle's "SPIRIT" was contagious!!!! :) Randa was another one that surprised me!! Her competitiveness was CRAZY!! :) And then there were TWO!! .......................
Jana ran a few errands and came back with a lil' something for me!!! I love red wine.....this was "Mad Housewife"!! Pretty good.....:)!! After the musical chairs, we had a visitor or FOUR!! :)
Don't worry - B happy!! :) The girls had smiley face cookies for everyone!! :) they were YUMMY!! And as always, it was SUPA nice to have the "visitors" at ganza - AGAIN!! :) We love their creativity ganza after ganza!!! Thank you girls!!! Aren't these boxers HILARIOUS!! They make you just wanna SMILE! :)
Another one of Kates games!!! STICKLE SCRABBLE!! (i don't know if thats the name of it or not - but it sounds good!) She had stickle bottles and the participants had to put the colors in order - by color!! The labels were COVERED!! So they had to know the names!! It was a great game....did you know that there are people out there that don't KNOW what STICKLES are!?!? :) I KNOW!!! J.J. looks VERY engrossed in her thoughts...i wonder if Kathy has it all figured out!!?!?
This was WONDERFUL!! Where else can you see friends supporting each other like this?!?! :)
So - to keep things interesting - Renee and Kristy decide to have a "FRIENDLY" game of STICKLE SCRABBLE!! Who is your money on!?! Renee is SERIOUS and all business! BUT - still has a smile on her face! Kristy....hows it goin!?!? you need some help!? after all - you ARE the stickle queen!! :)And - our winner is.........................RENEE!! Two out of three!! And kristy is a little teeny bit of a sore loser!
Ahhhh, friends forever!!!

Rita, tuckered out on the hospitality room couch!!
She's gonna kill me - but i love this photo of SMELLI!! :)

okay - wow - what a load of photos and that's not all!! We really did have a great time and i feel very rested and ready to take on the next one!!! Thank you so much to all of you that have called and sent us emails about your weekend!! We welcome ANY AND ALL feedback that you have!! This is all about YOU enjoying YOUR weekend away - so tell us if you had a good time or not!!!
I would like to take a minute and thank MY HUSBAND for ALLLLL of his hard work!! He really did do A LOT for us this time!! We are MORE short handed than ever before and he worked REALLY hard to make sure all of the croppers had power at their tables, ice was always in the cooler and he packed and hauled all of the junk in and out!!! Thank you to My Dad.....for all his help with laying the extension chords and unloading the trailer!! Thank you to NICK and SARAH!! For your help setting up on Thursday....Sarah we missed you this time and appreciate alllll of your help - both AT THE STORE for the weekend, and for the advice and guidance you gave to me in planning for this one!!! Mom - for holding down the fort this weekend AND for bringing supplies out to the croppers in the evening!!! The girls - Renee, Kate and Kristy - wonderful work as usual!! We couldn't make this a success without you!! :) AND - to all of your families for "doing without you" this weekend!!
If you haven't noticed by the ticker for February...our next ganza event is the first weekend in February - and is going to be CUPCAKES!! :) I've already started working on the plans for the next one....and hope to keep you updated very soon!! We are (once again) gonna be changing things up a bit!! For the better!!! :)
But for now - we have to focus on TWO things.....Scrap*Pink is coming up next week and we have SEVERAL openings still for the weekend crop!! Get signed up today - i'll post some sneeks for that this week!! AND - our Garage Sale is coming up!! The first weekend in October....we've got quite a few people signed up for it already - so get er done if you're considering it!!!