Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've lost weight!!!

HA!! And it's not the "weight" that you may think it is!! (although that would be nice as well!)

You may or may not read our newsletter that we send out via email - but i mentioned in the latest one (which you can subscribe to via our website btw!)......that a prayer had been answered to help me!! AND that you would notice some AWESOME changes occurring with the blog!! Wellllll, the wait is over!!! I've been workin', cussin' and discussin' with my "A/P" (answered prayer!) about all the things that WE'D love to see happen for the store via the blog! And - without ANYMORE anticipation - i'm here to introduce HER to you!!!

Some of you will KNOW her - some will recognize her - and others will SOON know ALLLLL about her!!!

Danelle Curtis!! (ahhhhhh, the crowd goes WILD!!!) ;) Also known to us as: "Heidi Swipe"...."dc......."dcurtis".......we're going to HAVE to call her "DC" cuz there are tooooo many Danelle's runnin' around this place! ;)

she's gonna KILL me for putting THESE pictures of her on here!! HA !:)

We've (meaning all of us at the attic, but mainly ME (steff) since i'm the one bloggin' here!) known Danelle for ABOUT 3 years now!! We met at Crop Camp in Ark City!! I'll never forget!! Her energy, sense of humor, creativity, and PASSION for scrapbooking. More than anyone I had seen up to that point in "real" scrapbooking life!! ha ha!!!....meaning she wasn't a "famous" scrapper i was reading about in CK magazine or a blogger that i followed in the cyber world!! She was SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THIS HOBBY!! And she was and IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO good at it!!!

Not only does Danelle have an "eye" for super cute pages, but she NEVER STOPS LEARNING!! She's like a sponge - soaks everything up around her and can't wait for the next challenge around the corner!! She loves and gets SUPER GIDDY about TEACHING people how to do just about ANYTHING!! If you're ever at a crop with her - you're SURE to find her talking, teaching, raving, warning, and just LOVING scrapbooking!!! I'd never met anyone (up to this point) that was like her.....(besides myself!).....she LOVES to TOUCH, SMELL and ROLL all over the paper!! She actually PURRRRRS when she scrapbooks - DEAD SERIOUS!!! I joke that when you crop next to her she: #1 will take up ANY FREE space YOU, yourself may have AND she is EXTREMELY vocal about her craft!!!! There are sounds that come out of her that make you question what she is REALLY doing!! ;0

I'm going to step back for a second and let HER tell you more about herself right now, then I'll fill you in on just a BRIEF sneak of what you can expect to see from Danelle in the future!!!

HOLY WOWZERS!! What an intro!!! What can I even say after all of that wonderfulness!!!!???!!! Since our dearest Steff-ola has let the cat out of the bag about my obsession (heehee) I will refrain from GUUUSHING about how much I adore our beloved hobby. One of my college professors once told me that I was "born to teach" what a COMPLIMENT, but I don't know about all of that!! I KNOW there are always places for me to improve my teaching techniques...but what I DO know is that I was blessed with this insatiable burning yearning DESIRE to LEARN new things and SHARE that knowledge with those "Inquiring Minds That Want to Know"!!! Do you remember that saying from the old Inquirer Magazine commercials of way back?? Anywho---as you can see I'm kind of a crazed goofball (about things I am passionate!), and as my sweet ;) little high school angels can attest...I AM SUPER random, so be prepared!! enoughenoughenough of my rambling (blah blah ooh la la!)...back to the GLORIOUS task at hand. OUR ATTIC BLOG! my new baby. shh don't tell Paisley-girl or she'll be soo jealous (much more about my kiddos LATE-TAH)! Words -even though I have MANY- just can't tell you how SAAA-WEEEET the blog's facelift is gonna be! Soo please tune in EVERY day *and more than once* cause you never know how much we will be on here to inspire YOU to "preserve your memories!" ha!! That is what my bffs and I tell our hubby's when we are packing up to go on our 50th scrapbooking weekend of the year!! JUSTIFIED! I must dash outta here for now (but I'll be back soon!) cause I can go one fore-ehhh-ver (think Sandlot!). pleasepleaseplease leave comments for us each and every time you are on the blog cause ThiS is allfor you!! OUR FANS!!!

besosbesos, dc

**this is steff again! ;)

Since i'm wearing so many hats these days......"overwhelmed" is a SMALL word that i'm beginning to feel on a daily basis!! I'm one of these people that if i SAY i'm going to do something - i do it - and if it doesn't get done - then i am SO hard on myself. Letting someone down is NOT something i enjoy doing - and i try realllllly hard not to do it on a regular basis - although with the blog, i feel as though i'm doing it more and more regularly. It's kind of become my "M.O."!! I hate that - i HATE to hear that you have come here to get inspired, learn something new, see what's going on with us and the SAME POST IS STILL UP!!

So, I prayed!! I prayed for a PERSONAL BLOGGER!! (i shoulda also prayed for a personal trainer! HA!)....had a little bit of a meltdown, got a litttttle teeeeenie bit crazy, and w/i 24 hours WAH LAH - i had an answer to my prayer that was received in the form of a TEXT MESSAGE!! :) (my favorite btw if you know me!)........Offering OOOOODLES and OOOOODDDDDles of ideas, challenges, and inspiration for the blog!!!

Sooooooooo, get ready!! You're going to LOVE the ride you're about to hop on!! There will NOT be a dull moment!! There will be a lot of changes to the blog in the form of layout, design and organization - WE allllll welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback!! You can always leave a comment, we WELCOME those!!! But get ready to see the NEXT LEVEL we're about to take you to!!!

I'll still be around, no worries, i'll still be blogging from time to time (trust me you won't even realize i'm not the one talking to you - we're THAT much alike!)....although she IS a teacher, so she probably doesn't use AS MANY run on sentences, or punctuation as i do - and probably not NEARLY as many :) 's as me either!! But - we'll just have to get used to that i guess!! ha ha !!!


Renee said...


Renee said...

WTHeck!!! This is Kristy...not stinkn' Renee!!!! :)

stephanne said...

Holy smokes, that was making up for lost time!!! Sounds very "next level." So you're saying that the stalkings are going to get a whole lot more fantastical then??? Well, hooray!!!
Blog Stalker

Scrap*Funattic said...

stalk away!!

aday said...

yaaa!! I thought I was the only one who ignored her blog, then I fixed tha, now Danelle can fix this one. Doing the happy dance

Tiffany said...

YAHOOO!! Bring it Danelle, BRING IT!!

Scrap*Funattic said...

Oh Tiff Consider it BRUNG!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited to see some future blog posts!
I can atest that DC does use up any extra space that you have at a crop table, and she loves to teach and share her passion of scrapbooking and has now gotten me hooked too!:)

Lan said...

I'm so glad you found some help Steff, and welcome to the attic family DC! I love this blog and look forward to new posts.