Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAPPY Anniversary to US! :)

Can NOT believe that it's been FOUR years ALREADY!!! WOW!! Time sure does fly..... :)

Will you help us celebrate!?!?!

We'd love to have a BANG UP party!!

THIS Saturday June 26th ALLLLL day long - we're gonna be celebrating YOU!! Celebrating four years of great friendships, good times, laughs, memories, life changing moments and we'll also tip our hats to the FUTURE and the NEXT FOUR years!!! Come let us tell you THANK YOU!!!

Join us for snacks, drinks, and a special SALE - trust US - a GREAT SALE!!

We'll be posting MORE this ENTICE and TEASE you! :)


Angie Lentz said...

Can't wait see you then!!

Angie Lentz said...
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Lan said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love Scrapfunattic.

Lindsay said...

Happy Fabulous Four! Hope you have at least 44 more! :)