Sunday, August 24, 2008

honey, i'm home!

WHEW!! What a weekend!!! :)
we had a splendid time!! I think Ivey summed it up when she said "I feel like i'm home!" EXCEPT BETTER!! No laundry calling your name, no dishes, no obligations!! It was AWESOME!! I personally accomplished something i've never done before!!.......i completed 29 LAYOUTS this weekend!! I am SOOOO proud of ME!!! Just call me the Michael Phleps of scrapbooking!!! :)
This brings something to mind.....while cropping this weekend, several of us got into a conversation about HOW we prepare for a crop!! It is always good to get ideas from others at a crop - i think!! But, i thought i'd share with you what i did for this crop, that seemed to help me get so many layouts done without killing me, or wearing me out!!!
This crop was a little different, as i didn't have a TON of pictures that i needed to develop ahead of time.....i developed about 100 pictures a few weeks prior - but anyway ........ i usually buy EVERY magazine that we subscribe, i don't have all the time in the world to peruse through them....but i do pick my kiddos up from school five days a week!!! So, i put them in the car and read through them daily.....jana has inspired me to include my inspiration journal with the mags from now on - but what WE do (jana and me combined, since i'm going to adopt a little of her routine!!!) is rip and tear out all that we love in the mags....whether it be a TITLE, the LAYOUT itself, a TECHNIQUE that was used, the COLOR SCHEME, etc.....then attach them to our journal (mine is a spiral notebook that i can easily rip out and write on)......jana includes her journaling and thoughts of each sketch or idea on the actual notebook paper....this will allow you to pull it out and put it in your page kit - rather than having to carry your magazines with you and flip through them when you're cropping!!!
So - i just pull all of these things together in page sketch, or LIFT as we sometimes call it!! Paper, photos, embellishments all in a page planner. This makes actually cropping the layouts so much easier as i'm not sitting there trying to 'remember' or 'create' a layout - i don't always scraplift EXACTLY from the sketch, and sometimes i do when i either REALLY like it a lot - or am just NUMB and brain dead!!! :) So, i really believe that this helped me tremendously to complete so many layouts!! just thought i'd share that with you!! Sooooo, Kristy, Jana and I thought it would be fun to show you all of the layouts we completed this weekend!!! Mom had already packed her stuff away when we were taking photos - so her's aren't included on here - but she completed 26 counting the calendar she did!!! :) Wasn't this a great idea of Jana's - to photograph our layouts on the stairs?!?! I love it - this will be a tradition we do EVERY TIME we go to Maple Memories now!!

These are Jana's layouts:
Kristy's layouts:

and mine:

last crop we went to, i posted some of my i thought i'd do my favorites from this one....i do NOT claim NOT to scrapLIFT!! i do it OFTEN and LOVE it!! So you might see some that you recognize!!! I'm hoping that Jana and Kristy post some of their favorites on their blogs so you can enjoy them as well!!! **** i'm using a new photo software organizer and am not familiar with it yet, so i haven't edited them at all - some of them are really bad lighting - so i apologize...but HEY - it's not even MoNdAy yet and i'm BLOGGING already!!

this one was one of my personal favorites!! for several reasons...the topic but also the colors really came together well!!! i wish the picture came through better, cuz it doesn't do it any justice!

don't we all have pictures that we DO NOT wanna scrapbook but we KNOW we know the ones that you continue to push to the back of your pile, thinking - i'll get to that page kit NEXT crop!!! Welllll this Sesame Street one was that for me!! i've had the pictures and junk for it since 2004!!! FINALLY completed it.....nothing fancy - but IT'S DONE AND DOCUMENTED!!!

this was has great meaning for me....rocky's aunt that passed away this year - i didn't have HARDLY ANY pictures of her - but wanted to salvage the ones we did have........i lifted this from Ali Edwards.....i really like the way it turned out..

i used the Home Accents Cricut Cartridge on this layout - AM IN LOVE WITH THAT CARTRIDGE!! it's AWESOME!

my mother in law will kill me - but owell!! i wanted to let her know how important she is to us!! i really like the colors and simplicity of this layout!!

do you ever have RANDOM pictures that you just can't get onto a certain page or you save them!?! i do this A LOT!! so, these are just the favs of hayden from birth to now!!

i'm really liking this way of grouping my photos.......i didn't think it would be easy to achieve but really it's easier than matting and calculating and measuring and straightening!! i see lots more like this in my future layouts!! i was also VERY excited because i decided to journal ON THE PAGE (via computer) after i'd already placed my i took what i learned from digi class and walahhhh, it turned out pretty good, if i do say so myself!!!....not only that - but i don't know about ya'll but i get really tired of all my holiday layouts looking the same!! so this doesn't SCREAM EASTER and that's okay this year!!

i love that i was able to use the Southeast High School paper for this layout!! you'd never know huh!?!

okay - so FUN stuff.....we had SO much fun - lots and lots of laughing....the group we went with was SUPER and really co-existed well together, i think!! but we had to share some laughs with you!!! as most of us around the attic have grown to LOVE the SMELL of scrapbooking.... i didn't realize that jana was SUCH a sniffer!! :) i caught her (on several occasions!) SNIFFING her THICKERS!!! crazy girl!!

AND - a new wine for us ladies!!!.........i'm LOVING the bottle - how about you!?!?! *notice in the background.....jana made a LOAD of her tool caddys this weekend, and they will be in the store this week....i FINALLY bought one and am IN LOVE!!! i'm hoping she'll have coffee coozies for us by ganza time as well!!***

Check out the BACK of it!! :)

So - now that i've spent THREE hours updating the blog while watching the closing ceremonies of the's time to turn in - we're HOPING for lots of NEW arrivals this week - so i'm expecting to be cleaning and clearing the store this week - so forgive me in advance if i don't update the blog as much this week!! Make sure you read the ticker above for ganza countdown - I'm FREAKING OUT!!!! Have a great week and thanks for spending the time to check in on our blog!!! We appreciate YOU!!! ANNNNDDD....thank you SO much to Renee, Kelli and Sarah for filling in extra this weekend so mom, kristy and i could go together and enjoy the weekend!! you guys are AWESOME!! thank you!! muah!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

here it is!!! the september crop*a*ganza shirt!!! YES, it's GREY!! i personally love a grey shirt!!! the swirls and smiley faces will be (hopefully) a little bigger on the sides (both front and back) they'll be able to tell for sure when they put it on the actual shirt!! this shirt design was inspired by THE QUEEN herself, Heidi Swapp's Creative Escape shirt.....what do ya think?!?!

We are so lucky to have such talented instructors...i know i say that OFTEN - but here's an affirmation of that......Jana's next Toddle Time class is coming up in are some cards she made using the SCRAPS from the paper for the layouts!!! WOW!!! I just love that!!! I wonder what she's gonna do with these beautiful cards!??!?!

What Matters Most has been VERY WELL received!!! Renee's upcoming classes in September titles are: Discovery...I love you....Friendship...and Working for a Living!! Octobers classes will be You Can....Personality....Silence is Nourishing.....and Believe. I LOVE how this class means SO MANY DIFFERENT things to so many different people!!! It's AWESOME!!!

We are off to Maple Memories for the weekend......croppin' till we DROP!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!! (ps - we did get LOADS of boxes today at the store, but honestly there was no time to get to them, mom stayed late and completed the orders, so i'm not sure WHAT came in!!) I do know that Ali Edwards NEW BOOK has shipped and will arrive on the 26th!! Call and reserve your copy today!!! :)

ps - for those of you wondering....oliver is doing great!!! he's resting and recovering nicely!! kristy took VERY good care of him, and i'm SO grateful to her for her help!!! i owe ya girl!!


When you give KINDNESS AWAY, it will always be RETURNED!!!

(i saw that this morning on a sign, and thought it was PERFECT!)

It also made me think of our GARAGE SALE that's coming up in OCTOBER!!! Mark your calendars now - whether to participate or to COME in and get some bargains!!! October 4th - 10th!!! I'll have MORE information for you on that SOON!! but, get to diggin' through your GOODIES and clean out your stuff to get some NEW stuff!! :)

I am SOOOO ready for Maple Memories!!! For those of you that don't know what Maple Memories is all about when i mention it - here's the 411 for ya!!!

* You get a group of girls together.....preferably 12 of you - cuz it's cheaper that way!!!! (if you don't have TWELVE girlfriends that can all come at the same can do what Laurie has done.....she booked the weekend, then invited her closest friends......she still had five seats open for the weekend - rather than pay that extra money per person, she asked us if we'd like to go and invite the remaining seats......we easily filled up those last five seats, making it cheaper on everyone!! i think we're paying less than 100.00 a person to go for the entire weekend!!)

* We have organized our meals together - one person will bring breakfast foods, (panera bagels!) person is making a breakfast casserole.....some one else is cooking dinner - others are bringing lunch meat for lunches,,,,,we'll go out to dinner at this AWESOME italian rest. one night!! EASY PEASY!!!

* Some of us are even carpooling - making it THAT much cheaper and easier on each other!!!

* McPherson is such a cute little town, and we plan to do some walking around to the cute little shops they have up there as ARE NOT to be disappointed!!!!

* If you ever decide to book a weekend (you can see her availability HERE!) and you can't fill the entire 12 seats - YOU KNOW WHO TO CONTACT!! we'd LOVE to help you out!! :)

******also - on her website.....(located on the sidebar!).........she's running a BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL!!! :
Place a weekend reservation for 2008 or 2009 and receive a $50.00 gas card!!! Make a reservation for 4 consecutive weeknights and you will also receive a $50.00 gas card!! Contact us in August or September 2008 to take advantage of these offers.

On a personal note: i took the plunge and LET the kiddos ride their bikes to school this morning.....look at my babies!!!!
i took this idea from Jana.....notice me in the mirror - i have the EXACT journaling for this layout all ready in my mind!!! it's just the actual LAYOUTs that i struggle with - i'm all over the journaling!! it's my favorite part!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's official!

he's a big kid now!! (of course i wasn't THRILLED about letting him wear a Mario Brothers shirt on his first day - but boys will be boys!!....i'm all about the classic polo and nice jeans look - but i'm learning to CHOOSE MY BATTLES!!!)

he was so excited to be able to go INSIDE the school ALL BY HIMSELF!! (with the help of big brother of course!) yesterday we walked him in and took the gazillion pictures - but today he was SO pumped that he could go in ALL ALONE!?!?!

Where does the time go?!?!
So - how's your week goin? yesterday we received our restocking shipment of the We R Memory Keepers 4x6 photo sleeves!! MAN we go through these things!! so - if you'd been in - in the last week or so and we were out - they are back in!! plus the RED albums are back!! these are my FAVORITE albums - for several reasons....they are uniform and look VERY classy on the bookshelf - they come with an album plate for you to label your albums on the spine!! they are D-RING which is now my allll time favorite!! if we could get by with only carrying d-ring - i would make the change in a heart beat!! it's so easy and versatile and you can scrapbook OUT OF ORDER and not care..... :) yes, your pages don't lay right next to each other - but i don't let that stop me - you get over it once you get used to the album!! i love these albums!!!!! they will be around for a long long time!!!! plus - i love that i can add the 4x6 sleeves in the back of the album for any extra pictures that i didn't want to scrapbook - or duplicates, etc. that way their always there for the future!!!

we also received our first order from Traditions Studio!! i'm excited to see how well these do for the upcoming holidays!! i'll take a picture of them soon for you - we ordered some new 12x12 frames, clocks and shadow boxes!! you can thank 'mom' for this one - she came across their website and wanted to give them a try!!!

OH - pine cone press too!! we got some NEAT new stuff from them as well!!! they have these neat new 9x9 and 8x8 pocket organizers that would make GREAT handmade gifts for your friends/loved ones for the holidays!!! also got some great calendar making items from them as well!!!

Classes coming up this week - Digi - you all should have received the email from Danielle - DID YOU?? if not - please let me know!!!

Album in a Day with Monica - back to school album - it's ADORABLE!!! we still have ONE OPENING for this class (due to a cancellation), if you're interested - give us a call!!
And last but not least......lets all have a moment of silence for poor little oliver.....todays the BIG day for him at the vet.................duh duh DUN!!!!!! :)

I have heard from Michielle - she's resting well and recovering from her surgery......and i'm told that Tracy is as well! you are both in our thoughts this week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


this made me laugh out loud when i read it!! thanks to KRUSTY for this one! you always seem to know how to make my day brighter!! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you getting back into a routine yet?

School, for just about everyone, is back in session!! Hayden starts KINDERGARTEN tomorrow!! I'm SOOOO excited, sad, happy, sad, glee-full, sad, giddy, sad all rolled into one!!! i'm sure he'll be FINE - i KNOW he'll be fine - his teacher is the same kdg. teacher that Kord had, so that's great!! :) I'm just ready to get into a NORMAL routine for a change!!! Kord stayed home sick today - SECOND day of school and he's sick!!! :( turns out he has a viral infection - i just knew it was strep - but NOPE - so hopefully he'll be back to school tomorrow!!! LETS HOPE!! :)

I've added another "inspirational" link to the right hand column over here - - - check it out!! It's Danielle!! She's our NEW DIGI INSTRUCTOR!! I KNOW you'll love her energy, creativity and inspiration!! Not to mention she's got GREAT HAIR!! (i'm a BIG hair person!! know on those quizzes that you get - what's the FIRST thing you notice about someone.....i notice HAIR!!) anyway - sorry - got a little sidetracked!!! Speaking of Digi - our first class is THIS THURSDAY!! If you're signed up for the class (which is sold out!) make sure you have received an email from DANIELLE - if you have NOT - contact me ASAP so you're not behind!!!

Kaiser Craft arrived today - TONS of new papers - I AM LOVING THEM RIGHT NOW!! We are so excited to "welcome" them into the store - we've carried their products in the past (back in the laurie days...sniff sniff!) but this is a first for their paper - and i must say - it's NICE!! gotta check it out!!!

Scrapbook Trends magazine, Cards and Holidays arrived today as well!!

Also - be watching for more information on our NOVEMBER 15th CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY coming soon!!!

Scrap*Pink - we still have PLENTY of seats available for that mini crop as well!! $30.00 and you can come and crop from NOON on Friday september 26 till midnight and then again from 9:00 am till midnight on Saturday september 27th!!! We have received your FREE GIFT that you'll receive for the event too - don't forget that a portion of ALL the proceeds from this crop goes back to the Susan G. Komen foundation!!!

Okay- well, gotta get back to work (since i spent most of the day with the kids).......michielle - we are thinking of you today and hoping that your surgery went well. ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy happy SUNDAY!! How was your weekend?!?!? I've been packing and organizing and getting ready for MAPLE MEMORIES!! I CAN-NOT WAIT!! Sooooo excited to get some scrapbookin' DONE!! :)

(lets all pray that my oldest doesn't spread his sickness to me....he came home from his grandparents' house this weekend with a sore throat and achy all over!)

Mom and Kristy came across some extra kits from Crop*A*Ganza - the FLAMINGO one - if you'd like one let me know - there are FOUR left!!!

okay - so there's no "easy way" to do this - Internet is so hard to READ (if ya know what i mean!) so before i even begin to "type" this to you- please know that it is not meant in an ill way - or a selfish way - or negative at ALL!!!

CROP*A*GANZA.....let's talk about this for a minute!!! We still have 50 seats left and it is in less than four weeks!!! Before i begin - we GReATlY appreciate ALL of you that have already signed up - YOU are VERY IMPORTANT to us - we know that these crops would NOT be possible without YOU!! So - don't think for a minute that i am saying that you don't matter to us.....HOWEVER - WHY isn't it FULL YET!!?!??! :)

NOW - for those of you that HOLD CROPS for us around the NATION/CITY/COUNTY/WORLD, etc....!! - i KNOW that we SHOULD be happy with THAT and not be greedy - DON'T misunderstand me - we aren't being greedy......these crops take a LOT to put together, and i guess the question i'm getting at is ..... IS THE NEED FOR CROPS STILL THERE FOR YOU???? If there are plenty of other crops that you'd rather attend in the area - or other states, that's fine - we don't have to have Crop*A*Ganza, we're just wondering WHY this one isn't sold out as the last four it the economy? is it that the last one was TOO close to this one???? I would really like some feedback on this......i've allowed the blog to accept comments again....didn't realize you'd miss commenting so much!!! hee hee!!! but seriously - we put a LOT of work into crop*A*ganza, and if the need for larger crops is not there anymore - we can look into something significantly smaller to hold several times a year in it's please let us hear from you - either HERE or at your opinion is GREATLY important to us!!!!

Onto other topics!! i'm going to be posting pictures of some of Jana's GREAT sewing sensations soon - so come back to check on that.....but we are going to sell her items EXCLUSIVELY!!! i'm SOOOOO totally EXCITED!!!! She is making tool caddy's, that hook onto your cup holder and she's also making GORGEOUS coffee Koozies to put over your STARBUX cups!!! my starbux lady is TOTALLY jealous of mine!!!! So - i'll post pics of those soon......Jana's "mac-daddy' has arrived at her house this weekend, so we need to let her be for now!!!! PS - click HERE to find out WHO "MAC-DADDY" is!!!

okay - we've received UPS tracking information that LOTS and LOTS of our new stuff has SHIPPED and will be arriving THIS week - let's hope it's BEFORE we leave for Maple Memories!! I'll be back later this week with more!! :) have a great week!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


TWO in one day!!!

I came by the store after i took the kiddos to the movie today (we saw Fly Me To the Moon....pretty cute - it's in 3D so it kept the kids attention VERY WELL!!) ....... anyway stop by the store and we have got some NEW stuff rollin' in!!!

Kristy - all your bazzill has arrived!! :)

The NEW POM POM and TULLE ribbon are here - the new stitches and paper are here as well - and drum roll please........the bazzill edges are AWESOME!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I have to have one of each one!!!

First day of SCHOOL!!!

HELLO!! Long time, no post - BUT IN MY DEFENSE (!)....things have been a little crazy!!! Hayden's dental surgery was successful.....he's still a little tender and sore but he's very resilient and doing great!! :)
Kord started 2nd grade today!!! He has a new "hair do" and clothes and all the get up necessary!! Such a big guy - i'm so proud of him!!!
Oliver FINALLY got a hair cut!!! Mom thinks he looks PSYCHO in this photo -but we can FINALLY see his eyes now!!! (he'll be having ANOTHER "operation" next week, if ya know what i mean wink wink!!)
Here's what has arrived in the last two days i've been away!!!

i'm sure you're THRILLED that our SCHOOL section is BACK!!!! Renee worked up some great new school designs and i'm SUPA excited that the stickers are matching!!! NO WORRIES - Andover Middle schools will be here soon as well as the NEW grade schools!!!

new cuttlebug dies as well!!!

ps - the threading water punches are back in!! and................i'm THIS close to having a jpeg for you of the shirt!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A NEW look!

i'm still in the process changin' things up a bit ..... but i'm likin' it so's REALLY PINK!!!! i'm SURE i'm forgetting some links on the side - if you think of anything that i may have missed - shoot me an email!!!

be patient with me over the next few days, i'm hoping to add a picture slide show from the first two years we've been open - we'll see!!! :)

school starts this week for us.....BORN FREE (almost!) i'm getting ready to send my kdg off to school next week, sniff sniff!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welll, whatdoya think!??! i get VERY tired of the same ol' thing!! this blog has looked the SAME for almost TWO YEARS!!! :) soooo, it's time for a change!! i'll be messin' with it as the week goes on....whatdoya think of our cute lil' smiley face!??! such a cutie!!! okay - i'm out - gotta get some shut eye - be back tomorrow!

CAN THAT BE TRUE?!?! 1 month and 1 day until ganza?!! I'm ALMOST ready to show you a jpeg of the ganza shirt, for those of you that are DYING to see it!! Renee, Danielle and I have been working on it and now it's in the hands of, we'll see what the final draft looks like!!!!

This is going to be a busy week, but i'll try and keep up with my daily posts...obviously i didn't post yesterday - SUNDAY - the day of rest!! :) ha ha!! ....... hayden is having some major dental surgery on Wednesday - so i'll be with him the rest of the week, and dh is out of town for the week - so say a prayer that things go SMOOTHLY!!! :)

Okay - things that make me happy!! good friend KIM sent this to me and i'm just LOVING IT!!!

I'd LOVE TO HAVE A SHIRT made......GREY shirt with THIS on the front!! Ohhhh, wouldn't that be WONDERFUL!! ;)


Here are some crop dates for you to ponder over:

**Get Scrappy for 2009 - March 13 and March 14.

also - from our friend Tara Unkle:

Croptoberfest September 26 and 27, 2008

Jeff Lange Building Derby Ks.

Registration ends September 12, 2008

Crop time on Friday the 26 is at 6:00 pm until 10:30 pm.

Crop time on Saturday the 27 is 9:00 am until 8 pm.

Registration: Pre-paid -Non-Refundable Package A -- $25.00 and that gives you half of a table.

Package B -- $50.00 and that gives you a full table all to yourself.

Registration gives you: * Cropping Space (your choice above) *Gift Bag (upon arrival) *Door prizes (every hour) *Lunch (Hog Wild ?) Please bring a snack to share - Drinks will be furnished Detach and mail to Tara Unkel 2411 Tamarisk, Derby, Ks. 67037 *************************************************************

Croptoberfest 2008 Name______________________ Telephone_______________________ Email_______________________ Consultants Name__________________ $25.00 Non-Refundable Fee Enclosed______ $50.00 Non-Refundable Fee Enclosed______

OH and Crop*A*Ganza date for February!! We actually know BEFORE our next event!! how crazy is THAT?!?!

Crop*A*Ganza 2009 will be February 6th, 7th and 8th. More information will follow on that later on!!! :)

School for US starts this week......I'm SOOOO ready!! Yet, it's SO bittersweet ya know!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

hOlA!!! happy saturday to you- keeping up on my ONCE daily's some store information for you!!!

we only have ONE spot remaining for WHAT MATTERS MOST class that takes place on August 16th!!!

we only have ONE spot remaining in the DIGITAL class that begins on the 21st of August!!!

we only have ONE spot remaining in the ALBUM IN A DAY class that takes place on the 23rd of August!!

CROP NIGHT - our next crop night is FRIDAY THE 29th of AUGUST - we are skipping a week since we're going to be at Maple Memories!!! :)

TINY WONDERS....this is the NEW-est class for us!! Taught by KRISTY MULLINS!! This is our baby class that will last for as long as the need is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get signed up for this class - you won't be sorry!! :)

ScrapPink - this is our weekend mini crop in September.....the 26th and 27th .........noon on friday to midnight and then again at 9:00am to midnight!!! only $30.00 and you receive a "goddie prize" and some giveaways as well!! PLUS a portion of the proceeds from this crop go back to the Breast Cancer Awareness foundation!!! GREAT CAUSE!!!

Photo 101 - come in and learn MORE about how to use your camera in our six week class!!!

Okay that's all for now!!! Hope you all have a great weekend - I'll be back tomorrow with ANOTHER post!!! Fun or not - it's something i'm crossing off my LIST!! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey hey - i'm on a blog roll!!! (jana has inspired me to find SOMETHING to post each day!) Just sitting here croppin tonight at the store - kim let us know that OUR favorite adhesive - is also Ali Edwards favorite adhesive!!! She says you can now get it in SIX PACKS!! I'm on the lookout for those!!!
Also - the new paper from Dream Street is here and I'm IN LOVE with the fun new WONDERLAND LINE!! It's hard to believe that Christmas will be here VERY SOON!! :)
Okay - i think thats all for now!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by to read!! Have a great weekend!!!

Sad, but true! :(

okay - so several of you have mentioned to me a "rumor" that you'd heard on twopeas or other scrapbooking sites......Daisy D's IS closing!! :( it makes us VERY sad!!! I've copied a clip from a site that a fellow scrapper friend sent me - here it is:

My heart is breaking to repeat that yes, the rumors are true, Daisy D’s will be closing their doors. After speaking with the lovely folks there this morning to get confirmation, they will not be printing their new lines and everything is on sale until it is gone (may not apply to the Chloe line).
I have a deep respect for the folks there and anyone living in the Salt Lake City area looking for talented paper folks, make sure to give them a call. We are most assuredly in a tough economic spot here in the scrapbooking industry, support the small manufacturers and your local stores.

Just thought that you'd like to know it is true!! SAD!!!

Also - the Album in A Day class that Monica is teaching in a couple of weeks, we have opened up a couple of more spots in the class.....IF YOU CALLED AND WE TOLD YOU IT WAS FULL - CALL US BACK and we'll get you on the list!!! But hurry - we won't be repeating this class!!!

The crop is ALMOST full for tonight!! if you're still considering coming - you'd better get on the list!!! See you tonight!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's a short one!

okay - i have but only ten minutes to blog this am!!! So - here it is - short and sweet!! These clear acrylic albums are here....some we've had before and others are new to us!!!

The NEW Birthday line from Scenic Route is here!! I LOVE THIS LINE!! ! it's PERFECT for boy or girl - and pretty much ANY age!!!

These three lines from Dream Street Papers will be arriving today or tomorrow!! I love them soooo dearly!!!

Okay - so wednesdays are my day off...that leaves mom and renee here at the store - OUT OF MY CONTROL!! ;) ..... so - it's always a surprise to see "what they've been up to" (i have control issues, but i'm working on them!) ..... welllllll, they TOTALLY cleared out the clearance section and went through the store and ADDED NEW CLEARANCE MERCHANDISE!!! As you may know - we try very hard NOT let things SIT around here - scrapbook supplies DO HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!!! so - come in and check out whats in there now!!! Plus - WE HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW STUFF THAT IS BEGINNING TO ARRIVE!!!
Have you always wanted to TRY the Fancy Pants FELT pieces but didn't want to PAY the amount for ALL THAT FELT, unsure if you'll like it or use it again!??! welllllll, once again - mom and renee have outdone themselves!! they have split up all of our remaining felt into single serving sizes!!!! you'll have to check those out too!!!

I think that's all - the crop on friday night if FILLING UP so if you wanna join us - you'd better call today!!! Kim - i have you and Caitlin down........and ganza MAYBES.......get signed up soon - i'm thinking I may open up more vendor spots if we don't get more seats filled soon!!!!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

okay - THREE posts in ONE week - whats wrong with me?!?!!!! :)
i'm just jumpin on here to see if anyone wants to crop with me on friday night!??!! i'm gonna stay for the crop on friday night and thought i'd send all of you a personal invitation to come and crop with me!! Krusty - i miss you - you wanna come crop with me?!?! smelli??!??! Dana!?!? ANYONE?!?!

I'm croppin - with or without cha!! ha ha !! :)
michielle and christie - it may just be you and i sisters - but we're havin a partA!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

a great cause!

Hey everyone!! i received this email from a friend/customer that is involved in this online community and asked for us to post this for YOU all to enjoy!! When there is an opportunity for us to support a great cause AND scrapbook - that's a win win, right!!!

I wanted to send this out to all my “scrappy friends”. I got this from my pen pal from Australia. Her daughter has cystic fibrosis (like Amber had) and she put together an online scrapbooking fundraiser. There are 5 classes at $10 each. 100% of the profits go to CF research and to help CF families in Australia. I know some people might think why help families halfway around the world, but I figure that we are all family in the CF world and that it is also for CF research. Three of the instructors are masters in a scrapbook magazine from Australia (which is a FABULOUS magazine). If you would also send this to your scrappy friends I would appreciate it. The more attention Cystic Fibrosis can get the better!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where ya'll been!??!

WOW!! What's everyone been up to?? ME!!?!? well, thank you for asking - lemme just tell ya - we've had a GREAT's a quick recap of the "fam" over the last couple of weeks!! Hayden learned how to ride his bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!!!

Kord celebrated his EIGHTH birthday!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!?! His sleepover with TWELVE friends went well - the rain didn't hold us back from camping out and roasting marshmallows either!! For his birthday Kord received his FIRST "motor bike"..... Mommy is STILL trying to get used to it!! Daddy, on the other hand - is THRILLED!!!

Chase Russell is OFFICIALLY potty trained!!! :) such a big boy!!
Hayden is getting ready for Kindergarten (how is THAT possible?!?! in MY MIND he's only three!) So - he had his LEGS full of shots!!!

Sooooooooooooo, School is ALMOST ready to begin!!! Are you ready!?!?!

I've been working on the newsletter most of the day - so be looking for that in your email box in the next day or so.....gotta get it proofed by mom - cuz we all know how i can get a little carried away with my chattiness!!! (i do have to say - i enjoy the blog more because i don't HAVE to be AS formal with ya' know me!!)

Back to school means back to CLASSES at the attic!! Check out our Class Calendar HERE for all the information on our great classes!!!! i did include all these pictures in the newsletter - but here they are again!!! I am SO INCREDIBLY proud of our amazing instructors!!

scrapbook 101 with Monica!

Album in a day with monica!

GiGi for September with Jana!

BOB and Toddle Time for August with Jana!

What Matters Most with Renee for August!

this photo below is a sneak from our newest class to be taught by Kristy beginning in September - "Tiny Wonders"!!!The August LOTM is up and ready for YOU!! $12.00 Great job Kristy!!!

Scrap*Pink is up and ready for registration!! For $30.00 - you can sign up to Crop from noon on Friday the 26th of September to midnight - then back at 9:00 am on Saturday September 27th to midnight!! Your fee includes a Scrap*Pink item, a crop space and a few snacks!! A portion of the proceeds from the crop will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation!!

just a little school pride layout done by Kristy herself! :)

New stuff that's arrived......MORE AND TONS OF KITS!! mom and Kristy and Renee have been on a HUGE roll.....the kit wall has EXPLODED!! i love their kits!! i am always hoping that they use MY pictures so i can get the completed layout when it is sold!!! :)

Mom has begun something new!!! JSK!! "jump start kits" - come in and check these out!! she's even sewn them FOR YOU!!! :)

These little albums are a GREAT gift to give and to make for yourself when you're pressed for time!! They are COMPLETE - just add your photos and you're journal-ing and it's COMPLETE! (we have several different albums to choose from!)

Not sure if i mentioned this in a previous post - if so - sorry!! we have ALL the glitz BACK in stock!

(check out Jana's blog- on the right of a see these on one of her latest creations!)

We got several new papers and stickers in from Reminisce!! Moving Day, OUCH, First Tooth and these cute dog and cat!!

The ENORMOUS punches from EK - these things are HUGE! (i realize this picture is TINY!! but these punches are HUGE!! come check them out!)

Okay - it's NEVER to early to be thinking of Christmas - we always get asked for RECIPE books around that time to make for gifts - here ya go!! There are two styles to choose from! :)

Making Memories - Passport Line - we had a few selections from the line previously, but now have the complete collection!!!

The newest Embossing folders for your Cuttlebug!

REstocked our WRMK 3 ring albums - and refills!

Animal Crackers is now complete and back in stock!

new Albums from EK - great for those summer vacations!

Magazines and Idea Books! We also have in the NEW Digital Scrapbooking 2 from Scrapbooks Etc.!

Ganza...there are STILL seats available!!! Get signed up NOW!! :)

okay - as most of you know - we went to Maple Memories in May..or was it April - anyway - we are in LOVE with Shannon and her craft house!!! If you haven't heard of it - check out her website - you will NOT REGRET spending the money - it's soooo relaxing and so worthwhile!!! (mom and i and kristy are going BACK again in 18 days!) anyway - she has asked us to post this on our area crops page - if you're interested - give her a call or email!!!


Maple Memories is hosting a Pink Pajama Party Crop the weekend of Oct 24-26th, 2008. This will be an all inclusive weekend, with meals, snacks, and beverages provided, in addition to being a fundraiser for Breast Cancer and Women's Health issues. And, of course, there will be FABULOUS prizes!! The crop will begin at noon on Friday and continue through 4pm on Sunday (that's 52 HOURS!!). Registration will open up at NOON on August 1st and there will only be 12 spots available. Reservations will be taken in the order they are received (both by phone and email). Mark your calendars now!! The cost of the weekend will be $160.00 per person, with Maple Memories donating a portion of this directly to the Pink Pajama Party Fund for Breast Cancer patients. We will email the registration forms to the first 12 people to contact us and then the payment, along with the form, will be expected within one week in order to hold your spot (and yes, we will start a waiting list in case these aren't returned).

This weekend will be slightly different from Hosted weekends in the past, since it is also a fundraiser. There are events going on in town, including a March down Main Street in honor of survivors and to bring awareness and an event on Saturday night known as "The Pink Pajama Party" that we will be attending. In addition, we will be asking those attending to raise funds in a Crop-a-thon format (pledges based on number of pages completed or you can get outright donations). We will be giving away prizes for the top 3 fundraisers. You will also receive one door prize ticket for each $15.00 that you raise. Each participant will also receive a pair of Breast Cancer Awareness Pajamas to wear to the Pink Pajama Party event in McPherson!!

Flair and Frills will also be providing manicures, pedicures, and/or massages during the weekend. The best part!!?? They will be donating $5.00 from every service to our cause!! More details on how to schedule these services will come with your registration.

*FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!


620-480-1357Maple Memories Craft House McPherson, KS

wow - that was SO much longer than i had anticipated! i really didn't think i had much to say!! hmm??!?! :) till next time - thanks for stopping by!
heather - if you're reading this - we miss you and hope you're enjoying sunny Florida!