Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garage Sale Madness!!

Here are a couple of FUN pictures taken Saturday morning of early bird garage sale shoppers!! We LOVE that their is a LINE and we LOVE that you all are such great customers! We had a GREAT garage sale this year and we are looking forward to the next one in October at our NEW location! YIPEEE!!!!
*** is the LAST day of the garage sale and it is also HALF PRICE DAY so stop in before 6 to pick up some last minute crafting treasure for CHEAP!!
ALSO...don't forget about the Subscriber contest. Get a friend signed up for the blog and win a prize!!!

Oh Happy Day!!!

Are you ready to come celebrate with us??? It's National Scrapbooking Day AND Super Scrappin' Saturday!! I was thinking back to this time last year we all met at the Attic for a day of cropping fun, and I remember CLEARLY that our friend She-REAL (aka Sheryl Hall) said that when she got up that morning her husband greeted her with a big "Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!" Now THAT'S what I call a great husband!!!

TRY TRY TRY to make it to the store at some point cause you don't want to miss out on all of the SCHTUFF that will be going on!! Here's the scoop:

Make N Take.............

A FREE Make N Take (while supplies last!) Can you BELIEVE that it is FREE?!?!? It's actually FREE mini class!!!! We're going to teach you how to make these adorable banners!! You've seen them all over - they can be used for SO many things....home decor, party decor, gift wrapping goodies, scrapbook pages, oh the list goes on!!! This would be a great addition to your breakfast table on Mothers Day morning!!! Make sure you come early!! We have a limited amount, and when they're gone, they're gone!!!

May Layout of the Month or LOTM (we like to give everything nicknames around here if you hadn't noticed!!)

Isn't it DARLING!?!?! I LOVE the TRENDY flag bunting AND the FABRIC Flowers by Renee!! LOTM comes with everything you see hear--all you do is ASSEMBLE!! A PERFECT birthday or Mother's Day gift (wouldn't you LOVE to open this up?!?) or as a fun treat for yourself. LOTM is great for beginners OR the seasoned scrapper that wants to do the NO Brainer page!! The girls have taken the STRESS of coming up with a plan!! And again these SELL OUT so if you love it--get in early to pick one up.

These kits are $12.00 each, and we have a NEW LOTM each Super Scrappin' Saturday (SSS!). If you'd like to be GUARANTEED a LOTM each month, and not miss out - you can sign up for the LOTM CLUB....For only $60.00, you get 6 months of LOTM! That's a $2.00/month savings AND less WORRY about getting your LOTM before they sell out!!!


In honor of National Scrapbook day AND Super Scrappin' Saturday - we're giving you 10% off your ENTIRE purchase!!! PLUS, we WILL be punching your Attic Punch Cards all day too!!!! YAY!!! (excludes Epson products) and, there's more......for every $50.00 you spend, your name goes into a drawing to win a $100.00 gift certificate!!!!!

***NORMALLY we'd have our PJ Crop on this Saturday as well, however with the move coming up, and just LIFE in general, we're going to cancel this PJ CROP and we'll resume our normal schedule the FIRST Saturday in JUNE!!! (June 5th!)

and last but certainly not least a BLOG PRIZE---duh!!!
okay here it goes....I am giving ACTUALLY TWO prizes this week in honor of SSS and NSD!! You and a FRIEND will win this one. ALL you have to do is get a BUDDY to subscribe to our blog buy clicking the link on the sidebar (it's FREE, PACKED with info, and frankly... the scrapbooking place to BE on the WEB!!). Leave a comment (your name and your friend's name once she is a subscriber) and you are entered to win. WAIT it gets BETTER!!! If you get someone to sign up to read our blog that lives IN ANOTHER STATE you and your friend will be entered to win TWICE!! There is NO LIMIT on the number of entries (and WHO KNOWS!?!?!? if I get enough entries I may draw names more that ONCE!!!) shhh don't tell DL!!! {wink} And NO WORRIES, we are right next door to the post office so we can put your prize in the mail if your buddy doesn't live near!!! So HURRY this contest ends at midnight on Sunday night!!! Ready....Set....Go Tell a friend how much you LOVE Scrap*Funattic and we'll send a little love right back at ya!!!

Tell your family I said HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on Saturday!! besosbesos, dc

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Challenge on Facebook

Do you participate???? Do you know the "Skinny" on the FB Challenge. WELL, here is your chance to find out!!!

The FIRST rule of the weekly challenge...there are NO RULES!!! You are ONLY limited by your creativity!!

The weekly sketch or layout idea is posted EACH Wednesday morning on Facebook. Follow this link to become a FAN of Scrap*Funattic if you aren't already.

now...are you saying....
"But dc, I am NOT a facebooker???" Would you STILL like to participate??? Well, we have a SOLUTION for you cause you KNOW we're ALL about meeting the needs of our customers cause we {heart} you all!!!

Email the store or leave a message here each Wednesday you want to play along and we can email you sketch info. Cool beans huh??

Here is the rest of the story:
  • your submission must be received by midnight the following Sunday to be eligible for a prize

  • you can email or scan a copy of your layout to or post it on our fan page on fb

  • YET another option...bring your page(s) to the store and we will scan and submit them for ya!! Now that is SERVICE!!!

  • a winner is chosen each week AT Random and YES you could win more than ONE week!!!

  • ALL types of layouts are fair game: single page, double, digital, hybrid, project, card.... just use the sketch, title, quote (one or all) as a jumping off point!!!

and one last thing before I leave ya to write more posts (we have SOOO MUCH going on at the ATTIC right now!! I am DYING to share it all!!)

Why does the Attic do the weekly sketch challenges??? Well, ladies let me tell ya... we do them because LIFE is HECTIC and we know that!! We want to encourage and remind you that it is OKAY to take a break once a [day, week, month] to do a page or two and just get creative. It is good for the SOUL and the sanity!! We are all here because we LOVE our hobby and we want a chance to celebrate it weekly together!!!

So what do you say???? Let's get to scrappin'!!! besosbesos, dc

Here is your inspirational theme and quote for the week to accompany your sketch:

Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again. - James R. Cook
I thought that was a great quote for the upcoming Graduation Season!! Sketch Challenge this week brought to you by Pencil Lines!!! Have fun, savor every minute!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies!!!

Wow, what a great time Karagirl and I had at the Attic's garage sale this weekend!! Check out ALL of my priceless finds!! Do you recognize anything formally belonging to you?!?!? I think it cracks me up when we buy our friend's stuff at the garage sale!! I am always saying "Dude, if I knew you wanted it you could've just HAD didn't have to buy it from me!!!" HA! I was SOOOO Pumped with the things I found today. But NOT more PUMPED to find a BRAND NEW Heidi Swapp Flame Mask!! My {heart} skipped a beat when I saw it-NOT KIDDING- and I snatched it up sooo fast!! They are so hard (if not nearly impossible) to come by brand new!! Kendra was this one yours??? I KNOW I bought SEVERAL of your things! This was just one of the many treasures I SCORED at the Attic Garage sale this weekend!! What did you SCORE??? Tell me I want to know!!

As you can see I also found some fibers, several brand new wooden stamps for $1, felt, a large circle punch, paint, some jars--thanks Janine!!!, some vintage Heidi Swapp--I will buy all of her stuff I can get my hands on...just sayin'! (thanks Susan!), a rubber brayer (on my 'must have' list for quite some time), and a old school Sizzix machine!!!

Are you asking WHY all of a sudden would she be buying a Sizzix machine (especially that she doesn't own ONE SINGLE die for it!?!?!?!!?) Well chicas...let me TELL ya!! Our Buddy (well... Steff, Renee and soon to be Angie Lentz' buddy) Tim Holtz has released a NEW line of distressed dies in conjunction with Sizzix. Let me be the first to tell you, these things are TO DIE FOR!!! We will have them in the store shortly so be watching for that announcement. If you see certain ones you KNOW you want call the store and get your name down because I PREDICT they will go FAST!!

***I want EVERY embossing folder and On the Edge die cut!!!*** click these pink links to check these cool guys out!

Looked what I picked up from Becky G.... $20 are you JEALOUS?!?!? I LOVE it and can't WAIT to get that darn crop room put together so I can organize all of my paper in it!! Alicia do you LOVE!?!?!?!?

And a FEW other Non-Garbage sale things I picked up while I was in the store... my new Tim Holtz book, some CLEARANCED Thickers (how could anyone pass up 40% off THICKERS??), and of course a Heidi butterfly overlay!!

Oh and ONE more thing...the April kits!! I picked several up for my friends and I (our kits carpool to Winfield {wink!}. And if these aren't HEAVEN, I don't know what is!!! Didn't you just love them this month!?!? Did you recognize anyone in any of these layouts??? I was sooo pumped to contribute this month---I hope you liked!!! I am sure I will be back again as soon as they will have me! :)

I hope you were able to make it to the store this weekend!! If not, never fear Steff ASSURES me that there are still sOOOO many bargains to be found!! And was there anything you were debating on??? Remember FRIDAY is half price day--it might be worth another look then!! Happy Hunting! If you FOUND some of those items that are your mental scrapbooking MUST HAVE list, EMAIL pictures to me (!! We WANNA see what you found and of course you will be entered to win one of my bloggity blog drawings!!!

besosbesos, dc

Friday, April 23, 2010

Garage SALE!! You See it FIRST!!!

Do you want to seeeee what we are up to at the garage sale??  Here is your chance!!  I KNOW you will find some lovely scrapbooking TREASURE!!  Ready......Set......SHOP!!!

Part 1

Part 2

besosbesos, dc

It's GARAGE sale time! :)

Put on your comfy flowered dress and grab you coin purse!!!!  CAAAUUUSE.......

We alllll KNOW what tomorrow is RIGHT????  It's the BIG Scrap*Funattic Garage SALE!!  WAAAHOOOO!  So get up early (sale starts at 9am SHARP!) but the line begins to form ??????  Here are some SNEAKY PEEKY pictures for you to eyeball and search for TREASURE!  So get out your magnifying glass cause the pics are SMALL and kinda all over the place
(can ya tell I let Steff edit the blog?!?!?!!  :)  Love ya Steff!!!! 

Sooo much good stuff is out already and they are adding to the stash AS I TYPE AND YOU READ!!  How exciting---I LOVE garage sales anyway, and combine that with doesn't get any better!  There is some REALLY great stuff this year so come on out!  And if you can't make it tomorrow, don't worry there will still be PLENTY of scrapbooking goodness for you to choose from all week long!! 

Okay - some other FUN things that are here and NOT garage sale related - cuz let's be real - the store IS still open and we do STILL love some NON garage sale items too, right?!?! :)
I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Friday and we hope to see you tomorrow or throughout the week checking out the sale and other non-garage sale goodies as well!!! 
***Remember the garage sale ends at the close of business next FRIDAY (and Fri. is 1/2 price day!!) besosbesos, dc

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Project

I made this fun little card for a co-worker's baby shower last month.  After taking one of Alicia's card classes YEARS ago at Brown's (did anyone else take those classes with me back in the day?), I learned that it is SO much for cost effective and sentimental to make my own cards for the special occasions of my friends and family.  Especially when cards cost anywhere from $3-10 these days!!!  OUCH!  And to top it off I NEVER throw away a handmade card--I treasure them forever!! Am I PREACHING to the choir here?!?!?!  :)

She is having a baby boy named REED so I thought it would be great to stitch his name on the front.  I didn't use a template for this font, I wrote it in pencil. (your own handwriting--VERY personal touch!) Or if that idea doesn't appeal to you, you could always use stamped words, letters or designs as a template OR purchase the Bazzill In Stitch'z templates from the AWESOME selection at the Attic. 

I use a simple back stitch for my lettering (and most projects) so that I get a solid line of stitches.  (A running stitch will give you a "dashed" look that is harder to read).  I added some accordian folded patterned paper and crepe paper for texture and stitched down the crepe. 

I am in LOVE with crepe paper ruffles these days.  Crepe paper is soo easy to work with, shape, stitch through, and glue down!  Now, it isn't acid free so if you are worried about that I wouldn't put it near your photos or you can spray it with archival spray first.  Not to mention it is SUPA cheap and comes in a VARIETY of vibrant colors!!

(DISCLAIMER***If Renee ever tells you how AWFUL crepe paper tastes---believe her and don't bother testing her theory for yourself!! ha!)

I did ALL of this on a piece of coordinating Bazzill cardstock in a solid color to make the detail work stand out.  This is also a KEY technique as well, for covering the back of your stitches.
What is the ReASoN for this RANDOMly fun card tutorial do you ask???  WEEEELLLLLL, let me tell bff and I will be busy little bees this weekend making wedding shower invites and this is the general design we are planning to use. 
I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product next week!!  besosbesos, dc

Monday, April 19, 2010

Janine, Janine the Scrappin' Machine!!!!

Are you READY for another Crop Room???  Are you REALLY READY for this???  Janine sent my THIRTY EIGHT.....yes you heard me correctly... I said 38 pictures of her GLORIOUS crop room!!  After I FINALLY got them all downloaded to Blogger, I now know the need for soooo many pictures.  In order to do this room justice there needed to be a lot cause this lady has a TON of awesome stuff!!  It's like a little Scrap*Funattic in there!!!!  :)

Here is what Janine had to say about her space, "I started out with tables. Found a corner cabinet at a garage sale and then it went from there. I read that if you cannot find something in ten minutes then it needs to be redone. So that is what I have been working on.

As you can tell I have a scrap cat trying to keep him out of my way is a challenge sometimes. The desk has my bill stuff. (Yuck!) I figured out what I had the most of which was paper and put it in the closet and took the doors off. I have my paper in plastic bins by theme. When I go to a crop and I am working on that theme I just grab and go. I have all my stamps on one book shelf. It was only $25 dollars from Walmart. It only has room for me but that's alright it makes me go out to crops so I can get other peoples ideas. My file cabinets hold stickers, chip board and I have them in folders by theme so I can find them. Alphabets, bling and rain drops are on my clip it up. Ribbon hangs on my door on a clothes hanger. I have been redoing for several years now always looking for new ideas.

Thanks for sharing with us, Janine!!!  besosbesos, dc