Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Chance Harvey!!

Have you seen that movie??? It's actually pretty cute!!

That OBVIOUSLY isn't the reason for this post!! Steff wanted me to let you all know that today is your LAST chance to get your Ganza shirts ordered!! So if you are reading this and decide that you still want one you need to call now cause the girls are closin up shop at 5pm!! I know, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!

"Steffrey" will be sending out a list tomorrow for all of you who have signed up for a shirt so double check it and if your name's not there CALL the store ASAP!!

Well, I have to run order my CAG shirt...NOT KIDDING...nothing like waiting til the last minute!! HA!

Oh yeah and stay tuned either later tonight or tomorrow for our first WEBLOG featuring Alicia the organizational GURU!!