Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy happy SUNDAY!! How was your weekend?!?!? I've been packing and organizing and getting ready for MAPLE MEMORIES!! I CAN-NOT WAIT!! Sooooo excited to get some scrapbookin' DONE!! :)

(lets all pray that my oldest doesn't spread his sickness to me....he came home from his grandparents' house this weekend with a sore throat and achy all over!)

Mom and Kristy came across some extra kits from Crop*A*Ganza - the FLAMINGO one - if you'd like one let me know - there are FOUR left!!!

okay - so there's no "easy way" to do this - Internet is so hard to READ (if ya know what i mean!) so before i even begin to "type" this to you- please know that it is not meant in an ill way - or a selfish way - or negative at ALL!!!

CROP*A*GANZA.....let's talk about this for a minute!!! We still have 50 seats left and it is in less than four weeks!!! Before i begin - we GReATlY appreciate ALL of you that have already signed up - YOU are VERY IMPORTANT to us - we know that these crops would NOT be possible without YOU!! So - don't think for a minute that i am saying that you don't matter to us.....HOWEVER - WHY isn't it FULL YET!!?!??! :)

NOW - for those of you that HOLD CROPS for us around the NATION/CITY/COUNTY/WORLD, etc....!! - i KNOW that we SHOULD be happy with THAT and not be greedy - DON'T misunderstand me - we aren't being greedy......these crops take a LOT to put together, and i guess the question i'm getting at is ..... IS THE NEED FOR CROPS STILL THERE FOR YOU???? If there are plenty of other crops that you'd rather attend in the area - or other states, that's fine - we don't have to have Crop*A*Ganza, we're just wondering WHY this one isn't sold out as the last four it the economy? is it that the last one was TOO close to this one???? I would really like some feedback on this......i've allowed the blog to accept comments again....didn't realize you'd miss commenting so much!!! hee hee!!! but seriously - we put a LOT of work into crop*A*ganza, and if the need for larger crops is not there anymore - we can look into something significantly smaller to hold several times a year in it's please let us hear from you - either HERE or at your opinion is GREATLY important to us!!!!

Onto other topics!! i'm going to be posting pictures of some of Jana's GREAT sewing sensations soon - so come back to check on that.....but we are going to sell her items EXCLUSIVELY!!! i'm SOOOOO totally EXCITED!!!! She is making tool caddy's, that hook onto your cup holder and she's also making GORGEOUS coffee Koozies to put over your STARBUX cups!!! my starbux lady is TOTALLY jealous of mine!!!! So - i'll post pics of those soon......Jana's "mac-daddy' has arrived at her house this weekend, so we need to let her be for now!!!! PS - click HERE to find out WHO "MAC-DADDY" is!!!

okay - we've received UPS tracking information that LOTS and LOTS of our new stuff has SHIPPED and will be arriving THIS week - let's hope it's BEFORE we leave for Maple Memories!! I'll be back later this week with more!! :) have a great week!!


robnbex said...

OMG.....Oliver picture is a SCREAM!!! I LOVE it!!

robnbex said...

I meant that Oliver's picture is a SCREAM.....I left off the 's!! I for one can't wait for my first CAG!!

Danica said...

Just my 2 cents, but I personally think twice a year is PERFECT! I think, like you said, that maybe it's just too soon since the last one and maybe the economy has something to do with it too. For me, I don't really need a little "getaway" every 3 months, but by the time 6 mo. rolls around I ALWAYS look forward to a little "me" time. I think you guys do an AWESOME job putting on CAG and your hard work is truly appreciated! Can't wait to see you guys in 25 days (not that I'm counting)!

Kathryn said...

I agree with Danica. This year, my problem was that the summer crop was right before my trip to Hawaii and I didn't buy anything this summer to save up for the trip. I would have gone this fall, but both weekends picked, I was already scheduled for other events. Sorry:(

BUT....I have already asked off for Friday pm for the Feb. crop. Can Not Wait!!!

AugustaKLC said...

I would agree also - it does seem like it is just a short time since the last CAG and I am happy with twice a year - please don't stop them! It has been tough - especially for those families on strike right now. I will be there though - lots to do!

Sheryl Tillery said...
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Sheryl Tillery said...

Hello! The summer crop-a-ganza was my first and now I am hooked! I have signed up for the September crop and look forward to as many more as you come up with. Just a thought to maybe bring in more people, have you tried quarterly crops? I LOVE LOVE LOVE how much work you put into it, but honestly, I think that just by giving us ladies a place to go and hang out with each other is fine too...but like I said, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE it the way it is. See you in September! Oh and something on the side....PLEASE consider a WEST SIDE store.