Friday, August 15, 2008

First day of SCHOOL!!!

HELLO!! Long time, no post - BUT IN MY DEFENSE (!)....things have been a little crazy!!! Hayden's dental surgery was successful.....he's still a little tender and sore but he's very resilient and doing great!! :)
Kord started 2nd grade today!!! He has a new "hair do" and clothes and all the get up necessary!! Such a big guy - i'm so proud of him!!!
Oliver FINALLY got a hair cut!!! Mom thinks he looks PSYCHO in this photo -but we can FINALLY see his eyes now!!! (he'll be having ANOTHER "operation" next week, if ya know what i mean wink wink!!)
Here's what has arrived in the last two days i've been away!!!

i'm sure you're THRILLED that our SCHOOL section is BACK!!!! Renee worked up some great new school designs and i'm SUPA excited that the stickers are matching!!! NO WORRIES - Andover Middle schools will be here soon as well as the NEW grade schools!!!

new cuttlebug dies as well!!!

ps - the threading water punches are back in!! and................i'm THIS close to having a jpeg for you of the shirt!!