Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Organization With Alicia!

Hey ladies!! dc here...I FIRST want to give a SHOUT OUT to the chicas that braved the weather to get to my Stitches Class! I thought it was such a good time and it was so nice to see familiar friends and meet some new scrapbooking women! I HAVE to say that this was by far the EASIEST goin' bunch of ladies I have ever worked with soooo here is a HUGE THANK YOU and some (((hugs)))) coming straight your way!!!!
Stay tuned for my Stitches 2 class coming in late Feb-early March. I will let you know that date as soon as I have it. Also, if you are interested in taking Stitches the original and weren't able to this past weekend leave a comment or call the store and if there is an interest we will offer it again in the near future.
*****And Stitches girls from this weekend PLEASE do me a favor and leave a comment on your favorite *technique* from Saturday's class or the one you think you will use the mostest!!!

Okay to get to what you are REALLY here for, I am sure..... Week 2 with the Organizational Cupcake Eating Guru.... Miss Alicia Day. We are very excited to be working on this series and have heard TONS of great feedback. So as always, LEAVE COMMENTS so we know you are out there. We DO address any questions or suggestions you may have. Thanks to those of you we have heard from!!!

Today's video is on our MOST ReQUEstED topic...PATTERNED PAPER organization.... it is in three parts (I have yet to figure out if i can "Weld" seperate videos together so until then we will have more than one at a time!! Please BEAR WITH!!!!)



Part One

Part One Continued


Part TWO

Let's have a great week organizing and getting packed for CAG together!!
besosbesos, dc


I'm on my way to Alicia's house right now to film our next TWO organizational videos (that way I'll still have one to post next Sunday while we're at Ganza!!! Stay tuned for some fun later tonight!!!!! besosbesos, dc

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Eye Candy!!!

I can't get enough of this Ribbon Tree at the store! It makes me so happy to look at it and it is even CUTER in person!!!! Happy Thursday everyone! besosbesos, dc


Here it is!! THE list of things to remember for ganza!! AND at the bottom - check out the extra add reminder items from a few of our scrappin' friends!!!
Scrapbook Supplies:
Photos (don’t laugh – every Ganza SOMEONE forgets them!), Page Kits, Paper, Card stock, Vellum, Trimmers, Scissors, X-Acto, Cutting Mat, Punches, Adhesives w/refills, Vellum Spray w/Spray Box, Ruler, Undu, Burnisher, Die Cuts or Personal Cutting System, Extension Cord, Stamps, Inks, Cleaner, Wet Wipes, Chalks, Paint, Idea Books, Stickers, Embellishments, Eyelet Setter, Paper, Templates, Markers, Ribbons/Fibers, LAMP LAMP LAMP LAMP (as we that have been to the Best Western in the past know, the lighting leaves something to be desired)(don't forget your LAMP !!), Bed Sheet/Table Cloth – to cover your table & supplies when you hit the sack , Cushion or Pillow – to sit on or sleep on! Boom Box - (i.e. your I-pod or MP-3) We will have our sound system there and plan to have music playing (not LOUDLY…until later on;) ) Favorite Snacks and Drinks – there will be some drinks and snacks provided, Overnight bag - Comfy clothes, PJ’s, a sweatshirt or sweater, slippers or socks, swim suit, Toiletries - Make-up, toothbrush & paste, shower supplies, & antiperspirant, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Inhalers, Allergy Meds, RX, Vitamins, CRAZY PILLS! (this is just to see if you are really reading this list!!!) Bio Freeze, etc. Cup Holder & Cup with Lid (we will have Styrofoam cups with lids available in the hospitality room) Camera, T.V. Tray/Shelf Dividers – to sit next to you or on your table, Money (Cash, Checkbook & Credit Cards) for shopping, raffles, etc.

**BRING YOUR EXTENSION CORDS!!! Each table WILL have power access, - however there will only be TWO (2 prong) adapters that will be available. SO BRING additional power strips or 3 prong adapters!!! Trust me!!! You'll want them if you happen to be bringing any of the following: sewing machine, cricut, wishblade, laptop, lamp, radio, fan, glue gun, embossing gun. *Bulb replacements for your lamps!!!We cannot PROMISE that someone will be in the crop room at all times!! Although there usually are some of us CRAZIES that will crop until the weeee hours of the night - but we cannot be held responsible for LOST or STOLEN items!!! So, take your purse and valuables with you when leaving and cover your crop space when you aren't there!!!!*Bring your CUP HOLDER if you have one. *Bring your TRASH CAN!!!!! We provide large trash cans for overflow trash, BUT DO NOT PROVIDE TRASH CANS FOR EVERY SEAT !!! I have a tag-a-long (cup holder) that has a trash can on it - but I LOVE my large trash can, so feel free to bring that with you as well *WIPES!! I can't scrapbook with out my baby wipes or my clorox wipes!!! *ADHESIVE!!! I know some of these things seem VERY SIMPLE to remember - but you'd be surprised!!! We will have tons of adhesive in our booth! *TUNES!! We will have a sound system for our announcements - and music - but it probably won't be playing loudly. So, if you wanna bring your ipod or headphones please do so!!! If you do choose to play your music AT your crop space - please be respectful of neighboring croppers when it comes to your volume!!!! *Did I mention that the lighting is NOT very good!! The ceilings are VERY high, and there's nothing that we can do about it - so bring your lamp!!! *When packing your "stuff" up for the crop - remember that you don't have a TON of space!! We are all used to cropping in tight spots anyway - but try and remember that when you're deciding to take 10 plus bags, totes and tubs!!! :) If you're cropping with friends or family - call them up and see if there's anything your bringing that's duplicated - you don't ALL four have to have your cricuts - one could bring the machine - another cartridges, etc......same thing with sewing machines, use the buddy system!
(i know that some of those things are duplicated up there, so don't email me and let me know that - they are duplicated cuz they are SUPA IMPORTANT!!!) :)
Okay - so in addition to "THE LIST" of items that we sent out last week - here are some other good ideas that were sent by fellow ganza go-ers!!!Flexible power strip. way cool for scrapbooking. Hubby found it for me at the mans store (thanks Pam!)
Typically I tend to forget batteries for my camera and it always dies when I least expect it, thread for my mini sewing machine, laptop. (thanks Dacia!)Glimmer Mist, Paper Towels and the Splat Mat! (thanks Huelsman!)
Chapstick, germy-germ lotion (hand sanitizer), hand lotion, wrist supports. (thanks wendy!)
Jennifer !! You're our winnnnnner!!! (or weinnnnner!! ha!) You'll have a fun little somethin' somethin' waiting for you at ganza!! :) (ps - thanks for the coffee goodies too!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winner, Winner, Another Prize Winner!!!

did you think I was going to say CHICKEN DINNER?!??! For me it would probably be Mac and Cheese Dinner cause that is what we have a LOT of at my house. My KIDS just can't get enough! (okay well I can't either but let's keep that on the DL and I'm not talking Debbie Largen if you know what I mean!!! winkwink ;)


Do you remember last week or so when I posted that the next TWO peeps to sign up for my stitching class would win a PrIze-OLA??? Well..... I have the names of those two LUCKY ladies in my hot little hand...but FIRST I want to say that you chicas are doing a great job getting signed up to take classes at the Attic!! In fact, we have some exciting NEVER before seen classes coming your way in the next two months so tune in here for updates and don't hesitate to get signed up!! Cause class sizes are limited and they do fill up!!
On that Note-ah, my Stitches class is FUUULLLL (love it!!), how-EV-ah if you are interested in taking that class still and the date didn't work for you or *whatevs* the reason, call the store and have your name put on the waiting list because I will probably be offering it again soon---cause it is THAT great of a TECK-niQUE to know!! Also, for those out there that have done some paper stitching in your day (and for future grads of Stiches1 on Saturday!) I will be soon offering a Stitches2 class that is just FULL of new tips, tricks, and schtuff you just NEVER thought of and can't find in books or magazines!!! I don't have a date set for Stitches2 yet but if you are a BLOG STALKER you will be the first to know!!!
and as I have said ovah and ovah...if there is a technique that you are interested in or a class that you suggest we offer... POST a COMMENT!! I can't TELL ya how effective that is---we want to give you what you WANT!! You being happy with your hobby is our #1 GOAL!! How often do you hear something like that??? Feels Great Huh??!!!
Oh I AlMosT forgot my Weeeeeners!!!!
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Clark Griswald DRUMROLL!!!)
Elizabeth Rhodes
Beyonce Pettit!!!!!!
you two lucky ladies will have a special SUMTHIN at your seat the day of the class!!!
besosbesos, dc

Monday, January 25, 2010


A big congrats to Linda Kullman!! She was the winner of our win what you spend contest this weekend!! Thank you to everyone who came out for the sale this weekend!!!

Those of you that have ordered a shirt - here is the list that i have - if your name is NOT on here - drop me an email or call the store!!!! 3167330029
Amy W.
Angela L.
Bethany S.
Bridget M.
Chandra S.
Cheri B.
Danielle V.
Dawn F.
Deanne N.
Heather S.
Heather Smith
Janell H.
Janet M.
Janine B.
Jennifer B.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer H.
Jennifer R.
Jennifer Y.
Jo D.
Krazy kate
Kathryn W.
Kathy W.
Kathy W.
Kelly B.
Kelly L.
Keri H.
Kim G.
Krista O.
Kristin M.
Kristina S.
Lisa H.
Lisa P.
Lori P.
Margo H.
Missy S.
Pam H.
Paula R.
Paulette B.
Penny H.
Robyn H.
Sandee W.
Shannon W.
Sharon G.
Stacey A.
Stephanie H.
Tara C.
Teresa R.
Theresa H.
Tracie S.
Wendy M.

Ist Ev-Ah Organizational Video

So after MUCH a-do I am FINALLY posting the link to our FIRST Weblog oooohhhhaahhhmama!! applause, applause, applause!! Alicia did a TERRIFIC job (she is soo at ease in front of the camera it seems!) . We are PUMPED to be bringing this to you and just hope you get motivated to organize your space however big or small to have the MOST productive year of your life CREATIVELY!!! as always your comments and feedback are SUPER appreciated on this 1st of many Weblog adventures!! We want this to be your GO-TO spot for scrapbooking info of all kinds!! So sit back, enjoy, and let's all follow Alicia the Guru's lead!! I'm off to get started myself!!

besosbesos, dc

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy,they just promised it would be worth it.
(thought i'd share this with all my friends out there in blog land, everything happens for a reason - i'm tellin' ya!)

Friday, March 26, 2010 6 pm to 11:45 pm
Saturday, March 27, 2010 8am to 7:45 pm
Beech Activity Center, 9710 E. Central, Wichita, KS 67206

Come Join the Fun!
ALL Crafters Welcome!!

17 hours of crafting time
Silent Auction
Take & Make Projects
Door Prizes
Electrical available for each table (Bring your own lighting and extension cords.)

Advance Registration required:
Friday night only - $25 minimum contribution (complimentary snacks & drinks)
Saturday only - $35 minimum contribution (includes lunch)
Friday & Saturday - $50 minimum contribution (includes lunch)


Since this IS a fund raising event, we STRONGLY encourage each participant to not just pay their minimum contribution but to approach family, friends and co-works for tax deductible contributions to the YWCA. Donation request forms, along with some other fundraising ideas, will be mailed or e-mailed to you after we have received your registration information.

v For each $25 in contributions, you will receive an additional door prize ticket.
v The highest fund raiser will be “crowned” Queen and receive a prize package valued at $100.
v 2nd and 3rd place fundraisers will be “crowned” Princesses and receive prize packages valued at $50 and $35, respectively.
v Bring in $250 or more in donations and receive your event T-shirt ($15-18 value) FREE!

Share the opportunity with a friend! If you “sponsor” a person who has never attended any Get Scrappy event, you will receive a special gift. (Limit one gift per person). There will also be a reward for the person who gets the most NEW attendees to register (minimum of three). In case of a tie we will draw one name for this prize.


Call the YWCA office at (316) 263-7501. You will need to call here if you want to pay your registration by credit card.

Call Linda Schrader at (316) 641-1505 or Mary Bessey at (316) 253-5205 and you can mail your check (payable to YWCA) to Linda Schrader at 1907 Fabrique, Wichita 67218.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Chance Harvey!!

Have you seen that movie??? It's actually pretty cute!!

That OBVIOUSLY isn't the reason for this post!! Steff wanted me to let you all know that today is your LAST chance to get your Ganza shirts ordered!! So if you are reading this and decide that you still want one you need to call now cause the girls are closin up shop at 5pm!! I know, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!

"Steffrey" will be sending out a list tomorrow for all of you who have signed up for a shirt so double check it and if your name's not there CALL the store ASAP!!

Well, I have to run order my CAG shirt...NOT KIDDING...nothing like waiting til the last minute!! HA!

Oh yeah and stay tuned either later tonight or tomorrow for our first WEBLOG featuring Alicia the organizational GURU!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey everyone!!! (steff here!)...never thought id have to say that first - but SOMEHOW people are thinking that Danelle and I are one in the same?!! I never thought i'd find someone as CRAZY as myself! HA!!! (love you!!!)

Those of you that are going to Ganza - Sunday is the LAST DAY TO order your ganza shirts. We will have a small amount of shirts there in case you change your mind after you arrive - but you WANT to order it now to BE SURE you get yours!! It's SUPER cute and the "logo" of the shirt looks JUST like our very own STARBUX ....scrapbooking logo!! I LOVE IT!!!

Short Sleeves are $16.00 for Small-XL and $18.00 for 2XL-6XL....Long Sleeve are $22.00 for Small-XL and $24.00 for 2XL and Sweatshirts (with hoodies) are $29.00 Small - 2XL

NOTE: the actual shirt is a lighter baby pink with BROWN writing!!

You can call and order your shirt through the store 316-733-0029 OR you can email me and i'll have it for you when you arrive!!!

***we're having a BIG sale this weekend!! I have to go to Austin, Texas for a funeral, so the girls will be running the show!! Go easy on them!! 20% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!!! NO EXCLUSIONS!! and we ARE punching your punch cards too!!! :) PLUS - win what you spend!! Friday and Saturday only - this weekend!! Come shopping!!

i'll be checking email, so if you have any questions or suggestions regarding ganza, please drop me an email - or the girls will be happy to help you out at the store!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MY GIRLS!! I can't tell you HOW lucky mom and i are to have such fantastic, WONDERFUL girls!!! There's no price to put on these girls!! It's awesome to be able to leave town (mom on a vaca and me unexpectedly), and have NO WORRIES whatsoever!!! Love you ladies!! (dc this includes you too!)

okay - DC - i'm turning it back over to you!!

Cutie Pie Baskets!!

As promised, here is my WONDERFUL new basket I was telling you about. YA know, the one I keep my page kits in (among many other things!!!). Isn't it soooooo CUTIE PIE?!?!?!

I {heart} it very muches!! When I walked in the store I saw it and stopped in my tracks. I'm sure I exclaimed something RANDOM and asked the girls WHAT on Earth was the cutest basket in the whole wide world doing in the store when it BELONGED in my arms?!?!? I do really love it that much!! (I'll be the FIRST to admit, I get a TAD more overly excited than most! Just a TAD! ha!)

I am a HUGE fan of pink and black as a color combo and the textured-fabric-novelty-shopping basket look...SHUT UP!!! (aka NO WAY!!) It was one of those TREASURES that I never knew existed but had wanted all of my life! Do you ever have those shopping moments or is it just me??? So I immediately snatched it up and have been loving it ever since. I have come a long way from the days of hauling my scrapbooking stuff around in a purple laundry basket!! (even though that does sound kinda cute now---maybe I'll bust that back out for Ganza!! hee hee!) Now all of my bags are pink-patterned-cuteness!! What about you??? Would you LOVE to treat yourself to an early Valentine's Day gift in the form of one of these FUN thingys???


weeeeellllll, here's the info. they run $25.99 and you will need to call the store to ORDER yours today. As of right now we ARE NOT stocking them. I just did a rough measurement of mine and they run APPROX. 9" deep, 10" wide and almost 20" long!! they are supported by a super sturdy metal frame and come in a VARIETY of catchy colors and patterns. (Sorry the pink one is one of a kind so you won't be able to get it---only me!! JUST KIDDING!!!!!)

Call the store if you are interested in ordering one today and they SHOULD be here in time for CAG!! WHOOPIE!!! told ya they were adorable!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have you HEARD????

This month's TeckTastik class is .....stitching!!

Who wants to learn a new Teck-NiQue that you will use OVER and OVER at Ganza and future crops??? Then you HAVE to get signed up for the Stitching Class that your's truly will be teaching Saturday January 30th from 2-4. This is a BASIC stitching class---NO experience necessary. I am going to show you the SUPER EASY basic stitches-that only Look tricky (do you see the samples of the CUTENESS pictured above??) and give you some ideas to JUMP START your creativity (for those of you who DO have the basic stitches down---you will learn something new as well)!! So if you are feeling a little in a FUNK and need some FReSH air blown through your crop space OR have this month's technique on your list of things to learn in 2010.... then call now (316-733-0029) to get on the list. The cost is only $22 and you will come away with at LEAST 4 layouts/projects to show for it along with some extra goodies to use on future layouts!! Not to mention a NEW teck-nique that you will go to time after time--PROMISE!!
When I am stitching on my layouts at crops I have CounTLESS people coming up to inquire about this technique (so I know the interest is out there!!) because it is soo pretty and just adds so much using things most of us already have in our STASH!! Making it VERY cost effective too- you GOTTA love that!!!


I HATE to rush you but the class is a week from Saturday and there are only a FEW spots left! Let's keep filling this and ALL of our classes (we keep 'em small so you have LOTS of 1 on 1 with our instructors!!). I plan to bring you a new technique each month in my Teck-Tastik class so COME, BRING a FRIEND, and you will get to help me decide ideas to bring to you in the coming months.


This would also be a great time to put a FACE to all of this EnERGETIC blogging and to give me your feedback!!!

***PPPSSS if you are reading this...the first TWO CHICA Mama's who call, pay over the phone, and get signed up will receive a FANTASTIC Prize!!!! Can't beat that with a bottle of Stickles now can ya??????
Oh and on that note we have many GREAT prizes to give away this week to gear up for Ganza so stay tuned for challenges and random drawings for those who cOmMenT!!! So plllleeeeeaaaase join in the fun!!! I want to hear who all is out there reading my NOISE!!!

besosbesos, dc

Soooo, get excited and come out and support our sweet LSS by signing up for your FAVORITE classes today. The more you all sign up---the more we will OFFER!!! and Let's face it LADIES, all of our layouts can benefit from the enlightenment of a NEW idea!!! Make it your RESOLUTION to take some classes in 2010, step outside the box, and BE INSPIRED by others!! Ahhh sounds so good to me!!

TRY not to SCREAM out loud when you see this!

CHA is NEXT week - right around the corner, all the new SNEAKS are DRIVING US CRAZY!! WE HAVE TO HAVE THIS!! 6 feet tall - floor CLIP IT UP!! ahhhhhh DROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL

**don't have the info on it YET - but as soon as we do - no worries, i'll letcha know! :)

OOOHH i HAVE to have this in my scrap room!!!

Fundraising crop in February!

We were asked to share this information with you all!! This would be a great DAY crop to attend!!

Click HERE to visit the page!
**if you have local crops that you'd like us to help you advertise just drop us an email!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mind's Eye

Hola chicas!! Did I MENTION I was a Spanish teacher??? Well, that is my REAL job of course but my PASSION is our hobby and I am here to give you sooooo many updates on all of the BOOO-TIFUL new products in the store!! YAY!! If you are like me and don't live in town and can't get to the store as often as you would like (and you girls that can are so lucky-do you REALIZE??) I am gonna be on here CoNsTanTly to give you updates on all of the things we just have to make the trip for-- cause we just HAVE to have them!!!
First up......My MINd's EyE!!! One of my Fave lines of patterned paper and other fun embellies! I am sure you have seen some of this stuff cause it is ALWAYS front and center in the store cause it is HOT!! It flies off the shelves (I get my hands on as much as I can *Just ask my HUBS* because it WILL sell out!!). The colors are the TRENDIEST and the texture is like linen. So girls get your feelers out!!!
Of course the paisley's were a MUST HAVE for me! But CHECK out those colors! I told you they were trendy!! FUN pinks and reds mixed with the steel blue that is ALL the rage in our FaVE magazines right now!! And the {hearts} and birds...ahhhhhhhhh!! and if you are taking my stitches class at the end of the month (more on that late-a) we are using the red birdie paper in one of our FOUR layouts!!!

And why, by the way are clouds soooo STINKIN cute to me???!?? Put a cloud on it and it's going on a layout in my book!

In other news, I have just spoken with my organizational GURU and we have something SUPER sweet planned for this weekend!! Stay tuned for some great ideas to coming in SOON via this site's FIRST web-blog!! It is going to be sooo cool, so keep checking in with us for more DETAILS!!
and if you have an idea to contribute to the blog email me @ !!!!!
Well, I better run cause I have SCRAP to do!!!!
besos, dc

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sneaky Peeky!!

Baby Paisley met up with her NBFF (new best friend forever!!) Steffanie this weekend and brought home some SURPRISES for all of the Attic Blog Stalkers!!! Are you all out there??Stalking and checking the daily updates for the Happenings at the Attic blog?? Huh, are ya??
Cause you don't want to miss out!! Steff was able to get sooo much done while playing with Paisley! Check it...

Here ya go ladies and gents!! Are there any gents out there!??!! I hope so--a girl can dream! I am planning on making Mr. Curtis check out the attic blog so we can get the men involved too!! Cause we all knw that is what they want to do! HA!
The February Chicks in the Attic kit is being assembled as we sPeAK!! The little elves at "pink and brown HEAVEN" (as I like to refer to it) AKA Steff, Debbie, Renee, and Kristy are soo busy putting the finishing touches on the SWEEET february layouts...

oooohhh, ahhhhhhhh do you love what you see so far??? Thickers, stitching, and patterned paper---OH MY!!

sparkly foil, TULLE, and snowflake brads as faaaar as the eye can see!! and stars!! I KNOW for a fact there are some STAR lovers reading this post right!! ;) SOLD!
So I KNOW you are likey liking what you see and getting excited to have our latest kit right in time for GANZA!! I have a PRETTY new pink shopping basket that I picked up at the store a few weeks ago Just for my kiTs, which I adore btw!! If you want to see a picture of my new basket, your gonna have to leave a comment!!
***This just in....kits will be ready FEBRUARY 2nd!! and if you normally pick yours up at the attic but want them hand delivered to the Best Western just in time for CAG just call us, not the BW heehee, (316-733-0029) or email the store ( and we will have them ready for you there!! Talk about SERVICE!! I'm telling you chicas...we are here to make your scrapping experiences as STRESS free as possible!!
oh but wait there is more!! If you are a customer that normally has you kit shipped give us a call before the 2nd and we will bring it to you without the shipping charge!! AWESOME!!! so call now while you are thinking about it K?
One LAST thing for this post...if you have NOT jumped on this wonderful new bandwagon by joining the Chicks in the Attic Monthly kit club (what are you waiting for???)...follow this link and it will direct you to all of the info! You WON'T be sorry. HeidiSwipe herself DOES NOT mislead!! :) Have a great rest of the weekend and see you all very soon we hope!!
besosbesos, dc

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've lost weight!!!

HA!! And it's not the "weight" that you may think it is!! (although that would be nice as well!)

You may or may not read our newsletter that we send out via email - but i mentioned in the latest one (which you can subscribe to via our website btw!)......that a prayer had been answered to help me!! AND that you would notice some AWESOME changes occurring with the blog!! Wellllll, the wait is over!!! I've been workin', cussin' and discussin' with my "A/P" (answered prayer!) about all the things that WE'D love to see happen for the store via the blog! And - without ANYMORE anticipation - i'm here to introduce HER to you!!!

Some of you will KNOW her - some will recognize her - and others will SOON know ALLLLL about her!!!

Danelle Curtis!! (ahhhhhh, the crowd goes WILD!!!) ;) Also known to us as: "Heidi Swipe"...."dc......."dcurtis".......we're going to HAVE to call her "DC" cuz there are tooooo many Danelle's runnin' around this place! ;)

she's gonna KILL me for putting THESE pictures of her on here!! HA !:)

We've (meaning all of us at the attic, but mainly ME (steff) since i'm the one bloggin' here!) known Danelle for ABOUT 3 years now!! We met at Crop Camp in Ark City!! I'll never forget!! Her energy, sense of humor, creativity, and PASSION for scrapbooking. More than anyone I had seen up to that point in "real" scrapbooking life!! ha ha!!!....meaning she wasn't a "famous" scrapper i was reading about in CK magazine or a blogger that i followed in the cyber world!! She was SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THIS HOBBY!! And she was and IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO good at it!!!

Not only does Danelle have an "eye" for super cute pages, but she NEVER STOPS LEARNING!! She's like a sponge - soaks everything up around her and can't wait for the next challenge around the corner!! She loves and gets SUPER GIDDY about TEACHING people how to do just about ANYTHING!! If you're ever at a crop with her - you're SURE to find her talking, teaching, raving, warning, and just LOVING scrapbooking!!! I'd never met anyone (up to this point) that was like her.....(besides myself!).....she LOVES to TOUCH, SMELL and ROLL all over the paper!! She actually PURRRRRS when she scrapbooks - DEAD SERIOUS!!! I joke that when you crop next to her she: #1 will take up ANY FREE space YOU, yourself may have AND she is EXTREMELY vocal about her craft!!!! There are sounds that come out of her that make you question what she is REALLY doing!! ;0

I'm going to step back for a second and let HER tell you more about herself right now, then I'll fill you in on just a BRIEF sneak of what you can expect to see from Danelle in the future!!!

HOLY WOWZERS!! What an intro!!! What can I even say after all of that wonderfulness!!!!???!!! Since our dearest Steff-ola has let the cat out of the bag about my obsession (heehee) I will refrain from GUUUSHING about how much I adore our beloved hobby. One of my college professors once told me that I was "born to teach" what a COMPLIMENT, but I don't know about all of that!! I KNOW there are always places for me to improve my teaching techniques...but what I DO know is that I was blessed with this insatiable burning yearning DESIRE to LEARN new things and SHARE that knowledge with those "Inquiring Minds That Want to Know"!!! Do you remember that saying from the old Inquirer Magazine commercials of way back?? Anywho---as you can see I'm kind of a crazed goofball (about things I am passionate!), and as my sweet ;) little high school angels can attest...I AM SUPER random, so be prepared!! enoughenoughenough of my rambling (blah blah ooh la la!)...back to the GLORIOUS task at hand. OUR ATTIC BLOG! my new baby. shh don't tell Paisley-girl or she'll be soo jealous (much more about my kiddos LATE-TAH)! Words -even though I have MANY- just can't tell you how SAAA-WEEEET the blog's facelift is gonna be! Soo please tune in EVERY day *and more than once* cause you never know how much we will be on here to inspire YOU to "preserve your memories!" ha!! That is what my bffs and I tell our hubby's when we are packing up to go on our 50th scrapbooking weekend of the year!! JUSTIFIED! I must dash outta here for now (but I'll be back soon!) cause I can go one fore-ehhh-ver (think Sandlot!). pleasepleaseplease leave comments for us each and every time you are on the blog cause ThiS is allfor you!! OUR FANS!!!

besosbesos, dc

**this is steff again! ;)

Since i'm wearing so many hats these days......"overwhelmed" is a SMALL word that i'm beginning to feel on a daily basis!! I'm one of these people that if i SAY i'm going to do something - i do it - and if it doesn't get done - then i am SO hard on myself. Letting someone down is NOT something i enjoy doing - and i try realllllly hard not to do it on a regular basis - although with the blog, i feel as though i'm doing it more and more regularly. It's kind of become my "M.O."!! I hate that - i HATE to hear that you have come here to get inspired, learn something new, see what's going on with us and the SAME POST IS STILL UP!!

So, I prayed!! I prayed for a PERSONAL BLOGGER!! (i shoulda also prayed for a personal trainer! HA!)....had a little bit of a meltdown, got a litttttle teeeeenie bit crazy, and w/i 24 hours WAH LAH - i had an answer to my prayer that was received in the form of a TEXT MESSAGE!! :) (my favorite btw if you know me!)........Offering OOOOODLES and OOOOODDDDDles of ideas, challenges, and inspiration for the blog!!!

Sooooooooo, get ready!! You're going to LOVE the ride you're about to hop on!! There will NOT be a dull moment!! There will be a lot of changes to the blog in the form of layout, design and organization - WE allllll welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback!! You can always leave a comment, we WELCOME those!!! But get ready to see the NEXT LEVEL we're about to take you to!!!

I'll still be around, no worries, i'll still be blogging from time to time (trust me you won't even realize i'm not the one talking to you - we're THAT much alike!)....although she IS a teacher, so she probably doesn't use AS MANY run on sentences, or punctuation as i do - and probably not NEARLY as many :) 's as me either!! But - we'll just have to get used to that i guess!! ha ha !!!

If you're a FAN on our facebook page - you're already in the "know" about all of this, but Tiffany with Sisterhood of Scrapbooking (also known to many as "Beyonce"!), is ordering Scrapbooking Apparel in time for ganza!!! Visit her fan page (through our page favorites) or her blog....CLICK HERE.
Anywho - i'm working on a newsletter for ganza goers, will be sending it out on SUNDAY - so look for that!! (fulllll of information!!)
AND get your hotel room reserved ASAP if you haven't already!! :) they're down to 5 spots remaning!!!
If we've called you from the waiting list - we need you to let us know ASAP, we're moving through those names!!!
pssssssstttttt: you'll be wanting to check back here later this weekend for an AWESOME and EXCITING announcement!!!! i'm SUPAH giddy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You should comment!!!!!!!!!!!


Has it really been since December 14th that i updated the blog? Are you still out there? Do you even still check back to see if MAYBE she's updated the blog? MAYBE she's had something important to share? a great NEW product thats a MUST SEE!! ANNNNND then again - maybe she's forgotten all about us!?!?

NEVER!! i could NEVER forget about you - MY FELLOW SCRAPBOOKING BLOG STALKERS!?!? Although i'm SURE there has NOT been much stalking going on lately!! I apologize - life as i have known it has EXCEEDED the amount of SUPA business that i had expected......not real sure what IF ANYTHING that i've accomplished over the last two months - all i know is that (to quote a good friend) ;) my plate is WAY full (like the size of the plate is a buffet and it's OVERFLOWING!) and i'm going to have to DUMP something from my plate, cuz i'm FULL!!!!!!

I usually try to "recap" what's been going on since the last time i have blogged, but lets face it here folks - there's not enough TIME nor can i RECALL that far back!! Soooooooo let's start fresh!!!

Here's whats happening around the attic; as of lately!!!

GANZA IS QUICKLY APPROACHING!!! YES - WE'VE HAD SOME CANCELLATIONS!!!! (that's both good and bad!) I hate when croppers have to cancel, yet i love to call the waiting list ladies and make their day!!! So - it's bittersweet!! I have NOT MADE ANY OFFICIAL CALLS TO FILL THE CANCELLED SEATS YET!!!!!!!!!!! So - if you're one of (many) anxious croppers that are wondering "where you are on the waiting list" - you're not alone!! Im working on that tonight and will be starting to contact you tomorrow!!! Be patient with me!! I start at the top, and work my way down - i give each waiting list person at least 24 hours to contact me, and we work VERY hard to contact you - via facebook, email and phone if we have all that information!!! You are MORE than welcome to call or email me to inquire where you are on the list - we don't mind that at all!! I understand you're anxious and curious!! WE WANT YOU TO GET IN!!! In the past - we've made it through the ENTIRE waiting list!!! (there have been at the most - 25 people on the list at once!) hang in there - chances are good!!!

Which brings me to another topic i want to discuss. If you KNOW you aren't going to make it to ganza NOW - please call and cancel!! The sooner you cancel - the better chance you have of receiving a FULL discount!! That's right!! IF we can fill your spot - FULL refund back to you!!! PLEASE call us and let us know you're unable to attend - so WE can fill your spot!! We have approx. 18 people on our waiting list and they have been on that list for about 4 months!! So, it's only fair to give them the first opportunity!!!!

SHIRTS!! that's our next topic!!! Ganza shirts - if you haven't ordered yours yet - there's still time!!!! Here's a pic of the actual shirt!! We're offering long sleeve, short sleeve and hoodie sweatshirts too!!! They are pink with brown art. Scrappin' Boot Camp had the honors of creating our shirts this time!! Love working with Cara and Cheryl!!These shirts are a soft pink!!

When is Ganza??? February 5th, 6th and 7th!!

What is the theme? COFFEE!! - DUH!!

We have some SUPER surprises and good times ahead for you - and beginning this week, you'll start receiving emails about ganza - so be on the lookout!!

Fall ganza for 2010 is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 10th, 11th and 12th! YES you read that right - SEPTEMBER - NOT AUGUST!! (you're welcomeeeeeeee ;0 )

We have received some new schtuff in this week - but you're not gonna get that "411" just yet!! gotta make sure you're out there - reading this, and that i still have my little audience of 4!!! So - drop me a comment - let me know you're there - let me know you wanna read more on the blog - is this even an avenue people keep up with anymore? would you rather just find the information on facebook and newsletters?!?! i'd like to know - honest abe!!!