Friday, July 31, 2009


Good morning to you all!! I wanna take a minute to wish my SWEET lil man a HAPPY HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!! I can't BELIEVE Kord is turning NINE today!!! Seems just like YESTERDAY that we were getting ready for your first day of preschool!! ohhhhh, id like to FREEZE time at this age!!!!!!!!!!! I love you buddy! have a happy day!!

Okay - on the scrapookin' front!! Here is a peek into your FREE make-n-take for tomorrow!! Don't forget - these are available for FREE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! With this 12x12 layout - KRISTY is going to show you the paper "ruffle" (at least that' what i call it.) or "wave", stitching with a bazzill in stichez template, the tiny'll use bazzill paper flowers AND dew drops!! So - come by and check it out!! And remember ANY of the products that you use on our Scrappin' Saturday Make-N-Takes are on sale for 10% off!!

and not to forget the adorable AUGUST LOTM by RENEE!! This is up for grabs tomorrow as well!! (which by the way - each kit COMES with MISS or MR!)

ANDDD if you're still considering coming to crop with ME tomorrow ALLLL NIGHT LONGGGG there's still room for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

TWENTY NINE DAYS!?!? are you kiddin' me?!? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!? I'd better get in gear and get you some sneaks!!

Okay - so - HOPEFULLY this post won't be AS long as the one tuesday;) but you never know with me, do ya?!?!

Almost ONE month ago (slacker!) i posted for a monday "challenge" for you to submit your oldest scrapbook pages. Not to be mistaken for UGLY pages, or "ghetto fabulous" (renee) pages.....but just to "stamp" the time period at which you began scrapbooking!!!

I wanted to see these b/c i wanted to show just HOW much scrapbooking has changed - some for the better (designing) and some for the worse (journaling!) So - i'm going to post the ones that i received, and YOU'RE going to vote on your FAVORITE!! NOT the one that you think is the WORST of them - or the UGLIEST - but the one that - as a scrapbook PAGE, as a STORY - you think is the best! Post your vote in the comments section!! The winner will be rewarded with a FABULOUS scrapbooking item of sorts!!

These first FOUR are RENEE'S!! NOW - you can't vote for her - obviously! She's a winner EVERYDAY of the week! ha! ;).....but renee wanted me to point out to you how she created HER OWN TITLES WITH HER OWN HANDWRITING!!! AND she was ALREADY USING GLITTER GLUE ALLLLLL THE WAY BACK IN 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we have SHERYL HALL (also known to us as SHER-REAL hall!) I love the heart!! Do you remember those shapes and templates!! (THEY're makin a comebackkkkk!)

okay - so next up is me.....(no comments from the peanut gallery! the girls CRIED laughing at my mean!) Anyway - these pages were created in 2000....remember the cutting out of the people - like action shots???? And everything is so flat! I can't BELIEVE how thick some of our embellishments are these days, compared to then!Now see, I also could create hand written titles!! I really do still like this page......i LOVE to journal.....lots and lots......and lots!! i still journal quite a bit - but it's more of a "summary" of what is happening in the photos..... i was a LOT more detailed back then (i also had a LOT more time to scrapbook!) AND i used my own handwriting - i need to get back to that again!Next up we have MONICA!!! Now monica (for those of you that don't know her) teaches for us!! She has taught for us from the very beginning!! She teaches our 101 classes, mom n me classes, album in a day...disney - and what ever else we throw at her! i (jokingly) told monica that i wasn't going to show her pages, b/c they are very comparable to our style of scrapbooking today!! this page monica made about her beloved dog tickles. i had these same letters!!! i think i got them from qvc - there were a TON of them!i took a close up of the dog b/c monica "added" layers to him!! She added the bunny ears to make him an easter beagle, and i love how she put the eggs both in and outside the basket!!! genius!

This next page was submitted by Janine!! I love the double matting - something that is STILL done now, as well as the rounded corners!! if i remember right, the dragonflies were stamps and she COLORED in the body blue!! i love the balance of the page too!do you remember Suzie Zoo!??! Ahhhhh she was SO cute and could adapt to ANY layout!!Rachel submitted hers, but wanted to be sure and clarify that this is NOT her best work ;) she asked if she could submit something to "redeem" herself!! WHATEVER!! i dont think these are bad AT ALL!! i like how clean cut and repetitive the layouts are!!

Diana Corner is our last submission- i love how you can totally appreciate the pictures and the "story line"...... there are times that i feel that we've gotten away from this.....don't get me wrong - i LOVE the art and creative part of all of it, but there some times when i feel that we're more interested in the "layout" than the "memories" - know what im sayin?? Here is your LOTM for AUGUST!! don't you just LOVE this little worm!! renee free handed this (as usual!) worries you will have a template for yours!!This will be available on SATURDAY MORNING!! We only make a limited number of kits, and we usually sell out the day of!! However, if you've signed up for our LOTM "club" have no fear - your kit is already sacked up and ready for you!! WHAT IS THE LOTM "CLUB" you ask?? Wellll, thanks for asking - let me tell you alllll about it!! Sign up for SIX months of LOTM and your kits are automatically reserved for you in advance!! You pay $60.00 for SIX months (that's a $2.00 per month savings!)!!! You can sign up for that at ANY TIME!!!

I've been adding your names to the subscription list for the ganza newsletter!! I will send out an update (HOPEFULLY) next week, so you'll know for sure if you're receiving it!!

Have you heard of the "SHE" line by Two Chicks Designs? Christie had them at the CAG before last - i LOVE these shirts!! Not only are they comfy - but they're sytlin' as well!! We will be carrying them in our store VERY SOON, so you'll have to check those out too!!
whew - i just THOUGHT it wasn't gonna be that long of a post!! i'm gonna start tomorrows post - so check back tomorrow! got some more good stuff for ya! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finally my bloggers.......

i have two hours to post today ALL FOR YOU!! This post COULD be a little long - so i apologize if you're only able to "skim" this one!!

On the agenda for today's post: Chicks in the Attic info., new arrivals at the store, LOTM, Scrappin' Saturday, Disney Princess Class Kits, Crop*A*Ganza-ville (shirts, cancellations, emails, hotel), Facebook Fan pageS.

WOW - that's a LOT of information - maybe i'll split these up into multiple posts throughout the week!??!

Okay - so - first Chicks in the Attic - i'm going to be explaining a lot of the questions that we have received since we announced our new Nationwide Kit Club!! We are OVERWHELMED with the response that we have received!! We have already SURPASSED the number of kits we thought we would sell the first month!! SOOOOOO happy that the kits are so well received!! Christie is traveling to Valley Forge this weekend and is going to be spreading the word there, so hopefully we'll start to make our way out towards the East Coast!!!

Okay - so some of the questions that we've received regarding the Kit Club - hopefully this will clear up any confusion there may be!

Can I skip a month during my 6 month subscription?

Yes, it is possible to skip a month. We will send a preview of the next month's kit out via email, facebook, and the website on the 20th. If you choose not to receive the following month, you must send an email to by the 25th of month. You will not be able to skip multiple months in a row.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you are welcome to unsubscribe from the club at any time. However, there will be a $15 fee to cancel. This fee covers the cost of the free items that subscribers receive with their kit.

Why am I charged $1 at the time of purchase?

You are charged $1 to reserve your kit so that our website captures your credit card information. The $1 reservation fee is credited to your account when the charge for the first kit is processed.

When will the kits ship?

For the first month, kits will ship on Monday, August 10. After the first month, kits will ship on the first Monday of the month.

How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping your kit is $4.99 in the continental United States. Shipping to Canada is $20. You will NOT be charged additional charges for add ons!

What can I expect to receive in each month's kit?

Each month's kit will contain enough products to complete at least 6 layouts. We also include two sets of alphabets with each kit so you have plenty of letters for your titles!

Do I have to subscribe to the club?

We offer both a subscription to our kit club as well as a month by month option. You are not required to subscribe to receive a kit. However, kit quantities are limited, so subscribing is the easiest way to ensure that you will receive a kit each month. We will do our best to have enough kits for everyone interested in purchasing them!

What are the benefits of subscribing to the kit club?

Kit club subscribers will receive the kits at a discounted rate: they save $3 per month. In addition, subscribers will receive a free gift with each month's kit, special offers and discounts from both Chicks in the Attic and Two Chicks Designs, and a guarantee that there is a kit reserved for them. Subscribers don't have to worry about ordering the kit before it sells out!

Can I pick up my kit at Scrap Funattic if I live in the Wichita, Kansas area?

You are welcome to pick up your kit at Scrap Funattic! Just select the In Store pickup option when you are reserving your kit. You can also order and pay for your add ons online as well.

What if a product in my kit is damaged?

The kits are carefully packaged and shipped via USPS Priority mail. Please contact us if any of the items in your kit are damaged and we will work with you to correct the problem!

Can I order my Kit of the Month IN the store?

We can set you up online via the Two Chicks website in the store just as you would yourself online.

***at the time of this blog post we are ALMOST sold out of the kits for August!!! If the demand is there we WILL make more, but just lettin' ya know!

NEW ARRIVALS at the store - with CHA happenin' RIGHT NOW - NEW Glimmer Mist Colors!! Some FAHHHBULOUS new dazzler flowers. We're also working on a "back to basics" area in the store!! This area will be perfect for the TRIED AND TRUE cropper that loves some of those "old school" tools that will NEVER go out of style. It'll also be a great spot for beginners and for those of you searching for gifts for the new scrapper! So - check that out next time you're in and if there's something that you think we need to add, just let us know! The BRAND NEW MY MINDS EYE will be here on FRIDAY!!! yeah baby!! you are going to LOVE THESE LINES!! (these are just three of the SIX lines we are getting!)

The GIRAFFE purses, eeerrrrr i mean the camera bags are back in stock!!

Renee is working on the LOTM and it is KKKAAAAUUUUTTTEE!!!! i will post a sneak tomorrow (she's gotta get the title cut out!), it's the PERFECT back to school layout - first day of school layout - or just SCHOOL in general!

Scrappin' Saturday is THIS Saturday - we're gonna have a make n take (will have that for you tomorrow as well!)....LOTM will be available for sale, the PJ crop is that night AND there is STILL ROOM FOR YOU if you wanna come!!! So make plans now to come out on saturday!

The DISNEY PRINCESS album in a day class was last weekend. We have extra kits if you were wanting to come to the class, but missed it!! The instructions are in the kit (color and step by step) for ALL 17 pages!!!

Crop*A*Ganza-ville - i sent out an email newsletter yesterday for crop*a*ganza - if you did NOT receive it - and you want to - i need you to email me at and just say CAG NEWSLETTER PLEASE!! you can even just put that in the subject line and i'll add your email address. I know that there are loads of you that have been to cag before, yet didn't receive the newsletter.....i entered only the email addresses from THIS ganza's registration forms!!! So - get back with me.

The FINAL day to order shirts is MONDAY AUGUST 24TH!!! That's FOUR days prior to Ganza!! You can call and order over the phone......if you marked your registration form that you wanted a shirt but have not paid, i can't order a shirt for you :( i need you to call and order it with payment!!! if you aren't sure that you have ordered your shirt, you are more than welcome to email or call and i will let you know!! if you have sent me an email in the last 48 hours i PROMISE i will get back with you VERY SOON!! CANCELLATIONS - if you canNOT attend ganza, but have already paid - PLEASE CALL AND CANCEL!! if i can replace your spot you will receive a refund (minus the $30.00) AND you will make someone VERY happy! We have a waiting list that is anxiously waiting for cancellations - so don't think that you're just out of luck!!! Even if its the day BEFORE ganza (which we have had happen before!) i can TRY and fill your spot and get you a refund!!! HOTEL - make your reservations SOON to get the Scrap*Funattic Crop*A*Ganza discount.

If you're a FACEBOOK-er, i hope you've joined our FAN page!! We are having a blast asking questions, getting feedback and ideas and in the near future i'll be uploading ALL of the layouts from our classes, and examples in the store!! Not to mention all the GIVEAWAYS that i've been doin!! Mailed them out today if you were a lucky winner btw!! So check it out!! Post your comments, questions, and if you wanna upload your favorite layouts in our photo album, or share a link that would be AWESOME too!! Just ONE more scrapbooking community to add to your list of many!!

okay - believe it or not - im TIRED OF TALKIN!!! I KNOW you're shocked!! i have SEVERAL other items to discuss with you so you know there will be another post tomorrow!! I have the pictures from our "I used to scrapbook THIS way" contest, and a winner!! i'll post those AND some exciting news you won't wanna miss out on!!! Thanks for reading my novel (and you can tell by the TIME on this post and the actual TIME you're reading this that i've been trying to get this to you ALLLLLL dayyyyyyy Lonnnnngggg!) :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


okay - so i know that i've been teasing you about our new "venture" for quite some time now - and i KNOW that some of you are SO SUPER excited, and i am SO SUPER EXCITED that you're SO SUPER EXCITED!! Now that the excitement is SO SUPER DUPER i wanna keep it up there!!!!! :)

So - finally - here it is!!

We are starting a Nationwide KIT CLUB!!!!

HUH!? Really?!?!


We have teamed up with Two Chicks Designs and together have created a monthly kit club that we are launching RIGHT NOW!! Now - if you're not a kit person, this is probably not exciting news to you - but hold the phone guys - here's a confession i must make: I'M NOT A KIT PERSON EITHER!!!!! It's a true story!!! But - we have been doing a little research online and on some message boards and hearing a lot of "chatter" about the good and the bad of kit clubs and we're trying to combine the good with our "attic" personality to create the perfect kit club!

Chicks in the Attic is the name of our monthly kit club, and we are SO excited - SERiouSLY soooo excited!! This is going to give us the opportunity to branch outside of our comfort zone, and meet some great new people from different parts of the country!! This will also help to open the door for our online sales!!!!!!

We are still a work in progress, so be patient with us - but we've been working REALLY long and hard to get this up and running by August 1st!! But here's the "411" on the specifics of the kit club!! (you can also check out the website for all the info too!!) But - basically you have FOUR options each month!! You can purchase the kit for a month at a time and pick it up here at the store (for those of you that live locally) can purchase the kit for a month and have it delivered to your house!! You can also purchase a 6 month subscription for a discounted rate as well! (AND if you sign up for the 6 month subscription you get a FREE shirt from Two Chicks!) Each month there will be a NEW Shirt for the Kit Club Members as well!! (see how we're COMBINING the apparel with the product!)

WHATS IN THE KIT you ask?!?! Well each month it will be different!! We didn't want to be "tied" into the same amount of items each month!! But you will DEFINITELY get your money's worth!!! You will always receive enough product to complete AT LEAST SIX PAGES...whether they are double pages or single pages! AND - we will show you what to do with your scraps!!! Seriously how often do you receive a kit - throw your pictures in the sack - throw it in your crop bag and be completely prepared?!?! You will receive COLOR photos of the layouts that we have made for EXAMPLES - you don't have to lift our layouts, but they are there to help guide you - if you need it!!

We are going to include NEW and FUN products on the market - but also your old TRIED AND TRUE products as well!!! We will not include anything in your kit that you will not know what to do with!! If we include a transparency - we will show you how to use it!! For those of you that shop here locally with us......we are going to be making our kits with some products that we do NOT carry in the store!!!! Giving you, yet another, option!!!

SO there you have it - that's the big news, we are SUPER EXCITED and hope that this will be something for everyone!!! IF you are one of the first 50 people to order ONLINE your kit will ship out on August 1st!!! Our scheduled ship date for the August kit is August 10th! Beginning in September your kits will ship the first MONDAY of the month! This will allow you to PLAN for their arrival!! PLAN to have someone there to pick up the mail!! PLAN to pick up the mail BEFORE your husband (HA HA - you don't do that do you?!)

OOH!! Pricing!! That's kinda important too, isn't it!! :) Our kit retails for $30.95 PLUS shipping!!! IF you wanna purchase the 6 month subscription then the price is $27.95 PLUS shipping!!! And YES we do have "add ons" for those of you that don't have a local scrapbook store and want to purchase the "extras" and "additions"!!!

i think that's all of it - probably NOT - i'm probably forgetting some information - so if you're confused or have a question - post a comment and i'll come back and answer ya!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


hows your week goin?

did you notice that ganza is only ONE month, ONE week and FIVE days away!!?!?! HOLY MOLY!!! i am SOOOOO not ready!!! and with this "other" venture that we have begun i'm REALLY not ready!!

what venture you ask?!?! wellllll, i can't tell you ALL about it just yet - but i PROMISE it's close!! :) but for now, i'm just gonna give you a little sneakie poo!!!

here "SHE" is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll be back later with more - when i CAN TALK!! gah - this is KILLIN me! BUT I WILL KEEP A SECRET!! I PROMISE!!

oh yea - one more thing - our good friend Kim Brown, is looking for the Ali Edwards "Life Artist" book.....she's havin a hard time - anyone willing to sell theirs or even lend it to her?!?! you can email her at:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gooooood afternoon!!! ;)
how's it goin?
WOW! what an AWESOME weekend we had!!! Lotm - SOLD OUT - Make N Takes - SOLD OUT! ALL BEFORE NOON!! it was WONDERFUL!! everyone had a great time!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU THAT CAME OUT!! (and those that couldn't make it - we thank you for your kind words - you were with us in spirit!)
I wish i had a huge post for you this morning but i don't!! There are a few WONDERFUL things that are happening around here, but i'm not aloud to blab yet!! I know - this is SUPER hard for me!! So - i find if i say nothing at all, then nothing gets said!!! So forgive me for not being prepared for your monday challenge!! i've been busy with a few other projects.....that you'll know more about SOON! i promise!!
i've received several entries into the "remember when" scrapbook page challenge!! i'm gonna get photos taken today and posted tomorrow! there are some doozies!!! so if you were planning to submit yours, you still have time!
So- since i can't talk about anything else right now - how about i let some fellow croppers take the blog:


Saturday, July 25, 2009
8 am to 8 pm
The Learning Center
150 Stewart, Haysville, KS 67060

12 hours of scrapbooking! The cost is $25 for all day
or $15 for half day (8 am to 2 pm OR 2 pm to 8 pm)

What's Included:
· Gift bag for all participants
· Extra gift for all day participants
· Door prize drawings (must be present to win)
· Waffles for breakfast
· Sub-sandwiches for lunch/dinner

Please bring a salad or snack to share.

Bring 3 buddies to scrap with and each person will get $5.00 off the registration fee.

Creative Memories products including the new scallop maker and card making bundle will be available at the crop.

Bring a buddy that hasn’t been at one of my events before, and you both get a special thank you gift!

To register, complete this form and return with payment by July 20th to: Margo Walker at 635 Christine Court, Haysville, KS 67060 or email

I want to come all day. Here is my $25* payment _________
I want to come 8 am to 2 pm. Here is my $15* payment ______
I want to come 2 pm to 8 pm. Here is my $15* payment ______

Name__________________________Phone #________________
* Take $5.00 off your registration fee if you have three buddies coming. (Total of four people including yourself.) My Buddies are:
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
For additional information, please e-mail Margo at

AND - i had another fellow scrapper send me this email:

Steffanie - if anyone is interested I am doing a photowalk through downtown Wichita on July 18 from 8 to 10 - it is free and no fancy cameras or experience needed. Good way to get some good photos to scrap - it is a World Wide Photowalk and so far 22,000 people all over the world are signed up. I have 25 here in Wichita signed up.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tomorrows the big day!

We're busy getting everything ready for tomorrow's celebration!! I still can't believe it's been THREE years!!! Seems like just last week that we were irritating the UPS man with our 100 boxes of Bazzill cardstock!!! Staying up all night long painting the walls pink while the guys painted the brown dots!! Eating pizza on the floor at 11:00pm!! I can still remember my first display that i merchandised!! it was All My Memories!!! (it took me THREE hours!! - it had to be JUST PERFECT!) i remember our opening day......i had been looking forward to this for SO LONG!! seemed like it was NEVER going to arrive!!! it was a rainy, dreary day, AND I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep - you read that right!!! so there i was, screaming at the kids to GET UP AND GET DRESSED (rocky was out of town on business!) ... no breakfast for us, i don't' even remember if i had them brush their teeth!!? ( i brushed mine!) (oopsies!).....i still managed to make it here JUST as mom unlocked the doors!! BUT, as i pulled up into the parking lot of the store - seeing the women CAMPED out in front of the store - with their umbrellas, lawn chairs and coffee - i still get tears in my eyes!! THAT moment is one that i go back to OFTEN, when things aren't "what i thought they would be", when i get one of those "poor me" moments, it's one of the "happy places" i go to!!......(thank you bonnie, jaki, amy, lou ann, and their gang!) Oh, it's been such a great ride!! Here's to the next THREE years!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!! Especially NOW!! With the economy in the shape that it's in - i'll be honest - it's scary to think about and hear about other independent retailers struggling.....while the big box stores are doing fine - so we want to thank you for continuing to support your local retailer!! We REALLY do appreciate it!!!

Okay - so on to tomorrow's festivities!! The LOTM is ready to GO!! and i PROMISE you it will not still be here at NOON!! Our make n takes begin right at 9:00 and we only have a limited supply of these as well!!! We're going to have a "sidewalk sale"...everything on the tables outside will be 50% off!! And trust me - there's some TREASURES!!! The 50% off table will not be here after Saturday - some of the items will go back to their full price!!! AND - don't forget - EVERYTHING in the store .... E V E R Y T H I N G (with the exception of paper, cardstock, and epson products! i guess that's not really EVErythING!!) in the store is buy THREE get ONE free!!! Think ahead on this one...adhesive??....kits??.....stickles??.....cats eye?? (yeah baby!)....album refills.....stock up!! PAPER AND CARDSTOCK will all be 10% off as well!!! ....AND there's a coupon in your newsletter for 20% off any one item in the store!! do you get our newsletter?!?! CLICK here to get your copy! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR COUPON WITH YOU!!! PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT!!! now - with all of these fAhBuLoUs deals, we aren't going to be punching your attic punch cards tomorrow!! i'm SURE you understand!!!

I'm STILL accepting your "OLD TIME" layouts!! I wanna see some of your FIRST scrapbook pages you've completed!! I think it would be fun to show how things have changed, some haven't and some are makin' a comeback!!! So - if you think about it - bring those with you when you come out on saturday!!! :)

NOW - here's a sneek of some of the schtuff we got in this week.....THE tiny attacher - LOVE this!! NEW Bazzill GLAZED Cardstock.......we've REstocked ALL the October Afternoon - AND FINALLY got the rest of the bellies in (minus the rubber charms :( ) bazzill institch'z!!........ FINALLY got some 4th paper in - MAN WE SOLD OUT OF THAT FAST! ....... and you can allll thank KRUSTY MULLINS - we NOW have quite the selection of HUNTING and PHEASANT scrapbooking embellishments!!!;)*****THOSE OF YOU THAT USE STRAPHINGE ALBUMS - WE HAVE PAGE REFILLS 50% OFF!! THESE ARE THE "OLD" CREATIVE MEMORIES SIZES!!*******STOCK UP!

okay - a side note: here in Andover - last night - we had a TERRIBLE storm....did you see it?!?! that hail was CRAZY!! i swore that the roof was coming OFF the house, it was sooo loud! Well, this morning on ABC's Good Morning America - they had a woman in Dallas, that was struck by lightning last month.......IN HER KITCHEN holding a PAN!!! It came through the ceiling in through the light fixture!!! Her 9 year old son called 911......(this is the reason for my story!).....does YOUR child know how to use YOUR cell phone!?!? As i was watching this piece, it dawned on me that my kids probably don't know how to "UNLOCK" my phone!! They know how to make a call - but no if it's locked - so, if you're one of the MANY people that have cell phones as your home phone - you probably wanna make sure that your kiddos know HOW to use your phone!! This is just your mommy tip for the week!!!

Hope we get to see ALL of you tomorrow!! Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Okay - so just in case you didn't see the post a few days ago - HERE is the Crop*A*Ganza-ville T-shirt for our August event!!! They are $16.00 from sizes S-XL - Sizes 2XL-5XL are an additional $2.00!!! PLEASE CALL AND RESERVE YOURS TODAY - we don't order extras and will not be able to order them after the crop!! :( sooooooo, call!!!

Now - HERE's the BACK of the shirt! (note: the palm trees will wrap from the front right to the back right side....similar to the "dont worry be happy" themed shirt we had last year!)
The lyrics are sung to the tune of "Margarita-ville" by the one and only Jimmy Buffet!!! ANNNNNDDDD, the winner of our "write the lyrics" contest is KRISTINA SCOTT!!! :) we had so many WONDERFUL lyrics submitted, and they were alllll so hard to narrow down - but there were 8 of us working together and we decided that Kristina's worked!!!!

here are the actual lyrics:

Croppin' in pj's
I'll be here for 3 days
All of these croppers are happy to play
Carry my bags in
so I can get scrappin'
Hear crazy Kate teasing Renee!

Scrappin' away again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my lost Stickles and Dots
Some people claim that there's a husband to blame
but i know lack of time is at fault

I know the reason
I've been here all weekend
so I'd have something to show the "fam" on Sunday.
Here in Park City
It's a real pity
that Crop*A*Ganza's not here everyday!

Sleepless again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my lost Scissors and Paint
Some people claim that there are children to blame
Now I think, lack of time's STILL at fault

I blew out my Cricut
stepped on a brad tip
cut my heel, I'm not going back home
'cuz there are memories that need scrappin'
you won't find me nappin'
These friends and fun they help me hang on

Sleepless again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my long lost runner of Tape
Some people claim that my addiction is to blame
But I know it's 'cuz I LOVE to CREATE!!

So - Kristina - let me know your shirt size, you're getting YOUR shirt for FREE!!!CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!!!!! :)

ANNNDDD for those of you looking for yet ANOTHER Saturday crop - Amy May has some GREAT monthly crops in BENTON!!! Here's the information on that as well!!
It’s another Crop!
Join us for another day of fun

When: Saturday July 11, 2009

Where: The Benton Community Building
Main Street Benton

How much: $10.00
For the whole day

Time: 8:00am to midnight
Or any time in between that you can make it.

Please RSVP to:
Amy May

Bring a Snack to share and a beverage for yourself.
There is a kitchen for our use if you would like.
We had people come and work on other projects last time so you could even invite a friend who does not scrapbook.

Don't forget to get me your "i can't believe i scrapped like THAT" layout from the blast from the past monday challenge!! email, bring it in or post it on your own personal blog page or facebook page!!! And speaking of Facebook, i know that not everyone has a facebook page, i posted a question last week and got some great feedback, but am also wanting YOUR feedback as well!! KIT CLUBS.....what is your favorite? Why? What don't you like about kit clubs? What do you LOVE about kit clubs?! I've never personally been enrolled in a kit club and am doing some research on the subject!!! So - post your comments....or email them to me!!!

I will be posting this evening the awesome SALES that we'll be having this saturday in honor of our 3year anniversary sale!!! Have a great day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh say can you seeeeee........!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! We hope that you have a wonderful, safe holiday and enjoy and CAPTURE every moment!!!

We ARE closed today (at the store)!!!

Wanted to take a minute to post a few things that i FORGOT to post thursday.

Last week's challenge was about photo storage/organization!! I received several FABULOUS tips, ideas and information!! i promised i'd be picking a winner at random.....drum roll......the winner is HEATHER ALLEN!! Congratulations Heather!!! Just lmk if you'd like for me to mail you your PRIZE, pick it up at the store OR i can send it with Danelle next week when she's in!!!

ANDDDD, i feel like SUCH a heel!! I totally THOUGHT i had posted monday's "challenge" on here....NOPE!! just FACEBOOK!! (oooopsies!) sorry!! Sooooooo, this week we're gonna repeat - CUZ i wanna see those layouts!! Okay - here it is.....i want you to think back to your FIRST scrapbook - wayyyy back to those first pages, you know the ones.....the ones that you dread looking at because you couldn't believe you did THAT to your can't believe that you used THOSE prints together?!?! you know the ones.....i want to see em!! I want to have a post next week with some of your LEAST favorite pages!!! Trust me - we alllll have them!!! I will choose a winner (at random, NOT the WORST page!)'s what you need to do - either take a photo and email it to me, scan it and email it to me, post it on YOUR facebook page - (make sure you "share" it with me!), or add it to your own blog (emailing me the link of course!) or bring it in to the store!! COME ON - i wanna have a TON to post next week!!! Be proud of those old pages,,,,i love to look at mine (as painful as it may be) to see how far i've come, both in my photography, creativity and journaling!!! So - share them with us!!! The deadline to get them entered is SUNDAY JULY 12th!!!

AND as our OFFICIAL guinea pig - danelle picked up the challenge from facebook last week and posted it on her blog - here's what i'm talkin' ABOUT!

We DID get some new stuff in last week....THREE new SLICE design cards!! "Calendar" "Essential Fonts" and "ohhhh, i can't remember what the last one was font!!"??!!! ALSO - DANELLEEEEE, we got the INVISIBLE ALPHA's in!! No worries - i'm holding one for you!!! I also ordered some cute (not new new, but new to us) "boy" embellishments.....some of the Just Chillin' line from Making Memories, and some AWESOME new Sports Paper!!! I can't WAIT to get to cleaning and re-organizing this week!!! Look out!

Also - you've heard us RAVE about Maple Memories....well, we have a group that's needing help filling their weekend!!! Take a look!

Dear Fellow Scrapbookers,

I am making the final arrangements for our stay at Maple Memories in McPherson. We can arrive anytime after 4:00p.m.on Thursday, July 23rd and we will be leaving by 4:00p.m.on Sunday, July 26th. Here is some information that I wanted to pass along. If you have any questions, please contact me at 316-214-1706 or by e-mail at HYPERLINK ""

We are officially naming this weekend: Scrappers Gone Wild – Do It Again!!
The cost for the weekend is $155. This includes 5ft of scrapbooking space, a bed for sleeping (if you sleep), meals listed below, a few snacks, and a wonderfully cool t-shirt. This is going to be another great weekend and I’m looking forward to all of us getting together again!

I need to collect the $155 by Friday, June 12th so that I can make the final payment on time. For those that have already paid the $25 deposit the final amount due is $130. Please mail the payment to me at the following address: Gina Carnley 12225 Troon Ct Wichita, KS 67206 Enclosed with your payment please tell me what type of Bagel, Cream Cheese, and Pizza you like, and I also need to know your shirt size, plus if you like V-neck or scoop (normal t-shirt type).

Meals: We have decided to have some of the meals at the house to increase the amount of time we have to scrapbook and some on your own/with others so you can enjoy the wonderful eateries and shops in McPherson.

Thursday Dinner: Not included (on your own) Since everyone will be arriving at different times.
Friday Breakfast: Panera Bagels with Cream Cheese and Fruit
Friday Lunch: Not included (on your own) Recommend Courtyard Deli
Friday Dinner: Lasagna, Salad, and Garlic Bread with Sundae Bar for Dessert
Saturday Breakfast: Not included (on your own) Recommend Neighbors Cafe
Saturday Lunch: Not included (on your own) Time to Shop and Eat
Saturday Dinner: Pizza with Ice Cream and Brownies for Dessert
Sunday Breakfast: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and Fruit
Sunday Lunch: Not included (on your own)

Directions: From I-135, take the McPherson Exit (Exit 60). Go West on Kansas Ave (this is what you come in on) for approx 2.5 miles until you reach Maple Street (Maple is one block west of Main Street). Go South on Maple for 2 blocks. Maple Memories in on the SW corner of Maple and Southerland. The address is: 300 S Maple.

Parking: There are a limited number of parking spaces available at the rear of the house, so they have asked that you carpool when possible. There is a ramp going from the parking area to the back door, making this the easiest place to load/unload your supplies (no steps to deal with).

Phones: There is currently no telephone available at the house due to the increase in cell phone usage. If you aren't bringing a cell phone with you, you may give your family my number 316-214-1706 if they need to reach you. In case of an emergency and there is no answer, they may contact the owner of Maple Memories directly at 620-480-1357.

What you will need to bring: Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are provided. Blankets are provided, but if you are often cold you may want to consider bringing an extra one. Toiletries including soap, shampoo, and conditioner. CD’s and/or DVD’s and IPOD. Your "stuff" for scrapbooking (or quilting, or whatever you are planning on doing!). Please bring all the drinks you want for the weekend soda, water, coffee, tea, and anything you might need to spike those drinks!!! Also bring one snack to share and if you can coordinate within your group, then we won’t have all the same snacks.
NO SMOKING is allowed in the house--UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Please smoke outside, but do not throw butts on the ground or on any porches.

Gina currently has FIVE spots remaining to fill her weekend!! If you've been to MM before you know that this means they will all have to pay MORE $$ in order to fulfill their obligation to - if you're FREE and would like to ENJOY a peaceful, fun, relaxing weekend - give Gina a call!!! (she did want me to let you know, also, that if you can only stay FRIDAY - SUNDAY that the cost would only be $130.00!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th!!

*****we will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 4th!! please be safe and enjoy the holiday! we'll see you again on Sunday 1:00-5:00!!!*****

HELLLOOO out there!!?!?!?!?! i know, i know - HOWEVER i have some pretty valid "excuses"!! 1) we are buying a house! (yeah us!), so that's been a pretty high priority right now!!! ....... 2) we were at Maple Memories for 4 days (SOOOO would recommend that!)......3) i've finally figured out how to get "US" on Facebook!! So, that's been taking up some of my time as well!!! So - there you have it!!

How have ya'll been!?!? Speaking of Facebook - go and sign up to be our fan!!! we are going to do challenges, give aways and more on there (hopefully, after i get my "facebook the missing manual" book read!!!!) You can see photos of ALL the layouts that "we" (mom, me and renee) completed, there are some fahhhbulous ones in there!!!

We have got some new stuff in, however i can't really tell you what all is here YET - b/c i haven't had a chance to get into the boxes in the back!! YOU, loyal blog readers, COME FIRST!!

Kristy has been working on the LOTM for July!! OMG - you're gonna love it!!! I'll post it as soon as she's completed!!!

Renee's has the Makentake completed too for JULY 11th!!! Mark that date on your calendar.....July 11th - BIG DAY!! 1) our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebration 2) our "first saturday of the month" make n take and 3) our PJ Crop night!! So - it's gonna be a pretty exciting day!! I can't wait to start sneakin' some of the sale's we're gonna have!!!

Here's your sneak for the Crop*A*Ganzaville can order these at any time!!! They are $16.00, available in sizes small-5X (2x and above are an additional $2.00) can call and order those!! 316-733-0029