Thursday, June 24, 2010

WRMK Membership Program!

WE LOVE WRMK!! They are having a WeR Membership Program, that began for 2010!! For the entire year, as a retailer, we signed up to receive EACH MONTH a NEW line that is EXCLUSIVELY released to INDEPENDENTS ONLY!! How cool is that!!! I LOVE that we have things "just for us"!!! : ) And you should too - this gives you something to look forward too!!! Something that you can't find at the "big box" stores!!! The new lines begin shipping on the 15th of each month, so SOMETIME between the middle and the end of each month, we are guaranteed a NEW line from WRMK!! WE LOVE THIS!! It's awesome!! And so far, every line has been VERY POPULAR and VERY WELL RECEIVED!!!!! But, here's the KICKER!! They don't RE-print these lines!! So, when they're gone - they're gone!! So, get in EARLY and get the BEST selection!!! Here's the line that is on it's way to us now......(love how PERFECT and EARLY each line is for our busy lifestyles!!)

Each line always has a GREAT variety of "dollar" stamps!!! These sell out every time!!! Love the "lace ribbon"!! VERY unique and VERSATILE!!

The tags - HANDS DOWN - are the HIGHLIGHT of each line - *i* get EVERY one, every time!! ~blush with embarrassment!!

the paper is ULTRA thick and GREAT for altered books - there's ALWAYS a "strip" 12x12 sheet - love to use these for my titles!

Those of you that do altered books, the "blocked" sheets are SUPER popular, and take the guess work out of which design to buy!! There's ALWAYS 2 die cut shapes in each line....VERY unique!

And if you're like MOST, and you canNOT decide on WHICH ones to choose....they have a scrapbook PAD with 2 of each sheet, cardstock stickers, alphas, and even LAYOUT ideas on the back!!! SERIOUSLY! AND - no guessing what cardstock to purchase with each sheet - just buy the pad....makes is SUPA easy! (and even BETTER - it's TEXTURED!)

Here's one of the BEST things about these monthly lines....there are ALWAYS TWO PRE MADE scrapbook pages, packaged and ready to sell!!! DID YOU READ THAT.....PRE MADE - that means Pre designed - Pre adhered - A L R E A D Y completed!! slap your pictures on them, slide them in your album and BAM (just like emerill), you're FINISHED and moving on!!!

These are ALWAYS fast to fly out the door - CARD KITS!! These kits are SUPER cute, jam packed with GREAT ideas and bellies too!
These lines have been SO AWESOME to have in the store!! THANK YOU WE*R!! We almost feel like we're "cheatin'" with things being SO easy and affordable!!!


Lan said...

Cute cute line!! Love the edged shaped paper and the cheap stamps!

Angie Lentz said...

I think that is great that they sell such great products to independant stores only!!!