Friday, August 8, 2008

Hey hey - i'm on a blog roll!!! (jana has inspired me to find SOMETHING to post each day!) Just sitting here croppin tonight at the store - kim let us know that OUR favorite adhesive - is also Ali Edwards favorite adhesive!!! She says you can now get it in SIX PACKS!! I'm on the lookout for those!!!
Also - the new paper from Dream Street is here and I'm IN LOVE with the fun new WONDERLAND LINE!! It's hard to believe that Christmas will be here VERY SOON!! :)
Okay - i think thats all for now!! Thanks so much for stoppin' by to read!! Have a great weekend!!!


Jana Girl said...

HEEEEYYYY! That was my tool for next Tuesday!! Renee and Krusty convinced me to try this "new-to-me" adhesive and I LOVE it!! I even have 3 pks of my beloved Duck adhesive sitting in my car waiting to be returned to WalMart!

heather~dawn said...

Ohhh man, I wish I would have known about this once a day posting scenario! I would have been checking regularly, more regularly!!! Sooo excited to see what you post tomorrow!