Thursday, April 8, 2010


Are you kidding me???  Has it really taken this long for me to get this video posted???  When we filmed it the video's length was 11:02.  After getting denied the upload to youtube I realized that the maximum length for uploading videos is 10:59!!!!!!!!!!!!  What?!?!  3 seconds too long REALLY???  So with my CRaZy schedule it has taken me a MONTH to get this edited down to the correct length!  Scrapbooker-YES!!, video editor-NO!!!  Oh well, it is DONE and HERE for you now!  YIPPEEEE!!  Hopefully we will be bringing you MANY more videos in the future....the feedback on them has been TERRIFFIC and we know that you all want MORE- SWEET!  Bear with us please...hang on for a little longer....hopefully this will tide you over til we have a smidge more time to give our Blog Fans what they want---MORE VIDEOS!!  besosbesos, d.c.


The McIntyre Family said...

I have actually wanted to do this for awhile now! I have purchased the binder and page protectors and have just not gone through my magazines. Thanks for sharing how to divide them. I was questioning myself how I was going to do it and your suggestions is great. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos...can't wait to see more!

Jana Girl said...

I'm pretty sure Alicia and I are twins secretly separated at birth!! I tear apart my magazines after a few months AND when she pulled out her Scrapbooks Etc. page Planners magazine, I stopped the video so I could comment! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS LADIES!

Jana Girl said...

Post No. 2:
I am mid-way through the laborious process of sorting my stuff, purging and getting ready for MM crop in May. Getting ready for a crop became soooooo difficult and un-appealing that I literally didn't scrapbook for about 6 months. I am starting to feel like I have better control over my "stash" and am on my way to having a "few" (and I use that term loosely) bags that I can pull out and go to a crop! Thanks ladies, you inspire me!

Burner said...

Whew! Now I feel better about wanting to tear apart my magazines :) I had also thought about it and had no idea how to organize them to make them useful once I had done it. I have a whole draw full of them.

Do you tear out the technique ideas too? I think I am going to need a tab for techniques and tips.

Thank you so much for these videos. I spent last weekend and evenings this week organizing my room. The before pics on the blog came out so messy that I had to. When I decided to start I went back and watched every video. It isn't perfect yet but it is so much easier to find things in now.

LindaN said...

Thanks for keeping up the organization tips for us. It sure has helped me with things that I wasnt sure of. I was just getting ready to throw away all the pages I had torn out of my magazines (even going to use this for my yard and plant pages). Now I dont have to. THANKS AGAIN