Monday, August 11, 2008

CAN THAT BE TRUE?!?! 1 month and 1 day until ganza?!! I'm ALMOST ready to show you a jpeg of the ganza shirt, for those of you that are DYING to see it!! Renee, Danielle and I have been working on it and now it's in the hands of, we'll see what the final draft looks like!!!!

This is going to be a busy week, but i'll try and keep up with my daily posts...obviously i didn't post yesterday - SUNDAY - the day of rest!! :) ha ha!! ....... hayden is having some major dental surgery on Wednesday - so i'll be with him the rest of the week, and dh is out of town for the week - so say a prayer that things go SMOOTHLY!!! :)

Okay - things that make me happy!! good friend KIM sent this to me and i'm just LOVING IT!!!

I'd LOVE TO HAVE A SHIRT made......GREY shirt with THIS on the front!! Ohhhh, wouldn't that be WONDERFUL!! ;)


Here are some crop dates for you to ponder over:

**Get Scrappy for 2009 - March 13 and March 14.

also - from our friend Tara Unkle:

Croptoberfest September 26 and 27, 2008

Jeff Lange Building Derby Ks.

Registration ends September 12, 2008

Crop time on Friday the 26 is at 6:00 pm until 10:30 pm.

Crop time on Saturday the 27 is 9:00 am until 8 pm.

Registration: Pre-paid -Non-Refundable Package A -- $25.00 and that gives you half of a table.

Package B -- $50.00 and that gives you a full table all to yourself.

Registration gives you: * Cropping Space (your choice above) *Gift Bag (upon arrival) *Door prizes (every hour) *Lunch (Hog Wild ?) Please bring a snack to share - Drinks will be furnished Detach and mail to Tara Unkel 2411 Tamarisk, Derby, Ks. 67037 *************************************************************

Croptoberfest 2008 Name______________________ Telephone_______________________ Email_______________________ Consultants Name__________________ $25.00 Non-Refundable Fee Enclosed______ $50.00 Non-Refundable Fee Enclosed______

OH and Crop*A*Ganza date for February!! We actually know BEFORE our next event!! how crazy is THAT?!?!

Crop*A*Ganza 2009 will be February 6th, 7th and 8th. More information will follow on that later on!!! :)

School for US starts this week......I'm SOOOO ready!! Yet, it's SO bittersweet ya know!!!


heather~dawn said...

Oh YEAH! I would love that on a SHIRT!

Michielle said...

Hey, Good luck on the dental work. I used to be a Certified Dental Assistant and worked in an oral surgeons office..(in my other life) HA!! Anyway, I'm sure that whatever he's having done will go well and I'm sure that he is in good hands.......I'd LOVE to see the shirt for this Crop A Ganza!!!! Are you gonna let us see?

Danica said...

OMGoodness! I am soooo ready for CAG! Can't wait to actually have 2 sec. to relax & scrapbook! Lovin' the pink Sbux shirt-I want one!