Thursday, August 21, 2008


When you give KINDNESS AWAY, it will always be RETURNED!!!

(i saw that this morning on a sign, and thought it was PERFECT!)

It also made me think of our GARAGE SALE that's coming up in OCTOBER!!! Mark your calendars now - whether to participate or to COME in and get some bargains!!! October 4th - 10th!!! I'll have MORE information for you on that SOON!! but, get to diggin' through your GOODIES and clean out your stuff to get some NEW stuff!! :)

I am SOOOO ready for Maple Memories!!! For those of you that don't know what Maple Memories is all about when i mention it - here's the 411 for ya!!!

* You get a group of girls together.....preferably 12 of you - cuz it's cheaper that way!!!! (if you don't have TWELVE girlfriends that can all come at the same can do what Laurie has done.....she booked the weekend, then invited her closest friends......she still had five seats open for the weekend - rather than pay that extra money per person, she asked us if we'd like to go and invite the remaining seats......we easily filled up those last five seats, making it cheaper on everyone!! i think we're paying less than 100.00 a person to go for the entire weekend!!)

* We have organized our meals together - one person will bring breakfast foods, (panera bagels!) person is making a breakfast casserole.....some one else is cooking dinner - others are bringing lunch meat for lunches,,,,,we'll go out to dinner at this AWESOME italian rest. one night!! EASY PEASY!!!

* Some of us are even carpooling - making it THAT much cheaper and easier on each other!!!

* McPherson is such a cute little town, and we plan to do some walking around to the cute little shops they have up there as ARE NOT to be disappointed!!!!

* If you ever decide to book a weekend (you can see her availability HERE!) and you can't fill the entire 12 seats - YOU KNOW WHO TO CONTACT!! we'd LOVE to help you out!! :)

******also - on her website.....(located on the sidebar!).........she's running a BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL!!! :
Place a weekend reservation for 2008 or 2009 and receive a $50.00 gas card!!! Make a reservation for 4 consecutive weeknights and you will also receive a $50.00 gas card!! Contact us in August or September 2008 to take advantage of these offers.

On a personal note: i took the plunge and LET the kiddos ride their bikes to school this morning.....look at my babies!!!!
i took this idea from Jana.....notice me in the mirror - i have the EXACT journaling for this layout all ready in my mind!!! it's just the actual LAYOUTs that i struggle with - i'm all over the journaling!! it's my favorite part!!!


3divasmommie said...

What a cool picture!!!!!!

Kim said...

I'm so proud of you Steff. I just have that ache in my gut just thinking about letting Nolan do that. I don't know how you did it. Snaps to you!!

Yami said...

Very sweet! I didn't know they rode their bikes today.....let me know if you ever want me to keep an eye out for them :)