Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's a short one!

okay - i have but only ten minutes to blog this am!!! So - here it is - short and sweet!! These clear acrylic albums are here....some we've had before and others are new to us!!!

The NEW Birthday line from Scenic Route is here!! I LOVE THIS LINE!! ! it's PERFECT for boy or girl - and pretty much ANY age!!!

These three lines from Dream Street Papers will be arriving today or tomorrow!! I love them soooo dearly!!!

Okay - so wednesdays are my day off...that leaves mom and renee here at the store - OUT OF MY CONTROL!! ;) ..... so - it's always a surprise to see "what they've been up to" (i have control issues, but i'm working on them!) ..... welllllll, they TOTALLY cleared out the clearance section and went through the store and ADDED NEW CLEARANCE MERCHANDISE!!! As you may know - we try very hard NOT let things SIT around here - scrapbook supplies DO HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!!! so - come in and check out whats in there now!!! Plus - WE HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW STUFF THAT IS BEGINNING TO ARRIVE!!!
Have you always wanted to TRY the Fancy Pants FELT pieces but didn't want to PAY the amount for ALL THAT FELT, unsure if you'll like it or use it again!??! welllllll, once again - mom and renee have outdone themselves!! they have split up all of our remaining felt into single serving sizes!!!! you'll have to check those out too!!!

I think that's all - the crop on friday night if FILLING UP so if you wanna join us - you'd better call today!!! Kim - i have you and Caitlin down........and ganza MAYBES.......get signed up soon - i'm thinking I may open up more vendor spots if we don't get more seats filled soon!!!!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


3divasmommie said...

I AM COMMING....I AM COMMING....chachacha......(me singing to the crying baby!!!!

heather~dawn said...

Oh man, single serving sizes...that is like the best gift ever! How did you guys know that is what I wished for?!? J/K, LOL! But seriously, good idea! Glad to hear the crop is filling up, sounds like it's going ot be a blast!

Miss you guys!

Kim said...

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.