Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winners and Another BIG Contest Announcement!

FINALLY I am here to announce the winners of the Attic blog's "Follower" contest.

I decided to award prizes to the THREE peeps who left a comment saying that they added themselves as followers.

MichelleP and her bestie Linda Ratlief and Karagirl are all winners!!! The next time you stop in the Attic there will be a prize for ya!!!

And to announce the NEXT contest and prize....

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and....not to be a Debbie Downer or anything but I would like to see SO many more people following the blog AND commenting. We want people to be as excited and INVOLVED in the process as we are! This is YOUR store and we want to do the BEST job we can to give you the customer service AND product that you LOVE!!!!! I have been RACKING my brain trying to figure out ways to Encourage you girlies to put yourselves out there just a SMIDGE and make some comments here on the blog. C'MON don't be shy...we don't bite...the reward for speaking up (even just a little) is that your voice WILL be heard and your COMMENTS will be MUCHO appreciated by ALL of the Attic gals.

Soooo...enough of the encouragement (oh and a BIG thank you to my tried and true commenters...i don't need to name all know who you are!!!) let's get to round one of the contest....

Are you from OUT of STATE and follow the blog??? Are there any Cali, Florida, Texas, Vermont?!!? girls out there and reading!?!?!? If so do I have an awesomely EASY deal for you!! All you have to do is comment on AT LEAST 3 blog posts by a week from this Thursday (May 20th at noon) and already be/ or become a follower of the Attic blog and you will be entered to win a 2 month subscription to our Chicks in the Attic kit!! How great is that!!??!! If you need more info on our kit click the past CITA post link on the sidebar!

And here is the BIGGIE.... ONE of your 3 comments needs to be on THIS post saying what you LOVE about YOUR local scrapbook store. What do they {host, carry product, crops, giveaways, kits, classes} do that makes them SO RAD in your eyes?!?!?

We can't wait to here from ya!! Local or call your besties from out of state and encourage them to enter...maybe they will share half of their winnings with ya ;)

and don't worry Kansas croppers, I will have a CITA kit contest coming soon (I plan on giving away 2-3 more kits THIS WEEK AND NEXT!! So get to becoming a follower and making comments cause you just never know what the rules to enter will be!!

besosbesos, dc


Tiffany said...

"You serious Clark?" 2 months free of CITA...why don't you just give the store away...I am sending my email out NOW!!
Leigh N., Amy R. and Lindsay H. are my list!!

michellep said...

I'm telling you. You guys are my FAVORITE!!! I know I am a Kansas I don't qualify :o(
But I LOVE the Attic. It is my fave. You make me feel right at home....even though I'm a west-sider. Hey maybe that should count....LOL


Pat N said...

Okay, I'm from Oklahoma and you know I love your store. I've made the trip many times to see what's your latest and greatest, although sadly not in a while. Sad to say my LSS is no more as they closed their doors earlier this year. When they were open I loved to go shop for Basic Grey, My Minds Eye, Glimmer Mist, Smooch Mist, all kinds of bling, and Quikuts items. She always carried different shapes of acrylic albums. She had loads more, but these were my favorites. Hope this helps in stocking your new store.

Scrap*Funattic said...

Tiffany-we are SERIOUS!! How great of a prize is that!??!!? We appreciate you spreading the word about the blog and CITA and just for supporting us in general!!!

Thank you Michelle!!! that means sooo much to us...I just can't tell ya! And NEVER FEAR we will be giving away some kits for the local gals in the next week or so!!

Pat, thanks for being an out of state customer!! Have you checked out the Chicks in the Attic kit club yet?!?! You will LOVE it I promise!! You never know you may win two month's worth! and you'll be hooked for sure! Pictures just don't do it justice! That is a GREAT way for our out of towners to stay in touch with the attic product...we are also in the process of expanding our online site so be watching for that too!! Also, don't forget to make 2 more comments on past or future blogs (by next Thurs) to solidify your entry in the CITA contest!!

dlcorner said...

What about a 2 month CITA for an out a towner from Derby. Hmmm! Mabe getting my Sister-in-law from TX to blog & splitting the goods. Thanks for the idea! : )

Melisa said...

Ok I just now re;ized that you had to have a gmail account that's why my comments never show~ now I have one question I so not see were to become a follower.....any help is much appricated!
~Melisa Salas

Libby said...

Shouldn't western ks count as out of state?? :) Our LSS just closed - so sad!! But, I did score a great deal on paper holders for my new scrapbook room (no pictures yet, just an empty room still waiting on drywall even!)

Karagirl said...

Wahoo!! I never win anything. I am headed to the casino to see if my luck holds out (then bring my winnings to spend at the store)!

Rachael said...

I'm a MN girl and my Kansas sister just sent me the link to this blog - is she sweet or what?! I might even share in my winnings if I'm picked! Maybe... What I love to see at my LSS is lots of quick kits in all the top brands - Basic Grey, Cosmo Criket, etc. Thinking of it makes me want to go do some RANDOM scrapping!!