Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Challenge!

I know that Danelle has talked some in the past about our Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge that we have been doing on Facebook since's NOT JUST FOR FACEBOOK followers!!! YOU can join in too!!! Here is the long and short of it all!!!

* Each Wednesday morning (and sometimes it MIIIGGHHHT be the afternoon!!, lets be honest!) We post a SKETCH challenge on our Facebook Fan Page!! Sometimes this sketch is a one pagER, sometimes a DOUBLE pagEr.....however - you can make it your own!!! We put NO RULES into our challenges!! SERIOUSLY!! (welllll, we do say that you need to have it posted or submitted by midnight the following tuesday!) If you aren't sure how to post to our facebook wall or how to upload a photo of your layout - NO BIGGIE!! Just email it to me - and I'lllll take care of it for ya!!! :)

I post the sketch - you do the rest!! Be inspirING...BE inspirED.....just DO it!! Some of the layouts look JUST like the sketch....others look NOTHING like the sketch!! That's JUST what a SKETCH is ALL about !!! Use the sketch HOWEVER you would like to use it - as a place to START....something to INSPIRE you to begin a layout and start scrappin'!! OR...if you're in a rut.... "just can't get your mojo goin", use the sketch to replicate your own layout!!! NO JUDGIN' goin on over here at the attic!! NONE!!

I also like to post a TITLE, QUOTE, INSPIRATIONAL POEM...something ELSE that might help to jump start you!! Sometimes a QUOTE or a WORD is alllll i need to get to scrappin' away!! So USE IT!! Incorporate it into your layout, or not!! It's up to you!!!

This is a GREAT way for you to be guaranteed some "homework" each week....a way for you to be GUARANTEED some scrappin' time just FOR you!!! We've been doing these challenges for 15 weeks now and i've got a few ladies (big ol' hug goin' out to them!) who have done them EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! That's at LEAST 15 additional pages in their albums that they wouldn't have had otherwise! :) : ) :)

After the weekly challenge, i then have an album on our facebook page with all the layouts that were submitted (either by email, posted on our facebook wall or brought into the store!).....i put them all in there with each sketch!! This way - you can look back and see allll the different ways each talented scrapbooker USED the sketch for their own layouts!! COOL HUH!!! THEN (and this is the best part).....i draw a winner each week at random!!! TRUE story!! Sometimes more than ONE winner!!! And lemme just say (if i just do!)....there are some great prizes bein' given away!!! ANNNND you CAN win more than ONE time!! Just ask Kayla!! ; ) ***the winners are drawn at random - BY NUMBER.....there is NO judging on creativity, design, or talent!! STRICTLY a random number (usually by one of my beautiful blonde haired lil guys!) don't HAVE to live can live far far away (with Shrek and Fiona!...sorry I've had two cups of coffee already this morning!!)....we'll mail you your goodies!!! :)

SOOOO no excuses!!! I will say, that i DO know there are lots of you out there that JUST DON'T have the TIME to scrapbook right now, without going to an organized crop!! Soooo, print the sketches out, shove them into your scrappin' tote and save them for later!!!

Well, that's all, i just wanted to include our wonderful blog friends to our's a "scrappin' good time!" (does that sayin ever get old?!?!) Soooo, i'm going to try REALLLLY hard to begin incorporating our FACEBOOK AWSC (attic wednesday sketch challenges) into our blog posts each Wednesday!! Feel free to join in!! Here's the
LINK to the facebook page if you'd like to become a "fan" on the "LIKE" button at the top and then you'll get updates of whats happenin' alllll the time!!! YEAH!! ; )

Here's our Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge for this week!! #15 June 30th Sketch from
Inspired Blueprints.
Title/Quote (from Laugh until your heart overflows!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


WOW!! what a GREAT Anniversary CELEBRATION weekend we had!!! It was SOOOO great to see SO MANY great faces and friends!! And to even make some new ones!! It was awesome to meet so many of "The Angel Company" gals, that were (coincidentally!!) in town for a convention! I SOOOOOOOOOOO wish i had some great photos to share with you from this past weekend, but unfortunately, i do not :( ....... (feel like i'm beatin' a dead horse here, but my phone was stolen a few weeks ago, so i have no phone, which i used RELIGIOUSLY as my camera - ESPECIALLY to keep all of you updated!! ANNNND my camera card for my Canon Rebel has a "virus", so i have had NO way to take photos.....and it's been VERY frustrating!!!)....sooooo, if you happened to be here this weekend and got ANY pictures, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a copy!! Just email them to me! :)!!

Anyway - that being said, i have gone back and taken a few pictures with "mom's" camera after the celebration was, this will give you a little bit of eye candy from our weekend!!!

THESE were the WONDERMOUS P*I*N*K (goin' green) bags that we gave out with each $50.00 purchase!! They were filled with some wonderful "attic" goodness too! Sooo, i hope if you came out this weekend and picked yourself up one of these little gems that you've OPENED your bag and ooogggled over the goodness hiding in there!!

and NO worries, for those of you that have ALREADY expressed your sadness and disappointment that you couldn't make it out to celebrate with us and pick up some attic'll have more chances to get your hot little hands on these in the near future, no worries! :)
A HUGE thank you to all of you for your well wishes, your friendship (even just for stoppin' by and givin us your support, a smile, a hug, a card...etc!!!), and for the gifts and the goodies!! We are SO truly blessed and THANKFUL for you...more than you will ever know!!!

Wanted to share this ADORABLE little card we got from a special "someone"!! Thank you Sharon, we can't WAIT for CAG either!!

Now, before i post these next pictures.....ANGELA - you are NOT allowed to post ANYTHING on here that is NOTHING but POSITIVE-ness!!! NO if's and's or but's!! :) SERIOUSLY - love it and except the compliments!!!.....
We've grown pretty attached to our friend Angela Lentz!! She's now teaching our Copic Classes (and yes, you read that right...classeSSSSSSSSS...but more on THAT later!)....she's a Tim Holtz LOVER (more than the average stalker is!)...SO not callin' her a stalker! ;) But, we've spent loads of time with her, and you'll get to know more and more about her over the next few months....but she made us this amazing Photo Tray!! It brings tears to my eyes when i look at it!! All the hard work that she put into this is outstanding!! AND....EVERYTHING that she used to create this (minus the tray!!) Tim Holtz product!!! Isn't that awesome!! EVEN THE CRACKLE PAINT!!! You have to take a look at this the next time you're in the store - it's AWESOME!!!

i just LOVE his WHITE and SHINY smile! :)

And, just for the record - cuz i know if i don't say this - she WILL....she's wanting a picture of the front of our OLD store (sounds weird saying that, ya know!) to put with the picture of the NEW store in the top right spot....just so ya know!! **happy ang?!?! ;0

AMAZING and we are SO humbled by this!! THANK YOU ANGIE......sincerely,,,,thank you! :)
Nooooow, how about we announce the FANTASTIC winners from this weekend, shall we?!?!

Winner Winner ..... Chicken Dinner!!
(you KNOW that i couldn't go without saying THAT!!!)
*$100.00 Gift Certificate: Tamara Smith!
*3 month subscription to our Attic Monthly Kit Club: Karen Yocks! (from Illinois!)
*1/2 price seat to our AUGUST Maple Memories weekend: Kathy Johnson!
*Team Attic Apparel: Jill Bahr & Becky Eck!
*Basic Grey Kit: Rita Lewis!
*Basic Grey Kit: Maureen Gile!
*PreDesigned Calendar Kit: Janet Magnusson!
*Zutter "Display it All": D Burris!
You can pick up your Goodies in the store next time you're in ladies!!! Karen, we'll be shipping you your FIRST months kit on the 2nd of each month!! Jill and Becky - i need you to email me your shirt sizes, and i'll get with Sisterhood of Scrapbooking and get your shirts ordered!!
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!! Thank you SOOOO much for making the last 4 years such a fabulous journey!! We're looking FORWARD to the next 4!!!
We also had some FACEBOOK winners as log onto FACEBOOK to see if you won the "Win What You Spend" drawing!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Come Celebrate with us!! :)

Make plans NOW to come out and join us in celebrating our 4th year in business!!!! THREE fun filled days!!!

Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm
*Select ANY ONE item, STOREWIDE, and receive 30% off! (***see fine print below!)
*Spend $50.00 and you'll get our EXCLUSIVE PINK (it's OUR color for goin' green!) Attic Shopping bag FILLED with goodies!!!

Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm
*Select ANY ONE item, STOREWIDE, and receive 40% off! (***see fine print below!)
*Bazzill BLOW out!! Buy 10 sheets, get 5 FREE!! (includes: Bazzill dotted swiss, bling, metallic, and retired colors)
*Spend $50.00 and you'll get our EXCLUSIVE PINK (it's OUR color for goin' green!) Attic Shopping bag FILLED with goodies!!!
*Beginning SATURDAY, we'll be having our FIRST ever SIDE WALK SALE!! (with our NEW location, we have a LARGE sidewalk to display some FABULOUS Garage Sale items!!) We'll have ROCK bottom prices on some great finds!!

Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm
*Spend $50.00 and you'll get our EXCLUSIVE PINK (it's OUR color for goin' green!) Attic Shopping bag FILLED with goodies!!!


* For every $25.00 you spend during the 3-day sale, we'll be entering YOU into a drawing for a chance to win: $100.00 Gift Certificate, a FREE 3 month Subscription to our Attic Monthly Kit Club, a HALF price seat to our Maple Memories weekend in August, Team Attic Appareal, and MORE!!!!!!!!!

*COPY/SCAN sale!! Bring your copy/scan orders in anytime this weekend and you'll receive 1/2 off your order!!! (please note....these orders will need to be left and picked up the following tuesday!!!!) This is a great opportunity for you to give us a try!!! Grab that album that you've been contemplating having copied for a gift or just for a back up copy!! Have a FAVORITE layout that you'd like to display as well as keep in your album?? Bring it in, have it copied, frame it and hang it on the wall!!!

Plus - (and this is the BEST part!), there will be FOOD!! You won't wanna miss out on some GREAT Sugar Cookies!!!

***you KNEW there HAD to be some fine print SOMEWHERE, right?!?! :) Okay - here's the dealio on the 30% off and 40% off ONE item storewide......ONE item, per person, per day, per family, per birth certificate, per address, per social security number!!....get the idea!?! PLEASE ..... only ONE discount PER PERSON! Sale DOES EXCLUDE Epson Products! : } ***

Thursday, June 24, 2010

WRMK Membership Program!

WE LOVE WRMK!! They are having a WeR Membership Program, that began for 2010!! For the entire year, as a retailer, we signed up to receive EACH MONTH a NEW line that is EXCLUSIVELY released to INDEPENDENTS ONLY!! How cool is that!!! I LOVE that we have things "just for us"!!! : ) And you should too - this gives you something to look forward too!!! Something that you can't find at the "big box" stores!!! The new lines begin shipping on the 15th of each month, so SOMETIME between the middle and the end of each month, we are guaranteed a NEW line from WRMK!! WE LOVE THIS!! It's awesome!! And so far, every line has been VERY POPULAR and VERY WELL RECEIVED!!!!! But, here's the KICKER!! They don't RE-print these lines!! So, when they're gone - they're gone!! So, get in EARLY and get the BEST selection!!! Here's the line that is on it's way to us now......(love how PERFECT and EARLY each line is for our busy lifestyles!!)

Each line always has a GREAT variety of "dollar" stamps!!! These sell out every time!!! Love the "lace ribbon"!! VERY unique and VERSATILE!!

The tags - HANDS DOWN - are the HIGHLIGHT of each line - *i* get EVERY one, every time!! ~blush with embarrassment!!

the paper is ULTRA thick and GREAT for altered books - there's ALWAYS a "strip" 12x12 sheet - love to use these for my titles!

Those of you that do altered books, the "blocked" sheets are SUPER popular, and take the guess work out of which design to buy!! There's ALWAYS 2 die cut shapes in each line....VERY unique!

And if you're like MOST, and you canNOT decide on WHICH ones to choose....they have a scrapbook PAD with 2 of each sheet, cardstock stickers, alphas, and even LAYOUT ideas on the back!!! SERIOUSLY! AND - no guessing what cardstock to purchase with each sheet - just buy the pad....makes is SUPA easy! (and even BETTER - it's TEXTURED!)

Here's one of the BEST things about these monthly lines....there are ALWAYS TWO PRE MADE scrapbook pages, packaged and ready to sell!!! DID YOU READ THAT.....PRE MADE - that means Pre designed - Pre adhered - A L R E A D Y completed!! slap your pictures on them, slide them in your album and BAM (just like emerill), you're FINISHED and moving on!!!

These are ALWAYS fast to fly out the door - CARD KITS!! These kits are SUPER cute, jam packed with GREAT ideas and bellies too!
These lines have been SO AWESOME to have in the store!! THANK YOU WE*R!! We almost feel like we're "cheatin'" with things being SO easy and affordable!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's hEEErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Oliver and Olivia has ARRIVED - OPEN STOCK!!!

There is NOTHING that we can say to EXPRESS to you in PERSON, how AWESOMLEY (new word!) FUN, INSPIRING and BEAUTIMOUS (another NEW word!) this line is!! You're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Gotta come in and check it out!!!


We also have THESE great altered books/classes for sale in KITS!! No waitin' around for the class to happen - no worryin' about HOW to find time to come to a class - come and purchase the kit - COMPLETE with COLOR insert instructions!!!

AND, we have replenished our BoBunny Edgy Albums...again! :)

AND BoBunny NOW makes these great paper PADs with the paper PRE-cut to match their Mini Edgy Albums - GENIUS!!

***Copic WEEKEND class now scheduled!!

Mornin' everyone! hope you're still out there, enjoyin' the blog updates - we've got MORE (lots more, with some GOOOOD stuff) comin' your way - so keep watching daily!!!
Wanted to hop on this morning and let you know that we've LISTENED to your requests....the Copic Curiosities #1 Class with Angela Lentz....NEXT week....Tuesday the 29th.....wellllll, we're going to have a SECOND one for you WEEKEND-ers!! This will be the EXACT same class, just held on a SUNDAY!!!
Hope you can join us!! Give us a call to register/pay for your seat!!
Sunday the 18th OF JULY!!! 2:00-4:00pm $22.00
You can check out our class calendar by clicking HERE!! (and you can always click on the tab at the TOP of the blog as well!!)
ANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD, i'll be back this afternoon with the "411" on our WEEKEND ANNIVERSARY SALE-abration!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looooookie what arrvied over the weekend! :)

Better get in quick - BoBunny ALWAYS is a SELL out! :)

Okay - so you may be saying to yourself.....i don't make cards, or therefore i am NOT interested in Copic Markers!!! That's TOTALLY understandable....however, you are sadly mistaken, and also missing out on some FABULOUS possibilities for your pages!!! I can say this, because i said the EXACT SAME THING when I was confronted with carrying these in the store!!! Did you know that you can CHANGE the COLOR of your PAPER???? Did you know that you can also transform your embellishments to match your color scheme?!!? for example...this layout, i found HERE. She TOTALLY changed the color of her "same ol' same ol'" BLING, to custom match her paper!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!

It's TRUE...and i STILL know VERY little about these little gems!!! These are all things that i've picked up from Angela!! And you will too, if you take this journey with her (and us!)!!!

****let us ~PAUSE~ for a short commercial break from our friends over at COPIC!****

Why choose COPIC?
• Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
• 334 colors
• Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
• Copic Markers are Non-toxic
• Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free
• Our Airbrush System works with COPIC markers
• Guaranteed color consistency

Found these great ideas

Welcome back!! :)

As you may know (and may have been able to participate in!), this past S*S*S (super scrappin' saturday) at our store, we had a FREE make n take, using Copic Markers!!! Angela led the make n take .... 34 of them to be EXACT!!! WOWSA!! This is what we made!!

This was a great INTRO LEVEL opportunity for everyone to come and PLAY for FREE with OUR Copic Markers!! It was VERY well received, and we have successfully turned LOADS of you "ON" to this fun & exciting little MARKER!!! And now, for the NEXT level of interest!! We are holding our FIRST Copic Curiosities (#1) class with Angela!! Angela is a CERTIFIED Copic Instructor!!................(here's the catchy lil' description we've *ang and myself!* come up with!!!)

Scientists have proven that coloring and drawing promotes stress relief and stimulates brain activity! Sooo, why not come and spend the evening coloring and learning why to choose Copics!! We will discuss the difference in Copic Markers, why to choose them and HOW to use them!! When the class is over we hope you have a small understanding of Copics and who knows....maybe a NEW obsession!!

In our Copic Curiosities (#1) class you receive TWO sketch markers, Copic Literature, a Stamp to "practice" with, you'll begin your Copic Swatch Book and also get some play time with our Copic Goddess....Angela Lentz!!

By this point, you're DYING to know WHEN the class is being held, i'm SURE!!....TUESDAY JUNE 29th ~6:30-8:30pm~ Cost $22.00

I will tell you - as i post this information - we only have 8 seats available!!! No worries if you can't make a weekDAY evening class.....give us your feedback, if we have enough interest, Angela has offered to teach a weekend class!!