Monday, July 6, 2009

Okay - so just in case you didn't see the post a few days ago - HERE is the Crop*A*Ganza-ville T-shirt for our August event!!! They are $16.00 from sizes S-XL - Sizes 2XL-5XL are an additional $2.00!!! PLEASE CALL AND RESERVE YOURS TODAY - we don't order extras and will not be able to order them after the crop!! :( sooooooo, call!!!

Now - HERE's the BACK of the shirt! (note: the palm trees will wrap from the front right to the back right side....similar to the "dont worry be happy" themed shirt we had last year!)
The lyrics are sung to the tune of "Margarita-ville" by the one and only Jimmy Buffet!!! ANNNNNDDDD, the winner of our "write the lyrics" contest is KRISTINA SCOTT!!! :) we had so many WONDERFUL lyrics submitted, and they were alllll so hard to narrow down - but there were 8 of us working together and we decided that Kristina's worked!!!!

here are the actual lyrics:

Croppin' in pj's
I'll be here for 3 days
All of these croppers are happy to play
Carry my bags in
so I can get scrappin'
Hear crazy Kate teasing Renee!

Scrappin' away again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my lost Stickles and Dots
Some people claim that there's a husband to blame
but i know lack of time is at fault

I know the reason
I've been here all weekend
so I'd have something to show the "fam" on Sunday.
Here in Park City
It's a real pity
that Crop*A*Ganza's not here everyday!

Sleepless again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my lost Scissors and Paint
Some people claim that there are children to blame
Now I think, lack of time's STILL at fault

I blew out my Cricut
stepped on a brad tip
cut my heel, I'm not going back home
'cuz there are memories that need scrappin'
you won't find me nappin'
These friends and fun they help me hang on

Sleepless again at Crop*A*Ganzaville
Searchin' for my long lost runner of Tape
Some people claim that my addiction is to blame
But I know it's 'cuz I LOVE to CREATE!!

So - Kristina - let me know your shirt size, you're getting YOUR shirt for FREE!!!CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!!!!! :)

ANNNDDD for those of you looking for yet ANOTHER Saturday crop - Amy May has some GREAT monthly crops in BENTON!!! Here's the information on that as well!!
It’s another Crop!
Join us for another day of fun

When: Saturday July 11, 2009

Where: The Benton Community Building
Main Street Benton

How much: $10.00
For the whole day

Time: 8:00am to midnight
Or any time in between that you can make it.

Please RSVP to:
Amy May

Bring a Snack to share and a beverage for yourself.
There is a kitchen for our use if you would like.
We had people come and work on other projects last time so you could even invite a friend who does not scrapbook.

Don't forget to get me your "i can't believe i scrapped like THAT" layout from the blast from the past monday challenge!! email, bring it in or post it on your own personal blog page or facebook page!!! And speaking of Facebook, i know that not everyone has a facebook page, i posted a question last week and got some great feedback, but am also wanting YOUR feedback as well!! KIT CLUBS.....what is your favorite? Why? What don't you like about kit clubs? What do you LOVE about kit clubs?! I've never personally been enrolled in a kit club and am doing some research on the subject!!! So - post your comments....or email them to me!!!

I will be posting this evening the awesome SALES that we'll be having this saturday in honor of our 3year anniversary sale!!! Have a great day!


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