Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess where we're headed?!?!


FINALLY!! I've been in contact with Shannon from Maple Memories since she opened (i think over a year now!?!?) and have been DYING to find time to go!!! WELLL - the time is NOW!!

Mom, Kristy and Myself are getting away for the weekend and heading to Maple Memories in McPherson!! I AM SOOOOO TOTALLY THRILLED AND PUMPED!!!! I will take my camera and be sure to come back with a FULL report!! AND - i can (already) guarantee you that we will be going again!!! Check out her website for pics!!!
We are part of a "weight loss" wiki and we're all (not ALL of us) but a few of us are getting together to hang out, scrapbook and RELAX for the weekend!! Mom and I are heading up Thursday afternoon to be pampered at a local SPA!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

I'm HOPEFULLY gonna be sending out a new newsletter today or tomorrow - so be looking for that - but things you can find in it (for you loyal blog stalkers first!):

*National Scrapbook day STUFF!!!

*Instructor/Class infor


*New stuff

*and i'm sure i'll think of other random thoughts along the way!!!

I'm sure Sarah will jump on here later on - but i think it's SO cool and sweet that so many of you wished her a happy BERTDAY!! THANK YOU!!!

I'll be back later on - HOPEFULLY wishing you a HAPPY MAY DAY!! (this is MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!) LOVE IT!! (we're going out tonight to deliver our may day baskets!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to SARAH!!! :)
Here's to 28 years of your beautiful life! We hope that you have a WONDERFUL day!!!!
We love you!!
Mom, Steff, Renee, Kristy and Kelli!

Good to be "BACK"!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Finally - we're HOME!! Do you know that feeling you have when your "company" leaves!! They've been staying all week long, and while you've had a GREAT week - FILLED with WONDERFUL memories - great laughs and happy times - you're GLAD to see em' go!! Not cuz you don't LOVE them - but beacause you're ready to have your HOUSE back - and to be back into your "normal" groove!!! That's kinda how i'm feelin' about the garage sale!!! It was a TREMENDOUS success!! And I can't WAIT to do the next one - but WOW!! How I MISSED OUR CROP ROOM!!!! And I know some of you did too!! We have regular croppers that come weekly into the store to hang out and crop - and last week felt a little weird not seeing them!!!!

So, we've been busy this weekend getting the store "put back" together!! I'm taking a large box of goodies with me to the school in the morning from the Garage Sale - many thanks to those of you who donated your un-sold items to them!!! They LOVE it when I bring stuff in!!!

As I type this - it's Sunday afternoon......and TOMORROW APRIL 28th is my SISTA's bertday!!! (that's how we say it - BERTDAY!!!) So, log back on later tonight for a lil' somethin somethin that I'm posting IN HER HONOR!!!

Not much goin on around these parts!!! I feel like I'm all out of GOOD JUICY STUFF to share for now!!! I'll be back soon - no worries - give me time!!! Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Extra Extra READ all about IT!

good mornin' blog readers!!! just a quick update before i head off for my usual morning's 9:00am and i've been up at the store markin all MY stuff (and the store's stuff) DOWN!!! Some of it's marked more than 1/2 down!! I DON'T WANNA TAKE IT HOME!!! :)

yesterday renee and i found TWO boxes FULL of stuff to put in the sale from the store!! so get in here and check it out!!!! THIS IS THE LAST DAY!!! There are still LOTS of good stuff left - the good news is that aLOT of it is gone......which leaves MORE room to dig through for the REALLY good stuff that's been over looked!!!!!!!

This has been an EXTREMELY successful garage sale - both for the vendors and the store!! We are SO happy for all of the vendors that participated, and we hope they feel the same way!!! IF you are a vendor and want to lower your prices - CALL THE STORE ASAP 733-0029 and the girls will do their best to help you out - IF time allows!!! I'm expecting a BIG crowd today for the LAST day sales!!!!

okay - i'm off for now - i'll be back later with some non garage sale STUFF!! :)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy SPRING Tuesday everyone!!! This weather gets me in the mood for TWO things.....planting flowers and Spring Cleaning - which translates to SPRING CLEANING (preparing for a garage sale always helps too!)

The garage sale is going SUPERBLY!!! Those of you that have items IN the sale - things are really moving!!! We've had a couple of ladies come in today and MARK THEIR STUFF DOWN!!! You are more than welcome to come in and do that as well!!! I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out our storage shed (personal), garage and HOME!!! I found FIVE boxes FULL of scrapbooking stuff that i had put back for this sale that I totally hard forgot about!! So, there's NEW stuff in the sale!!! I know that there were at least two others that brought in new stuff yesterday as well!!! So - just cuz you missed out on the first day does NOT mean that "all the good stuff is gone!"!!!!!

So - get out here and get to GARAGE SALEn' it!!! Take time to search for that SPECIAL treasure!!! There are still lots and lots of stamps left as well!!! MARKED down, i might add! ;)

What else is goin on?!?! OH!! I'm cleaning out the STORES copies of magazines that we have - gonna mark those WAY LOW and get them out today and/or tomorrow!!!

Don't forget - we're only having this sale through FRIDAY - so get in while you can!!! Hope you get to get out and enjoy this wonderful day!! Toodles! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

WOWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :)


Man - there are some Garage Sale shopping FOOLS out there!! (fools, meaning FABULOUS scrappers!) Krusty Mullins - you would have been in HEAVEN here this afternoon!! :)

We had people lining up at the door about 30 minutes prior to opening!!! THERE WAS A LINE WRAPPING AROUND THE FLIPPIN BUILDING!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I SHOULD HAVE taken a picture!! :) It was AWESOME baby! No one was trampled - there were NO fights over any of the stamp sets!! 911 was NOT called - and I THINK everyone left happy with their BARGAINS!!! This stuff (for the most part!) is priced to SELL!!!

There is STILL TONS AND TONS AND TONS of goodies left - it doesn't even look as though there's been anything sold - (okay - there is a DENT - but not a big one!) Thank you so much to those of you that came out and braved the crowd!! (and thank you to the HUSBANDS and KIDDOS that were so very patient with all of us!)

These pictures were taken BEFORE we opened up the store this morning!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay - this GARAGE sale ROCKS!!! There is SOOOO much stuff I can't even BEGIN to tell you HOW MUCH STUFF THERE IS!! I wanted to take a picture of it all - but it's 10:45 pm and mom and I are POOPED!!! We've (she's been working at it since 6:00ish) been working all night long...getting everything organized so it's easier to shop!!! I SWEAR you HAVE to give yourself TIME to sift through ALL OF THIS STUFF!!! There is SOME great STUFF!! GREAT STUFF!! Some of it's BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!!! VERY competitive pricing too - you can tell that people wanna get rid of their STUFF!!!

This is the PERFECT sale for BEGINNER scrapbookers - LOTS and LOTS of stuff that I remember using when I was a beginner - LOTS AND LOTS of Organizational stuff - bags, totes, envelopes, containers, YOU NAME it - it's HERE!!!! Lots of alterable stuff - for those of you that like to MAKE things for peeps!! OH - Speaking of such - our good friend Dana has A TON of paint cans in the sale!!! She made these ADORABLE paint cans for a function at Central Christian - Center pieces....she's selling each can for $1.00 - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you could tear it all apart and redecorate it....then mom said - why don't you just take off the pictures and notecards and then you'd have a teachers GIFT for the end of school already made FOR A $1.00!! Made just for YOU by DANA!! :)

And STAMPS - HOLY MOTHER OF STAMPS!! I've NEVER EVER E V E R seen so many stamps in my LIFE!! I mean it - I'm gonna take a picture for you to see !!!! So - stamp lovers - this is the time - GET OUT HERE AND BUY THIS STUFF!!!!

Kelli and I will be here - with our GARAGE SALE CLOTHES on ready for you at 1:00 tomorrow (sunday!) - so get on out here!! I'll be back tomorrow with some photos for your viewing pleasure!!! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Here's to FIVE years of love, laughter and happiness that you've brought to our lives!!!

I love you!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy TAX DAY everyone!!! I hope you're all FILED and PAID and CASHED!!!! If you still haven't finished your taxes......God be with you!!! I'm feelin' for all the "tax people" today!!!

It's been a pretty nice day, despite the wind here in Kansas!!! I spent MOST of my day - pricing all of my garage sale stuff here for the store....I've got some GOOD STUFF!! ! AND there's good stuff coming in each day!!! We actually had to cut the crop night sign up sheet off to make room for our croppers on Friday night!!! Ooopsies!!! ( i don't ALWAYS think these things through!!! tee hee!) We've got TWICE as many folks signed up for this sale as we did last time!! That's AWESOME!!! And, lemme tell ya - there's some GOOOOOOOD stuff!!! (i've got all the Elsie stuff - dirt cheap!) (so far, there's a cricut, clip it up - several rolling totes, P3 rolling tote, tool totes, TONS of paper and bellies - TONS and TONS of stamps and ALBUMS!!!) Don't try to come in and SNEAK stuff to the register!! We HAVE to hold out for Sunday!! :)

So, be here on Sunday at 1:00 - we'll be ready for you!!

For those of you that saw my rolling tool tote that i had at crop camp - i have them at the store now!!! I ordered two of them - so get yours while they're here!!! (Gina, I think you were wanting one - but couldn't remember for sure - just email me and i'll hold it for you!)

We've only got TWO MONTHS UNTIL GANZA JUNE!!! There are STILL seats available - 20 to be exact!!! If we don't sell out for the summer ganza, then we'll just go back to having them twice a year instead of three times - so if you're thinking you might wanna come - SIGN UP!!!! (I'll keep you posted on the deadline date - cuz that might change as well!) Next week, the girls and I will be brainstorming and designing the rest of the special goodies we have for you at ganza - so any ideas YOU have - forward them my way!!!!

Okay - i'm peacin' out!! Have a great day and I'll be back to post more DL later!!! (there's a pretty big order coming tomorrow - but not sure if it's ALL really here or backordered - so I'll letcha know!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy SUNDAY everyone!!! WOW!! I haven't had a chance to check back here at the blog since I last posted - SO good to see that so many of you read!! I know that there are MANY more of you out there - SILENT BLOG STALKERS that read us daily and don't post - I hear your comments when you come in!!! Thank you so much for your support!! :)

I know that so many of you are sad to hear that Summer's leavin us - but this is the industry that is QUICKLY changing - so you have to be OPEN to change!! We will fill your void - SOMEHOW!!! Renee is not "taking over" Summer's class - but it's SO strange how God works!!! He closes one door and opens another - I KNOW that you will be SO pleased and inspired by Renee's new class - I don't know WHAT she's gonna name it yet - but I DO know that the FIRST class will be JUNE 14th!!!! SO, be looking for more on that!!!

I want to take a minute to just THANK the girls from US!! We are SO lucky to have a FABULOUS group of ladies working for us - we're small -but OH SO MIGHTY!!! Renee, Kristy and Kelli do SUCH a good job of working this store as if it were their own!!! I (personally) have some SERIOUS control issues (no comments!! :) ) I have tried (VERY HARD) to let go of some of these issues I have - and they have gone above and beyond to prove to US that they are perfectly capable of handling the responsibility!!! The store looks FABULOUS - we have the NEWEST TRENDIEST products out there - and it's JUST as much thanks to THEM as it is to US!!! We are a wonderful little family and we couldn't be HAPPIER with them!! SO, thank you Kristy - Renee and Kelli - WE TRUE-LY APPRECIATE YOU!!!! We wouldn't be where we are without YOU guys!! :)

We finally got some NEW AND FUN buttons in - LOVE them!! (kim, so glad you're happy!)

We had our FIRST Photography 101 class yesterday - it was FABULOUS!! (that's my new favorite word btw!) Kate did a wonderful job - "dumbing" it down for us Scrapbookers!!!! We weren't THRILLED about getting a TON of homework *wink wink* - but I am looking forward to using what I learned!! Already, I'm looking at pictures, layouts and ads TOTALLY differently!!!! I am now going to be saving for some new camera equipment!! (my dh is THRILLED!!) ((if you took the class - you should have received an email from me today - if you didn't get it - email me at and I'll get it to you asap!!)

OH - we got some NEW school albums in - SPECIALTY school albums -I'll post a picture of them this week - we only ordered Andover and Andover Central - but our little graduation section is RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN THE DOOR - so check those out!!!

Jana - are you back from beautiful MEXICO yet?!?! We've missed ya!! Can't wait to hear all about your RELAXING time at your class this Saturday!!

Garage sale stuff is starting to roll in - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm there's some GOOD stuff!!! I need to get mine priced!!! ;)

On a personal note - Rocky just bought us SingStar PopStar and 80's - SO LOOK OUT GIRLS - IT'S ON!!! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Yeah yeah, I know - you're getting "bored" with the blog....(i was told this today! *wink wink*'s NEVER updated!!) Well, I will say - it's not the EASIEST job to keep this "un-personal" while making it seem "personal"!!! KWIM!?!?! (that's know what i mean, by the way)!.......but it is hard for me, day after day, week after week, to keep NEW FRESH TRENDY FUN INTERESTING FUNNY OUTRAGEOUS STUFF on here!! Soooo, I apologize to those of you that STALK our site each day, only to see the same post for several days in a row!!! I start to think that NO ONE is reading this thing after awhile, and tell myself that if no one's reading - then there's no reason to stress about posting - then i occasionally hear that there are A FEW of you out there that DO read it - so I will keep it up!!! Just know that this isn't the EASIEST thing for me to do - - - - - I would love to recap my PERSONAL life (i would DEFINITELY have something to say EVERYDAY if that were the case) but this is the ATTIC BLOG - so I have to keep it pretty SPECIFIC!!! :)

SO MUCH NEW STUFF has rolled in here over the last month - it's hard for me to remember what you know about and what you don't - AND SOME OF IT WE'RE ALREADY OUT OF!!! (like some of the fancy pants!) But - we got a TON of new JOLEE'S in yesterday - so many of them the girls have spent the last two days trying to get them out on the floor!!!! Renee, ESPECIALLY, is THRILLED about all of the new jolee's!!!!! She has been singing and dancing ALL DAY LONG with her happy self!!!! These are just a few of the CUTEST ones!! I do have to say - I've never been a HUGE sticker fan.......but Jolee's rEAllY is making some HUGE comebacks!!!!

Kelli - this ones for you!!! :)

These will be a little somethin comin' to my cupcakes soon!!! :)
We got the NEW KI Laced Cardstock in as well!!!! LOVE THE SCHOOL and STARS the best!!! (i can't get the pics to upload - sorry!)
NEW Queen and Co. Felt Ribbon - BY THE YARD!!! LOVE the football - can't WAIT to use it on Kord's Flag Football Pics....(hmmmmmm maybe I'll do that tomorrow night at the crop!?!?!)
(can't get these to upload either?!?! whats the deal?!?!)

For those of you that went to Sesame Street Live - MOM INSISTED on getting these (adorable) Sesame Street Stickers!!! They are CUTE!! AND, they have Abby Cadabby!!!! (and snuffy was always my favorite!)
They also have a "kit" for those of you that LOVE to just have the kit!


NEW punches from EK - these are SUPA NICE!!!

It's coming- GRADUATION!!! YOU KNOW IT'S COMING!!!!! We've got these great little 8x8 books that would make the PERFECT GIfT to give - or to complete for your grad!!!
We got the latest TWO new books from Donna Downey - Fabric Scrapbooking and Layout Designs. I LOVE DONNA DOWNEY!!! FINALLY restocked the Bazzil "Just the edge" cardstock strips!!! I USED these a LOT this last weekend at crop camp!! They are AWESOME!! And you get a TON in ONE package!! ( i wish they'd come out with MULTIPLE colored packs!) OH - and Bazzill paper flowers - we now have ALL OF THEM!!!!

Got a "sprinkling" of some new Disney stickers!
I think I told you last week - we got a TON of new Thickers in!! My favorite this time is: Poolside!!! It's so elegant, yet whimsical!! LOVE IT!
Soooo, with all of this new stuff moving it's way out onto the floor - the "old stuff" (which in this industry - means less than 2 months old!) has to go bye-bye!! So, we're adding stuff to our clearance section DAILY!!!! We are putting a TON of the "old" jolees in the sale this week, so get in while the "gettin's good"!!!!

Crop Camp - I'm SURE you're all DYING to know how it went?!?! Welll, it was FABULOUS!!! I, personally, had the TIME OF MY LIFE!!! I LOVE it when I get to sit in ONE SPOT for extended periods of time and NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT TIME IT IS....or ANY obligations or responsibilities that I may have!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I completed our vacation album!! 4 years ago Rocky and I went to Playa del Carmen with 11 other couples - TALK ABOUT A GOOD TIME!! It was so much fun to pull those pictures out and just REMINISCE all weekend long about that trip!!! I was VERY good about ONLY bringing things that would work for this album!! But, here's something I learned about myself this weekend - that I didn't realize.......I'm a PAD scrapper!!!?? WHO KNeW??!! What's a PAD Scrapper you ask?!?! (I just made that up btw!!!) I took the time to "rummage" through all of my paper in my scrap room - took the time to pull ALL of the paper with greens, blues and FUN BRIGHT MEXICAN colors....vacation paper - you can imagine all the paper that I found!!! FUN PAPER!!! Also - at the last minute - on the way out - I grabbed a paper stack that I'd purchased over a year ago - thinking...hmmmmm maybe i could use SOME of this too......get to the crop - getting to working - not feeling ANY mojo with ANY of the paper that I had CAREFULLY selected......remembered that I'd stuck the paper pad in my shoulder bag....guess what?!?!???? I used that ENTIRE PAPER PAD FOR THE ENTIRE ALBUM!!! AND IT ALL MATCHES!!!! HOLY COW!!! I could have saved myself TONS of time carefully selecting paper, saved myself an ENTIRE TOTE to carry if I'd just only brought the paper pad!!!! Sooooo, I'm turning a new leaf - I'm PAPER paddin' it all the way when it comes to theme albums!!!! :) The total album ended up being 21 pages and looks fabulous, if I do say so myself!! Rocky LOVES it and has looked at it TWO times already!!! (that's always a good indicator ((for me anyway)) how many times my family looks through my albums!)
So, back to the weekend - Kristy and I clocked in the MOST hours cropping (amongst the four of us - Sarah (smears), Renee (babs), myself and Kristy (krusty) - Our other table buddies - Jennifer Roeder (Roeder style) and Keri Marsh (Keri Bee) win overall for the most cropping time AND the most accomplished!!! Don' adjust your screen - you read that right!!! JENNIFER ROEDER SCRAPBOOKED THIS WEEKEND!!! YEP!!! If I remember right, and correct me roeder style if i'm wrong, but i think she completed 7 projects and FOURTEEN Scrapbook PAGES!!!!! HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE!!! It was like cropping with a TOTALLY different person!! She really is talented and was VERY organized!!!!! I was in AWE of her!!! I did decide that she will ALWAYS be our table buddy - cuz I can bring lesss!!! ::::::: ) hee heeeee!!! (thanks for letting me borrow SO many of your flowers friend!) Of course, I forgot my camera - so I have no pictures of my own - but I have been doing some nosing around and found some blogs that have slideshows from our weekend - so you can see how much fun we had there!!!

And - I'm SURE that there will be photos up on the CROP CAMP website SOON - so you could check those out too!!!

Yes, it's true - I did try my hand at a little Karaoke!!! I didn't realize that you could karaoke on PlayStation!!! Wellllll, THREE hours of that later and I'm hooked!!!! (even stopped at Target on the way home from Crop Camp on Sunday and bought one of my own!! the 90's Version!!! mmmm....vanilla ice ice baby!!!!!) So, be looking for a little THROW down of Guitar Hero and Karaoke at Ganza!!!!

I do have to say though, knowing what it takes to put these big crops on, and all the DRAMA that can come with having SO many WOMEN in an enclosed space for a weekend - this has to be one of the most relaxed, less stressed - UN dramatic weekend crops I've been to!! KUDOS to Shandra, Kathy and Alicia - you are GREAT at what you're doin' and thank you for bringing these crops to us each year (twice a year!) - you're definitely feeling a need!! THANK YOU!!!

What else has been happenin?!?! We have a crop comin' up tomorrow night (friday) AND next friday night !! YES, two friday's in a row!!!! I KNOW!! But, I know that there are some of you that only get to crop ONE friday a month - so I wanted to give you your fridays!! Since we're having our Garage Sale the following Friday - it was a MUST to do them in a row!!!

Which brings me to our GARAGE SALE!!! It's QUICKLY approaching!! If you're contemplating whether you should participate - you'd better GET ER DONE!!! Go through your STUFF and PURGE!! It's a really good feeling - plus you'll be making some extra DOUGH to put BACK into your scrapbooking!!! 100% of your profits will be given back in STORE CREDIT!!!! You pay $10.00, we print off labels for you to mark your goods - you price it - and bring it all in beginning the 14th - (that's next week btw!) - and we do the rest of the work for ya!!!! Piece of cake!!

For those of you who are wanting to come peruse through the garage sale items - we will have everything ready for you to shop through on Sunday April 20th at 1:00pm!!!! Please note that we will not punch your Scrap*Funattic punch card for garage sale purchases!! Call the store with any further questions you may have!!!

OHHHH!!! Our Renee (always thinking renee!) had a FABULOUS idea for a NEW book that will be released in May - you might have heard of's by a GREAT friend that ALL scrapbookers know - Lisa Bearnson......anyway - she contacted CK Media and spoke with our rep. about her idea - our rep. was SO excited about her idea that she spoke with her manager and had a SPECIAL copy of the book sent PERSONALLY to Renee here at the store - so she could prepare for her "idea"!!! Well, it came today - and let me just say - I'm SO excited to see what she comes up with!!! Keep looking and watching the store AND the blog for future updates - this WILL BE A NEW CLASS THAT WE'RE GOING TO OFFER YOU!!!!

Speaking of classes....I do have some sad news for you most of you know - Summer Crook has been teaching our fabulous "aweso{ME}" class since August!!! When she began this class - we didn't set a "timeline" for it - just thought we'd let it run it's course........Summer came in today and we visited for awhile - she is feeling VERY overwhelmed in her personal life right now - building a beautiful home, being a wife, a fabulous momma, and starting her very own Etsy shop - something's gotta May will be her last aweso{ME} class. While we're VERY sad to see her go - we DO understand all that we, as women take on in a day - and sometimes, something just HAS to give to help level everything else out. We will miss her talent VERY much - but know that we will still continue to see her smiling bubbly face around these parts often!!!

Some happy news!!! Christie and Brent Welch welcomed their SECOND son last Thursday afternoon!!! Andrew John!!! You can catch a glimpse of him here: - keep them in your thoughts!!! Congratulations guys!!!

Okay - well, this post turned out to be a LONG one!!! Hope you enjoyed it - and weren't BORED TO TEARS!! :) I'd like to send a little prayer out to one of my good friends, Tara Unkel. She is having surgery tomorrow morning at 10:30 - if you could all please say a prayer for a safe and healthy recovery for her, that would be great!! We're thinking of you!!!

Thanks for reading my novel guys - love ya!!! peace out! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

HOLY COW!! Where did this week go!??! Prepping for a crop is A LOT OF WORK on my brain!! I think of things in the middle of the night and then can't go back to sleep!! crazy!!

Okay - this is gonna be fast and random cuz I HAVE to go - they're waiting for me to help them now!!!

We got the NEW DCWV Butterflies and Blossoms!! AND the new DCWV Travel!! BOTH are OPEN STOCK PAPER and STACKS!!! YEAH!!!

New Cropper Hopper organizers too!!! YEAH!!

Christie and Brent Welch had their baby yesterday!!! Brent left the message on my phone - so i didn't get to TALK to him....He left me NO NAME for the baby - Christie had told me of a name they were playing with....but I'm not sure if that's what they chose - so I'm not gonna announce it!! He was a healthy 6lb. 10oz baby!!! YEAH!! Congrats to you guys - can't wait to hold that lil guy and SNIFF him!! (love the smell of babies!!)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PAGE MAPS ARE BACK IN!! I am SO thankful they came - we were PRAYING!!!!! So, we'll have those with us and at the store too!!!

Okay - that's all for now - I'll be back with a recap of the weekend later!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good mornin'!!!

Okay - things are hoppin' here today!! Don't know WHATS up but we've been SUPA busy today!! NICE!!! Must be the SUNSHINE!! :)

Wanted to jump on here real quick and fill you in on the Bazzill "albums" that we received yesterday!! KRUSTY ordered these WONDERFUL new albums from Bazzill!! (they came in FASTER than we anticipated!!) they are FABULOUS!!! They are called LICKETY SLIP albums!! THEY ARE D-RING!! My NEW favorite find!! SO easy to scrapbook with a D-Ring album - you don't HAVE to scrapbook chronologically - you don't HAVE to fiddle with POSTS!! I LOVE THEM!! AND, they hold MORE pages than most post bound albums AND strap hinge albums!! Sooooo, what IS the LICKETY SLIP album!?!?! Here's a "blurb" from the Bazzill site for you!!

These albums are going to make scrapbooking SUPA easy and fAsT!!! plus - it might be just the thing you're needing to get you out of that "creativity" rut you might be in!!! We also have the NEW LICKETY SLIP idea book from Bazzill as well!! I've been thumbing through this book while waiting for the pictures to upload - it's TOTALLY cool!!!! It's a 12x12 layout with 4x6 slots that you slip your "mini layouts" and photos in!! IT'S SO COOL!! The book is FULL of page ideas.

Also - FINALLY got the new "About a Girl" mini book for those tweenie girls!!!

And, we've PRE-ordered this WONDERFUL new book from Lisa Bearnson......(renee has a little something up her sleeve for you on this!!!) be looking for this one in May!!!

FYI - for those of you that use Straphinge albums- we still have our refills buy one get one 1/2 off!!! SOMEONE ordered a TON of those and we need to get rid of them!!! (not mentioning any names!!)

Okay - well my bags are packed and I'm READY to go!!! I'm bringing VERY LITTLE to Crop Camp!! Why you ask!??! Because I've taken Alicia's ORGANIZATIONAL class and I KNOW that I have EVERYTHING I NEED!!! (and, it's here in Wichita - so if I need anything - I'll just go home!!! HA HA!!!) For those of you crop camp attendees......we are bringing SO much stuff - I think Krusty's gonna need a UHAUL!! Soooo, if you think of something that we might not have thought of - shoot us an email: - call us: 316-733-0029 or post a comment here and we'll do our best to get it there for you!!! We're PRAYING and crossing our fingers that the PAGEMAPS book get here by Friday - I'm gonna stay here and wait for UPS to come before I head out to camp. We are bringing some of the LOTM's for you to purchase as well - we've got ya covered!!! :)

Okay - that's all for now - OH - Shannon Fisher is the FIRST and ONLY person to submit layoutS (several of them!) using the clear transparencies.....anyone else out there read this thing!??!! HUH!?!?!??! Shannon - I have a little something for you next time you're in!! THANK YOU!! I especially loved your cut out "head" that you used!! :) :)