Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you in???


Are you gettin involved in the contest?? If you are a *towner* have you emailed your buddies that live in other states? Are you a Attic blog FOLLOWER?!?! Even if you live here in town get signed up and leave a message

If you have questions about how you become a follower of this blog click on this link for step-by-step pictures and information:

Follow this link to set up a reader list for all of your favorite blogs:

I hope these things help!! If you have any other technical questions feel free to comment or you can always google the question, for instance:

What is the difference between being a follower and a subscriber?

A subscriber is someone who desires the ability to read your blog using a newsfeed reader. are simply subscribers in a community, where they get their picture displayed on other peoples blogs. Being part of the community allows you, and your readers, to surf related blogs., as a blog owner, can allow your subscribers to subscribe by email, if you wish. But that will be a subscription that's separate from Following. people can subscribe to your blog feed, and can even Follow your blog, without a Google account. Neither newsfeed subscription, nor Following, exclusively require a Google account. Access to Google Reader, from the dashboard, requires a Blogger account. They all seem to be one package, but the package can be broken into parts, if you wish


Pat N said...

I'm following now even though I stop by everyday to check out anything new.

Dacia said...

I'm definitely a Scrapfunattic follower! I love stopping by every day to see what's going on in the store and the ideas that are shared! Keep up the great work!