Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay - so you may be saying to yourself.....i don't make cards, or stamp...so therefore i am NOT interested in Copic Markers!!! That's TOTALLY understandable....however, you are sadly mistaken, and also missing out on some FABULOUS possibilities for your pages!!! I can say this, because i said the EXACT SAME THING when I was confronted with carrying these in the store!!! Did you know that you can CHANGE the COLOR of your PAPER???? Did you know that you can also transform your embellishments to match your color scheme?!!? for example...this layout, i found HERE. She TOTALLY changed the color of her "same ol' same ol'" BLING, to custom match her paper!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!

It's TRUE...and i STILL know VERY little about these little gems!!! These are all things that i've picked up from Angela!! And you will too, if you take this journey with her (and us!)!!!

****let us ~PAUSE~ for a short commercial break from our friends over at COPIC!****

Why choose COPIC?
• Refillable ink and replaceable nibs
• 334 colors
• Guaranteed to not dry out for three years
• Copic Markers are Non-toxic
• Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free
• Our Airbrush System works with COPIC markers
• Guaranteed color consistency

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Welcome back!! :)

As you may know (and may have been able to participate in!), this past S*S*S (super scrappin' saturday) at our store, we had a FREE make n take, using Copic Markers!!! Angela led the make n take .... 34 of them to be EXACT!!! WOWSA!! This is what we made!!

This was a great INTRO LEVEL opportunity for everyone to come and PLAY for FREE with OUR Copic Markers!! It was VERY well received, and we have successfully turned LOADS of you "ON" to this fun & exciting little MARKER!!! And now, for the NEXT level of interest!! We are holding our FIRST Copic Curiosities (#1) class with Angela!! Angela is a CERTIFIED Copic Instructor!!................(here's the catchy lil' description we've *ang and myself!* come up with!!!)

Scientists have proven that coloring and drawing promotes stress relief and stimulates brain activity! Sooo, why not come and spend the evening coloring and learning why to choose Copics!! We will discuss the difference in Copic Markers, why to choose them and HOW to use them!! When the class is over we hope you have a small understanding of Copics and who knows....maybe a NEW obsession!!

In our Copic Curiosities (#1) class you receive TWO sketch markers, Copic Literature, a Stamp to "practice" with, you'll begin your Copic Swatch Book and also get some play time with our Copic Goddess....Angela Lentz!!

By this point, you're DYING to know WHEN the class is being held, i'm SURE!!....TUESDAY JUNE 29th ~6:30-8:30pm~ Cost $22.00

I will tell you - as i post this information - we only have 8 seats available!!! No worries if you can't make a weekDAY evening class.....give us your feedback, if we have enough interest, Angela has offered to teach a weekend class!!