Thursday, May 20, 2010

And the Winner is.............

Congratulations Pat N!!

You have just won a TWO month subscription to Chicks in the Attic!!! Please call the store 316-733-0029 and let us know what your address is so we can ship your first kit at the beginning of next month!!

WAY to go Pat! Please stop in to comment after you get it to let us know what you think!!! I personally think you will LOVE it!!!
besosbesos, dc

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calling ALL Out Of State Attic*FunAttics!!!!

Have you seen this one????.................

We LOVE hanging out at the Attic and cropping the day away!! and we'll be doing that again really soon since school is out TOMORROW!! WOOOHOOO! Get pumped cause I'll be coming to you here on the blog with new products and video almost DAILY!! Soooo lmk what you would like to see me bloggity bloggin about and I will do my best to get that on for you! Mini classes, tutorials, store updates, CITA, what else????

(psssst that could count as one of your THREE comments!!)

aaaannnnddd speaking of commenting.... DO NOT FORGET that TOMORROW at 2pm I will be announcing the WINNER of a 2 months subscription to our monthly kit club Chicks in the Attic {CITA}!! Woohoo! I wish I could win!! Pick me, pick me!

That is ONE Sweeeet prize ladies....TWO Months worth of scrapping supplies (20+ layouts worth total on average) mailed right to your front door in a couple of weeks!!

So in order to be eligible for our RANDOM Drawing (are you an iCarly fan?!?! Can you Hear that echoing in your head??? Let me say it again....Random Drawing!) you must:

  • be a Registered Follower of this SWEET blog
  • live out of the state of Kansas
  • comment on THIS POST telling us what you lovelovelove to see in a scrapbook store. Events, classes, product. etc.
  • comment on at least TWO older posts of your choice (during the contest period)

DO THIS!! You won't be sorry!! It will only take a few minutes.

and {hinthint} you have a VERY good chance of winning if you enter...just sayin' :)

and don't worry KANSAS girlies....I have MORE kits to give away to you next week!!!

besosbesos, dc

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Moving INFO....

When I was trying to find a SUPER CAAAUUUUTE picture to announce the moving sale and I came across this ADORABLE cupcake hamburger pic. It sure made me smile so I thought you girls would like it too!!
And now for some BIG INFO...........
WE WILL RE-OPEN IN OUR NEW LOCATION ON TUESDAY JUNE 1ST AT 10:00 AM!!!!! Our NEW ADDRESS will be 624 N. Andover Road. This is in the Andover Plaza Shopping Center. Some landmarks that may make it easier for you to locate us, behind Wendy's, near Ace Hardware, next to Simply Silver, and down the way from Tuesday Morning!!! (hope this helps ya!) It's in the shopping center on the NE corner of Central and Andover Road!!Our phone number (316-733-0029) WILL REMAIN THE SAME!!!!
Everything will go "back" to their "regular" scheduled days when we are in our new location!! (Pj Crop Night, Super Scrappin' Saturday, Friday Crop Night, etc!) .... you can always "bookmark" our CALENDAR link, by clicking here and adding it to your favorite bookmarks!!!Okay - now that all of the REALLY important information is out of the way, lets get down to the specifics! We are beginning to move items over to the new store now - however they are not items that you will even notice are gone. As we get closer to our actual MOVING DAY (29th), you may start to notice things a little more "un organized" than usual, and we apologize for this!! We're going to try our VERY best to make this as SMOOTH as possible!!
So please don't think that we won't have our inventory HERE at the store while you're shopping, we will not move PRODUCT until the 29th!!!!It's TRUE - we will have some new items that we haven't carried before at the new location!!
and one more thing.....
Beginning THIS SATURDAY and ending on SUNDAY, the ENTIRE store will be 20% off!!!! (no restrictions!!!)
Wooohoooo!! I'll see you at the Attic this weekend...I need to stock up on adhesive and a few other things I have had my eye on for a while now!!! besosbesos, dc

Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you in???


Are you gettin involved in the contest?? If you are a *towner* have you emailed your buddies that live in other states? Are you a Attic blog FOLLOWER?!?! Even if you live here in town get signed up and leave a message

If you have questions about how you become a follower of this blog click on this link for step-by-step pictures and information:

Follow this link to set up a reader list for all of your favorite blogs:

I hope these things help!! If you have any other technical questions feel free to comment or you can always google the question, for instance:

What is the difference between being a follower and a subscriber?

A subscriber is someone who desires the ability to read your blog using a newsfeed reader. are simply subscribers in a community, where they get their picture displayed on other peoples blogs. Being part of the community allows you, and your readers, to surf related blogs., as a blog owner, can allow your subscribers to subscribe by email, if you wish. But that will be a subscription that's separate from Following. people can subscribe to your blog feed, and can even Follow your blog, without a Google account. Neither newsfeed subscription, nor Following, exclusively require a Google account. Access to Google Reader, from the dashboard, requires a Blogger account. They all seem to be one package, but the package can be broken into parts, if you wish

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winners and Another BIG Contest Announcement!

FINALLY I am here to announce the winners of the Attic blog's "Follower" contest.

I decided to award prizes to the THREE peeps who left a comment saying that they added themselves as followers.

MichelleP and her bestie Linda Ratlief and Karagirl are all winners!!! The next time you stop in the Attic there will be a prize for ya!!!

And to announce the NEXT contest and prize....

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and....not to be a Debbie Downer or anything but I would like to see SO many more people following the blog AND commenting. We want people to be as excited and INVOLVED in the process as we are! This is YOUR store and we want to do the BEST job we can to give you the customer service AND product that you LOVE!!!!! I have been RACKING my brain trying to figure out ways to Encourage you girlies to put yourselves out there just a SMIDGE and make some comments here on the blog. C'MON don't be shy...we don't bite...the reward for speaking up (even just a little) is that your voice WILL be heard and your COMMENTS will be MUCHO appreciated by ALL of the Attic gals.

Soooo...enough of the encouragement (oh and a BIG thank you to my tried and true commenters...i don't need to name all know who you are!!!) let's get to round one of the contest....

Are you from OUT of STATE and follow the blog??? Are there any Cali, Florida, Texas, Vermont?!!? girls out there and reading!?!?!? If so do I have an awesomely EASY deal for you!! All you have to do is comment on AT LEAST 3 blog posts by a week from this Thursday (May 20th at noon) and already be/ or become a follower of the Attic blog and you will be entered to win a 2 month subscription to our Chicks in the Attic kit!! How great is that!!??!! If you need more info on our kit click the past CITA post link on the sidebar!

And here is the BIGGIE.... ONE of your 3 comments needs to be on THIS post saying what you LOVE about YOUR local scrapbook store. What do they {host, carry product, crops, giveaways, kits, classes} do that makes them SO RAD in your eyes?!?!?

We can't wait to here from ya!! Local or call your besties from out of state and encourage them to enter...maybe they will share half of their winnings with ya ;)

and don't worry Kansas croppers, I will have a CITA kit contest coming soon (I plan on giving away 2-3 more kits THIS WEEK AND NEXT!! So get to becoming a follower and making comments cause you just never know what the rules to enter will be!!

besosbesos, dc

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

something to make you laugh!

A huge thanks to "Mrs. V"! she was cleaning out her hard drive and ran across some of these pics from Ganza's past!! Thought these would be fun to reminisce over - as well as get you in the mood for GANZA in FOUR MONTHS! :)

I have no idea exactly WHAT's going on here - meditating??? Trying to reach communication to my "inner dancer"!?!? Unsure! :) (orrrrr it could just be that it was SUPER hot and i was sweaty!)
I have NO idea exactly what move we're doing here?!?!
Our theme for this ganza was "80's" !! We had a "dance off" with our favs from the 80's! Kate was showing us her "Mr. Roboto" moves! :)
This wonderful shot would be my sister gettin' DOWN with her bad self! :) go sarah, go sarah!
Not only do i love looking at the pics and remembering the good times we've had - but look at the faces in the background! :) LOVE their smiles! And all the cameras! (janine i'm SURE you have some WINNERs on your camera!)

WOW!! even Renee was gettin' down! :) Yami is that you!? And Kim Bartunek?!?
Doing our midnight conga line - with our "leader" JEANIE!

We R Memory Keepers Exclusive Membership Program

Are you Hip? Cool? With it??? Have you heard about WRMK?!?!? (If not that's OKAY...that is where I come in!!)

We R Memory Keepers Membership Program is an EXCLUSIVE line just for SALE in ONLY Brick and Mortar Indy Scrapbooking Businesses. This is SUCH a cool program that is ONLY offered to the LSS's that you WON'T see in the big chain stores. It is SOOO great to feel SPECIAL and be able to offer such ADORABLE Exclusive product to you, our loyal customers!!

Here are a few recent and upcoming lines. If you see something you like be sure to get into the store quickly to get those super new pp's picked up because they only send us a limited supply and we have sold out EACH MONTH!!! It is sooo cool to see gals already "following" this line and coming in each month as soon as they hear we have them in stock.

Old Glory *my personal FAVE* is available in the store TODAY!!

Show and Tell----Shipping May 15th!

Out and About -----Shipping June 15th!

Heebie Jeebies---shipping July 15th!!

Aren't they CUTE!?!? I am a sucker for the SHAPED patterned paper!!

As I have been PROMISING I will be announcing some blog WINNERS tomorrow as well as sparking up somethin new that has a value of about $70 that the boss ladies are letting me give away so don't miss out!! Check back in with me tomorrow (as I hope you do everyday!!!) besosbesos, dc

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

*Photo by our VERY own Krusty Mullins*

This is a REMINDER that the Attic will be closed on Mother's Day!! Have a happy day celebrating and relaxing!!

Also, don't forget to leave a message on yesterday's post letting us know what scrapbooking goodness you would like to see in the new store!!! Thanks for all of the comments we have gotten so far!!! I think I will draw a winner from the product comments we get by tomorrow!! I will also be announcing the winners of the "follower" contest tomorrow!!! besosbesos, dc

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hola Laura!!

It has already been a month and we need to take un minuto to introduce all of you to our NEWEST Attic Member!!! Please take a minute to get to know her better, you'll be seeing lots and lots more of Laura around here!!! I asked Laura to tell you a lil' somethin' about herself...with a little hesitation, and a LOT of pleading (!!), here's what she had to say!!......

Hey Scrap fanatics! My name is Laura, Auntie Lala to my 6 nieces and nephews and Scrappin' Auntie to all my scrappy friends! My husband, Adam, and I just relocated here from Jacksonville, Florida, (no, I don't miss it!!!) but Wichita isn't new to me 'cuz I spent all my childhood summers here with my dad's family. Scrappin' has been my passion for almost 7 years; I was a designer and instructor at Scrap'n Stuff in FL, teaching everything from 101,102 & 103, to Mom & Me and Kid's Kamp, and my personal fave - altered art! Give me a bucket, box or bag and it's gonna get scrapped up pretty quick! My style is to get down & dirty - rip it, tear it, ink it, then jazz it up with as much ribbon, buttons or doodads as can possibly fit! I'm a Quickutz freak. (Yes! After all these years, I still LV my personal diecut tool.) I'm a total Starbucks SNOB, I love red, Chewy Spree (hint, hint), and I believe no girl can evah have too much jewelry or scrap junk! I'm really excited to be hangin' out at the 'Attic and can't wait to meet each one of you!

**pssstttt....okay - so laura didn't mention that she's ALSO a STAMPING QUEEN!! (or at least WE think she is!).....SOOOOO....what does this mean for YOU!? Well, GOOD NEWS! In the future, you'll hopefully be seeing more stamping PRODUCTS, CLASSES and KNOWLEDGE coming your way from the 'Attic!!! YAY!

ALSO, we need some feedback! Why are in the process of stocking and stalking {ha!!} our new Big Pink Attic space and we your opinion.

What products do you want to see in the NEW store??

old faves.....

New product....

specific designers or lines....

What do you think??? PLEASE tell us! We want to carry the MUST HAVE items and set our business APART from the other "Big Stores" by bringing you TOP NOTCH customer service and this is ONE way we want to do this. We want the new location to be FLOWING with all of the things you can't get enough of! Pleasepleaseplease let us know (and feel free to be specific)!! Angie L. is calling right know I just know it saying, "WE need more Tim Holtz!!!" (guess what Angie...your wish is being fulfilled!!!) Your opinions are VALUABLE because we know we wouldn't be where we are without such awesome customers!!! So Leave a BLOG Comment (we are a little lacking in that department....I'll have to brainstorm some ways to *Spark* the commenting section of the blog!!), call, email the store, or simply let us know the next time you are in...tell us what you think we should carry. All suggestions are WANTED, APPRECIATED, and CONSIDERED!!!

I hope you are allll having a FELIZ CINCO de MAYO!!! I am up to my eyeballs in mexican food right now!! (tough job, I know!!!) besosbesos. dc

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Digs

Do you recognize this place?? This is the picture of the strip mall we will be in. They have taken down the Jazzersize and ATA signs and will soon be replacing them with OUR Scrap*Funattic sign!! YAY!


As you can see we have been working REALLY hard to paint and transform our new space into our Signature color!!!!

What do you think??? Exciting stuff huh??? We will be posting more pictures soon as progress is being made daily!! besosbesos, dc

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Paper!!!

We just got a BUNCH of new area middle and high school patterned paper! Just in time for scrapping your favorite athlete's spring sports or senior projects!! AND we will SOON be getting a BRAND NEW line of COLLEGIATE papers in stock! If you want to know if we carry your team just give us a call!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Krusty's Class

Next Thursday night - May 6th from 6:00-8:00 pm, join Kristy for this FUN BoBunny Edgy Album Class!!! You'll complete this mixed media mini album...with everything included EXCEPT for your photos!!! This class is PACKED with product!! Album, paper, bling, flowers, fabric, ribbon and more!! You're SURE to have a blast, AND learn a thing or two as well!!! (plus, you have a TON of leftover product to use on another project of your choosing!)Bo Bunny Edgy Album Class----Here Comes The Sun/Flower Child---$30.00**these photos are some snapshots from the album that Kristy designed!