Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Challenge!

I know that Danelle has talked some in the past about our Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge that we have been doing on Facebook since's NOT JUST FOR FACEBOOK followers!!! YOU can join in too!!! Here is the long and short of it all!!!

* Each Wednesday morning (and sometimes it MIIIGGHHHT be the afternoon!!, lets be honest!) We post a SKETCH challenge on our Facebook Fan Page!! Sometimes this sketch is a one pagER, sometimes a DOUBLE pagEr.....however - you can make it your own!!! We put NO RULES into our challenges!! SERIOUSLY!! (welllll, we do say that you need to have it posted or submitted by midnight the following tuesday!) If you aren't sure how to post to our facebook wall or how to upload a photo of your layout - NO BIGGIE!! Just email it to me - and I'lllll take care of it for ya!!! :)

I post the sketch - you do the rest!! Be inspirING...BE inspirED.....just DO it!! Some of the layouts look JUST like the sketch....others look NOTHING like the sketch!! That's JUST what a SKETCH is ALL about !!! Use the sketch HOWEVER you would like to use it - as a place to START....something to INSPIRE you to begin a layout and start scrappin'!! OR...if you're in a rut.... "just can't get your mojo goin", use the sketch to replicate your own layout!!! NO JUDGIN' goin on over here at the attic!! NONE!!

I also like to post a TITLE, QUOTE, INSPIRATIONAL POEM...something ELSE that might help to jump start you!! Sometimes a QUOTE or a WORD is alllll i need to get to scrappin' away!! So USE IT!! Incorporate it into your layout, or not!! It's up to you!!!

This is a GREAT way for you to be guaranteed some "homework" each week....a way for you to be GUARANTEED some scrappin' time just FOR you!!! We've been doing these challenges for 15 weeks now and i've got a few ladies (big ol' hug goin' out to them!) who have done them EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! That's at LEAST 15 additional pages in their albums that they wouldn't have had otherwise! :) : ) :)

After the weekly challenge, i then have an album on our facebook page with all the layouts that were submitted (either by email, posted on our facebook wall or brought into the store!).....i put them all in there with each sketch!! This way - you can look back and see allll the different ways each talented scrapbooker USED the sketch for their own layouts!! COOL HUH!!! THEN (and this is the best part).....i draw a winner each week at random!!! TRUE story!! Sometimes more than ONE winner!!! And lemme just say (if i just do!)....there are some great prizes bein' given away!!! ANNNND you CAN win more than ONE time!! Just ask Kayla!! ; ) ***the winners are drawn at random - BY NUMBER.....there is NO judging on creativity, design, or talent!! STRICTLY a random number (usually by one of my beautiful blonde haired lil guys!) don't HAVE to live can live far far away (with Shrek and Fiona!...sorry I've had two cups of coffee already this morning!!)....we'll mail you your goodies!!! :)

SOOOO no excuses!!! I will say, that i DO know there are lots of you out there that JUST DON'T have the TIME to scrapbook right now, without going to an organized crop!! Soooo, print the sketches out, shove them into your scrappin' tote and save them for later!!!

Well, that's all, i just wanted to include our wonderful blog friends to our's a "scrappin' good time!" (does that sayin ever get old?!?!) Soooo, i'm going to try REALLLLY hard to begin incorporating our FACEBOOK AWSC (attic wednesday sketch challenges) into our blog posts each Wednesday!! Feel free to join in!! Here's the
LINK to the facebook page if you'd like to become a "fan" on the "LIKE" button at the top and then you'll get updates of whats happenin' alllll the time!!! YEAH!! ; )

Here's our Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge for this week!! #15 June 30th Sketch from
Inspired Blueprints.
Title/Quote (from Laugh until your heart overflows!!


Lan said...

This is one of my favorite sketch sites! Thanks for the inspiration!