Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess what FINALLY arrived yesterday?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND - WSU....this is ALL that they are printing - and no more??! We're gonna have to start hunting down another company!!! Gotta have lil wushock!

ANNNDDD FINALLY AS WELL - BAZZILL!!! the new edges are KKKAAUUUTTTEE :) New family generations paperand lots of other fun new stuff, but i don't have the TIME right now to upload it all :( suri!!

Seating chart for ganza is complete YET again!! With the cancellations and registrations coming in this week, it was necessary to get everyone re-grouped!!! SOOOOOO if i told you where you were "sitting" already - nix that!! Started over!!!;0

all the food for ganza is ready to go, mom and i went to sams today - LOTS of interesting looks....especially from the kiddos!!! they would say - MOM SHE HAS FOUR BOXES of CRACKER JACKS!!!! HA :)

Okay - so, that's it for now - just another quick update to let you know that we're still alive and kickin!