Friday, April 16, 2010

A SUPER Cute Way to Show Your Attic SPIRIT!!!

Our VERY own Tiffany Pettit aka BEYONCE recently started Sisterhood of Scrapbooking Apparel.  She is offering the "Team Attic" shirts to ALL of you out there.  You may have seen them around the store or at Ganza and NOW you have the opportunity to get your hands on one!! 

CUTIE!!!  :)
I LOVE mine and wear it often to crops.  The brown is REALLY dark chocolate and the pink is PERFECT!  I even have my nickname (other than dc, of course!!) "Heidi Swipe" on the back.  I feel pretty "official" when I wear it, to quote my!!!!  Won't these be the PERFECT way to support our "Team Attic!!??!!"  Especially with the new store opening!!  The Attic ladies are working sooo hard to bring you some EXCITING Stuff with this big move so LET'S Get ExCiTeD and show the girls our LOVE!!!!

Here is the contact info. for Tiff:

Short sleeve S-XL $14.00 (add $1.00 for each X size up to 3XL)

Long sleeve S-XL $17.00 (add $1.00 for each X size up to 3XL)

Crewneck sweatshirt S-XL $20.00 (add $1.00 for each size up to 2XL)

Hooded sweathshirt S-XL $25.00 (add $1.00 for each size up 3XL)

The letters on the back are white and $1.00 per letter.

Contact Tiffany Pettit at 620-930-3000 or email to

Sisterhood of Scrapbooking Apparel


Tiffany said...

I have gotten a ton of emails, so let me know soon if you want one or TWO! They make great gifts.

Kirsten said...

I WANT!!! When do we get to order!

Tiffany said...

Kirsten, you can email me at so that I can get your contact info as well as your size, style and whether you want lettering on the back of the item. Thanks!!

JennK said...

Oh i want one too... do we have to pay now?

Tiffany said...

Jenn, you pay when you pick your shirt up. Let me know the size and style. Thanks, Tiffany