Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here it is!! THE list of things to remember for ganza!! AND at the bottom - check out the extra add reminder items from a few of our scrappin' friends!!!
Scrapbook Supplies:
Photos (don’t laugh – every Ganza SOMEONE forgets them!), Page Kits, Paper, Card stock, Vellum, Trimmers, Scissors, X-Acto, Cutting Mat, Punches, Adhesives w/refills, Vellum Spray w/Spray Box, Ruler, Undu, Burnisher, Die Cuts or Personal Cutting System, Extension Cord, Stamps, Inks, Cleaner, Wet Wipes, Chalks, Paint, Idea Books, Stickers, Embellishments, Eyelet Setter, Paper, Templates, Markers, Ribbons/Fibers, LAMP LAMP LAMP LAMP (as we that have been to the Best Western in the past know, the lighting leaves something to be desired)(don't forget your LAMP !!), Bed Sheet/Table Cloth – to cover your table & supplies when you hit the sack , Cushion or Pillow – to sit on or sleep on! Boom Box - (i.e. your I-pod or MP-3) We will have our sound system there and plan to have music playing (not LOUDLY…until later on;) ) Favorite Snacks and Drinks – there will be some drinks and snacks provided, Overnight bag - Comfy clothes, PJ’s, a sweatshirt or sweater, slippers or socks, swim suit, Toiletries - Make-up, toothbrush & paste, shower supplies, & antiperspirant, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Inhalers, Allergy Meds, RX, Vitamins, CRAZY PILLS! (this is just to see if you are really reading this list!!!) Bio Freeze, etc. Cup Holder & Cup with Lid (we will have Styrofoam cups with lids available in the hospitality room) Camera, T.V. Tray/Shelf Dividers – to sit next to you or on your table, Money (Cash, Checkbook & Credit Cards) for shopping, raffles, etc.

**BRING YOUR EXTENSION CORDS!!! Each table WILL have power access, - however there will only be TWO (2 prong) adapters that will be available. SO BRING additional power strips or 3 prong adapters!!! Trust me!!! You'll want them if you happen to be bringing any of the following: sewing machine, cricut, wishblade, laptop, lamp, radio, fan, glue gun, embossing gun. *Bulb replacements for your lamps!!!We cannot PROMISE that someone will be in the crop room at all times!! Although there usually are some of us CRAZIES that will crop until the weeee hours of the night - but we cannot be held responsible for LOST or STOLEN items!!! So, take your purse and valuables with you when leaving and cover your crop space when you aren't there!!!!*Bring your CUP HOLDER if you have one. *Bring your TRASH CAN!!!!! We provide large trash cans for overflow trash, BUT DO NOT PROVIDE TRASH CANS FOR EVERY SEAT !!! I have a tag-a-long (cup holder) that has a trash can on it - but I LOVE my large trash can, so feel free to bring that with you as well *WIPES!! I can't scrapbook with out my baby wipes or my clorox wipes!!! *ADHESIVE!!! I know some of these things seem VERY SIMPLE to remember - but you'd be surprised!!! We will have tons of adhesive in our booth! *TUNES!! We will have a sound system for our announcements - and music - but it probably won't be playing loudly. So, if you wanna bring your ipod or headphones please do so!!! If you do choose to play your music AT your crop space - please be respectful of neighboring croppers when it comes to your volume!!!! *Did I mention that the lighting is NOT very good!! The ceilings are VERY high, and there's nothing that we can do about it - so bring your lamp!!! *When packing your "stuff" up for the crop - remember that you don't have a TON of space!! We are all used to cropping in tight spots anyway - but try and remember that when you're deciding to take 10 plus bags, totes and tubs!!! :) If you're cropping with friends or family - call them up and see if there's anything your bringing that's duplicated - you don't ALL four have to have your cricuts - one could bring the machine - another cartridges, etc......same thing with sewing machines, use the buddy system!
(i know that some of those things are duplicated up there, so don't email me and let me know that - they are duplicated cuz they are SUPA IMPORTANT!!!) :)
Okay - so in addition to "THE LIST" of items that we sent out last week - here are some other good ideas that were sent by fellow ganza go-ers!!!Flexible power strip. way cool for scrapbooking. Hubby found it for me at the mans store (thanks Pam!)
Typically I tend to forget batteries for my camera and it always dies when I least expect it, thread for my mini sewing machine, laptop. (thanks Dacia!)Glimmer Mist, Paper Towels and the Splat Mat! (thanks Huelsman!)
Chapstick, germy-germ lotion (hand sanitizer), hand lotion, wrist supports. (thanks wendy!)
Jennifer !! You're our winnnnnner!!! (or weinnnnner!! ha!) You'll have a fun little somethin' somethin' waiting for you at ganza!! :) (ps - thanks for the coffee goodies too!)


Tiffany said...

I just emailed out the list to my group of girls!!! I want to make sure everyone is prepared for next weekend and ready to get their scrap on!!