Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's official!

he's a big kid now!! (of course i wasn't THRILLED about letting him wear a Mario Brothers shirt on his first day - but boys will be boys!!....i'm all about the classic polo and nice jeans look - but i'm learning to CHOOSE MY BATTLES!!!)

he was so excited to be able to go INSIDE the school ALL BY HIMSELF!! (with the help of big brother of course!) yesterday we walked him in and took the gazillion pictures - but today he was SO pumped that he could go in ALL ALONE!?!?!

Where does the time go?!?!
So - how's your week goin? yesterday we received our restocking shipment of the We R Memory Keepers 4x6 photo sleeves!! MAN we go through these things!! so - if you'd been in - in the last week or so and we were out - they are back in!! plus the RED albums are back!! these are my FAVORITE albums - for several reasons....they are uniform and look VERY classy on the bookshelf - they come with an album plate for you to label your albums on the spine!! they are D-RING which is now my allll time favorite!! if we could get by with only carrying d-ring - i would make the change in a heart beat!! it's so easy and versatile and you can scrapbook OUT OF ORDER and not care..... :) yes, your pages don't lay right next to each other - but i don't let that stop me - you get over it once you get used to the album!! i love these albums!!!!! they will be around for a long long time!!!! plus - i love that i can add the 4x6 sleeves in the back of the album for any extra pictures that i didn't want to scrapbook - or duplicates, etc. that way their always there for the future!!!

we also received our first order from Traditions Studio!! i'm excited to see how well these do for the upcoming holidays!! i'll take a picture of them soon for you - we ordered some new 12x12 frames, clocks and shadow boxes!! you can thank 'mom' for this one - she came across their website and wanted to give them a try!!!

OH - pine cone press too!! we got some NEAT new stuff from them as well!!! they have these neat new 9x9 and 8x8 pocket organizers that would make GREAT handmade gifts for your friends/loved ones for the holidays!!! also got some great calendar making items from them as well!!!

Classes coming up this week - Digi - you all should have received the email from Danielle - DID YOU?? if not - please let me know!!!

Album in a Day with Monica - back to school album - it's ADORABLE!!! we still have ONE OPENING for this class (due to a cancellation), if you're interested - give us a call!!
And last but not least......lets all have a moment of silence for poor little oliver.....todays the BIG day for him at the vet.................duh duh DUN!!!!!! :)

I have heard from Michielle - she's resting well and recovering from her surgery......and i'm told that Tracy is as well! you are both in our thoughts this week!