Friday, November 30, 2007

Is anyone out there?

This is a very busy time of year for all of us, so just remember to enjoy each and every day! Try not to let the stress of the season ruin the season!

The sale in our crop room has been going on since Wednesday and a lot of stuff is gone! BUT........anything that is left, will be 40% off thru Sunday! and all of the paper in the sale will be

10 sheets for $1.00 ! WOW !! can't beat that!

Are you wanting scrapbook supplies for Christmas? We can do a "wish list" for you so that your friends and family can come in and shop for you.........or, we all like Gift Certificates of all kinds....they always "fit" !

Hope to see you soon !


Friday, November 23, 2007

Well, we survived Black Friday!!
both the store and those of us that braved the WILD shopping!!!
What a wild ride!!!
But this post is to inform you that we have decided to continue our awesome sales throughout the weekend!!! Come by and see us at our normal business hours - 9:00am-6:00pm on Saturday and 1:00-5:00pm on Sunday!!! Everything but the 30% off and the double punches will continue through the weekend!!! Come see us!!
Also - we'll be closed on Monday for inventory control!!! BUT, to thank you for a wonderful year - we're going to have a mini sale in our crop shop beginning on Wednesday morning and running through Sunday December 2nd!!!
AND, we are excited for you to meet the newest member to join the attic family!! Come by this weekend and meet Gloria!!! You will most likely be seeing her on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and most weekends!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay - R U ALL READY!?!?! As I type this there are LINES of people outside!!
JUST KIDDING!! Made you smile though didn't I!?!
I'm NOT EVEN READY FOR TOMORROW!! I haven't had a chance to REALLY look through my ads like I'd like still have to to that and get my game plan!! Looking for a Wii....what are the chances of THAT happening?!?! NONE!!!
So, the store is ready for YOU!!!
Don't forget, you loyal bloggers, to come in and give an EXTRA SPECIAL BLOGGLE BLOGGLE BLOGGLE to the ladies at the front and their gonna have a little somethin special for you!! I've pulled some fabulous gifts for you!! This is my way of thanking YOU for making OUR BLOG a part of your daily activities!!!
We've added a few more special sales to the list - so come in and see what it's all about!!!
The bundles are as follows:
Cricut Expression - purchase the Cricut Expression for $399.99 and receive ONE FREE cartridge of your choice (excluding Disney!) ($70.00 value!)
Wishblade - purchase the Wishblade for $449.99 and receive a FREE mat and blade replacement kit!! ($63.00 value!)
Cuttlebug - purchase the Cuttlebug for $89.99 and receive FOUR FREE dies of your choice! (in stock dies only!)
ALL CUTTLEBUG dies will be buy TWO - get ONE free!
Design Runner - purchase the Design Runner for $149.99 and the Discmaker for $99.99 and receive ONE free Design Disc (in stock only) and one FREE accessory kit!!!
come in and see us!!! Sarah's bringing her FAMOUS Toffee Bars and HOT APPLE CIDER for you as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps - big thanks to my sistA - love ya man!


Ok, it is very rare that I blog on our Store site, but I think today it is a MUST!!! Steffanie is usually the one that does the blogging, and keeps you all in the "loop"! Today, we have to give a shout out to HER! Without her, we wouldnt have all the great products, newsletters, blogging and most of all.....PINK!! Steffanie, through all of US helping YOU... you have been the biggest asset! Thank YOU for doing what you do..... Happy SPANKSgiving Sista!!!!!

Sarah B.

Okay - so it's just a LITTLE after 4:00 (wink wink - joke joke!) and I'm just now getting to sit and post!! I know, I know - excuses excuses, and more excuses!! It's nearly 1:00 AM and I'm NOT GONNA LET DOWN MY LOYAL BLOGGERS!!!! I have wrapped all of the gifts that I can at this point - no wrapping paper left!! The store is in TIP TOP shape for BLACK FRIDAY!! I'm SO proud of ALL OF US!! We are SO much more prepared than last year.....had a few hiccups today - but no worries - everything will be fine!! What would the "attic" be if there was NO drama?!?!?!
So, I'm sitting here at my desk - uploading some of my FAVORITE Christmas music for the upcoming weeks......listening to Sarah McLaughlin's' "Wintersong"!!! LOVE that cd!! AND, of course my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas song......Dolly Partons' "Hard Candy Christmas"!! I LOVE THAT SONG!! (I don't know why but it always makes me think of my grandpa!!) Also - did ya'll know that Colbie Callet also has a Christmas song out?!?! It's pretty good! And uploading all the pics from this week.....I'm not cropping or editing them - it's 1:00AM folks!!!

So, I'll have DEFINITE pricing and SPECIFIC SALES tomorrow afternoon - have to converse with the other two attic ladies.......but for you LOYAL BLOGGERS out there - to show our appreciation to you for checking in each week - we're gonna have a lil' somethin for you!!! First - IF you come in and while checking out - give us your best "BLOGGGGLLLLEEE BLOOOGGGGLLLLEEEE BLLLOGGGLEEE!!!" (gobble gobble gobble!!!!) we'll have a little something for you!! Not only that - but everyone else around you will wonder if you're talking in code!!! Let's get MORE folks to join our bloggin' buddies!! You can WHISPER your bloggle bloggle bloggle or you can shout it from the top of your lungs!! BLOOGGGGLLLLLEEEEE!!!!

LOVE THIS!! The girls made this for our "Bazzill Brad Section"......HIlARioUssss!!!
Bazzill FINALLY arrived this afternoon - so we're FULL and ready for the big BUY TEN GET FIVE FREE SALE!! Special thanks to Kord and Rocky for helping me get it all out!! They had a TON OF FUN matching the colors!! Took them over an hour!!! FUNNY!!!

Okay - so, we've got some great things happenin' for the holidays......we've got gifts that are PRE-WRAPPED for you already!!!! Just pull the wrapped gift off and pay for it - and you're good to go!!!........we've also been working hard on making HOMEMADE gift tins for you!! You might have seen some similar to these on ebay - these tins are going for anywhere from $10.00 to $30.00!!!! There are gift card tins, and open tins to display your gift of choice!! Those are also ready for you to purchase when you're in the store between now and Christmas!!! Don't see one you like - we'll custom make one for you!!! This is a "first" for us - so we're anxious to see how they go!!!
The girls also have been working on getting some "starter" sets together for you - that way you can just purchase it as a bundle and be done with the "thinking" part of it!!! I love the idea of loading a tool tote full of goodies for a gift!!! The wrapping is all done!!! You could even put non-scrapbooking related items in them, such as video games, makeup, movies and pop corn........the possibilities are endless!!

Okay - so now here are the photos I was talking about .....

I was SO excited to see these FINALLY go on sale at Michaels - had my eye on them for a MONTH now!!! Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!?!?!

Does this make ANYONE else HAPPY!?!?! A PINK FOREST OF TREE'S!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!

Sarah's FAVORITE thing to do - get the trees put together and FLUFFED!! She looks THRILLED doesn't she?!?!

Ummmm. yessss, you DO see a PURPLE tree in the mix......I bought that for my sweet's only fair that she have ONE purple our mountain of PINKNESS!!!
Here is the "mess" before we get it all out - LOVE all the PINK!?!?! I was actually told that I should LAY OFF the pink-ness next year!?!? WHAT !?!?! HUH!?!?!

Of course - it's always a family affair - Kord LOVES to help decorate - EVEN the pink stuff!!

Here's the "gift center"......

Here are SOME of the ADORABLE tins that the girls have made - they're bringing more in on Friday!! I can't wait to see them all!!

And Finally - THIS is what HAPPINESS means to Steffanie
.......when my carts are EMPTY - then "my work here is done!""!!! I really do owe SO much to mom, sarah, renee, krusty and kelli........this last week - we've REALLY worked hard to make-over the store FOR YOU!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!!! Thank you ladies - you're one in a million!!!
I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Thanksgiving with friends and family!! I'll be back tomorrow with more BLACK FRIDAY details and I'm sure some funny stories!!! I've gotta get some sleep - gotta get up EARLY to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - I LOVE it!!! EVERY YEAR!! Watch it with the kiddos!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving
More Graphics at

We've been busy at the attic - and I mean WE.....all of us have been working hard, like little "divas" - (also known as elves in the NORTH POLE!!) to bring you some wonderful decor, specials, treats and surprises on BLACK FRIDAY this holiday season!!! The store is almost ready and the gifts are almost wrapped.......................we're also waiting on the UPS man and the FEDEX man - if they don't come today - we could be in for some SUPER SWIFT LIKE THE WIND CHANGES!!! But, no fear - we'll figure it out - we always do!!!
I'm going to be back later on this afternoon with some special BLOGGER ONLY COUPONS.....some pics from our decorating this week and some sneekie peekies!!! So, check back after 4!!!!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!! And a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Okay - just finished working on the newsletter - it's sent out!! So, for those of you that are shopping on BLACK FRIDAY, here ya go!!!!:

Black Friday Sales!
You don't wanna miss this sale!!!! If you're anything like me, you have your whole "black Friday" mapped out and ready to go!! Well, we wanted to be included in your "spots to stop" on Friday!!! We are having some AWESOME sales - both for the gift GIVING and for yourself!!!! Below you'll find a list of the specials we'll be running - don't miss out!!!!
We're going to open ONE hour early on Friday morning!!! Beginning at 8:00AM - 9:00AM we're going to be having a ONE hour EARLY bird SPECIAL sale!!!! EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WILL BE 30% off!! THIRTY PERCENT OFF!!!! (excluding ALL Cricut, Wishblade and Epson products!!!)
You can't beat that!!! (Please note - we are not able to accept ANY competitors coupons during this one hour sale!)
Then, from 4:00-6:00pm - we will be give DOUBLE PUNCHES on all Scrap*Funattic punch cards!!!
Then, beginning at 9:00am - 6:00pm - the following sales will be in place!!!:
*Bazzill Cardstock - buy TEN sheets - get FIVE free - this includes shaped, bling and regular cardstock!
*ALL calendar making items - 15% off - get started on those 2008 calendars!!
*Creating Keepsakes 18 month Complete Calendar Kit - Reg. $34.99 - marked down to $24.99!
*Autumn Leaves 2008 Calendars - $10.00 OFF!!!*Chip Chatter - buy ONE - get ONE 1/2 price!
*ALL Purses, Shoulder Bags, Rolling Totes and Tool totes - 20% off!!
*Autumn Leaves Stamps - buy ONE - get ONE 1/2 price!!*Cricut Expression BUNDLE - (available while supplies last, then available for PRE-ORDER!)*Wishblade BUNDLE
*Cuttlebug BUNDLE
*Clip It Up BUNDLE - Buy the Upper Tier AND the Base Unit and receive a FREE cover!!!
*Gift Certificates - Purchase a $50.00 Gift Certificate for $45.00!!!
I know - I know- that's a LOT to remember - no worries - we're gonna have PRINT outs for you and ALL the sales will be CLEARLY marked ALL around the store!!
Kristy, Renee and I have been FRANTICALLY cleaning and organizing the store - you HAVE to come in and see it!! It really does look SO much better - cleaner and roomier!!!! We've re-arranged it to hopefully make more "scrapbooker sense"!!! Renee had this great idea of moving all of the "essentials/basics" to the outside perimeter of the store and the seasonal and "themed" products are on the Renee's words "the fruits, veggies and milk are on the outside and the twinkies and ho-ho's are on the inside"!!!!!! We've worked really hard and are ALMOST ready to begin decorating for Christmas!!! PINK Christmas!!!!
Tune into the blog later on this week - for our WEEKLY dare challenge and for a SPECIAL BLOGGER coupon on Friday!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Alicia, the ORGANIZATIONAL teaching her LAST Cropper Hopper Organizational class of the YEAR!!! We had TWO cancellations today and have FIVE spots open for this class!!!
If you have taken her class and have comments/encouragement to post, please do so - THIS CLASS WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOP AND THE WAY YOU SCRAPBOOK!!
Don't miss out!!!
Call your girlfriend and spend the day at the attic on Saturday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

Okay - I will post more later about the actual DARE book - but here is the Challenge for this week.....................................brought to you by Renee...........................The title of this challenge is:


Here is her journaling on this layout!!

Journaling reads: This was the only picture I cared about our entire vacation to Disney World... forget Mickey & Minnie - I wanted to meet Cinderella! So of course this was the one my husband forgot to move the camera strap on!

More details later - gotta run!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feeling a sadness...........

I am sitting here feeling quite sad this evening. We have, in the last 24 hours received 2 emails from Scrapbook Stores we feel we have come to "know" thru our email correspondence.....they have both decided to "close their doors". As a small business owner who has "followed that dream" and taken a HUGE leap into the Retail world, I can only imagine how hard it is to come to that decision. Godspeed to these brave women !


less than NINE days until Thanksgiving................................CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!? How does this happen?? The older we get the faster time goes?!?! Remember when you couldn't WAIT until "Thanksgiving break"?!?! I used to BEGGGGG my mom to let me stay home the day before Thanksgiving, and help her clean house!! We used to have Thanksgiving at mom and dads house each year and I LIVED for this holiday!! I love getting together with family that we would only see ONCE a year!! I can't wait for Thanksgiving!! And I REALLY can't wait for Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Friday!! I LIVE for that stuff!! Up at 4:00am - to be at my favorite "mapped" out stores by 5:00 AM!!

Speaking of Black Friday - we are working on some FABULOUS sales as well!! We're sure to have our famous Apple Cider and Christmas decorations ready to go! The girls and I have been working behind the scenes on some fun ideas and decorations for you!!! We're going to begin our decorating next week and have got everyone working on some gift ideas for you to PURCHASE!!! Both already completed and do it yourself!!!

I'm getting the bug to clean and move again - but with the stress of the holidays coming - I'm just not sure WHERE to begin!!!

OOOOHHHHHHH - I almost forgot - FANCY PANTS has SHIPPED!! Cross your fingers we get it by Friday - otherwise we'll have it on Monday!! The NEW Holly Jolly line - AND the new Christmas 12x12 STAMPS!!!

We FINALLY got the rest of our Heidi Swapp items in from SUMMER CHA!! The Ghost colored flowers and the BIRDs (with the CORRECT number of birds!) some great new ribbons from May Arts too!!! We got some fabulous new making memories plastic clear jars in various sizes, and have restocked some misc. items around the store!!!

Our fabulous instructors have brought their newest layouts in for Decembers classes and I must say - they are D-INOMITE!!!! This time of year is hard for EVERYONE to commit to ANYTHING and we understand that - so if you've looked at our December calendar - you'll notice we aren't having ANY classes the last two weeks!! So, ALL of your favorite classes will be at the BEGINNING of December - allowing you to come in while things aren't nearly as hectic and take some time for yourself!! So, take a look at that and consider taking a few classes!!!

The last Year w/Baby class is on December 15th - so sad - but SO exciting for those who have been taking it since the beginning...............WOW to have your child's FIRST year completed and behind you - what an accomplishment!!! So, what will Jana be doing now - you ask?? Well, I can't give TOO much information away - but since I usually do try to let you loyal blog readers know FIRST - she is going to be replacing the YWB class with a monthly "TODDLE TIME"!!! So, you can just continue on with her, beginning in January!!!!! She's also going to be teaching some other classes - but I'll fill you in on that later when I have ALL the new class information for you!!! (leave you in suspense!)

Thank you so much to Kandice Schultz - she came in the store this afternoon and saw that I was a little grumpy!!!! (hubby got called in to work for a fire and the kiddos had to come up here with me and I was NOT looking forward to having them here with me all night!) so, she went home and baked me some Chocolate chip cookies - brought them to me STILL WARM!! AND GOOOOEY!! Kelli and I LOVED them!! Thank you so much Kandice!

Okay - I PROMISE YOU - tomorrow morning we will have our FIRST challenge from the DARE book!!! Renee is working on it AS WE SPEAK (TYPE!) and has promised to have it ready for you in the AM!!! Some of these challenges will involve a RAK!!! (random act of kindness - thank you to Summer for clearing that up for all of us!) and some of them will just get "ataboys"! but I promise that these challenges will totally have you scrapbooking the UN-ordinary!! I'm LOVING this book!!!!

Have a fabulous night and I'll be back in the AM with your challenge!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Whew............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a BLAST we had!!!!

SO MUCH LAUGHING it's UNREAL!! SO much crying BECAUSE of the laughing - it's CRAZY!! There were times when JR (my new name for Roeder!) was crying!! THAT's hard to do!

I didn't, personally, take very many pictures - and naturally, I'm not happy about that NOW - but at the time - I just didn't WANT to take the time to do it - was too busy cropping!!!! I got TEN double page layouts COMPLETED!!! That's AWESOME!! Thanks to Krusty - we (sarah and I) got to crop till we dropped !! She cropped too - but was in charge of the booth for the weekend, and was a PERFECT PRINCESS about it too!

It was so nice to just sit back and watch everything else going on around us - not that I enjoyed watching Alicia stress about things (cuz we were in her "trailer"!) - but it was nice to be able to be removed from all of it and not feel RESPONSIBLE - does that make sense?!?!? So, yes - we will be going back in April to Bartlesville - CANNOT WAIT!!! I have to say that Liz, Tracy, JR, Keri, Tracy, Debbie, Christie, Krusty, Sarah, Donna, Kathy, Amy, Vickie, Rita and Alicia- we had a BLAST!! YOU TOTALLY made this weekend so ENJOYABLE!! I LOVE ALL OF YA!!!! Tracy - I will NEVER look at another bag of MULCH the same again!!!! :) Liz - I will think of you EVERYTIME I see a Golf cart OR a GO cart - either one!!!

***oh my gosh - one of the BEST things about Crop Camp this time - was the "bellhops" that they had!! There were these "youngsters" that helped us unload and load up ALL of our cropping supplies - it was AWESOME!! They worked for tips for their youth group!! That was the BEST Shandra!! We're SO copying you for Ganza!
This photo was taken at 7:00AM on Friday on our way OUT of town - can you SEE Keri and JR in the car anywhere??!

It's all good now that our BUX has arrived - thank you CHRISTIE!!!!

The back of MY car - NOT ALL OF THIS IS MINE - some of it's for our vendor booth!! but still - SERIOUSLY I WAY over pack at these things!

Krusty looked and looked and LOOKED for her chipboard letters that she had JUST crystal lacquered - where did they GO!??!?! Okay - you can't REALLY tell (one of those HAD TO BE THERE MOMENTS!) but Donna decided to take a little nap and get REJUVENATED for more scrappin' - under her CROP table!! This woman can sleep ANYWHERE!!!!

This was a WONDERFUL moment - when midnight hit on Saturday night - Kathy got on a chair and turned the clock back AN HOUR!! A WHOLE NOTHER HOUR OF CROPPIN!!!! Poor Amy's eyes were closed in this one - and mine were closed in the other one - I hope she got a good one!

How was your Halloween?? Got loads of photos ready to crop?!!? ME TOO!!! I cannot WAIT until Christmas - I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!! They were already playing Christmas music in Walmart in Ark City!! LOVE IT!! I cannot WAIT to start decorating - every year it's an argument between "mom" and I as to WHEN is the earliest that I should get the decorations out!! Don't be surprised if they're up BEFORE Thanksgiving this year!!!!

Okay - so Renee and I (and I'm sure the rest of the attic family are on board as well, just haven't had a chance to catch up to them yet)! have decided to start a challenge - we don't have the specifics outlined YET - but we are going to be using the "we DARE you" book - so be watching for that - I'm hoping to have more on that VERY SOON!!!

We got the NEW KI laced Cardstock paper in today - THIS IS WHAT REALLY happens before the new stuff hits the floor!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't worry - NO PAPER was harmed in creating this post! (those of you that KNOW "my renee" - know eXaCtLy what she is saying RIGHT NOW!)!!!!

We also just got A BOX full of fun goodies from Maya Road - QUEEN CROWN chipboard pieces, some alterable books - chipboard buttons and more!! PLUS - the new Bazzill Stitchery sets are here! AND the Bazzill Splat Mats are here - they can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.........NOTHING STICKS - It's like the SILPAT of Scrapbooking - (says RENEE!)

I also am in the last stages of sending out a newsletter for November - so be watching for that too!!!! Okay - that's all for now - I will post more later!! have a great day!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

This could be a long post - however I don't have MUCH time to post - so we'll see how it turns out!!! I wanted so badly to get a newsletter sent out before we left for Crop Camp - but it doesn't look like that's going to happen!! It's 8:10pm and I'm still at the store - I have been told that my mother in law has taught my oldest to cook - so he's cooking me dinner, so I HAVE to be home by 8:30!!!! We'll see!!!!
Okay - first of all - if you haven't read our posts from the last two days - scroll down real quick and get "caught up" and in the "loop" - so I don't have to repeat myself!!!! ha!!!

CLASSES - we've got some GREAT classes coming up this month - Year with Baby.......Renee's FABULOUS finds - recipe album.........Disney Magic......FRIDAY NIGHT CROP.......XMAS cards.....aweso{ME}.....Lifes Journey ........Pine Cone Press Book Club.......Scrapbook 101.......Senior Review........TONS of classes - they are ALL taught by great instructors!!!
I worked with Jodie today on the Christmas Cards for the November 10th class - (i didn't "work work" with her - she totally designed the cards herself!)...they are SO NeAT!!!! You're gonna make 20 cards for ONLY $25.00!!! Five each of FOUR different styled cards!!! Get signed up today - we're only making a LIMITED number of kits - this is the PERFECT way to get your Christmas cards FINISHED in a day!!!! WITH ENVELOPES this time!!!!
(if you're still wanting card kits from last months card class - they're coming - we had a little hiccup with them - so be a little more patient and they'll be ready SOON - I PROMISE!)
We've gotten so many little shipments in lately - new stuff - restocked stuff - all that is just a sampling.......................

**Maya Road CLEAR ribbon!!
**Maya Road acrylic albums!!
**Play Scrapbook magazine
**Life Artist
**Best of Becky Higgins
**101 things to do with your scrapbooking supplies
**52 scrapbooking challenges - elsie!
**Clip it Up CLIPS!
**NEW heidi Grace Christmas/Winter!
**Doodlebug Christmas!
**BOBUNNY "word" board books!
**NEW Fiskars Punches!
**Holiday Themed Rain Dots
**Doodlebug Mats and Knives!(these are really fun!)

We've got orders that are on their way to the store now - of more new stuff too!!! So, that (hopefully) will be in the newsletter!!
Okay - the LOTM goes on sale Saturday morning at 9:00 - Kristy had this month - her "theme" is "FAMILY"!! I love this layout - it's perfect for ALL of your photos - not just ONE time of year!!! We only make a limited number of these - so get them while you can!!!

These are the layouts from our Digi Class - aren't they gorGIus??? (yes, I meant to misspell that!) - these are not COMPLETELY digital - that's not the POINT of the class - but there are digital techniques used on all of them!

peace! have a GREAT weekend - don't forget to come by and wish Kelly well - and say hi to MOM too - they're holding down the fort while we're away at CROP CAMP!! CANNOT WAIT!!


CAN you HEAR my EXCITEMENT for CROP camp!??!

I wish YOU ALL WERE GOING!!! Sarah and I were just reminiscing of our past Crop Camp memories - I love crop camp!!!! We are SO excited to go!!! Just wanted to share our excitement with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are loading up the carS now, so if you think of ANYTHING that you need us to bring with us - we can do that!!!!!

I'm working on a newsletter and updates for the blog - new stuff that's arrived and all that jazz.....along with working with Jodie on getting the card class kits ready for sale and her NOVEMBER Christmas Card class be waiting for that!!!!

Kristy is FURIOUSLY working on LAYOUT of the month for THIS Saturday!! It's darling - I'll post pics later!!! I also have some GORGEOUS layouts to post from our DIGI class too!!!

On top of ALL that - we're also looking to HIRE someone!!?! Any takers?????

We are looking for someone who can work Tuesday and Thursday evenings from around 6ish till close - 8:30 and THREE weekends a month?!?! Any takers??????????? ANYONE!?!?! If you're interested -come by and pick up an application!!!!

Okay - more to come later!!!