Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess what FINALLY arrived yesterday?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND - WSU....this is ALL that they are printing - and no more??! We're gonna have to start hunting down another company!!! Gotta have lil wushock!

ANNNDDD FINALLY AS WELL - BAZZILL!!! the new edges are KKKAAUUUTTTEE :) New family generations paperand lots of other fun new stuff, but i don't have the TIME right now to upload it all :( suri!!

Seating chart for ganza is complete YET again!! With the cancellations and registrations coming in this week, it was necessary to get everyone re-grouped!!! SOOOOOO if i told you where you were "sitting" already - nix that!! Started over!!!;0

all the food for ganza is ready to go, mom and i went to sams today - LOTS of interesting looks....especially from the kiddos!!! they would say - MOM SHE HAS FOUR BOXES of CRACKER JACKS!!!! HA :)

Okay - so, that's it for now - just another quick update to let you know that we're still alive and kickin!

Monday, August 24, 2009

more feedback please - oh and a cute sneak!

okay - so music feedback yesterday......

now i wanna hear about the hoRspitality room!! What do you wanna find in there to munch on or drink? Majority rules.....mountain dew? diet rite? dr. pepper? PEPSI?? COKACOLA?

lemme hear from you!

ANNNNNDD, those of you that are FANS of our CHICKS IN THE ATTIC KIT OF THE MONTH CLUB!!! .................

Each month in addition to our FANTABULOUS kit, Two Chicks creates a "themed" shirt to coordinate with our kit!! So - for August, it was "Sweet Scrappin"....see the resemblance??
Welllll, this months shirt was taken from THIS layout....
Isn't that ADORABLE....
the shirt i mean, i think the idea is GENIUS and NO i did NOT come up with it - Brent did, and i think it's SOOOOO cool!!! So - log onto and order your september kit and shirts today!! (((((if you are a "picker upper" - meaning you pick your kit up at the attic. you will have to tell it to SHIP the ADD ON items that you purchase!...they won't actually ship to you - but this way you can check out effectively!)))))))
YES, you can still get the AUGUST kotm and shirt - but HURRY - we're down to SINGLE digits left!!!

and OMG while i was searching for jpegs to post for the blog and newsletter - i came across THIS shirt from Two Chicks.....HOW TRUE IS THAT!!! I SWEAR I SAY THAT AT LEAST ONCE A DAY!!! HONESTLY!!!! Sometimes even to Krusty and Renee! :)....(in case you can't read the text it says "Do it again, that would make a great scrapbook page"!!!)

We are also going to try having a $5.00 Make N Take for you at Ganza.....
for those of you that have requested these in the past, i hope you can take some time away to complete this adorable little DVD tin!! These are the same tins we made in the store for our Anniversary Celebration!!! So - be looking for that too!

OMG there are few things in this world that make me feel the way these next photos do - in no order of importance those things are: starbux, Fancy Pants Paper, UPS man, oh-ROCKY!, and PURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a little sneeky peeky from CASEY STUCKY with SASSY BAGS who will be at ganza friday :)!!

GANZA - want your comments!!

hey ganza go-ers and NO GO-ERS!! I always kinda feel bad during the week before ganza, i don't want those that AREN'T going to feel like we're leaving you out - but this is all we eat, breathe, and think about at this time!!! So - hopefully you're still "hanging" with us and just enjoying the wild ride that all of us LOONY TOONS will go on this weekend!!!

Okay - so nows the time to speak your mind!!! I'm getting music ready for the weekend - loading it on my ipod - but remembered LAST time Shandra was so sweet to let us borrow her Satellite radio!! So - WHAT kinda music do ya'll like??? WHAT get's your MOJO flowin?? I'm asking b/c i'd like to include a little bit of everything!! And not only THAT - but it will ALSO give others a PLAY LIST for their own IPODS!!

In regards TO the music - we do have a sound system, however we don't play the music "very loudly".....sometimes we CRANK it up and bust out in the conga line or have Jeanie Padron teach us the latest line dance....and other times we're kicking back enjoying a little michael BuBBLE....yes i know it's buble' - but the first time KRUSTY heard him - she called him BUBBLE!!! :) ahhhhhh krusty mullins!!!

Now - speaking of Rockin' out to the music.......for those of you that attend ganza regularly, you can just skip ahead - but if you've not been to ganza in a while or ever before - please NOTE that on Saturday night - we HAVE been known to have a small little fiesta!!! Now - sometimes its LOUD and CRAZY and we have men on the balcony screaming at us to turn our music down, and we HAVE had the police called on us before - although THAT wasn't the smartest thing.....ONE man called the police on 200 women with SCISSORS?!?! REALLY!?!? anyway - we ended up having a "body guard" all night!! But - just know that....if you're one that doesn't like that sort of thing - you might wanna turn in a little early....but we've found that more people LIKE it than DO NOT!! AND - if you're starting to get a little sleepy - thinking of turning in - loosin' your mojo - our little fiesta might be JUST the push you need to get a few more hours of croppin' in!!!

pssstttt: i've also "heard" that there are some FAHHHBULOUS sales after midnight for those that are still around.......i'm just sayin'!!!

SO - post your FAVORITE play list - anything from ONE song - to several to the TYPE of music you like!!!

Check back later tomorrow morning, i'm gonna be getting ready for my trip to SAM'S and want your input there too!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

FIRST and FOREMOST......HERE is the most accurate and UP TO DATE list that we have for ganza goers shirt orders!! If your name is on this list then you're signed up to get a shirt!!!!

Alicia D.
Amy D.
Amy P.
Amy W.
Angela M.
Becky G.
Beth R.
Beverly S.
Beyonce' Knowles!
Bridget M.
Cecilia A.
Chandra S.
Chantel B.
Cheri B.
Chris H.
Christel S.
Connie O.
Crystal B.
Dawn H.
Deborah L.
DeDe W.
Deloris C.
Diana C.
Diann D.
Donna W.
Erin H.
Geri C.
Heather S.
Ivey A.
Jamie Y.
Jane S.
Janell H.
Janet M.
Janine B.
Jennifer B.
Jennifer Y.
Jerri N.
Jillian B.
Judy E.
Julie S.
Julie W.
Kathryn W.
Kathy J.
Kathy S.
Kelly L.
Kim B.
Kim B.H.
Krazy Katie
Kris H.
Kristina S.
Kristy H.
Laurie T.
Leah F.
Linda B.
Lindsey E.
Lindsey F.
Lisa S.
Margo H.
Melisa S.
Michelle S.
Michielle D.
Monica B.
Paislee's momma
Pam A.
Pat J.
Paulette B.
Rebecca W.
Reva R.
Rita G.
Robyin H.
Ronda M.
Rosa G.
Rose R.
Ruth S.
Sandee W.
Shandra H.
Shannon C.
Shannon W.
Sharlou M.
Sharon G.
Sheryl T.
Stacy A.
Stephanie B.
Susan C.
Susan E.
Theresa H.
Vicki H.
Vickie B.
Yolanda W

I hope this helps to make registration SMOOOTHH!!! That's my goal for this time, lets see how well we can make that become a reality!! I'm stressing a LITTLE more than usual this time (i know it IS possible to do that!), but with all that's going on with the move and the kit club - my sweet loving husband is leaving for a training school in WISCONSIN for the WEEK!! Yes, you hear me correctly - the WEEK!! Rocky is OUR MAN for ganza....he sets up allll of the tables with electricity - makes sure they're all running safely and correctly - TAPES it all down himself, loads and unloads ALL of our schtuff....makes all the ICE runs that we have to make - and most importantly brings ME STARBUCKS IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo, good ol' dad is gonna have to step in!!! Pray for him ladies, he's gonna need it! HA ! So - Rocky and i are loading up the GANZA trailer to head out to the big "BW" (best western) TONIGHT!! It'll be packed and ready to GO TONIGHT!!

Enough of that stuff - lets move onto the FUN stuff!!! here's another little sneekie poo for you ganza goers! look what we're working on..............cross your fingers that we are able to receive this before ganza.....................PRAY for it - you're gonna LOVE it! !:)

you will DEFINITELY be loving this too....................this will have SEVERAL different uses throughout the weekend.............

If you have any special holds at the store in the cabinet - we're bringing it with us for you!! AND if you have special requests for products that you're going to need throughout the weekend, but don't have time to get into the store before ganza - CALL us and we'll pack it with the rest!!! And, as usual we will more than likely be making a run back to the store to restock, so make sure and get your requests to Kristy and Kate in the booth!
Sooooooooooooooooooooo, since she just about gave me a heart attack - im gonna share this story with ya'll - our fellow blog follwers!!! KATE (if you've never been to ganza before - it will NOT take you long to get to know KATE!! she's our "MC" for the weekend!) so KATE calls me this past friday about 6ish....asks if it's "hot or cold"?! EH!??! At ganza, hot or cold? I tell her to always plan for hot, you can layer for cold......then she asks me....where are you? ummmm im at home! To which she replies......uhhhhhhhhhh isn't crop*a*ganza THIS weekend?! WHAT!!! That's right - she was packed up and heading out to the bw for ganza this PAST weekend........can you believe that?!!! ahhhh KATE!! anyway - she's got some FANTASTIC contests and games for you guys!! She seriously researches and thinks a lot about these events and i am SO SUPER excited for this time!! The prizes are AWESOME (if i do say so myself!) and the Raffle Items are not too shabby either!!!!

okay - that's all for now - i gotta get back to work!!! Make sure and read your newsletter thats coming your way in a few!! :)


hey hey heyyyyy!! five days! the countdown is ON!!!! okay - worked on ganza stuff alllll day long........WHY DO I PROCRASTINATE??!!!

anyway - ganza goers if you got the email today about shirts - i'm working on another one - please disregard the shirt information in the first newsletter!! :)

hope you're having a good weekend! it's good to be back to reality, although i hear my new HOUSE calling me back to it's MOUNTAIN of boxes to be unpacked!!!

i have some more sneaks to share with you - gonna have to remember my camera tomorrow so i can share them with you!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chicks in the Attic Kit for SepTEmbEr!! :)

For some SILLY reason my MAC won't let me get on FACEBOOK - having some SERIOUS withdrawal.....SOOOO sorry we weren't able to post these photos last night!!!Here's what we have for the month of September for the Chicks in the Attic Kit Club!!! We hope you like it!!! Not only are the layouts fresh, fun and spunky - BUT we used the BRAND NEW MY MINDS EYE "Abbey Road" and "Ooh La La", we used the fun new Bazzill Glazed get EIGHT sheets of double sided patterned paper!! ANNNNNNDDD drum rolll.......we completed EIGHT PAGES this month!! wooo hoooo!! (and had quite a bit of leftovers to play with too!) That's not too shabby, if i do say so myself!!!

You are my Sunshine!Freak of the Week!

Lil' Swinger!
So Beautiful!Free Spirit!

Chunky Monkey!Here are a few close ups!! ...... LOVE the tulle wave!! (that IS a steffanie-ism by the way!)
using stickles and a black sharpie really made this title stand out!
LOVE LOVE these curduroy flowers from american crafts, and the bazzill glazed cardstock....mmmmm! :)
this might be my favorite!! love the puffy and foam thickers, i used "k" cuz my son's name is KORD (ha!) and the monkey MIGHT just be the cutest thing EVER!! :)
LOADS of dimension on this one - pop dots are my favorite thing EVER!
a fun stickle technique with the circles, and loads of brads to add dimension - love that this layout doesn't take away from the journaling of the relationship between Mother and Son!
Okay - here ya go - the product list is below AND we will have a PRODUCT only shot on MONDAY!! (waiting on the WONDERFUL and MAHVELOUS UPS man!)

Items for September Kit of the Month

Single Sided Paper:

Scenic Route: Background Blue Grid Worn (2 each kit)

Double Sided Paper: 8 Pieces of 2sided paper!!!

SassaFras: Smooth Sailing

MME Abbey Road: Hello World

MME Abbey Road: Round & Round

MME Abbey Road: Lucky Me

MME Abbey Road: Nice Ride

MME Ooh La La: Between the Lines

MME Ooh La La; Over the Top

Jillibean: Olive Oil

Shaped Paper:

Pink Paislee: Vintage Moon Scallop Circle

Bazzill Cardstock:

4 sheets total per kit

Bazzill Glazed Cardstock:

Ivory Flourish

Kraft Cardstock:

1 sheet total per kit


American Crafts Corduroy Flowers (8 per kit)

American Crafts Sunflower Lullabye Foam Thickers

American Crafts Chestnut Rainboots Puffy Thickers

Bazzill 10 mm Brads: Parakeet, Apricot and Glow (16 brads total per each kit)

Bazzill Basics Orange Tulle

MME Abbey Road: How Fortunate Large Accessories Die Cut Emb. Sheet

MME Abbey Road: Round & Round Small Accessories Die Cut Emb. Sheet

MME Abbey Road: Just the Girls Small Accessories Die Cut Emb. Sheet

MME Abbey Road: Just the Girls Transparency Frame

Tim Holtz Adage Tickets (4 per kit)

LARGE Googly Eyes (2 per kit)

you can log onto the chicks in the attic site to order your kit.......we'll have MORE add ons for the site for you to purchase on MONDAY!! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

update as promised!!

some new items that arrived this week.......OMG!! i ordered a HUGE box of these and THIS is all that's left - i hope we have enough to bring with us to GANZA!!! The NEW Xyron "X" sticker maker machine!! FUN animal prints - how many of the "old" ones do you think you'll be seeing in the OCTOBER garage sale?!?!Some FUN new "onesies" - NOT for the babies - but in our individual purchase section - we've been looking for some FUN new items that you can use in scrapbooking AND cardmaking - as well as soldered charms....check these out next time you're in! (you can thank KRUSTY for the wonderful new RIBBON display!)
and i can't believe that i forgot to tell you all this!!!!!!! last week jaki came in and when i asked her for her punchcard - she pulled out the most amazing "card holder thingymabobber" i've ever seen!!! We are ALWAYS being asked to design something for all of us women that carry a billion punchcards, reward cards, credit cards, business cards, appointment cards, insurance cards, gift cards, here a card there a card everywhere a card card!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY - when she pulled this beauty out i was STUNNED!! immediately i went to the website and ordered some for us to carry in the store......these WILL be a hot item this year for the holidays - i PROMISE you!!! Think ahead - christmas, teacher gifts, sitter, hairdresser - the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! The "Card Cubby" is small enough to fit into your purse, but large enough to carry MOST cell phones!! AND it comes with ALPHABETIZED CARDS!!! So - when you come into the store and we say "do you have your punchcard with you?" - you don't have to fiddle with alllllll of your cards, only to find that you passed it three can thumb right to the 'S's and wah lah - there we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANyway - you HAVE to see these, and YES, we will bring these to ganza...maybe someone will be a lucky winner!!!!

and heres ur snnneeekkkkk at a lil' somethin' somethin' we're working on for the ganza GOERS!!

Sooo, renee and i got a lil' CRRRAAAZYYY today after our usual SONIC happy hour....(krusty it's on you saturday!).....but here's a lil something I picked up for us to have fun with at GANZA this time!!! (hopefully we'll have some FAHHHBULOUS paper for you to scrapbook these photos with just for the Crop*A*Ganza MARGARITA-VILLE event!)
LARGE JPEG of the GANZA shirt!!! ..... the palm tree actually WRAPS around from the front to the back - it's not really centered in the middle of the lyrics..and YES, i WILL post the lyrics in the next newsletter to come out tomorrow!! i PROMISE!!

the SECOND Ganza Vendor update went should be receiving it - if not just lmk! :)


How are ya?!!? Are you ganza goers starting to get a littttttle restless? a litttttlllleee giddy with excitement!??!

Well - we're starting our ONE WEEK countdown!!! (yes i realize that it's really ONE week and ONE day - but for us, it starts on THURSDAY since that's the day we start settin' up for ya!) Soooooo, you should be receiving an email newsletter telling you about our FIRST vendor of THIRTEEN!!....Julie Sharp!!! She'll be our MASSAGE THERAPIST FROM BEAU MONDE! :) i'm SUPER stoked about this and thinkin' that i could REALLY use a massage right NOW!!!

If you didn't get the newsletter and wanna read it, email me and i'll put you on the newsletter list! You don't wanna miss any information, TRUST me on this - the things that NORMALLY come out of my mouth - you may wann miss - but when it comes to GANZA - you don't wanna miss it!!! :)

So - hows your week goin? on a personal note - we moved in to our new house SATURDAY!!! however, there are stillllll boxes EVERYWHERE!! WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO MOVE?!?! nahhhh, im just jokin' - i have a tendency to put myself under a TON of stress for no good reason!!! The kiddos start back to school today! THANK THE LORD ABOVE FOR THAT ONE!!! Hayden will be going alll day long. I'm a little unsure of how i feel about that at this time - i'll get back to you on that one!!!

Okay - enough rattling - i have some updates, but need to get TO the store to make sure they're all still "a go" - before i post them - so hopefully you'll be back later today to see that! :)

OH and the Chicks in the Attic September kit PREVIEWS today!! Check that out after lunch! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

sooooo you should be receiving a newsletter if you haven't already!!!!

AND ganza go-ers the CAG newsletter is quickly following it! so be watching for it!!! and "co." - we're anxious to see what you've prepared for us THIS ganza!!! :)

I'm off to CLOSE on our new house and MOVE in this weekend!!! wish me luck!!! btw: oliver is recovering VERY well - improving daily!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exactly TWO weeks from today we will be at the Best Western, preparin' the Margarita-Ville CROP for YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW is the time to start packing, organizing, and preparing your crop stuff! :)

here's a couple of PHOTOS of our lovely "vanna"......for your viewing pleasure!!! I'm working on newsletters - I PROMISE!!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HOLA!! how are ya!??! so - i've got a lot to tell ya about - but i'm gonna break it up over a few days...don't want TOO much information to get lost!! Here is a list of the CHA stuff we have coming, some new stuff REordered, some OLD stuff ordered, and later this week i'll letcha know what we've chosen as our favorite PICKS from CHA!!!!

Some new Karen Foster License Plates!
MORE fun new Kaiser Beyond the Page Albums!!

Crafters Workshop coming out with some AWESOME new templates!!!

Some FUN new papers coming your way soon!.......just a few of the sneeks!

okay - so we've got some new border system punches coming - fun fun!

NEW CORNER CHOMPERS - different style corners in FUN new colors!!!

NEW DCWV 12x12 stax, are on their way!

im really startin' to "dig" tim holtz! love these new little word sticks!! they'd go great on an altered project, a soldered charm or a scrapbook page, just when you need a lil somethin!

Again - TIM!! filmstrip TRANSPARENCY RIBBON!! mmmmm can't wait for this!!!THIS is gonna be a great tool to have!!! how many times have you wanted JUST THE RIGHT BRAD for you layout?!?!? but you didn't have the right color, or size!?!? well this lil tool the "I-top" by imaginisce will help to solve all of those problems!!! You can create your OWN brads, one of a kind!!! No worries, if you're still a lil apprehensive, we're having a make n take with this lil baby on the FIRST Saturday of September!! So be watching for that!!

BAZZILL has done it again!! We now have the UPPER case of Heidi's in stichez handwriting template on the way!

Bazzill - NEW "just the edge"!! I AM SOOO LOVING THESE!!

Now you can have templates for your JEWELS!!! These little templates will help you place your bling in the perfect shape!!! Be looking for a make n take on these soon too!
The Slim Edger Punches - some new ones on the way!
NEW NEW NEW Dew Drop colors coming reallllll soon!

OMG - i think i've fallen in love!! finally i might JUST have found the PERFECT trimmer!! Fiskars, Premium Craft Trimmer - the legs dont slide all over the table, there is a very thin metal "marker" to show where your paper will actually cut, the lever has a lock so it stays down when you travel!!! and it takes you PAST 6 inches on the platform - I LOVE THIS TRIMMER!!

some fun new may arts ribbon - compliments of krusty's liking!!
kraft kuts - both boy and girl..
DVD tins - back in stock - but i'm gonna warn you - if you're wanting to do these for teacher/christmas gifts - get them NOW while you can!! we will more than likely run out closer to christmas!!
hold your applause - renee ordered the bling peace signs!! we've been FLOODED with peace requests!!

not "NEW" - but new to us - some fun new stazon colors!

NEW glimmer mist colors!: Sweet Pea, Brick, Scarlet, Tattered Leather, Slate, Tuscan Sun

YEAH!! we got some of the NEW Kaiser Craft beyond the page albums and alterable items in!! LOVE this family tree!! can't WAIT to see what KRUSTY does with this one!
and these coasters would make a GREAT xmas gift!

Kaiser BLING flourish.....beautiful!

back in stock - scrapmabob cupholders!! no worries - we'll have plenty for ganza!!

OMG! have you seen these Martha Stewart Border punches?!?! they are SUPER cool, they store up nice and flat, the sides fold in!!

these things are in HIGH demand, we just shipped some to Oklahoma yesterday, cuz they're so hard to get ahold of!!! This one is Renee's favorite - loopy - looks just like the hostess cupcake icing doesn't it?!?!

wait for it - wait for it.....AND she has CORNER punches so you can do the entire sheet!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! be watching for our OCTOBER SCRAPPIN SATURDAY - we'll be doing a FREE make n take with the drippy goo punch - PERFECT for halloween parties!

i THINK i've told you this - but just in case - the tiny attacher by tim holtz (who Heidi Swapp happens to be a HUGE fan of!) is BACK IN STOCK - we have a TON of them!! I LOVE THIS THING!! it can staple through BUTTAH!! and the staples are small and dainty too!! im hoping mr. holtz adds some colored staples soon!!

and the staples - we should NEVER run out of EVER AGAIN!!
BACK IN DA HOUSE - mr. holtzs' Distress Inks!!! If we don't have a color you'd like to have - let us know and we'll gladly order it for you!! (thanks to DANELLE for this - we ordered em again just for HER!)

NEW!! GLITTER thickers!! PERFECT for halloween!! I kinda think they look a lil "greek" to me, too!?!? anyone else!??!

FUN - NEW Moxxie - there are several companies that have released "scrapbooker" lines this CHA!! FINALLY we can now scrapbook ABOUT ourselves SCRAPBOOKING!??!

LEAVES......we've got a great selection NOW - get them while you can - cuz you know - come october and november they'll be SUPA hard to find!
i'm loving the petaloo flowers - don't get me wrong - still love me some prima - but it's a nice change!!! PLUS i think they're really reasonable too!
AND it's nice to have the "bling" already applied for me!
these are THICK and CHUNKY - just like i like my glitter flowers!!

on a more personal note - if you're wonderin - our precious little oliver has been SICK SICK SICK for the past 2-3 weeks! he's been at the vet hospital and not doing well at all - it's been a little scary and a little touch and go - but HOPEFULLY by the time you're reading this, he'll be home with us for good!!! he's had some neurological damage, so he's gonna have to go through some rehabilitation - but we're just thrilled to have him home with us again! NO - we don't know what happened, or what was wrong with him....not sure if it's a disease or an infection - we're just happy he's getting better!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words!!! i'll keep ya'll posted on his recovery!! (he might have to make an appearance at ganza!)
GOTTA love this little "elvis" face of his! (and YES, that IS a KC Chiefs tag!)
AND - we've been busy with KORD's FIRST FULL TACKLE FOOTBALL practices. We went today and got his full gear (or "costume" as i call it!! hee hee!) i can't believe that he's old enough to even be READY for this - i know i'm not!! But it's true - so be looking for some fun and cool FOOTBALL papers, layouts and ideas in the store this fall!!
AND - we are moving on FRIDAY!! We as in my family!!! So - there's been a lot going on in my world!! That's gonna wrap it up for this post - i will post more tomorrow - don't wanna overwhelm ya! :)