Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Organization With Alicia!

Hey ladies!! dc here...I FIRST want to give a SHOUT OUT to the chicas that braved the weather to get to my Stitches Class! I thought it was such a good time and it was so nice to see familiar friends and meet some new scrapbooking women! I HAVE to say that this was by far the EASIEST goin' bunch of ladies I have ever worked with soooo here is a HUGE THANK YOU and some (((hugs)))) coming straight your way!!!!
Stay tuned for my Stitches 2 class coming in late Feb-early March. I will let you know that date as soon as I have it. Also, if you are interested in taking Stitches the original and weren't able to this past weekend leave a comment or call the store and if there is an interest we will offer it again in the near future.
*****And Stitches girls from this weekend PLEASE do me a favor and leave a comment on your favorite *technique* from Saturday's class or the one you think you will use the mostest!!!

Okay to get to what you are REALLY here for, I am sure..... Week 2 with the Organizational Cupcake Eating Guru.... Miss Alicia Day. We are very excited to be working on this series and have heard TONS of great feedback. So as always, LEAVE COMMENTS so we know you are out there. We DO address any questions or suggestions you may have. Thanks to those of you we have heard from!!!

Today's video is on our MOST ReQUEstED topic...PATTERNED PAPER organization.... it is in three parts (I have yet to figure out if i can "Weld" seperate videos together so until then we will have more than one at a time!! Please BEAR WITH!!!!)



Part One

Part One Continued


Part TWO

Let's have a great week organizing and getting packed for CAG together!!
besosbesos, dc


Tiffany said...

I just bought a "scraps" tote this weekend while I was in "town". I can't wait to buy a Uppercase Living for it!!

Alicia, you answered a lot of my to decide how or if to keep a may seem trivial but you pay good money for this, so is it worth keeping. The fact that you organize it by manufacturer is so funny to me, I wouldn't even begin to guess who made what paper, so I organize my paper in those Cropper Hopper folders as well (the sticker holder), but as Baby(neutral), baby girl, baby boy, big boy, big girl, Halloween, Scenic (paper that is truely a picture of something, water, brick wall, fence line, hay, etc), Summer, Vegas (since it is a routine trip)..

Also, for some reason, never thought to include the stickers and such with the paper...once again genius...just something I never thought about doing until tonight!!

Danelle, loved your stitching class, headed to Wal-Mart today to pick up all the colors of crochet thread, HELLO there are 3 different sizes. They guy checking us out asked "you crochet?" I chuckled and said "close". I finished up my projects tonight while watching the TV.

Great Job Ladies!

Scrap*Funattic said...

Tiff--You get the "Blog Commenter of the Year" Award!! I love it! thanks for the feedback...sooo helpful!! and about the thread, my Walmart had two sizes 3 and 10 quite a bit different! Did your store have any other colors I didn't get?? If so I may check other stores. I did pick up silver and gold today!! WOO HOO!

laura mcpherson said...

You girls are doing an {AWESOME} job with the videos. I love it that Blue has made his blog video debut :) I'm not technically a scrapbooker, but these are still fun to watch...inspires me to get organized!

Tiffany said...

Danelle, Derby Wal-Mart had 3, 5 and 10. I bought six colors: red, black, white, cream, tan and pink. I would really love a blue and yellow. I bought them in size 3, I like the thicker look of the thread. Gold and jealous!!

Last night I headed down to the scrapbook room with the intent of packing for CAG...HA!! I was so inspired from your organizational video that I spent my 3 hours organizing my paper. I went through all my paper holders and threw out all the scraps that did not meet the minimum requirement of 4x6. I filled up half a trash bag of crap scraps! (I crack myself up) The rest of the patterned scraps went into my NEW scrap tote, I then went through my stash of scraps that I had stashed because I was too lazy to do anything with them...not anymore. I filed all the solids away. My tote that holds all my paper has so much more room.

I can't thank you guys enough to get me motivated to be a more efficient scrapper!! Great Job again. Seriously though, can you guys come to ML? I would love to have Alicia's feedback on my room.

Burner said...

In one of the videos you touched on the clip it up. I would really like to know more about what it is and how you use it.
Thank you

Heather said...

Girls, Great job! Thanks for more of an explanation on organizing paper. I've been doing in by theme, holiday, or season, but I can see that doing some by product line would be helpful especially when you by stickers and embellishments to go with. I need to get a better handle on my scraps, so that was helpfull too!

Missed seeing Miss Paisley and hearing her little voice! Bring the baby back!

aday said...

Hey Everyone first this is for Becca:you can check out the Clip It Up at the Scrap Funattic or their website We will be doing a class on organizing it I PROMISE!

Tiffany: GOOD JOB ON YOUR CRAP SCRAPS!! lol love that word. Keep em going and get packed girlfriend you only have 3 whole days left before Ganza!

Laura: the key workd is you are not a scrapbooker "yet"

Heather: if you have any other things you would like to see please post!!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the video blog ladies!! It definitely is getting motivated to get my new scrapbooking room organized! Maybe some of Alicia's OCD will rub off on to me! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Danelle - I would be interested in the stitching class. The other weekend wasn't a good time for me but would try to come to the next one.