Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay - so it's just a LITTLE after 4:00 (wink wink - joke joke!) and I'm just now getting to sit and post!! I know, I know - excuses excuses, and more excuses!! It's nearly 1:00 AM and I'm NOT GONNA LET DOWN MY LOYAL BLOGGERS!!!! I have wrapped all of the gifts that I can at this point - no wrapping paper left!! The store is in TIP TOP shape for BLACK FRIDAY!! I'm SO proud of ALL OF US!! We are SO much more prepared than last year.....had a few hiccups today - but no worries - everything will be fine!! What would the "attic" be if there was NO drama?!?!?!
So, I'm sitting here at my desk - uploading some of my FAVORITE Christmas music for the upcoming weeks......listening to Sarah McLaughlin's' "Wintersong"!!! LOVE that cd!! AND, of course my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas song......Dolly Partons' "Hard Candy Christmas"!! I LOVE THAT SONG!! (I don't know why but it always makes me think of my grandpa!!) Also - did ya'll know that Colbie Callet also has a Christmas song out?!?! It's pretty good! And uploading all the pics from this week.....I'm not cropping or editing them - it's 1:00AM folks!!!

So, I'll have DEFINITE pricing and SPECIFIC SALES tomorrow afternoon - have to converse with the other two attic ladies.......but for you LOYAL BLOGGERS out there - to show our appreciation to you for checking in each week - we're gonna have a lil' somethin for you!!! First - IF you come in and while checking out - give us your best "BLOGGGGLLLLEEE BLOOOGGGGLLLLEEEE BLLLOGGGLEEE!!!" (gobble gobble gobble!!!!) we'll have a little something for you!! Not only that - but everyone else around you will wonder if you're talking in code!!! Let's get MORE folks to join our bloggin' buddies!! You can WHISPER your bloggle bloggle bloggle or you can shout it from the top of your lungs!! BLOOGGGGLLLLLEEEEE!!!!

LOVE THIS!! The girls made this for our "Bazzill Brad Section"......HIlARioUssss!!!
Bazzill FINALLY arrived this afternoon - so we're FULL and ready for the big BUY TEN GET FIVE FREE SALE!! Special thanks to Kord and Rocky for helping me get it all out!! They had a TON OF FUN matching the colors!! Took them over an hour!!! FUNNY!!!

Okay - so, we've got some great things happenin' for the holidays......we've got gifts that are PRE-WRAPPED for you already!!!! Just pull the wrapped gift off and pay for it - and you're good to go!!!........we've also been working hard on making HOMEMADE gift tins for you!! You might have seen some similar to these on ebay - these tins are going for anywhere from $10.00 to $30.00!!!! There are gift card tins, and open tins to display your gift of choice!! Those are also ready for you to purchase when you're in the store between now and Christmas!!! Don't see one you like - we'll custom make one for you!!! This is a "first" for us - so we're anxious to see how they go!!!
The girls also have been working on getting some "starter" sets together for you - that way you can just purchase it as a bundle and be done with the "thinking" part of it!!! I love the idea of loading a tool tote full of goodies for a gift!!! The wrapping is all done!!! You could even put non-scrapbooking related items in them, such as video games, makeup, movies and pop corn........the possibilities are endless!!

Okay - so now here are the photos I was talking about .....

I was SO excited to see these FINALLY go on sale at Michaels - had my eye on them for a MONTH now!!! Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!?!?!

Does this make ANYONE else HAPPY!?!?! A PINK FOREST OF TREE'S!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!

Sarah's FAVORITE thing to do - get the trees put together and FLUFFED!! She looks THRILLED doesn't she?!?!

Ummmm. yessss, you DO see a PURPLE tree in the mix......I bought that for my sweet's only fair that she have ONE purple our mountain of PINKNESS!!!
Here is the "mess" before we get it all out - LOVE all the PINK!?!?! I was actually told that I should LAY OFF the pink-ness next year!?!? WHAT !?!?! HUH!?!?!

Of course - it's always a family affair - Kord LOVES to help decorate - EVEN the pink stuff!!

Here's the "gift center"......

Here are SOME of the ADORABLE tins that the girls have made - they're bringing more in on Friday!! I can't wait to see them all!!

And Finally - THIS is what HAPPINESS means to Steffanie
.......when my carts are EMPTY - then "my work here is done!""!!! I really do owe SO much to mom, sarah, renee, krusty and kelli........this last week - we've REALLY worked hard to make-over the store FOR YOU!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!!! Thank you ladies - you're one in a million!!!
I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Thanksgiving with friends and family!! I'll be back tomorrow with more BLACK FRIDAY details and I'm sure some funny stories!!! I've gotta get some sleep - gotta get up EARLY to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - I LOVE it!!! EVERY YEAR!! Watch it with the kiddos!!!


Danica said...

"Brad Central", that's HI-larious!! Love it! The store looks SOOO GOOD. You guys did such a great job-love the pink trees (and the purple one too). Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving-see ya tomorrow!!

Kim said...

It looks fab-u-lous! I will so be there tomorrow. Your gift center looks awesome. We are watching the parade today too. Have a great holiday and see you bright and early tomorrow!