Tuesday, June 29, 2010


WOW!! what a GREAT Anniversary CELEBRATION weekend we had!!! It was SOOOO great to see SO MANY great faces and friends!! And to even make some new ones!! It was awesome to meet so many of "The Angel Company" gals, that were (coincidentally!!) in town for a convention! I SOOOOOOOOOOO wish i had some great photos to share with you from this past weekend, but unfortunately, i do not :( ....... (feel like i'm beatin' a dead horse here, but my phone was stolen a few weeks ago, so i have no phone, which i used RELIGIOUSLY as my camera - ESPECIALLY to keep all of you updated!! ANNNND my camera card for my Canon Rebel has a "virus", so i have had NO way to take photos.....and it's been VERY frustrating!!!)....sooooo, if you happened to be here this weekend and got ANY pictures, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a copy!! Just email them to me! :) scrapfunattic@cox.net!!

Anyway - that being said, i have gone back and taken a few pictures with "mom's" camera after the celebration was over......so, this will give you a little bit of eye candy from our weekend!!!

THESE were the WONDERMOUS P*I*N*K (goin' green) bags that we gave out with each $50.00 purchase!! They were filled with some wonderful "attic" goodness too! Sooo, i hope if you came out this weekend and picked yourself up one of these little gems that you've OPENED your bag and ooogggled over the goodness hiding in there!!

and NO worries, for those of you that have ALREADY expressed your sadness and disappointment that you couldn't make it out to celebrate with us and pick up some attic goodness.....you'll have more chances to get your hot little hands on these in the near future, no worries! :)
A HUGE thank you to all of you for your well wishes, your friendship (even just for stoppin' by and givin us your support, a smile, a hug, a card...etc!!!), and for the gifts and the goodies!! We are SO truly blessed and THANKFUL for you...more than you will ever know!!!

Wanted to share this ADORABLE little card we got from a special "someone"!! Thank you Sharon, we can't WAIT for CAG either!!

Now, before i post these next pictures.....ANGELA - you are NOT allowed to post ANYTHING on here that is NOTHING but POSITIVE-ness!!! NO if's and's or but's!! :) SERIOUSLY - love it and except the compliments!!!.....
We've grown pretty attached to our friend Angela Lentz!! She's now teaching our Copic Classes (and yes, you read that right...classeSSSSSSSSS...but more on THAT later!)....she's a Tim Holtz LOVER (more than the average stalker is!)...SO not callin' her a stalker! ;) But, we've spent loads of time with her, and you'll get to know more and more about her over the next few months....but she made us this amazing Photo Tray!! It brings tears to my eyes when i look at it!! All the hard work that she put into this is outstanding!! AND....EVERYTHING that she used to create this (minus the tray!!)...is Tim Holtz product!!! Isn't that awesome!! EVEN THE CRACKLE PAINT!!! You have to take a look at this the next time you're in the store - it's AWESOME!!!

i just LOVE his WHITE and SHINY smile! :)

And, just for the record - cuz i know if i don't say this - she WILL....she's wanting a picture of the front of our OLD store (sounds weird saying that, ya know!) to put with the picture of the NEW store in the top right spot....just so ya know!! **happy ang?!?! ;0

AMAZING and we are SO humbled by this!! THANK YOU ANGIE......sincerely,,,,thank you! :)
Nooooow, how about we announce the FANTASTIC winners from this weekend, shall we?!?!

Winner Winner ..... Chicken Dinner!!
(you KNOW that i couldn't go without saying THAT!!!)
*$100.00 Gift Certificate: Tamara Smith!
*3 month subscription to our Attic Monthly Kit Club: Karen Yocks! (from Illinois!)
*1/2 price seat to our AUGUST Maple Memories weekend: Kathy Johnson!
*Team Attic Apparel: Jill Bahr & Becky Eck!
*Basic Grey Kit: Rita Lewis!
*Basic Grey Kit: Maureen Gile!
*PreDesigned Calendar Kit: Janet Magnusson!
*Zutter "Display it All": D Burris!
You can pick up your Goodies in the store next time you're in ladies!!! Karen, we'll be shipping you your FIRST months kit on the 2nd of each month!! Jill and Becky - i need you to email me your shirt sizes, and i'll get with Sisterhood of Scrapbooking and get your shirts ordered!!
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!! Thank you SOOOO much for making the last 4 years such a fabulous journey!! We're looking FORWARD to the next 4!!!
We also had some FACEBOOK winners as well.....so log onto FACEBOOK to see if you won the "Win What You Spend" drawing!!!


Dacia said...

I love the photo tray, great job Angela! Just amazing!! I have a photo of the old sign but not sure about the store front... was that comment a call to find one? I'm SO excited that we have other opportunities to get one of those super cute bags! I was stuck @ baseball games both days so I didn't get to come out :( Sounds like you had a great turnout and fun times!! I'm sorry I missed it! Happy belated Anniversary Attic girls, you rock!

Lan said...

I probably have a photo of your old store front too if you're wanting it. Very cool tray! Loved my pink bag w/ the goodies, you girls did such an awesome job with the new store! Thanks for everything! And sorry my kids left cookie crumbs on your floor and for Paxton putting the vase gels in his mouth...eek!

Angie Lentz said...

Thanks sooooo much for the nice comments!!! I know you said I couldn't post anything however I just wanted you to know I am truely touched by the post!!!! I don't feel it is my best work. I just wanted all you attic gals to know you are loved!!!